Everlasting Love

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

Episode 213

Fade In: Interior.  Andrew’s hospital room.  Max is examining Andrew’s eyes as Brooke and Violet are there.

Max: (To Andrew): Look to left.  Look up.  Look down.

Brooke: Oh my God, Max, is it true?

Max: Yes.  You can see, Andrew

Andrew: Yes, I can see.

Brooke: That’s wonderful.

Max: Yes it is.  Well do we look like anything you imagined?

Andrew: You don’t.  (Brooke and Max laugh) But I remember how my mother and Gran-Mere looked.  I was just a baby when I hit my head after falling off the canoe and into the pond.

Brooke: We don’t look the same.

Andrew: No, Mom, you and Gran-mere are more beautiful.

Violet: Thank you, Andrew.  (Holding up a mirror) How do you think you look?

Andrew: Oh wow.  All right I guess.

Max: I’m happy for all of you but there’s still a long-term recovery ahead.

Violet: I’ll see that he gets it.  Your coming to stay with me at the estate.  I don’t want to hear any argument.  I’m hiring a round the clock nurse.  That’s all there is to it.

Andrew: All right, Gran-mere, but I’ll only do that if you still let me see Colleen.  That is if she still wants to see me.

Brooke: I’m sure she does, Andrew.  She was here all last night.  Her father wanted her to go to class today even though she wanted to be here.

Andrew:  What do you say, Gran-mere?

Violet: I’m not going to argue with you now, Andrew.  What you need is to recuperate so if your friend wants to come by for visits then I won’t object to it.

Andrew: Colleen’s more than a friend.  I love her.

Violet: I know you think you do, Andrew, but you have to remember that you are an Eaton and you have a lot of money and that must be attractive to a poor girl like Colleen.

Brooke: Mother!  That’s enough.

Violet: Well someone has to speak the truth.

Max: Listen I have to get back to my rounds and all this arguing isn’t helping Andrew recover.  You are both going to have to leave and let him rest.  I’ll see you later.  (He kisses Brooke) and I’m very happy for you, Andrew. Bye, Violet.  (He exits)

Andrew: Thanks Doctor Goldman.  Is that a ring on your finger, Mom?

Brooke: Oh yes.  Mother and I came up to Yale to tell you the good news.  Max and I are going to be married.

Andrew: Wow that’s fantastic.  I really like Max.  Then David and Judy will be my brother and sister.

Violet: Step brother and step sister.

Andrew: I meant we’ll finally have a real family.

Brooke: Yes, yes, we will.

Violet: What have we been all this time?

Brooke: Mother, please.  Let Andrew sleep.

Andrew: I’m afraid to sleep.  I don’t want to wake up and not be able to see.

Brooke: That won’t happen, Andrew.  You can see now.  Come on, Mother. (She kisses his forehead.) We’ll be back later.

Violet: Goodbye, dear.  (She kisses his forehead.)

Andrew: (As they exit): I saw Grandfather.

Violet: What?

Andrew: I saw Grandfather.  He’s dead.

Brooke: How would you know that, Andrew?

Andrew: Well I went up to Heaven or what I guess is Heaven anyway Grandfather was there and he said he wanted me to tell you, Mom, how much he loves you and that he’s been with you and me since he died.

Violet: That must have been the anesthesia.

Andrew: I don’t think so, Gran-mere.  I think it’s because of Grandfather I got my sight back like he wanted me to be able to finally see things.  I don’t know why.  I didn’t want to upset you, Mom.

Brooke: I’m not upset, Andrew.  I always felt he was dead.  It never made sense that he would up and leave one day and we’d never hear from him ever again.

Violet: Let’s not get into all that.  Go to sleep, Andrew, and we’ll be by later.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Hospital hallway outside Andrew’s room.  Violet and Brooke enter.

Brooke: Isn’t that amazing that Andrew can see and that he saw Dad?

Violet: I’m thrilled he can see again but as for being able to see Henry.  It isn’t possible.

Brooke: But what if it is?

