Everlasting Love

Calling Nurse Jen

Episode 212

Fade In: Interior.  Maple Falls General.  Nurses station.  Jen is standing there working as the phone rings.  She picks up the receiver.

Jen: Fourth floor nurses station, Jennifer Crane speaking.  Oh, hi, Dot.  No I guess I missed your calls.  No I turn my phone off when I’m at work.  What is it?  Today? No it’s really too busy–well, yes I get a lunch hour but–all right.  I’ll come over to St. Mark’s as soon as I can.  Okay.  (Max enters off the elevator and walks in front of the nurses station.) I gotta go, Dot.  I’ll see you later. (She hangs up) Max!

Max: Yes?

Jen: Can I talk to you?

Max: I’m really in a hurry.  I want to check on Andrew–

Jen: Please.

Max: (Gently): Sure.

Jen: (Indicating the nurses lounge): Let’s go in here?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Nurses lounge.  Jen and Max enter.

Jen: Do you want a cup of coffee.

Max: No.  Jen, what is this about?

Jen: Yesterday you asked me if I was drinking–

Max: And you told me no.

Jen: And then you wouldn’t let me assist in Andrew’s operation.  Why?

Max: I think you know why.

Jen: I’m not drinking, Max.

Max: Okay, fine.  You’re not drinking.

Jen: Did Arthur ask why I didn’t assist when he was expecting me too?

Max: No.  I assume he’ll take it up with you if he wants too.

Jen: So you didn’t say anything to him?

Max: No, Jen, I kept your little secret.

Jen: Max, I–

Max: Jennifer, who do you think you’re kidding?  I know you and you know me.  There’s nothing we don’t know about each.  I love you, Jen.

Jen: Don’t say that.

Max: I’m no longer in love with you but I was for a very long time well before our affair began during the affair of course and even after.  But now I’m marrying Brooke and I think we will be very happy together.  David and Judy love her and she’ll be a wonderful wife and mother.

Jen: Is that why you’re marrying her?

Max: Partly yes.  Sylvia is not a good mother.  She also wasn’t a good wife but then I wasn’t a good husband so we’re even on that.  But Judy and David deserve a good mother and I want to make a home for them and for me, too.  I am in love with Brooke.  Not the way I was with you but I think we will be very happy together.  I hope you can be happy with Richard.  Does he know you’re drinking again?

Jen: I’m not drinking.  I took some medication and had a bad reaction, that’s all.  I only wanted to talk to you to find out if you said anything to Arthur.

Max: No.  I didn’t and I don’t intend too.  You’re on your own with this one.  (He starts to exit.)

Jen: Max–

Max: I have to go.  (He exits.)

Close up of Jen

CUT-TO: Interior. Father McShane’s office.  Dot and Kathy are standing looking at black dresses and shoes.

Kathy: Don’t you think this one is too big for her?

Dot: Not at all.  Have you seen her lately?  Besides, she has nothing.  She can’t afford to be picky.

(Father McShane enters)

Father: Kathy!  I heard you were back!  I’m so glad.

Kathy: Hello, Father McShane.

(They embrace and Dot smiles. They break apart.)

Father: We were worried about you.  Your mother especially.  Everything is good now?  How’s Declan? Did I say something wrong?  I didn’t mean to get you upset.

Kathy: No, it’s not your fault, Father.  It’s just–

Dot: Declan’s a sensitive subject right now, Donald.  (He clears his throat.) I mean, Father.

Father: (Handing Kathy his handkerchief): Yes, well, if you’d like to talk or pray about it, Kathy. I’m always here for you.

Kathy: Thank you, Father.

Dot: Were you able to wake up Grace so we can see her and gives her these things?

Father: Yes, she said she’d be here in a minute.  Kathy, I can see you are still upset.  Come with me and we’ll talk and pray.

Kathy: Yes, Father, I’d like that.

(Grace enters as Father and Kathy exit.)

Grace: Are you going somewhere?

Kathy: I’m sorry for you loss, Grace.

Father: We’ll be back in a little bit.  Excuse us. (They exit)

Grace: They seem very close.

Dot: Donald has always had a special place in his heart for Kathy but I’m not here to discuss that.  I wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about Ralph.  It must be a terrible shock.

Grace: Yes and no.  (Dot looks confused.) I told Ralph yesterday morning that he shouldn’t smoke in the house.  That one day it would catch on fire and it did.

Dot: Oh.  Well it’s still a terrible loss for you.

Grace: Yes it is.  (Looking at the dresses) What are these?

Dot: Well Kathy and I knew you had nothing else to wear–

Grace: So you thought I would wear these?  (Holding one black dress) This dress is huge.  I’m not that big.  Where did you get it from?

Dot: If you must know.  My closet.

Grace: You were once that fat?

Dot: There was a time that I was larger than I am now, yes, and I thought this would be appropriate and fit you perfectly.

Grace: Thank you but no and all these dresses are black.

Dot: Of course.  I’d assume you want to wear black since you are mourning the loss of your husband.

Grace: Is that what you’d assume?

(There is a knock on the door.  Jen enters.)

Dot: Oh, Jen.  Just in time.

Jen: Hi, Dot.  Grace, I wanted to say how sorry I am about Ralph.

Grace: (She embraces Jen): Thank you so much, Jennifer.  You’re coming here means a lot to me.

Jen: Has Olive been by?

Grace: Oh, yes, she came by earlier.

Dot: Did Charlie Syms come to see you?

Grace: Charlie Syms?  Yes he did.  Why?

Dot: I didn’t know you knew Charlie.

Grace: I don’t.  Olive does and he heard about Ralph and came to see me.

