Everlasting Love


Episode 208

Fade In: Close up of Violet

Violet: Andrew!  Just what do you think–Colleen Burke?

(Widen shot to show that we are in Andrew’s room.  He and Colleen are in his bed naked and Violet is standing at the open door.)

Colleen: OMG!

Andrew: Gran-mere?

Brooke: (Entering): What is going on–oh!

Andrew: Mom?

Colleen: Doctor Eaton?

Brooke: (Shielding her eyes): Come on, Mother.

Violet: Me?  Tell her to leave!

Brooke: (Grabbing Violet and pulling her out of the room): Come on!  (Exiting) You two get dressed.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Hallway of Andrew’s shabby rooming house.

Violet: Why are you pulling me out of the room?  (Banging on Andrew’s door) Unhand my grandson this minute you tramp.

Brooke: (Slapping Violet’s hand away): Stop it!  You’re not helping the situation.

Violet: Well at least you’ve come to your senses enough to admit it’s a situation!  Let’s go back in and tell that tramp to go home.

Brooke: We are not going back into his room.

Violet: Have it your way.  I’ll go back in alone.

Brooke: You’ll stay out here in the hall while I go back in.

Violet: I’m not staying out here in this horrid place.  I’m going back in that room and finding out what Andrew is doing here with that slut.

Brooke: You’ll do as I say or else you’ll be walking back to Maple Falls, do I make myself clear?  (Violet starts to speak.) I mean it, Mother.

Violet: Fine.  I’ll just wait here.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Andrew’s room.  They are dressing.

Colleen: This is horrible.  This is the worst.

Andrew: I know it’s bad but I enjoyed it.

Colleen: Enjoyed it?

Andrew: Well not the part where Gran-mere barged in but before that.

Colleen: You didn’t see their faces.  I don’t mean it like that or maybe I do I don’t know.  I don’t know anything.  I just want to go home.

(Knock on the door)

Brooke: (Off): Andrew, Brooke may I come in?

Colleen: (Quietly): Tell her yes.

Andrew: Yes, Mother.

Brooke: (Entering and closing the door): Well…

Colleen: I just want to go home.

Brooke: Before you go, can I talk to you for a minute?

Colleen: Yes, of course.

Brooke: Now I can’t honestly say I’m not shocked.  I think any parent would be walking in on her child making love for the first time.  Is is the first time, isn’t it, Andrew?

Andrew: Mom, this is embarrassing.

Brooke: There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  It’s a perfectly human emotion and a perfectly physical reaction to that human emotion.  You are both in love with each other, aren’t you?

Colleen and Andrew: (Awkwardly): Yes.

Brooke: Well, that’s good.

Andrew: Mom, please stop.

Brooke: I’m just trying…(She starts to cry) I don’t know what I’m saying.  I don’t know what you are doing here, Andrew.  I don’t mean with Colleen.  I mean what are you doing here in this room?  You should be at Yale but when Gran-mere and I went there to surprise you they said you hadn’t been there in well over a week.  Have you been here the whole time?  Did you ever get to Yale?  What’s going on, Andrew?

Andrew: I don’t want to talk about it.

Brooke: Well you’re going to have to talk about it.  I want some answers and I want them now.

CUT-TO: Interior.  The cable station.  Kathy is seated at her desk working as her phone rings.  She looks to see who it is and makes a curious face.  She answers the phone.

Kathy: Hello, Violet.  What can I do for you?

CUT-TO: Interior. Violet on the phone in the hall way

Violet: What can you do for me?  Tell that slutty daughter of yours to stay away from my grandson.

CUT-TO: Kathy

Kathy: What did you just about Colleen?

CUT-TO: Violet

Violet: You heard me.

CUT-TO: Kathy

Kathy: Yes I did and you better not say it ever again.

CUT-TO: Violet

Violet: I’ll say it any time I want because it’s true.  I just walked in on my precious Andrew in bed with your daughter and they were having sex.

CUT-TO: Kathy

Kathy: I’m going to hang up right now, Violet.

CUT-TO: Violet

Violet: You don’t even care what Colleen is doing.