Violet: I’m very tired, Brooke.  I’d like to go home.

Brooke: I’ll take you home.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  She is cooking dinner as her phone rings.  She answers it.

Kathy: Hello Elsie.  Oh you did.  Today?  Oh you’re going to work for her?  (Patrick enters quietly and she doesn’t see or hear him.) So Lena needs you to help with Declan.  That’s wonderful.  Yes I could meet you in the park tomorrow.  Ten o’clock.  Thank you, Elsie.  Thank you very much.  (Hangs up her phone.) Oh, Patrick, I didn’t see you there.

Patrick: What?  (He takes out his ear buds.) Were you saying something?

Kathy: Nothing.  Just that I’m glad you’re home.

Patrick: That smells good.  What is it?

Kathy: Chop suey.

Patrick: Oh, that’s great.  I love that.

Kathy: Well I’m glad.  Your Father wants us all to have dinner together tonight.

Patrick: And forever more.  You shoulda seen how he was this morning.  Yelling at me and Colleen to get dressed and move it!  He was on some trip today.

Kathy: Patrick, don’t talk that way about your Father.  We’ve all given him a lot of trouble lately and he wants to know that he matters to us.  He wants to know that he’s still the king of this castle.  Surely you can understand that.

Patrick: Yeah, I get it, Mom.

Kathy: Good.  Now go upstairs and do your homework.

(Patrick exits as Jim and Colleen enter.  They are both angry.)

Colleen: But I want to see Andrew.

Jim: You’ll see him after dinner.  Hi, Kathy.  (He kisses her and she kisses him back.) What’s for dinner?

Kathy: Chop suey.

Colleen: But I want to see him now.

Kathy: Whatever your Father says, Colleen, but dinner isn’t going to ready for an hour, Jim.

Colleen: Then I’m going.

Jim: I’ll take you and I’ll bring you back.

Colleen: What am I? Some kind of prisoner?  I’m not allowed to go out on my own?

Jim: After what you just pulled you’re lucky you’re not in solitary confinement.  Come on. (He exits)

Colleen: Mom?

(Kathy shrugs and Colleen exits slamming the door.  Kathy goes back to her cooking.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sheri’s bedroom.  Sheri and David are both naked under the sheets in her bed.

Sheri: Oh, David.

David: I missed you.

Sheri: I missed you too.

David: I’m kinda surprised it happened.  I mean you said you wanted to I don’t know figure out what you want.

Sheri: I’ve started to figure that out.  I’m going to be a movie star.  I’ve always wanted to be one and now I will be.

David: Yeah but that’s gonna take you away from Maple Falls and from me.

Sheri: I won’t be gone for long and I could never really forget about you, David.  I mean I tried but I never dated anyone else and I sure didn’t have sex with anyone else.  You can’t say the same.  (David looks confused) Alyson Wembly?

David: Oh, her.  She was a nice kid but she’s not you, Sheri.  Christ, don’t you get how much I feel about you?

Sheri: I think I do but be a big boy and prove it again.

(They passionately kiss)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Andrew’s hospital room.  He is asleep as Colleen enters.  He is asleep and she sees the flowers.  She puts them in a vase and starts to head out for water when he stirs.

Andrew: Colleen, is that you?

Colleen: Oh, Andrew, you’re awake!  (Places down the vase and goes to him.) Do your Mother and Grandmother know?

Andrew: Yes, they here earlier.

Colleen: What is it?  What are you looking at–Andrew?

Andrew: I can see.

Colleen: Oh, Andrew!

Andrew: It happened earlier today when I woke up.  I can see you, Colleen.

Colleen: Oh, I wish you couldn’t.

Andrew: What?

Colleen: I don’t mean it like that but I’m not pretty.  I’m fat and I’m–

Andrew: Colleen, stop it!  You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

Colleen: No, I’m not Sheri.  She’s beautiful.

Andrew: Maybe but she also has the IQ of a rock. (Colleen laughs) She’s a really sweet girl. Don’t get wrong I like her but she’s not you.  I love you, Colleen.  I hate what happened after our time together but I want to be with you.

