Everlasting Love

Coming Home

Episode 205

Fade In: Interior.  Ginny’s office.  Ginny is seated at her desk with Elsie in front of the desk and Kathy and Jim.  Kathy is holding Declan.

Ginny: So that’s how it happened?  You’re sure?

Elsie: Yes.  I witnessed everything.

Ginny: Well your eye-witness report does agree with Kathy’s version of what happened. I will let the Judge know about this but I don’t see why we should investigate it any further.

Kathy: So the charges are being dropped?

Ginny: Well no charges were ever actually filed.  Mrs. Moore made her accusations in that tv interview but she never followed up on anything.  Anyway, she’d have to have proof and Miss Hunter corroborates your story.

Elsie: It’s good of you to believe me.  Not that I’m not telling the truth. I am but you don’t even know me.

Ginny: I don’t need to know you in order to know when someone is telling the truth.  I’m a good judge of character.

Kathy: Elsie, how can I ever thank you?

Elsie: No reason to thank me, Kathy.

Jim: The least we can do is have you come to our house for dinner.

Elsie: I’d like that very much.

(There’s a scuffle outside and Ginny’s door opens.)

Police Officer: You can’t go in there.

Noel: I just did.  Kathy, when you did you get back to Maple Falls?

Police Officer: Sorry, Chief.

Ginny: It’s okay.

Jim: What do you want, Noel?

Noel: (Calling out): Come along, Lena.  (Lena enters.) I’m here to collect my son.

Ginny: Look, Mister Tremayne, what is this all about?

Noel: (Handing her papers): My DNA results came back.  Would you care to read them or should I?

Ginny: I’ll read them.

Noel: Out loud? (Jim lunges.) Easy, Champ!  You wouldn’t want to beat me up in front of everyone, would you?  You’d have witnesses.

Ginny: Jim, calm down.  (Sighs) It shows that you are the biological father of Declan O’Leary.

Noel: Okay, Kathy, hand him over.

Kathy: I would never give him to you.

Jim: What about Maggie’s letter that I gave you, Ginny?

Ginny: Yes the letter does state that she wants Kathy to raise Declan.

Noel: That’s nice if in fact she did write it but she’s dead. I have a wonderful wife who is more than eager to be the mother of my son.  Come on, Kathy, give him to me.

(Noel reaches for the baby and Kathy backs away as Jim shoves Noel across the room.)

Ginny: That’s enough of that, Jim.

Noel: Arrest that man!

Ginny: Knock it off!  You’re not getting the baby yet–

Kathy: Thank you, Ginny.

Ginny: And you can’t keep him.

Kathy: What?

Ginny: You’ll have to take the matter up with the Judge, Jim, you know that.

Kathy: What about Declan?  Where would he go?

Ginny: For now, I’m sorry to say, he’ll have to go into foster care.

Kathy: No!

Ginny: Well you won’t give him up and Mister Tremayne won’t either so–

Kathy: (She softly kisses Declan; Tears): Lena?

Lena: Yes, Kathy?

Kathy: (Handing Declan to Lena): Take good care of him?

Lena: I will, Kathy.  I promise.  (Smiling at Declan is handed to her.)

(Kathy runs out.)

Jim: Lena, how could you?  (To Noel) This isn’t over you slimey bastard.  (He exits.)

(Lena looks hurt from Jim’s remark but then she looks down at the smiling baby.)

Noel: Come on, love.  (He and Lena exit as the baby starts to whimper.)

Elsie: Oh, this is all my fault. If I hadn’t made her come back she’d still have Declan.  I feel terrible.

Ginny: I’m sure it will work itself out, Miss Hunter.

Elsie: I don’t know, Officer Cusack.  I really don’t know.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s bedroom.  She is laying asleep on her bed as we hear a buzz of an electric saw.  She wakes up and is hung over.  

Sylvia: What is that incessant noise?  (She gets up from the bed and crosses to the window.  She looks out.)  Here!  Stop that!  STOP THAT! (She holds her head.) Ohhhh!

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Sylvia’s backyard.  Charlie is in the backyard with his shirt off and cutting down some trees as the saw dies.  He looks up and sees Sylvia in her downstairs living room window.

Sylvia: Just what do you think you are doing?

