Everlasting Love


Episode 207

Fade In: Interior.  Dot’s bedroom.  She is standing with her back to us and in a flowing nightgown.  Charlie is standing in the room shirtless wearing only pajama bottoms.

Dot: Charlie, what are you doing here?

Charlie: You know why I’m here, Dottie.  You know what I feel about you.  I know you feel the same way about me.

Dot: No, I-

Charlie: (Moving closer to her): Don’t deny it.  (He gently takes her face into his hands and lovingly kisses her.) Dottie, I love you.

Dot: I love you, too, Charlie.  I have ever since you rescued me from the flood.  You’re a wonderful man.  I’m so happy we found each other.

(They passionately kiss and her nightgown falls to the floor along with his pajama bottoms.)

CUT-TO: Close up of Charlie shooting up in his bed.  He’s awake and covered in sweat.  Widen shot to show we are in Charlie’s bedroom and he is alone and startled by what he just dreamt.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Dot’s kitchen.  Elsie is sitting at the table drinking her coffee and breakfast is being cooked as Dot enters from the living room with Martin after her carrying his shoes and is mostly dressed except for his shirt being buttoned.

Martin: (Entering after Dot): You shouldn’t have let me sleep so late.

Dot: Oh for Goodness sake.  You needed your rest.  I hope you were comfortable on the couch.

Martin: (Sitting putting on his shoes): I was fine. (To Elsie) Mornin’.

Dot: Martin, do you know Elsie Hunter?  Elsie, this is Martin Burke, Jim’s father.

Martin: Yes we met at Jim and Kathy’s yesterday.

Dot: Oh, that’s right.

Elsie: Good morning, Mr. Burke, Mrs. Shea.

Martin: Call me Martin.

Dot: And I’m Dot.

Elsie: Then you must call me Elsie.

Martin: So, Elsie, you heading back to Gull Island today, are you?

Dot: (Serving Elsie eggs and muffin): No, Elsie, is going to be staying here in Maple Falls for a while, aren’t you, Elsie?

Elsie: Yes.

Dot: (Giving Elsie her cup of coffee): She and Kathy have formed quite a friendship, haven’t you, Elsie?

Elsie: Yes. (Looks longingly.)

Dot: Is there something else you want?

Elsie: The ketchup for my eggs (Dot opens her refrigerator and gets the ketchup and hands it to Elsie.) And strawberry jam for my muffin.

Dot: Strawberry ja–(Getting the jam out of the refrigerator and hands it to Elsie.  Taking out the creamer.) Cream for your coffee.

Elsie: (Pouring the ketchup on the eggs): No I like it black.

Dot: Uh-huh.  Martin, can I get you anything?

Martin: (Looking at Elsie eating): No I’ve lost my ape–I’m not that hungry.  I’ll get something at the store.

Dot: You should eat something.

Elsie: Do you have any more jam?

Dot: Help yourself, dear.

Martin: I left my jacket in the living room. Nice to see you again, Elsie.

(Elsie mumbles with food in her mouth)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Dot’s living room. Martin enters with Dot following.

Martin: I’ll say one thing about her.  She sure is skinny but she knows how to eat.

Dot: Shhh, she’ll hear you.  Oh, Charlie, I didn’t see you standing there.  Martin, you know Charlie Syms, don’t you?

Martin: Yeah I’ve seen you before.  You’re the guy that carried Dot in the flood and saved Judy from having the bookstore collapse on her.  Your quite a guy.

Charlie: Nice seeing you again too, Martin, is it?

Dot: Martin Burke.  He’s owns the Corner Store.

Charlie: Yeah sure I’ve been in there a couple times.  Are you living here now too?

Martin: No.

Dot: He lives above the store.  He was just staying here last night.  On the couch.

Martin: You don’t have to go into details.  Look, I gotta go.  Good seeing you again, Charlie.

Charlie: Same here.

Dot: (To Charlie): Was there something else?

Charlie: No.  I’ll go get some coffee.  (He exits)

Martin: You better watch out for him.  He’s a little strange.

Dot: (Laughs): Oh, Martin.  He’s perfectly harmless.  You sure you have everything?

Martin: Yeah, I’m good.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Dot’s house.  Sun is shining.  Dot opens the door and sees that Ginny is walking by up to the store.  

Dot: I’ll see you later, Martin.