CUT-TO: Kathy

Kathy: Don’t you EVER tell me that I don’t care about my daughter.  I will talk to her when she comes home but if I hear this story from anyone else I’ll know who told them and believe me I will do everything I can to make sure that we finally find out what happened to your husband Henry Westcott.

CUT-TO: Violet

Violet: Don’t you threaten me.

CUT-TO: Kathy

Kathy: And don’t you ever say anything again about my daughter or I’ll find Henry if he’s alive which I doubt or where he’s buried but then I have a very good idea you know exactly where that is.  Goodbye, Violet.

CUT-TO: Violet who is unnerved by what Kathy said.

CUT-TO: Text on Colleen’s phone from Kathy.

We need to talk when you come home.

(Widen shot to show we are in Andrew’s room again.)

Colleen: My Mom knows!

Andrew: About what?

Colleen: About us!

Brooke: (Furious): Mother!

(Violet enters)

Violet: Yes, dear?

Brooke: Did you call Kathy about this?

Violet: Someone had to tell her what her daughter is doing.

(Colleen runs from the room screaming.)

Andrew: Colleen, wait!  (He runs after her.)

Brooke: Andrew!  Mother, how could you?  (She runs after Andrew)

Violet: I suppose I’m to blame for everything.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Andrew’s rooming house.

(Colleen is running out and heading to her car.  Andrew is running after her calling her name.  Brooke is running after Andrew calling his name.  Violet walks out after Brooke.)

Andrew: Colleen?  Colleen, don’t leave me.

Colleen: I’ve gotta go.  I gotta get away.

Brooke: Andrew!

(Andrew staggers into the street and is hit by an oncoming car and falls.)

Violet, Brooke, and Colleen: Andrew!

(Brooke runs to Andrew, who lays lifeless on the street.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  O’Leary’s Tavern.  Melanie is at the bar and Sheri is standing holding her tray as David works.

Sheri: I mean I know you gave me a great opportunity and everything and I do appreciate it and all but–

Melanie: Don’t worry.  I get it.  Of course you want to be something more than a waitress at O’Leary’s but a movie star, huh?  That’s a pretty big goal but I bet you can do it.  Good for you and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll be here.

Sheri: Thanks, Melanie.  You’re so cool as a Mom.  David sure is lucky.

David: What am I lucky about?

Sheri: To have Melanie as your Mom.

David: Yeah, I am but remember I had to live with Sylvia all those years.

Melanie: David, be kind.  Sylvia did take care of you all those years when I couldn’t.  I have to be thankful to her for that.  Sheri tells me she’s going off to Hollywood.

Sheri: Not Hollywood.  We’re making the movie in Florida.

David: What movie?

Sheri: I’ve been cast in a movie.

David: Huh?

Sheri: It’s too long to talk about and anyway we have customers.

David: Okay then um why don’t we grab some dinner tonight and you can tell me all about it?  You know as friends.

Sheri: I’d like that.

Melanie: Okay now that you’ve got a date, Sheri, go over to table five and David, go in the kitchen and wash some dishes.

David: Yes, Mom.

Sheri: (Looking at her phone): Holy shit!

David: What is it?

Sheri: Colleen just text me.  Andrew’s dying.

CUT-TO: Interior.  The station.  Kathy sees the wire come over the Associated Press news wire.  Brian is behind her.

Kathy: Oh my God, Brian.

Brian: What is it?

Kathy: Andrew!  He’s been hit by a car and they are med flighting him to Maple Falls General.  There is massive internal injuries and they don’t–oh, Brian!

Brian: You’d better call Colleen and tell her.

Kathy: Colleen is with him.  (Brian looks confused.) Never mind.  I better go see Jim and go to the hospital.  (She grabs her pocket-book and exits.)

CUT-TO: Interior. Brooke’s car.  Brooke is at the wheel as Violet sits in the passenger seat.  They are following the helicopter.

Brooke: If anything happens to him, Mother, I will never forgive you.  Never. (On the phone) Max Goldman, please.  Max, oh, Max.  Yes, I’m following the helicopter and driving back with Mother.  Yes, I’m driving.  Yes, all right.  I’ll see you soon.  (Hangs up the phone) Please, God, please don’t let Andrew–

Violet: Let’s not even think that.  He’s going to be fine and you’ll both move back to Eaton Estates so he can fully recover.  We’ll shut out the outside world once again and be the happy family we always were.

