Everlasting Love

Episode 213

The Kids Are Alright?

Fade In: Exterior.  Outside Harvard.  Colleen is on her phone.

Colleen: I can’t believe that my Dad drove me here today and I have to wait for him to pick me up.  I want to see Andrew.  I don’t know he’s all pissed off about everything.  I just want to be with Andrew.  Oh shit.  I got another class.  Okay.  Thanks again, Sheri.  I’ll talk to you later.

CUT-TO: Interior. Jen’s kitchen.  Sheri is seated on a stool by the counter on her phone and in her pajamas.

Sheri: Okay, Col, I’ll talk to you later.  (She hangs up and then dials again.) Hi, Mom. Can you tell me how Andrew is?  Oh, well, okay.  I guess I’ll come by with flowers and see for myself.  No, it’s not for me it’s for Colleen.  Her Dad made her go to class today when all she wanted–okay, bye.  Wow.  (She dials again.) Hi.  I was wondering if you could do me a favor?

CUT-TO: Interior.  O’Leary’s Tavern.  David is resting on a broom while on his phone.

David: Sure.  Anything.  Ok.  I get off in a while and I’ll come by and get you and maybe we can have that date we didn’t get to have last night.  See you later, Sheri. (He hangs up)

Melanie: (Walking by with a tray of food): Everything okay?

David: Yeah everything’s cool.  I’ve been meaning to tell you that I might be getting another part time job.

Melanie: Yeah?

David: At Crest Haven.  Janitorial work.

Melanie: Well good.  I wish I could keep you here full time but we just don’t have the money.  It’s a good thing Sheri quit when she did or else I’d have to fire her.

David: Is the place doing that bad?

Melanie: Not really but I have to save what money I can as the bill for the property tax comes next week from what I hear it’s going to be big.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Maple Falls Park.  Elsie is seated on a bench eating a sandwich and feeding the birds as Sylvia and Judy enter.  They sit on another bench.

Sylvia: I’m so glad we can spend some time together.

Judy: I’m kind of surprised you were waiting at my bus stop.  I didn’t know you knew where it is.

Sylvia: Of course I knew where it is.  You are my daughter after all.

Judy: Am I?

Sylvia: What is that supposed to mean?

Judy: Never mind.

Sylvia: Tell me what you mean.

Judy: You haven’t been around that much since you got out of Crest Haven.

Sylvia: That’s not true.  I came by to see you one night and you ran away during the flood, remember?

Judy: Yup.

Sylvia: Say yes, Judy, not yup.  You are Sidney Green’s granddaughter after all.  That means something here in Maple Falls.

Judy: I guess so.  Well I better get home.

Sylvia: Not so fast.  I was thinking today what might be fun is if we were to have a statute erected in Papa’s name here in the Park.  Did you want to help me with that?

Judy: What do you mean?  I’m not strong enough to carry a statute and have it–what was it again–erected?

Sylvia: No, Judy, I didn’t mean you had to carry the statute.  I meant we could work on getting one done for Papa and have it stand here in this beautiful park.

Judy: Well I guess so.  My teacher Mrs. Carroll says we have to work on a town project for extra credit so I guess me and Mr. Peepers could help you with this.

Sylvia: Mr. Peepers? Well that would be wonderful.  We might even get the statute erected and call it Sidney Green Memorial Park. (Pigeons come flying in for Elsie who is feeding them on the nearby bench.) Do you mind?

Elsie: Sorry?

Sylvia: The pigeons are coming over to where my daughter and I are sitting.

Elsie: Oh.  Well there isn’t much I can do about the birds, Mrs.

Sylvia: You can stop feeding them.

Elsie: (Feeding the birds): I guess I could.

Sylvia: Then do.

Judy: I love birds.  Can I help you feed them?

Elsie: Yes, Miss, if you want and your Mother don’t mind.

Judy: Can I help feed the birds, Mommy?  Can I?

Sylvia: Well–yes I suppose so if it makes you happy.  (Judy crosses to help Elsie feed the birds out of a brown paper bag and throws out some bird feed.  They laugh and then Elsie holds the bag up to Sylvia offering her a chance to feed the birds. Aghast) Certainly not.

(Lena enters with a baby carriage and Declan crying.  She is exhausted and sits down on the bench Elsie is on.)

Sylvia: (A Beat): I have a splitting headache. Do you mind shutting that child–Oh, Lena.  What are you doing with a baby?

Lena: Hi, Mrs. Moore.  This is Noel’s son Declan.

Sylvia: The same Declan that Kathy ran away with?

Lena: Yes.

Judy: Why doesn’t Aunt Kathy have him?

Sylvia: That’s none of our business, Judy.

Judy: (Sincerely): I bet if Aunt Kathy had Declan he’d never cry.  Aunt Kathy is the best mother there is.

Sylvia: Oh, she is, is she?  Come along, Judy.  I’ll walk you home and we can get started on our project.

(Sylvia starts to exit)

Judy: (To Elsie): Thanks for letting me help feed the birds.

Elsie: You can come help me anytime.

Sylvia: Let’s go, Judy. (Taking Judy’s hand and pulling her as the exit.)

