Everlasting Love

A Star Is Born

Episode 201

Fade In: Close up of Sheri on film.

Julian: (Off): She’s amazing.  She looks absolutely amazing.

(Slowly have the film end and show Paula turning on the lights in Julian’s office.  Julian is seated in his chair.)

Paula: So what do you think?  Will she be good for the daughter in your movie?

Julian: Of course.  She’d be wonderful if only–

Paula: If only what?

Julian: Well I hate to say it but–

Paula: But what?  What do you hate to say?  What?

Julian: She can’t act.

Paula: Oh is that all?  I thought it was something serious.

Julian: It is serious.  This is a serious film.

Paula: Sure.  Right.  Keep telling yourself that.

Julian: It is.  I put my heart and soul into this movie.

Paula: You your heart and soul into a movie called “Blood Mountain”?

Julian: It’s not “Blood Mountain”.  It’s “Blood Moon”.

Paula: Oh now I get it.  Sure Blood Mountain was to laugh at but Blood Moon. Much better.  Look out Orson Welles!

Julian: Who and, Paula, I don’t appreciate this sarcasm.

Paula: And I don’t appreciate the bullshit.  You fucked me over last time telling me you were going to make an independent movie and what happened–nothing.  You’re not doing it to me again.

Julian: I’m surprised at you, Paula, I really am.  I don’t remember you being this tough back in Hollywood.

Paula: I wasn’t but since then my child drowned and my husband and I are divorced.  So I’m all alone, Julian, and I’m looking out for me.  Now you’re going to use Sheri.  You know you are.

Julian: But she can’t act!

Paula: Neither could I!  She’ll learn.  I’ll coach her.

Julian: No.  She doesn’t have that quality I’m looking for.

Paula: I’ll get her to show her tits.

Julian: What?

Paula: You heard me.  I know you’re gay but you do have a thing about breasts, don’t you, Julian?  (Julian nods.) And I’ll get her to show hers on film if you agree to put her in your movie.  We won’t tell her right away.  It will be something that happens during the course of the film. She has cute perky breasts while mine are full and high.  Do you want to see them? (She removes her blouse while Julian sits transfixed.) Do we have a deal?  (She unsnaps her bra with her bare back towards the camera.)

Julian: You have incredible breasts.  Are they real?

Paula: Does it matter?  If we have a deal, you can suck on them for as long as you like.

Julian: Really? (She nods) We have a deal.

Close up of Paula

Paula: Then come to Mama.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Richard’s kitchen.  Jen is seated at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee looking at her phone as Richard enters.  She is rubbing her forehead.

Richard: Is everything all right?

Jen: Yes.  I just got a text from Sheri finally.  She’s in Florida and met with the director producer writer whatever the hell he is Julian Daniels.  She did her screen test and now she’s waiting to hear if she’ll be cast or not in his movie.

Richard: (Getting his coffee): So Sheri might be a movie star?

Jen: Possibly.

Richard: How do you feel about that?

Jen: It would be one way to get her out of Maple Falls.

Richard: Is that what you want?  To get out of Maple Falls?

Jen: Maybe.  I don’t really know what I want.  All I know is that I am happy being here with you for a couple of days.

Richard: That makes two of us.  (They kiss longingly.) You make me very happy, Jen.

Jen: You make me very happy too.  I should get dressed and go to work.

Richard: That four letter word.  Work.  I used to live for my work but it means nothing since you came back into my life. As a matter of fact its become downright depressing.

Jen: Why?

Richard: All the property on main street has been bought up by an international corporation and the property taxes are due in a couple of days so if the businesses on main street aren’t able to pay the taxes then–

Jen: Then Martin and Melanie and Jim are out of business?

Richard: I’m afraid so. (Violet enters with a vase of roses) And speaking of depressing.

Violet: (Smiling): Oh, Richard, you say the funniest things.  I hope you don’t mind my crashing in but I saw that Jennifer is here and I thought she would love these roses from my garden.  (She places the vase on the table.)

Jen: (Unsure): Thank you, Violet.

Violet: Don’t worry.  They’re not poisonous.

Jen: They are absolutely beautiful.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen roses this beautiful before.  What’s your secret?

Violet: Only Silas and I know that but’s he’s–

Richard: Are you all right, Violet?

Violet: Yes, yes, I’m fine.  Why?

Richard: You’re acting strangely.  Stranger than usual I mean.

Jen: (Gently scolding): Richard.

Violet: Oh, Richard, how we love to quip back and forth but I’m tired of it.  I want us to start acting like a family.  You were happily married to my sister for so many years until–well there’s no need to bring up that unpleasantness, is there?  I sincerely wants us to get along and behave like family.  I’ve invited Brooke and Max to dinner tonight and I would like you both to join us.  If you are available?