Brooke: There’s only one slight problem with that, Mother.  We were never a happy family.

Violet: Well I thought we were.

Brooke: When were we ever a happy family?  When Andrew had his accident and went blind?  When Daddy disappeared and never returned? When Tom left me to go find himself and came back and fell to his death off a cliff?  So we buried ourselves on Eaton Estates to escape all the misery and pain that had been inflicted on us.  That doesn’t sound like a very happy family to me.

Violet: Obviously, you choose to see it one way and I see it another.  Once again you take the opposite view.  You’re very much like your father that way.  He never agreed with me either about anything.  Maybe that’s why he left.

Brooke: If he did leave.

Violet: Just what is that supposed to mean?

Brooke: Please, Mother, if you don’t want me to reach over and shove you out of this car with your body splattered all over the Connecticut highway–

Violet: Brooke!

Brooke: Do me a big favor and shut up.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jim’s office. Jim and Kathy are standing.

Jim: What are you talking about?  I don’t understand why Colleen was there.

Kathy: I don’t understand it totally myself but she was and now Andrew is being flown to Maple Falls Hospital for emergency surgery.  I suppose Max is going to operate on him.

Jim: Max is the best. Have you heard from Colleen?

Kathy: Yes, she text me.  She’s on the helicopter with Andrew.  We need to be at the hospital.  I’ll call Dot and Martin from the car.

Jim: Okay, let’s go.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Doctors wash room.  Max and Arthur are washing their hands as Jen waits to tie the surgical gowns.

Arthur: I received the pictures from the helicopter.  It doesn’t look good.

Max: Yes, I saw them too.  He’s suffered a severe head fracture.  It could be a subdural hematoma.  We won’t know for certain until he arrives.

(The phone rings.  Jen crosses to it and trips slightly.)

Jen: (Answering it): Yes?  All right. Bring him to Operating Room B. (Hangs up) They’re on their way.

Arthur:  We better go in.  (Holding up his arms) Jen. (She crosses to tie the back of Arthur’s surgical gown. Exiting into the operating room.) Come on, Max.

Max: (While Jen is tying his gown; Quietly): Have you been drinking?

Jen: No.  What would make you say that?

Max: Tell Betty to come in with us.

Jen: Max, I can do this.

Arthur: (Off): Max!

Max: Coming. (Quietly but stern to Jen) Get Betty stat. (He exits)

Jen: Yes, Doctor.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Guest waiting room.  Kathy and Jim are there with Patrick, Dot, Martin, Sheri, David, Melanie, Paula, Richard as Colleen enters and Kathy and she go immediately to each other and embrace.  Sheri joins in as does Dot.  She is crying and they are soothing her as Brooke enters after her and Dot goes to Brooke as Violet enters after Brooke.  Dot tries to go to Violet, who moves as far away as she can and stares out the window.  Jen enters.

Kathy: Jen–

Jen: I only know that he’s being operating on.  I don’t know anything else but if I find out anything I’ll let you know.

Violet: (Turns to Jen but says it from her position at the window): I’ll like a private room to wait for my daughter and I.

Jen: I’m sorry but as you know, Violet, there isn’t any other room.

Violet: You don’t expect me to wait with these people, do you?  My grandson is fighting for his life because of her.  (Pointing at Colleen)

Brooke: Mother!  Leave the room immediately!

Violet: You’re kicking me out?  My own daughter in favor of these people.

Brooke: Uncle Richard!

Richard: Come on, Violet.  You heard Brooke.

Jim: Why are you blaming Colleen for this?  She didn’t do anything.

Violet: (To Kathy): You still haven’t told him?  I walked in and caught your daughter in bed with my grandson and when she ran out he ran after her and was hit by that car!

Brooke: Mother!

(Jim sees that what Violet has said is true when he sees Kathy and Colleen’s faces.  Everyone else is shocked.)

CUT-TO: A bright light.  Andrew is standing in front of it.  We hear Max’s voice saying “We’re losing him”

Andrew: Mother?

Fade to Black



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