Charlie: I saw that your yard needed some work so I got up this morning–

Sylvia: You got up this morning?  Who are you?

Charlie: Syl, it’s me, Chuck.  Remember from last night?  We met at Clarke’s.  You were there with Noel and I came in and he started giving you a hard time and I told him too–

Sylvia: (Puts up her hand): I’m not the least bit interested in any of this and no one before or since has ever the gall to call me Syl.

Charlie: You told me to call you that.  You know after we got back here last night and well–I mean you called me Chuck.  Usually people call me Charlie but I don’t mind if you want to call me Chuck.

Sylvia: Get off my premises immediately or else I will call the police.

Charlie: Hey, what gives?  You weren’t like this last night.  We’re friends, Syl.

Sylvia: We are nothing of the kind and stop calling me that.  Now go away!

Charlie: Okay, all right, I don’t mean any harm.  I’ll go.  I don’t want to ruin what we have.

Sylvia: What we–we have nothing.  Do you understand?  Now go.

Charlie: Sure.  I’m going it’s just–never mind.

Sylvia: It’s just what?

Charlie: Forget it.

Sylvia: What is it?

Charlie: From what you told me you don’t seem to have a bunch of people hanging around you and I really care about you or else I never would have done what we did last night.

Sylvia: Be gone!

Charlie: Okay, I just want you to remember what I said. (He exits)

Close up of Sylvia

CUT-TO: Close up of Dot.

Dot: Jim, what are we going to do about this?

(Widen shot to show we are in the Burke kitchen.  Dot is holding Kathy, who is crying.  Jim is standing at the counter on his phone.)

Jim: I’m calling Judge McAlister right now. (He exits)

Dot: Oh, Kathy.  What are we going to do?

Kathy: I knew this would happen if I came back.  I’ve never really hated anyone before but I hate Noel.  I hate him with a passion and anger I have never felt for anyone I’ve ever thought I hated before.  Yes Paula has irritated and Sylvia has annoyed me and yes I thought I hated them but I realize now I didn’t.  Noel has made me realize what true hate is.  I just hate him.  Do you know what I mean?

Dot: Yes.  I hate him too. I know I shouldn’t but I do.  There it is. I think everyone in Maple Falls hates him.

Kathy: Not Lena.

Dot: Lena married Noel so she could have a baby.

Kathy: No Lena married Noel so she could have Jim’s baby.

Dot: I don’t understand, Kathy.

Kathy: Lena Romano has been in love with Jim since high school.  She was there for him when we separated and even though we are back together she has never really gone away.  Now that she has Declan she’s probably planning to get rid of Noel and will use Declan to get Jim.

Dot: Kathy you can’t believe that.

Kathy: That’s exactly what I think.  You know she loves Jim.

Dot: Yes I know she does but she’s married to Noel now and does want to be a mother.

Kathy: Well she’ll have to get her own baby.  Declan is mine and I’m going to get him back.  This is only a temporary set back. (Jim enters from the living room) Well?

Jim: Judge McAlister can’t even look at the case til next week.

Dot: Oh, dear.  (Elsie knocks on the door.) Who’s that?

Kathy: It’s Elsie.  (She opens the door.)

Elsie: I’m sorry to trouble you–

Kathy: Elsie, come in.  (She enters timidly.) This is my mother, Mrs. Shea and you know Jim.

Jim: I’m sorry we took off on you like that, Elsie.

Elsie: No I wanted to come by and tell you how sorry I am.

Kathy: There’s no need to be sorry because you’re going to help me.

Elsie: I am? How?

Kathy: Sit down and I’ll tell you all about how you’re going to help me get Declan back.

Close up of Kathy

CUT-TO: Interior.  Tom Moore’s house.  Ginny enters tiredly.  She closes the door and crosses to the bureau.  She opens the top drawer and pulls out of picture of a beautiful young woman.

Ginny’s voice: You didn’t remember who I was, did you?  Why would you?  But I remember you.  When you came today to the police station and spoke up for Kathy I knew you were telling the truth.  You never could tell a lie.  You are the sweetest, kindest person I ever met. I’m so sorry I hurt you all those years ago. (Speaking) Oh, yes, I remember you, Elsie Hunter.

Fade to Black








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