Lena: (To no one in particular): I know Judy wasn’t being mean when she said Kathy would know how to handle a baby.  She’s probably right.  I just don’t know how to make him stop crying. (Elsie goes over to the carriage and starts to smile at Declan.) He’s been crying non stop since we got him a few days ago.  His father’s no help.  He just takes off for hours on end.  I never know where he is anymore and the restaurant.  If only he’d stop crying.(Elsie is holding Declan who has now stopped crying.) Oh my God.  Who are you?

Elsie: I’m Elsie Hunter.

Lena: You were at the police station when we came and got Declan.  You’re Kathy’s friend.

Elsie: I knows Kathy but I don’t knows that I’m her friend.  I didn’t know when I found her that she was kidnapping a baby.

Lena: Well I don’t know if it was kidnapping–

Elsie: Baby wasn’t hers, right?

Lena: Well no–You mean she never said anything to you about it?

Elsie: Not that I can remember.  Well, I best be getting back.  (Handing her Declan) Here you are.

Lena: (Takes Declan and he starts to cry): Oh ah–

Elsie: Elsie.  Elsie Hunter.

Lena: (Handing her Declan and he stops crying): Is there any way that you might want to come and help me?

Elsie: With what?  You mean with Declan?  In what way. Miss?

Lena: Well take care of him during the day while I run the restaurant.  I would pay you.

Elsie: Well I don’t know I was planning on going back to my home on Gull Island.

Lena: Please, Elsie, please.  I have no one else.

Elsie: Well if you really need me.

Lena: Oh, I do and so does Declan.  Look how happy he is with you.  Please.  Just for a little while.

Elsie: Well all right, Miss, if you’re sure.

(Lena smiles as Elsie holds Declan, who has stopped crying.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Andrew’s hospital room.  Andrew is laying in bed as Violet and Brooke are each holding one of his hands.

Violet: So where is she today?

Brooke: Who?

Violet: Colleen Burke.  After the display she made of herself yesterday I would’ve thought she’d be here all day long.

Brooke: I don’t know why, Mother, but I don’t really care.  I’m glad that Andrew is still with us.

Violet: So am I.  I couldn’t be happier.  Truly.  You may not believe me but I love you and Andrew very deeply.  I intend on taking care of him after he’s released from the hospital.

Brooke: What are you talking about?

Violet: He’ll move to the estate with me.  I’ll hire a round the clock nurse and we’ll get him back to where he was before he ever met that trollop.

Brooke: I don’t think that will be necessary, Mother.

Violet: Honestly, Brooke, Andrew is my grandson.  The heir to the Eaton fortune and name.  He’s suffered greatly with his blindness, flunking out of Yale and now this. Once he is well enough he will return to the Estate and if you had any sense you’d do the same.

Brooke: Mother, please–

Violet: It’s true, Brooke.  The three of us were very happy together in our solitude then you had go and get yourself involved with Max Goldman and let Colleen Burke be his friend.  Then Richard–it’s all been absolutely horrible but all that will change once Andrew comes with me.

Brooke: Mother, you are talking complete nonsense.  Max and Colleen have made our lives richer and happier than we have ever been.  We’re in love and you can’t stand that.  Have you ever been in love, Mother?

Violet: What kind of a question is that?  I loved your Father and he walked out.  I loved T–

Brooke: Who?  You loved someone other than Dad?  Who was he?

Violet: I don’t know what I’m saying.  This whole situation has me so rattled.

Brooke: Let’s just sit here quietly, please.

Violet: Have it your way.  You always do. (Slight knock on the door)  Who could that be?

(Brooke crosses and opens the door.)

Brooke: Oh, Sheri.

(She enters with flowers)

Sheri: I know Andrew isn’t allowed to see visitors.

Violet: That’s right.  He isn’t.

Sheri: But I just wanted to drop off these flowers and let him know we are thinking of him.

Brooke: That’s so sweet of you, Sheri, thank you.  That means a lot.

Sheri: Colleen said she’s going to come by after class today.  She said she wanted to come by this morning but her Dad made her go to college instead.

Brooke: I thought it was probably something like that.

Sheri: How is he?

Brooke: He’s doing much better, thank you.

Sheri: Good.  I’ll call Colleen and tell her.  Bye. (She exits)

Violet: What did she want?

Brooke: You heard just as well as I did.  (She crosses and puts the flowers on the nightstand.)

Violet: Brooke?

Brooke: What is it?

Violet: Look.

Brooke: Oh, Andrew.  (Andrew is opening his eyes and is a little restless.) Take it easy now.  Gran-mere and I are here.

Andrew: Moth–mother?  Is that you?

Brooke: Yes, Andrew, Gran-mere and I are here.  Colleen will be coming soon.

Andrew: Oh, Mother, it really is you.

Brooke: Yes, Andrew.

Andrew: Mother, you have such beautiful blue eyes.

Brooke: Andrew, can you–?

Andrew: Yes.  I can see you both.  I can see.

(Brooke and Violet are stunned and then start to hug him as they all cry.)

Fade to Black


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