Colleen: I want the same thing.

(They kiss.  Knock on the door and it opens.)

Jim: (Enters): You ready, Colleen?

Andrew: Is that what your Dad looks like?

Jim: What?

Colleen: Daddy, Andrew has his sight back.  He can see again.

Jim: Wow!  That’s great news, Andrew. I’m very happy for you.

Andrew: Thank you, Mister Burke.

Jim: After you get out of the hospital you and I are going to have a talk, you understand?

Andrew: Yes, Mister Burke, I understand.

Jim: Come on, Colleen.

Colleen: I’ll be by tomorrow after class.

Jim: I am happy for you, Andrew.  I want you to know that.

Andrew: Thank you, Mister Burke.

Close up of a happy Colleen

CUT-TO: Interior. El Dorado.  Jen and Richard are seated at a table while Charlie is at the bar.

Jen: (Looking over the menu): When did this place turn Mexican?  I liked it better as Le Bistro.

Richard: (Looking over the menu): Well now I suppose instead of pretending its french food we have to pretend it’s Mexican.  (Charlie sees Jen and raises his glass.)  Who’s that over there?

Jen: I think his name is Charlie Syms.  He’s staying at Dot’s.  I’ve run into him a couple of times.  He seems like a nice guy.

Richard: That’s doubtful.  If he were a nice guy he wouldn’t be flirting with my girlfriend.

Jen: There’s nothing I can do about that.

Richard: No, you are a beautiful woman.

Jen: And you’re a very handsome man.

Richard: And twenty years older.

Jen: Richard, let me make these clear to you (she leans over and kisses him).  Hopefully that sends a signal to every other man that I’m yours.

(Waiter enters)

Waiter: Hola!  What can I get the senorita and senor?

Jen: Really?

CUT-TO: Exterior.  El Dorado.  It is night.  Charlie is outside smoking a cigarette and on his phone.

Charlie: Hello, Sylvia.  This is Charlie.  Charlie Syms.  We met at Clarke’s the other night and we ended up at your house. I was wondering if you needed any work done around your place?  Are you sure about that?  The last time I was there–ok, goodnight.

(He smiles and crushes out his cigarette.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  El Dorado.  Jen and Richard are seated at the table.

Richard: So what do you think?  When Sheri goes off to do the movie, you come stay with me for a while?

Jen: I think I’d like that, Richard.  I think I would like that very much.

(Max and Brooke enter.)

Richard: Hello you two.

Brooke: Oh, Uncle Richard, I have wonderful news.  Andrew can see again.

Richard: That’s wonderful.

Jen: He’s not blind anymore?

Brooke: No when he woke up he could see.

Richard: That’s a miracle.

Brooke: He also said that he went up to Heaven and saw Dad.

Richard: That’s unbelievable.

Brooke: I know but I believed him.  Well we’ll let you two get to your dinner.

Richard: We have exciting news as well.  Once Sheri goes to make her movie, Jen has agreed to move in with me.  Isn’t that great?

Brooke: That’s wonderful.  It must make you very happy, Jen.

Jen: Yes.  It makes me very happy.

(She smiles and looks at Max, who smiles back and looks at her.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s cottage.  It is dark and she is drunk.

Violet: Henry?  Are you there, Henry?  I don’t want Andrew to end up like you but he can’t tell anyone.  Oh, Andrew.  Don’t make me do what I did to Henry.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s bedroom.  She is sound asleep when she hears a window break.  She sits up in bed scared.  She hears footsteps and runs to her bedroom door.  She locks it and gets on the phone.  Suddenly her phone rings.

Sylvia: Yes who is this? Oh, Charlie, what do you–you saw someone trying to break into my house?  What were you–no I don’t want to be alone.  Yes I’ll come down and let you in.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Sylvia’s doorstep.  Charlie stands on it and throws the rock out into the woods.  He smiles as we see the lights coming on in the foyer.

Fade to Black













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