Everlasting Love

Will You Marry Me?

Episode 202

Fade In: Max’s bedroom.  Brooke is asleep in Max’s bed.  He enters quietly with a tray of coffee and toast.  He places the tray on the bedside table and lovingly kisses Brooke on the face and then when she moves slightly on the lips.  She awakens.

Max: Good morning, darling.

Brooke: Good morning, my love.

Max: I made breakfast for you.  (He crosses over and gets the tray.)

Brooke: Oh, Max, you shouldn’t have.

Max: You’ll probably say the same thing after you taste it.  (He gently places it in front of her.)

Brooke: I’m sure it’s delicious.  (She sips the coffee and makes a face.)

Max: What did I tell you?

Brooke: It just needs some more sugar, that’s all.  (She puts more sugar in and then sips it again.) Much better.  (She holds up the burnt toast.)  Oh!  I’m not really that hungry.

Max: You’re not hurting my feelings.  I know I’m no cook.  I’m glad you stayed here last night.

Brooke: I’m glad I am too but I feel awkward about it.

Max: Why?

Brooke: Well I should respect the fact that Judy and David live here with you and I shouldn’t be staying over like this.  It isn’t right.

Max: We’re in love, aren’t we?

Brooke: Yes.  I’m very much in love with you but I have to say the other night you sent me off to be with your children while you stood on the sidewalk and talked to Jen so I’m not so sure how much you are in love with me.

Max: I showed you how I loved you last night.

Brooke: And I did the same but I really meant it.

Max: So do I.  I was concerned about Jennifer.  You have to understand that she and I have a history together.  We will always have a connection.

Brooke: It’s a connection that you and she have made.  You also have a connection to your ex-wife because you share children but you seem to have cut that off.

Max: Sylvia is a vicious evil person.  She has neglected our children.

Brooke: From what you’ve told me you did that as well.

Max: I’m trying to make up for that.  She isn’t.  Hey, how did we get started on this anyway?

Brooke: You were telling me you loved me and I was questioning it.

Max: Don’t question it.  In the eighteen years Sylvia and I were married I never once made her breakfast in bed.  True, it wasn’t a good breakfast I gave you but–

Brooke: (Kisses him gently on the lips): I know your intentions are good, Max, but your actions are also important.

Max: How this for an action? (He pulls out a small velvet box and opens it.  A large diamond is in the center.) Brooke Eaton, will you marry me?

Close up of Brooke

CUT-TO: Interior.  Arthur’s office.  He is seated behind his desk on his phone.  

Arthur: Yes, Sylvia, I don’t mean to be a pest but I was hoping that some decision had been made about my resigning as Chief of Staff and someone is coming in as my replacement.  (Brian enters with lunch for them both.  He motions for Brian to sit.) Yes I still Max would be a wonderful replacement.  Oh, you don’t, I see.  Well it’s not my place to decide who should take over for me but if you could decide on someone soon, I would appreciate.  Yes. Goodbye.  (Hangs up phone) Hi!  To what do I owe this pleasure?

Brian: What? I can’t come and have lunch with my favorite boyfriend?  And I got your favorite.  Chicken salad.  Not too much mayo a little lettuce and mostly chicken on wheat.  A Diet Coke and a bag of chips.  And I got myself the same as yours except it’s tuna.  (Handing out the lunches and sitting across from Arthur’s desk.) Were you on the phone with my ex-best friend when I came in?

Arthur: Yes and she’s not just your ex-best friend, Brian, she’s your twin.  You should remember that.

Brian: Remember it?  I can’t forget it but I’m trying.  Lord knows, I’m trying.

Arthur: I wish you wouldn’t be so harsh on her.

Brian: Harsh on her?  Art, she used me.  She went on my channel and planned to tell the world that Kathy murdered her husband!  I never would have allowed her anywhere near my channel if I knew she was going to say such outlandish things about Kathy.  I adore Kathy.

Arthur: I know you adore Kathy.  Everyone does but you also still adore Sylvia.  I know you don’t want to admit it but you do.

Brian: I hate her.

Arthur: No you don’t, Brian.  You’re upset with her for using you like that but you don’t hate her.  You’ve been friends with her for years and you were thrilled to discover she’s your twin.

Brian: I don’t like what she’s done.

Arthur: No one likes what she’s done.  I think you need to call her and work things out.

Brian: Didn’t I tell you?  She called me and I told her that we were no longer friends and I don’t want anything more to do with her ever and I mean it.

Arthur: Okay, have it your way.  I was just hoping that maybe you could help me with her, that’s all.

Brian: What am I supposed to do?

Arthur: You know how much I want to resign as Chief of Staff and return to my regular duties as a doctor here at the hospital but she told me that she’s not going to give the position back to Max and they aren’t even interviewing other candidates yet.