Martin: Hey, thanks again for last night.  It means a lot to have a friend as good as you.

Dot: (Kisses Martin on the cheek): Good morning, Officer Cusack.

Ginny: Good morning, Mrs. Shea, Martin.

Martin: Good morning, Ginny.  You headed to the store?  (She nods) I’ll walk with you.

Ginny: Okay.

CUT-TO: Interior. Dot’s kitchen.  Charlie is at the sink with his coffee as Dot slams the door in.

Charlie: You all right?

Dot: Yes, I’m fine. Perfectly fine.  Can I get you anything to eat?

Charlie: No I’m good.

Dot: I’m supposed to make you breakfast.  I am running a bed and breakfast after all.

Charlie: I’m not much of breakfast person.  You really seem upset.

Dot: It’s just..oh it’s nothing.

Charlie: Tell me about it, Dottie.  I’m listening.

Dot: Have you ever been in love with someone and they didn’t even know you felt that way about them?

Charlie: Yes, yes I have been.

Dot: Enough foolish talk.  I have things to do today.  Did Elsie go somewhere?

Charlie: She ate and got up and left.  She’s a strange one.

Dot: Is she now?

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Martin’s store.  Ginny is laughing as Martin and she approach the store.

Ginny: Martin, you’re really so funny.

Martin: You bring it out in me, Ginny.  Hey what do you say we take in a movie tonight?

Ginny: I have a better idea.  Why don’t you come for dinner at my house?  Nothing fancy and we’ll watch a movie on Netflix?

Martin: It’s a date.

Ginny: Yes, it is.

(Elsie enters and walks by.)

Martin: Hello again, Elsie.

Elsie: Oh, hello.  (She exits)

Martin: (Opening the door): Ginny, Ginny, you coming in?

Ginny: You know what, Martin, I gotta get to the station. I’ll see you tonight.  Around six.  Tom Moore’s old house. (She exits in the opposite direction.)

Martin: All right.  See you then. (He exits)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Grace’s kitchen.  She is gathering her things for work.  Ralph sits at the table.

Grace: …It isn’t the first time I’ve asked you either, Ralph.

Ralph: I know, Grace, I’m sorry.  I just get nervous at night and I need a smoke.  You know I can’t go outside.

Grace: You can stand out on the deck.  That’s not going outside.

Ralph: I can’t do that.

Grace: Why not? You used to be able to do it.

Ralph: I can’t anymore.  I don’t like it out there you know that.

Grace: All right, Ralph, all right.

Ralph: You can’t ask me to go out there. You can’t.

Grace: All right, Ralph.  All right! (Beat) I’m off to work.

Ralph: Are you going to be gone all day?

Grace: Yes, of course.  Work takes me all day.  You’d know that if you had a job.

Ralph: I can’t work you that.  I tried but I can’t-not after the last time.

Grace: All right, Ralph, all right.  I have to go.  I’ll see you later.

Ralph: (Meekly): I love you.

Grace: I love you, too.  Try not to smoke so much.  I’m afraid one of these days you’ll burn the house down with you in it.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brooke’s office.  Sheri is seated in a chair and Brooke is behind her desk.

Sheri:…So I said I’m going to be a movie star and she went ape shit as usual.

Brooke: How did that make you feel?

Sheri: Like shit.  I mean here’s something I’m really proud of.  Something I’ve done on my own practically and I come home and tell her about it and she shits all over it. So typical.  She was always like this when she used to drink.  I thought it would change once she got sober but no.

Brooke: When you came to me you said that you didn’t know who you were.  Is this achievement you’ve made helping you understand better who you are?

Sheri: Yes.  I’ve always wanted to be a model but then Paula said she could get me an audition to be in a movie and I never really thought of myself as an actress but then the director Julian Daniels liked what he saw and he knows what he’s doing.  He’s made movies before so yes it made me feel good.

Brooke: What I’m hearing from you is how others feel about you but how do feel about yourself?  (Sheri nods) Is all of this making you understand yourself any better?

Sheri: Yes.  I feel better about myself.  I feel as if I’m going where I want to go.  It feels right to me and I’m not going to let anyone stop me from being a movie star.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brian’s office.  Brian is seated in his chair and Jen is standing in his office.

Brian: A movie star?

Jen: That’s right.  A movie star!