Richard: Well I um–

Jen: Yes.  We’d love to come.

Violet: Wonderful.  Say around eight?

Jen: Can I bring anything?

Violet: No.  I’ll prepare the dinner and Silas will help.  (She shakes her head.) Did I just say that again?  Anyway, I look forward to seeing you both tonight at eight.  Ta ta.  (She exits.)

Richard: She’s up to something.

Jen: Richard, it looks like she’s trying and we might as well be civil.  If I’m going to be around a lot then we should try to get along with her.

Richard: Are you going to be around a lot?  I thought you weren’t sure what you wanted.

Jen: Well I just decided.  I want to be wherever you are wherever that happens to be.

(They kiss again)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sheri’s hotel room.  She is laying on her bed on her phone.

Sheri: That really sucks.  Nobody knows where she is?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Colleen’s car.  She’s on her phone driving to college.

Colleen: No we went up to the cabin where Grandma said she was and she wasn’t there.  It’s all because of that baby!  If Maggie hadn’t given her that baby none of this would’ve happened.

CUT-TO: Sheri

Sheri: I guess you’re right but Maggie knew that Aunt Kathy would take care good care of Declan.

CUT-TO: Colleen

Colleen: Well she should have thought of the fact that Mom already has a family to take care of.  She didn’t need an extra kid.  Christ, we’re struggling enough as it is.

CUT-TO: Sheri

Sheri: You can’t blame Declan.

CUT-TO: Colleen

Colleen: I do blame him.  He’s been nothing but trouble.  I wish he was never born.

CUT-TO: Close up of Declan.

(We hear Elsie fussing over him and then gradually show they are outside in front of her house. Kathy enters hurriedly in her bathrobe and slippers.)

Kathy: Oh!  I didn’t know where he went!

Elsie: Everything’s fine.  You were having a nice sleep and I didn’t want him to wake you so I took him out here.

Kathy: Please give him back to me.

Elsie: Of course, Kathy.  (She hands her Declan) I didn’t mean to upset you.  I thought it would be nice to have a breath of fresh air.  It’s such a beautiful day.

(Kathy hurries back into the cabin)

CUT-TO: Kathy entering the cabin with Declan as Elsie enters after her.

Kathy: Who are you?  I mean who are you really?

Elsie: I told you who I am.  Don’t you remember?

Kathy: Yes I remember who you told me you were but I want to know who you really are.

Elsie: I’m Elsie.  I’m your friend.

Kathy: You can’t do that again, Elsie.  You can’t go outside with Declan like that.  I didn’t know what happened to him.

Elsie: I’ve upset you and I’m sorry.  I won’t do that again.  Not without your say so.

Kathy: I don’t mean to be harsh, Elsie, but I–

Elsie: I understand. You are a wonderful mother. I don’t mean you or Declan any harm.  You believe me, don’t you?

Kathy: Yes.  Yes I believe you.

Elsie: Good.  Now what shall I get you for breakfast?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny’s office.  She is seated at her desk talking to Jim, who is handing her Maggie’s letter.

Ginny: Thanks for the letter, Jim.  I put out an APB on Kathy this morning.

Jim: I know.  I heard about it.

Ginny: Hopefully we’ll be hearing something soon.

Jim: I hope so.

Ginny: I know you’re worried about her.  So am I that’s why I’ve decided to call Mrs. Shea and have her come in here as well as Jennifer Crane.

Jim: You said you wouldn’t.

Ginny: I never said anything like that.  How do you know that her mother and best friend are telling you the truth?

Jim: I’ve known them for years.  I trust them completely.

Ginny: Maybe you do but I don’t have your history with them. (Knock on the door) Come in.  (Door opens.)

Man: I’m the locksmith you wanted.

Ginny: Oh, yes, come in.  If you’ll excuse me, Jim.  (Jim storms out.  To the locksmith) It’s the bottom drawer.  It’s stuck for some reason.

Man: I ain’t promising you nothing but I’ll see what I can do.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Dot’s kitchen.  She is cleaning it as her phone rings.  She answers it.

Dot: Hello?  Oh, yes, hello. Me?  You want to talk to me about my daughter?  Do you know where she is?  Oh.  Yes, of course I’ll come down to the station.  Yes, I’ll see you soon. (She hangs up.)

(Charlie enters)

Charlie: Dottie, are you all right?  You look upset.

Dot: I’m fine, Charlie.  That was the police right now.  They want me to come down to the station and ask me questions about Kathy’s whereabouts.

