Everlasting Love

Slipping Away

Episode 209

Fade In: On the same scene as we ended the last episode.  A bright light is shining on Andrew.

Andrew: Mother?

Henry: (Off): You’re Mother’s not here, Andrew, but I am.

Andrew: Grandfather?  I can see you, Grandfather.  I can see.

Henry: (Embracing him): Yes, Andrew, you can see again.

Andrew: I’ve missed you, Grandfather.

Henry: And I’ve missed you, Andrew, so very much but I’ve always been with you and I always will be.

Andrew: We’ll be together forever, Grandfather.

Henry: But we’ve always been together.  Colleen is a beautiful girl.  Go back to her.

Andrew: But I want to stay with you, Grandfather.

Henry: I am with you always remember that but you can’t stay here in Heaven with me yet.  Go back to Colleen and to your Mother.  They both need you so much and you need them.

Andrew: But what about Gran-mere?  She needs me too, doesn’t she?  Grandfather?

Henry: (Off): Go back, Andrew.


CUT-TO: Interior.  Hospital hallway.  Violet is being pushed into the hallway by Richard.

Violet: Unhand me.

Richard: Brooke wants you out here so that’s where you are going to be.

Violet: (Grabbing her arm away from him): Get away from me.

Richard: Gladly. (Starts to exit)

Violet: (To herself): Nobody cares.

Richard: What did you say?

Violet: I said nobody cares.  Brooke and I were going to see Andrew at Yale.  We were to surprise him.  Brooke was going to show Andrew her engagement ring to that–but we were the ones who were surprised.  He’s not even at Yale.  He dropped out and moved to some fleabag hotel where I walk into his room and catch him in bed being raped by that-

Richard: Your grandson is fighting for his life and all you can think about is yourself?  Typical.

Violet: This is all your fault.

Richard: What?

Violet: If you had never come to Maple Falls and taken over my house–YES, MY HOUSE– and disrupted our lives none of this would have happened.  We would all still be living our lives–

Richard: And Silas would still be alive.

Violet: Silas?

Richard: And Henry no he’d still be dead.

Violet: Henry?  Why do you persist in always bringing them up?

Richard: You’re the one that wants to return to your past and they are part of your past, aren’t they?

Violet: You know, Richard, you’re a real prick, you know that.

Richard: (Laughs): Then if I’m a prick as you say you are the female equivalent.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Waiting room.  Dot, Martin, Brooke, Paula, Melanie are seated in various places as Colleen sits with Sheri, David, Patrick.  Kathy is getting a cup of coffee as Jim goes to her. Richard enters during this quietly.

Jim: Is what Violet said true?  Did she see Colleen and Andrew together?

Kathy: Yes it’s true.

Jim: Did you know about it?  Is this something else you’re hiding from me?

Kathy: I only found out about it a half hour before the accident.

Jim: But you knew about it when you came to see him and we came to the hospital.  Why didn’t you tell me then?

Kathy: Did you ever really want to know when your only daughter lost her virginity and where she lost it and to whom?  Did you?  (Jim makes a sick face.) That’s why I didn’t tell you.

Dot: (Crosses to Brooke): Come with me to the chapel.  We can pray for Andrew.

Brooke: Thanks but I want to be here in case Max comes in.

Dot: (Taking Brooke’s hands): Come.  We won’t be long.  (Brooke rises. To Colleen, Patrick, David, Sheri) Come to the chapel.

Colleen: But Grandmother–

Dot: Don’t but Grandmother me.  Come.  Martin.  Richard. Paula. Melanie. Let’s go.  Kathy, you and Jim stay in case word comes.

Kathy: Yes, Mom.

(They all exit)

CUT-TO: Hospital Hallway.  Violet is seated alone in a chair as Dot and everyone else enters.

Dot: We’re going to the Chapel to pray for Andrew, Violet.  Come with us.

Violet: Be gone.

Dot: (To the others) Martin, take them to the Chapel.  (They exit) We are praying for your grandson.  I thought you would want to join us.

Violet: I have no intention of doing any such thing.  I don’t believe in prayer and your God.

Dot: I didn’t realize you were an atheist.  You came to the Church for Hugh’s funeral but that was because you were  friends with Paula.

Violet: I don’t have any friends.  I don’t need them and I certainly don’t need you telling me what I should and shouldn’t do.  I’m fine alone.

Dot: After the scene you caused today in that waiting room I’d think you better be fine alone because no one will want anything to do with you after it.  We’ll be at the chapel if you want us.

(Dot exits.  A beat.  Jen enters going to the waiting room.)

Violet: Is there any news?

Jen: No.

Violet: The’re all down at the Chapel.

Jen: Did Kathy go there?

Violet: How should I know?  They were traveling after Dot like the Donner party.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Waiting room.  Jen enters.  Kathy and Jim are seated next to each other.

Kathy: Oh, Jen, have you–

Jen: No.  I haven’t heard anything.  Why don’t you tell me about Declan?

Jim: (Rises): I’m going down the Chapel.  Excuse me.  (He exits)

Jen: What’s he so pissed about?

Kathy: Oh who knows anymore?  Declan, huh?  Where do I start?

CUT-TO: Interior.  The Chapel.

Everyone: Hail Mary Full of Grace The Lord is with Blessed Art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus holy Mary Mother of God pray for our sinners now and at the our of death.  Amen.

Brooke: He can’t die.  He can’t.

Dot: It’s in God’s hands now. (Jim enters) Oh, Jim.

Jim: I haven’t heard anything.  I just came down here to be with my little girl.

(Jim crosses over to Colleen and the kids move so he can sit next to her.)

Colleen: (Crying): Oh, Daddy.

(He holds her)

Martin: Our Father Who Art in Heaven–Come on everyone

All: Our Father Who Art in Heaven Hallowed be thy name…

CUT-TO: Interior.  Waiting Room.  Kathy and Jen are talking as Max enters with Violet after him.

Kathy: Max?

Violet: What is it?  What’s happened to Andrew?

CUT-TO: Interior.  The Chapel.

Brooke: I want to get back in case Max comes.

(Max enters)

Dot: Dr. Goldman.

(Brooke turns to Max)

Max: He made it through the surgery.

(A cheer goes up)

Colleen: Oh thank God.

Dot: Praise Jesus.

Brooke: I want to see him.

Max: You can but he’s still in critical condition.

Colleen: I want to see him too.

Max: I’m sorry.  It’s family only.

Brooke: (Extending her hand): Come on, Colleen.  She’s family.

(Colleen takes Brooke’s hand and they exit and the other follow)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Andrew’s hospital room.  He is laying in the bed.  Violet is at his side.  She is aghast with Brooke enters with Colleen.

Brooke: Don’t start, Mother.  Don’t even think about it.  Now get out-of-the-way.  Colleen, come take Andrew’s hand.  I’ll take his other hand.

(They each take one of Andrew’s hands and Brooke sits next to him.  Violet hovers over them.)

Fade to Black 




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