Brian: Who’s the director?

Jen: Some twit named Julian Daniels.

Brian: The Julian Daniels?

Jen: Listen, Brian, you’re getting things confused so let me straighten it out for you. Your going to meet with our darling daughter and your going to tell her that she is not going to make this movie. Got it?

Brian: I hear you but I don’t understand why not?  Sheri is a beautiful girl.

Jen: That’s it exactly.  She is a beautiful girl and I don’t want her hurt by some idiot director or anyone else.  Now you’ve been out of the loop for a long time but tonight that all changes.  Your going to talk Sheri out of this madness, got it, Mr. Mom!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Cable Channel.  Kathy enters dressed for work.  Jen enters from Brian’s office.

Jen: Kathy!

Kathy: Hi, Jen.

(They embrace.)

Jen: What happened where have you been, Brian, Kathy’s here!  Brian!

Brian: (Entering from his office): Kathy!

(They all hug)

Kathy: I’m okay, I’m all right.

Jen: When did you get home?

Kathy: Yesterday.

Jen: Yesterday?  Why didn’t you call me?

Kathy: It’s really long and involved.  Come over dinner tonight and we can talk.  You, too, Brian and bring Arthur.

Jen: Where’s Declan?

Kathy: He’s all right.

Jen: He’s at your house?  Is Dot with him?

Kathy: No, he’s at Noel’s.

Jen: Noel’s!

Kathy: I’ll explain it all tonight.  I really can’t talk about it right now.

Jen: I gotta go to work.  I’ll see you tonight.  (She exits)

Brian: Well I’m glad your back.

Kathy: Yes, me too.  I was wondering if I could get my old job back.  I don’t know that you need me but–

Brian: (Laughs): Kathy, I always need you.  Come on, let’s get started.

Close up of Kathy

CUT-TO: Interior.  Andrew’s room.  Colleen is asleep on the bed and Andrew enters with coffee.  He places it gently on the table and gently wakes up Colleen.

Colleen: (Waking slowly): Andrew, it is you.  (She kisses him softly) I’m sorry about last night.  I wanted it to be our night.

Andrew: Well you had a lot going on last night.  Are you all right now?

Colleen: Sure.  I guess it was the shock of Mom coming home and no baby and whatever.  I miss you, Andrew.  I really do.

Andrew: I miss you too.

Colleen: So what are you doing here in this room?  It’s not even near the campus.

Andrew: Yes I know.

Colleen: You can trust me.  I won’t tell anyone.  What is it?

Andrew: I’m such a loser.  I flunked out.  Do they call it flunking out when you don’t even go to your classes?  I mean I tried that first week.  I so did but then it was too much. I couldn’t keep up so I left and got a room here.

Colleen: You should’ve come home.

Andrew: I couldn’t.  I can’t.  I want to prove to everyone that I can be independent.  What was I supposed to do? Run back to my Mommy and cry and go back to living at Eaton Estates?  No.  I want to be on my own but I can’t.

Colleen: I understand because I feel the same way.  I haven’t flunked out of Harvard in fact I’m doing quite well but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be on my own and not having to put up with all the bullshit.  See when you where there it made things so much easier but now your here and I’m there.

Andrew: I’m here now.

(They softly kiss)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s cottage.  The drapes are drawn and the house is dark.  She sees that her phone is ringing and steadies herself.

Violet: Hello, Brooke.  Yes, I’m fine, dear.  Why?  I thought the dinner the other night was wonderful.  I know I had a good time.  You’re doing what?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brooke’s office.  Brooke is at her desk on the phone.

Brooke: Max can’t go with me so I thought it might be fun if we went to Connecticut and surprised Andrew with the news of my engagement.  I don’t really want to tell him over the phone.  We could have a nice dinner and stay overnight at a hotel I know.  Would you like that?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s cottage.

Violet: You mean just the two of us?  I’d like that very much.  That’s all right.  I can be ready in an hour.  Yes, dear, I know I have to wear clothes.  It will be wonderful to get away from here even if it just for overnight.  Let me go and I’ll get my things ready.  Brooke, thank you for thinking of me.  (She hangs up) No, Henry, you can’t come with us.  You’ll have to stay here.  I’m going to see my Grandson.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Andrew’s room.  Andrew and Colleen’s clothes are on the floor.

Fade to Black


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