You Don’t Know Jack

Fade In: Rose’s Kitchen.  She’s at the sink washing a dish.  She places the dish in the drainer which shows one glass, spoon, knife, fork.  In the background we hear an announcer on the tv.

Announcer: (Off): Today the person we have come to know as John Doe is being released from Merry Mount Hospital.

(Rose turns off the water and scurries around the kitchen mumbling to herself while getting her pocketbook, car keys, jacket.  She sees the almost empty bottle of Jack Daniels.  She takes the cap off, takes the last swig, throws it in the trash barrel.)

CUT-TO: Dr. Conrad Hasting’s office.  Connie is seated at his desk.  Rose is standing in front of his desk.

Connie: Yes what you heard on the TV is true.  He is being released today from the hospital.

Rose: So where is he?

Connie: I don’t understand what difference that makes to you.

Rose: Just tell me where he is.

Connie: Rose, I hate to see you get involved in all this.  You lead a quiet simple life.  You have no family  It’s only you and your cat.

Rose: The cat’s dead.

Connie: Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t know that.  You’ve had Fred for a long time.  It must have come as quite a shock.

Rose: You think I’m shocked.  You shoulda seen Fred.  So where is this John Doe?

Connie: Rose, I fail to understand how his whereabouts concern you.  You have enough to worry about.  Don’t do this.

Rose: He needs a place to live.  Do I go up to his room to get him or will he come down to the lobby?

Connie: From what I understand he’s already in the lobby.

Rose: You almost made me miss him.

CUT-TO: Hospital hallway.  Rose is exiting Connie’s office and almost running down the hallway.

Connie: Rose, what are you doing? You can’t take this on now.  As your doctor I’m asking you to think about your health.

Rose: You know, Connie, we’ve known each other since we were kids.

Connie: Yes. We grew up together.

Rose: Yeah, right.

Connie: I think we did.

Rose: You went to boarding schools and I stayed here.  The only way we knew each other is because my mother used to clean your mother’s toilets.

Connie: If you choose to see it that way.

Rose: Choose to–that’s the way it is.  In all the years I’ve known you I’ve never actually told you what I really think of you, have I?

Connie: No.  I suppose not.

Rose: Now that I’m dying I can finally tell ya.

Connie: Yes?

Rose: You’re a fucking prick.

(Rose exits as Connie stands there stunned.)

CUT-TO: Long shot of Vivian Wainwright’s mansion.  Dissolve slowing into Vivian’s living room.  She is seated on the couch on her phone.

Vivian: Yes, Connie, I understand.  Don’t worry.  I know how to handle Rose Cooper.  She’s been with me for years, however, I must confess I am deeply disappointed in you. Why?  I can’t for the life of me understand why you picked him up off of the road and took him to Daddy’s hospital.  I know you’re a doctor and you took an oath blah blah blah.  Look, let me get off the phone so I can call Rose.  I’ll talk to you later. (Hangs up her phone) Why do I have to solve everything?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Rose’s car.  Rose is driving with Jack who is in the passenger seat.

Rose: (Beeping her horn): Asshole!  Today you gotta watch out for everyone.  I hate every motherfucker that ever lived.

Jack: Well if you feel that way then (mumbles)

Rose: What? Speak up!

Jack:…Why do you want me to live with you?

Rose: Don’t be stupid.  Okay?

CUT-TO: Exterior. Rose’s car pulling up to Mike’s Liquor Store.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Rose’s car.

Rose: You want anything?

Jack: No, I’m good.

Rose: You sure?  I can get it for you.  It’s no hassle.  I know Mike.

Jack: Who’s Mike?

Rose: The owner.

Jack: No, I’m good.  Thanks anyway.

Rose: Suit yourself.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Rose exits her car and goes up on the sidewalk as Sally comes by with her bag of groceries.

Rose: Hey, Sal.

Sally: Hi, Rose.  How you doing?

Rose: All right.  (Sally looks hard at her) Okay, I feel like shit but what are you gonna do?  Where you coming from?

Sally: The market.  Had to get groceries for tonight’s dinner.

Rose: How’s Burt doing?

Sally: (Shrugs): Burt is Burt.  Sorry to hear about Fred. (Rose looks confused) Your cat. Burt told me he died.  I remember Timmy used to love to come over to your house and play with him.

Rose: Where is Timmy?

Sally: He’s in school.

Rose: Already?

Sally: Yes.  He’s five.  He’s in kindergarten in Miss Swanson’s class.  I told you that before.

Rose: I can’t remember shit these days.

Sally: Who’s that in your car?  Is that him? John Doe?

Rose: Yup.

Sally: What’s he doing in your car?

Rose: What’s it look like? He’s sitting.

Sally: Is what they said about him true?  That he was found on the road by Doctor Hastings coming into Merry Mount and he doesn’t remember who he is?

Rose: (Shrugs): I guess so.

Sally: So what are you doing with him?

Rose: I gotta go, Sal.  See you later. (She exits into the store.)

Sally: Bye.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Rose’s car.  We see Sally standing on the sidewalk with her bag of groceries looking into Rose’s car.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sally’s house.  Burt is on the chaise lounge drinking of bottle of beer.  Two other empties are on the table beside him.  Sally enters.

Burt: Where you been?

Sally: What do you mean where have I been?  I was at the market. What are you doing home so early?  Oh don’t tell me.

Burt: There’s nothing to tell.

Sally: Not again, Burt.  You just got this job last month.

Burt: And I still got it.  We just had a fight that’s all.

Sally: What kind of fight?

Burt: A fight.  A fight is a fight.

Sally: Was it an argument or was it physical?

Burt: It was an argument that got physical.  I punched him in the nose.

Sally: You punched your boss in the nose?

Burt: He had it coming.

Sally: Oh, Burt!

Burt: (Louder): He had it coming!

Sally: Should I call him and try to straighten it out?

Burt: Shut up.

Sally: I’ll call him and maybe-

Burt: I SAID SHUT UP!  (He raises his hand and slaps her.)  You’re always pissing me off.  Go get my dinner.

Sally: Ok, Burt, ok.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Rose’s kitchen.  Rose and Jack enter.  He looks around as she puts her groceries and beer in the fridge.

Rose: It’s some dump, ain’t it?  (Her phone rings.) Oh, Christ.  Who’s this?  (She looks at her phone and grimaces.  She answers.) Hello, Mrs. Wainwright.  Yes I know you left a message.  Well I’ve been kinda busy.  Today?  No, I’m not supposed to come by today.  You wanna see me about what?  Oh, he told did he?  It’s none of his Goddamn business. Sorry Mrs. Wainwright.  Okay, I’ll come by.  See you soon. (Hangs up phone) Miserable bitch.  Just cause she owns more than half the town she thinks she can control everyone.  Well not me.  Not for much more anyway.  (To Jack) Well, what do you think?

Jack: It’s a lot nicer than where I’ve been?

Rose: You mean the hospital?

Jack: No before the hospital.  Of course I don’t really remember where I was before the hospital.

Rose: Then how do you know my place is a lot a nicer? (Jack laughs) What’s so funny?

Jack: You.

Rose: Hang around a while.  You’ll change your mind fast.  You can sleep in the bedroom at the top of the stairs.

Jack: Why are you being so nice to me?

Rose: You really do have amnesia, John Doe.

Jack: I don’t like being called John Doe.  Just call me Jack.

Rose: Okay, Jack.

Jack: So why are you doing this, Rose?

Rose: You really don’t know why?  Jack, I’m your sister.

Fade to Black




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