Brian: Yeah so?

Arthur: I feel as if she’s not hearing me but if you told her as her friend and twin she’d listen to you.

Brian: Are you using me, Arthur Hansen?  (Arthur nods.) Okay, all right, I’ll call her but I’m not going to promise anything.  How did we get started on all of this anyway? Eat your chicken salad.

(Arthur takes a bite into his sandwich and yells)

Arthur: Ow!  (He puts the sandwich down and takes off the top and pulls out a ring.)  What is this? (Brian pulls the ring out of Arthur’s hand and cleans it off with a napkin.)

Brian: (Holding up the ring): Doctor Arthur Hansen will you marry me?

Arthur: I was going to ask you this time but, yes, Brian.  Yes of course I will marry you.

(He places the ring on and they kiss.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny’s office.  Ginny is seated behind her desk.  Jen and Dot are seated in front of her.

Jen: That’s all we can tell you.

Dot: We don’t know anything else.  We have no idea where Kathy has gone.

Ginny: All right, ladies, I just needed to get it verified from you two.  As I told Jim we did put out and all points bulletin so hopefully we’ll be able to find her.

Dot: I wish we hadn’t acted so quickly.  I’m worried about she and Declan.

Jen: We had to do something.  She wouldn’t have been trying to run out of Maple Falls if it hadn’t been for that damn Sylvia!  Do you know that she called Richard’s house this morning looking for him to thank him for coming over to her house yesterday afternoon?

Dot: What were you doing at Richard’s house? (Jen looks at her knowingly). Oh.

Ginny: I hate to break up this coffee klatch but if ladies wouldn’t mind?

Dot: Oh, certainly.  You will let us know if you hear anything?

Ginny: I’ll let you know. (Knock on the door.) Come in.

Martin: (Enters): Oh, I didn’t know you had someone in here.

Dot: Hello, Martin.

Martin: Dot, Jen.

Jen: Hi, Marty.

Dot: Is there something wrong?  Have you heard something about Kathy?

Martin: (Awkwardly): No.

Dot: Oh.  Well.  Come along, Jen.

Martin: Ladies.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Outside Ginny’s office.  Dot and Jen enters and Jen closes the door.

Jen: Are you okay?

Dot: Yes.  Why wouldn’t I be?

Jen: Well you looked kind of funny when Martin came in the room and said he wasn’t there about Kathy.

Dot: Did I?

Jen: I know how much you love him.

Dot: Is it that obvious?

Jen: Does the sun rise and set?

Dot: I suppose the only one it’s not obvious too is Martin or maybe it is but I refuse to see what is obvious in front of me.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny’s office.  Martin is pulling out the bottom drawer.  Ginny is standing behind him.

Martin: He fixed it all right. (Closes the drawer.)

Ginny: Yes came right in the office and was done in ten minutes but with everything that’s going on I don’t have time to worry about what’s in my bottom drawer.

Martin: I suppose then you don’t have enough time to go out with an old man to dinner?

Ginny: You’re not an old man.  Why? Are you asking me to dinner?

Martin: Yes I am.  How about tonight? O’Leary’s? Six O’Clock?

Ginny: I’d like that very much.

Martin: Good.  I’ll see you then.

Ginny: Yes, Martin, I’ll see you then.

Close up of Ginny

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s cottage.  She is preparing dinner in her kitchen and dressed in a long flowing robe with her hair up.  She is chopping vegetables when her phone rings.  She cuts her finger slightly.  She answers the phone.

Violet: Oh, hello, Brooke.  You’re not cancelling tonight, are you?  No it should just be the three of us.  What did you say?  You’re engaged to Max?  When did this happen?  This morning.  I see.  Oh no I won’t be a problem.  I’m very happy for you.  Of course.  I’ll see you both tonight at my house at eight.  Til then. (She hangs up the phone.  Sees that there is blood on the cutting board and looks at her finger.  She reaches for the band aids.)

Silas: (appearing): Let me do that for you, Miss Violet.  That looks like a bad cut.  Maybe you should have Max take a look at it.  After all, he’s going to be part of your family now.

Violet: (While Silas is placing the band-aid on her finger.): So you heard?  (Silas nods.) And what do you think of that, Tom?

Tom: (appearing): I don’t care.  You’re the one I always loved and still do.  If only you had divorced Henry and married me.  You remember when I asked you?  I said, Violet, will you marry me?  What did you say?  (Angrily) What did you say?

Violet: (Crying): I said no. If only I had said what I wanted to say.

Tom: And what was that?

Violet: (Crying): Things would be so much different if I had the courage to say yes, Tom, I’ll marry you.

Fade to Black






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