Everlasting Love

The Sun Also Rises

Episode 204

Fade In: A dark stormy night.  Rain and thunder.  Sylvia and Tom are standing at the cliff as we hear Kathy yell ‘Sylvia! Sylvia!’ We see Sylvia turn and Tom fall as Kathy runs up to Sylvia and holds her.

(Dissolve to a close up of Kathy)

Kathy: That’s exactly how it happened.

(Widen shot to show Kathy seated in Elsie’s cabin with Elsie sitting beside her.)

Elsie: I know that’s how it happened because I saw it.  (Kathy looks confused.) You know how I go out for walks at night.  Well I went for a walk that night and I saw the whole thing.  I got scared so when I heard the men I ran back to my cabin.  Well not ran actually but I came home.  I didn’t know there was any more trouble about it until I saw your picture in the paper.

Kathy: In the paper?

Elsie: Right here in the Gull Island Gazette.  They’re looking for you.  Is that why you ran away with the baby and told me your name is Kathy Hogan?

Kathy: (She nods): I’m sorry I lied to you, Elsie.  You’ve been so good to Declan and I.

Elsie: No, no don’t fuss about that.  I understand why you did it.  I guess.

Kathy: See what happened is that Sylvia had a breakdown after Tom’s death and she’s only recently out of Crest Haven so she’s not really herself.  She accused me of pushing Tom off the cliff.

Elsie: But you didn’t and anyway they can’t take your baby away from you.

Kathy: Declan isn’t really my baby. You see my friend Maggie is Declan’s mother but she died and she left a letter saying that she wants me to raise Declan.

Elsie: So you took the baby and ran?

Kathy: Yes. I don’t want to get you more involved in this than you already are.  I’ll get Declan–

Elsie: You’ll do nothing of the kind.  We’re going to the police.  I guess the nearest station is in Maple Falls.

Kathy: Elsie, if I go there now with Declan–

Elsie: Oh, I don’t mean no harm. I’m a witness to what happened and we’re going to go to the police and I’m going to tell them what I saw.  You did nothing wrong.  Why you practically went over the cliff yourself to save that woman.  Then once I tell them the truth you can go home to your family.  They need you too and you need them.

Kathy: Oh, Elsie, you’d do that for me?

Elsie: It’s an odd feeling, Kathy, but ever since I met you I knew that I would do anything for you.

(They hug)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jen’s kitchen.  Noel comes staggering down the bedroom stairs and looks like he wants to throw up as he is putting his clothes on.  The kitchen door opens with Sheri entering with Paula after her.  

Paula: Noel?  What are you doing here?

(Noel is unable to speak.  He mumbles something and runs off.)

Sheri: Is my mother all right?  Mom?  Mom, I’m home.

(Olive enters down the stairs smoking a cigarette.  She is in her bathrobe and slippers.)

Olive: Your Mother ain’t here.

Sheri: Where is she?

Olive: She’s staying at her boyfriend’s.

Paula: She’s at Richard’s?

Olive: What did I just say?

Paula: I thought they broke up.

Olive: I ain’t her social secretary.  Cutie here asked me where her Mother is and I told her.

Paula: Who was here last night?  Was Noel here with you last night?

Olive: Hey think of the kid.  To answer your question not that it’s any of your business a woman has needs.  (She exits up the stairs with her coffee.)

(Sheri and Paula look at each other and laugh.)

CUT-TO: Interior. Richard’s kitchen.  Jen is pouring bourbon into her coffee.  She hears Richard coming and put the bottle under the sink.  She sips her coffee.

Richard: I hate for this morning to come.

Jen: Me, too.  It’s been fun.

Richard: You can say that after last night’s shocking announcement?

Jen: The only thing I was shocked about was how out of it Violet seemed.  The chicken was completely raw and she was drinking.  She doesn’t normally drink, does she?

Richard: I’ve never known her to  but I think you’re avoiding what I meant.  I was talking about–

Jen: I know who you were talking about.  I’m happy for Brooke and Max.  Truly, I’m over him and I’m here with you. (They kiss.) Is there something wrong?

Richard: No.  I just wish you’d stay.  Why don’t you?

Jen: No, Richard, that wouldn’t work.  I have my own house and I live with my daughter–

Richard: And the lovely Olive Benson.

Jen: Don’t remind me.

Richard: How is that working out?  I know you took her in because Grace Donahue asked you too but she must be getting under your feet.

Jen: I really don’t pay any attention to her.

Richard: And she doesn’t give you a problem about the rent?

Jen: Look how did we even get on this subject?

Richard: Honestly, I don’t like her living with you.  She drinks and I don’t think a recovering alcoholic should be living with someone who drinks twenty-four seven three hundred sixty-five days a year.

Jen: Is that what you think of me?  As a recovering alcoholic!

Richard: Jen, I think of you as much more than that.  You know that and if you don’t you should.  Don’t disrespect our relationship like that.

Jen: I’m sorry, Richard.  I really should go.  I have to get to work and Sheri should be home soon.  (Her phone rings.  Seeing that it’s Sheri she hurriedly answers it) Hi, honey.  When are you due home? Oh, you’re home already?  Well what’s the news? I have to go to work. Okay, we’ll have dinner tonight just you and me–oh, Richard too.  Okay.  See you tonight. Bye.  (She hangs up the phone) She’s so excited.  You can come for dinner?

Richard: Yes if you’re sure you want me too.

(Jen kisses Richard long and hard.)

Jen: Does that answer your question?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Max’s kitchen.  Judy and David are seated at the table as Max is standing in front of them.  They are all dressed for the day.

Judy: But, Daddy, you said you would wake us.

Max: We didn’t get back here til late and then Brooke wanted me to wait so we could tell you together.

David: I think I can guess what it is.

Judy: What is it? (Brooke enters from the kitchen door.) What is it?

Max: Judy and David, Brooke has–

Brooke: Can I tell them, Max? (He nods) Judy and David you know how much I love your father and how much I love both of you so with your blessing your father has asked me to be his bride.

Judy: Huh?

David: Dad and Brooke are getting married.

Judy: Yippeee!!!!!!!!

Max: David?

David: That’s cool, David, real cool.  (They all hug.) Brooke, you’re a shrink, right?

Brooke: Yes.  Why?

David: You’re gonna need one for this family.

(They all laugh)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Lena’s kitchen.  She is in her bathrobe having a cup of coffee as Noel comes crashing in.

Noel: (Runs over to the sink and splashes cold water on his face): Oh, Bloody Hell Oh Bloody Hell!

Lena: Easy!  Where have you been?

Noel: (Gets down on his knees): Lena, I am begging for your forgiveness.  I am truly sorry for every rotten thing I have ever done.  From this moment on I vow to be the kind of man you want me to be.  No more drinking.  No more carousing.  No more.  From now on I’m stone cold sober.  I am a new man.

Lena: Noel, what happened?  Never mind.  I don’t want to know.

Noel: Lena, please.

Lena: Noel, the only way to save this marriage is to be able to have Declan and now that Kathy has run away with him, there isn’t much point is there?

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Elsie and Kathy holding Declan at the docks.  They have just gotten off the boat from Gull Island.

Elsie: Come on, Kathy.

Kathy: Elsie, I’ve lived my entire life in Maple Falls and I’ve always thought of it as home.  Suddenly I feel like a stranger about to lose everything and I’m absolutely terrified.

(Elsie and Kathy start to move towards the town)

Fade to Black


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