Charlie: But you don’t where she is, do you?

Dot: No, Charlie, but I wish to God I did.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Richard’s living room.  The phone is ringing.  Jen enters.  She is dressed for work.  She sees who it is and smiles.  She answers it.

Jen: Hello, Sylvia.

CUT-TO: Split screen of Jen and Sylvia.  Sylvia is in her living room.

Sylvia: Did I dial the wrong number?  I’m looking for Richard.  I wanted to thank him for coming by to see me yesterday.

Jen: Isn’t that funny?  This morning when we were taking a shower together I thanked him for seeing me yesterday, too.

Sylvia: Is he there?

Jen: No.  He’s off at work and I’m headed to the hospital.  So as much as I’d love to stand here and talk to you, I have to go.

Sylvia: The hospital?  That’s right.  Richard told me he had you reinstated while I was recuperating at Crest Haven.

Jen: I know you were at Crest Haven.  I was your nurse.

Sylvia: Yes but my feeling is that you should have remained there or any other medical institution but you shouldn’t be at Papa’s hospital.

Jen: It’s not your Papa’s hospital, Sylvia.

Sylvia: Papa founded it.

Jen: Your Papa is dead and by the way I saw Martin and he told me that he slashed your Papa’s portrait in half.

Sylvia: I’m glad you think that’s so funny.

Jen: I think it’s hysterical and the only thing I was sad about was that he didn’t slash you in half with it.  (Slams down the receiver.  The split screen disappears. Her phone rings and she answers it.)  Listen, Sylvia–what?  The police station?  Well I’ve got to get to–all right, I’ll be right there.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  She is still on her phone.

Sylvia: Jennifer!  Jennifer!  You vile bitch!  (She dials again.  Timidly) Hello, Brian? Don’t hang up.  I want to talk to you.  We have a lot to say to each other.  I miss you and I would like it if you and Arthur came over for dinner tonight.  No, Brian, I’m not sorry for what I said about Kathy. It’s all true. Brian, please, we’ve been friends for years.  You’re my Knight In Shining Armour and I’m your Lady–yes, all right, goodbye.  (She hangs up.  Her doorbell rings.) Who is that?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s foyer.  She enters and opens the door.  It’s Charlie.

Sylvia: Yes?

Charlie: Are you Mrs. Thomas Moore?

Sylvia: Did you see the sign?  No solicitors.

Charlie: I’m not selling anything, Mrs. Moore.

Sylvia: I can call the police and they will be here in a minute if you don’t get off my property.

Charlie: Mrs. Moore, please, listen to me.  I’m Charlie Syms.

Sylvia: Oh, you’re Charlie Syms?

Charlie: You’ve heard of me?

Sylvia: No.

Charlie: I’m staying at your mother’s place.

Sylvia: That’s interesting.  My mother passed years ago.

Charlie: I’m confused.  I thought your mother is Dorothy Shea.

Sylvia: Dorothy–did she send you here?

Charlie: No it’s just that I was driving by and saw your property and thought it could use some upkeep.

Sylvia: Oh you did, did you?  You’re a licensed contractor?

Charlie: Well no–

Sylvia: Are you a licensed anything?  I didn’t think so.  I have a groundskeeper.  I don’t need you.  Go away.

Charlie: It’s just that a woman living out here all alone–

Sylvia: Who told you that?  Let me guess.  Mrs. Shea.  I’m going to tell you something-

Charlie: Charlie Syms.

Sylvia: Whatever.  Nobody just drives by my house here on the hill or any of the other houses up here.  Anyone who comes up here comes up for a reason.  She sent you up here to spy on me, didn’t she?  She’s a miserable old witch and I don’t want anything to do with her or you either.  Now get off my property or else I’ll call the police.

(Slams the door in his face.  He smiles to himself.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  Sylvia is holding her bottle of booze and pouring herself a drink.

Sylvia: Out here all alone.  I’m not alone.  (To the bottle) I’ve got you, haven’t I?

(She takes a large sip and swallows.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sheri’s hotel room.  Sheri is combing her hair as Paula enters adjusting her blouse.

Sheri: What is it?  Your face is red.

Paula: (Looking in the mirror): Is it?  So it is.  Oh, who cares.  It’s must be the exciting news I have to tell you.

Sheri: What is it?

Paula: Sheri Martin a star is born!

Sheri: Huh?

Paula: A Star is Born with Judy Garland and James Mason.

Sheri: Who?

Paula: Never mind.  Sheri Martin you’re going to be a movie star.

(Sheri and Paula scream with excitement as they join hands and jump up and down.  Paula then embraces Sheri and smiles.)

Fade to Black

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