Dot: I find that odd.  He told me he knew both you and Ralph very well.

Jen: Where did you get the dresses from?

Grace: Dot’s closet.

Jen: Well that was nice of you, Dot.

Dot: I thought so.

Grace: It was nice of her but they really aren’t my taste.

Dot: Oh, really.  Some of them are Kathy’s too, you know.

Jen: Oh is Kathy here?

Dot: Yes, she’s in talking to Father McShane.  Did you want to see her?

Jen: I can’t.  I have to get back to the hospital.

Grace: Jen, thanks so much for coming.  But could I ask a favor?  I hate to be a bother.

Jen: What is it, Grace?

Grace: You have such style and taste I was wondering if maybe we could go shopping later today for some clothes for me.

Dot: You’re going shopping today?  I hardly think that’s appropriate considering–

Grace: Well I do need new clothes.

Dot: I suppose you will need something for the funeral.

Grace: There’s not going to be a funeral.

Dot: What?

Grace: Just a quiet family service.  Ralph didn’t know many people.  He was a private person and I thought that maybe just I, Olive, and maybe you, Jen, could come.

Jen: Me?  Well yes of course I’ll come.  Why don’t I pick you up after work and we’ll go shopping? (Dot looks aghast.  Jen shrugs.)

Grace: Thank you, Jennifer.  You are a true friend.

Dot: Well!  (Exiting) I wonder where Kathy could be!

Close up of Grace who’s smiling.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Crest Haven Nursing Home. Olive is at her nurses station as David enters.

Olive: Yes?

David: Is Mrs. Donahue in?

Olive: No. What do you want to see her for?

David: Well I applied for a job online about a week ago and I hadn’t heard back.  She’s the boss here?

Olive: Yes.

David: Well can I leave her a message or anything?

Olive: You’re the Goldman kid, right?

David: Yes.

Olive: I’ve seen you.

David: Okay.

Olive: So why does a rich kid like you want to work in a dump like this?

David: I’m not rich and I need the money.

Olive: Not rich?  Your mother sure is.  She has that fancy house up on the hill.  Why don’t you live with her?

David: Look, can you just tell Mrs. Donahue I stopped by and asked about the job.

Olive: Sure.  It isn’t like I’m busy enough running this joint.  I can leave a message from the rich boy.

Close up of David

CUT-TO: Interior. Ginny’s office.  She is seated at her desk looking at a photograph of she and Ralph when they were boys.  There’s a knock on the door.  She puts the photograph away and dries her eyes.

Ginny: Come in. (Martin enters holding a small brown paper lunch bag) Oh, Martin.

Martin: I wanted to stop by and see if you were okay.  You looked shook up when you were at the store earlier today.

Ginny: Well I just have a lot of my mind.

Martin: I’m not faulting you or anything.  I can understand considering the fire and all.

Ginny: Yes it’s always upsetting.

Martin: Course you must see this stuff all the time in your line of work.

Ginny: Yes but I never quite get used to it.

Martin: No I can’t imagine you do. (Places the bag on the table) I brought you a tuna salad sandwich and a coke and a bag of chips.

Ginny: Oh, you didn’t have to do that.  How much do I owe you?

Martin: No, it’s on the house.  I mean w’re friend, aren’t we?

Ginny: Yes.  We are friends.  I’m sorry about tonight I’m just not–well I have so much work.

Martin: Don’t worry about it.  We’ll do it another time. (Ginny impulsively grabs and hugs Martin and kisses him on the cheek surprising him.) Well!  (Separating himself from her.) You got a strong grip for a woman.  I’ll see you later.  (He exits)

Ginny: See you.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  Kathy and Dot enter carrying in some of Kathy’s dresses.

Dot: She is so rude.  Can you believe her?  Insulting me after all I did for her? How can she not have a proper funeral for her husband and she made me feel like my dress came from Tent and Awning.

Kathy: We meant well.  We can’t do anymore than that.  I better get dinner started. I’d ask you to stay but Jim wants it to be just the four of us tonight. I hope you don’t mind.

Dot: No, dear.  Not at all.  Jim is right.  You four should be together.  I’m rather tired.  I think I’ll go home and put my feet up for a while.  I meant to tell you that Elsie is rather odd.

Kathy: What do you mean?

Dot: I don’t know quite how to say it but she’s strange.  It’s like she’s in her own little world.

Kathy: Well she lived alone for a very long time maybe that’s it.

Dot: Are you sure you can count on her to help you with your plan?

Kathy: Yes, I’m sure.

Dot: You didn’t mention to Father McShane, did you?

Kathy: No only to you.  Not even Jim and the kids know about it.

Dot: Not even Jen?

Kathy: No.  The fewer people who know about it the better.

Dot: That’s probably just as well.  I saw Jen today.

Kathy: Yes, you told me already.

Dot: I was concerned about her.  She seemed a little off.

Kathy: What do you mean?

Dot: I don’t know what I mean.  I’m tired that’s all.  Call me later, dear, if you have the chance. (Kisses Kathy on the cheek.) Bye. (She exits)

Close up of Kathy

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jen’s car.  She is seated at the wheel.  She fusses with her hair, takes a mirror out of her bag and fixes it.  She sees a nip in her bag.  

Max’s voice: I am in love with Brooke. Judy and David deserve a good mother.

(His voice repeats as we…)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Max’s car.  Rain pouring down.  Jen and Max making love during the flood in the backseat of his car.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jen’s car.  She takes the nip out of her bag, opens it, and swallows it.  Then she looks into her mirror with tears in her eyes.

Jen: Oh, Max, I love you too.  Oh, what have I done?  Oh, Max.

Fade to Black



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