Everlasting Love

Driving Miss Sylvia

Episode 214

Fade In: Exterior.  Beautiful sunny fall day.  We see the Burke house and slowly dissolve into the interior of Kathy’s kitchen.  She and Jim are kissing.

Jim: Thank you for last night.

Kathy: It’s good to be home again and be with you and the kids.  You are right.  We should do family dinner more often.

Jim: We’re going to do it again tonight and every night after.

Kathy: The kids might have–ok, Jim whatever you want.  (Taking the coffee pot) Do you want another cup of coffee?

Jim: No, I’m going to be running late if Colleen doesn’t get a move on.  (He crosses to the stairs.) Colleen!

Kathy: I don’t think Colleen has a class today until one o’clock.

Jim: Oh, ok, I’ll have to change a couple of things around but I can come back drive her in.

Kathy: She has her own car, Jim, she can take herself–

Jim: What happened the last time she took herself anywhere?  Have you talked to her about that?

Kathy: No, I–

Jim: Don’t you think you should?

Kathy: Yes.  I will talk to her about it.

Jim: Today.

Kathy: Yes, today.  I will.

Jim: (Calls from the stairs): Patrick!

Patrick: (On the stairs): I’m right here, Dad.

Kathy: Don’t you look nice?

Patrick: Well when you live with the Chief of the Fashion Police you have to look presentable.

Jim: Come on.  I’ll drive you.  Bye, Kathy. (He kisses her.)

Kathy: Bye.  Have a good day.  (They exit.) I know I’m going too.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Romano’s kitchen.  Lena is preparing the food for lunch as Declan happily sits in his bouncy chair and Elsie is next to him cooing.  Noel enters from the bedrooms.

Noel: Ah, peace and quiet.  Where is the little brat? What is she doing here?

Lena: Elsie’s going to take care of Declan.

Noel: The bloody hell she is!  She’s Kathy Burke’s friend. (To Elsie) I demand you leave the premises immediately. (Elsie stars to move and Declan cries.) Shut that brat up!

Lena: Elsie, would you be nice enough to take Declan upstairs for a while?  He might need a nap.

Elsie: Yes, Miss.  (She takes Declan in her arms.  He stops fussing and she meekly goes upstairs.)

Noel: Just what do you think you are doing?

Lena: Regaining my sanity.

Noel: Whatever the bloody hell that’s supposed to mean.

Lena: It means that ever since we brought Declan home he’s done nothing but cry but you wouldn’t know that since you’re never around.

Noel: I can’t stand to listen to it.  You’re his mother.  You should be able to do something about it.

Lena: That’s just it.  I’m not his mother but I’m trying to be.  I went to the park yesterday and Elsie was there and she immediately stopped Declan from crying.  The relief.

Noel: But she’s Kathy’s best friend.  Don’t you see that she and Kathy are up to something?  Kathy wants Declan back and Elsie is going to hand him to her and she’ll probably run off with him again and not to Gull Island.

Lena: That’s not going to happen.  Elsie told me that she doesn’t like Kathy and she thought it was wrong that she took Declan the first time.

Noel: All lies.

Lena: Listen, I have to get lunch ready.  I’m keeping Elsie and that’s it.

Noel: Well I don’t like it.  Do you understand what that means?

Lena: I understand one thing, Noel.  If you ever put your hands on me again–do you see this carving knife–I’ll stick right through you measly heart.  Now get over there and start washing those dishes.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brian’s office.  He is seated at his desk talking to Kathy.

Brian: You want to leave the office for about an hour at ten?

Kathy: Yes if that’s okay.

Brian: Well you have to put together the noon newscast.

Kathy: Oh I can do that.

Brian: All right but don’t be late.

Kathy: I won’t thanks. (A knock on the door.  She opens the door and sees Sheri.) Oh, Sheri, how are you?

Sheri: I’m good, Aunt Kathy, how are you?

Kathy: I’m good.  Great news about Andrew, huh? (Sheri nods.) Are you here to see me?

Brian: No, I asked Sheri to come to the station.  I wanted to talk to her.

Kathy: Oh, okay. I’ll leave you to it. Bye, Sheri. (She exits.)

Sheri: Bye, Aunt Kathy. Well? (Looks at her phone.)

Brian: Don’t I even get a kiss or a hello?  I am your father.

Sheri: Are you?  I liked it better when I thought you were my Uncle.  You came around more.

Brian: You’re right.  I deserve that.

Sheri: You sure do.

Brian: I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much as I should be but I want to change that.

Sheri: Okay.  How?

Brian: I don’t know if you know that Arthur and I are getting married?

Sheri: I heard.

Brian: Well I’d like it if you helped plan the wedding and be a part of it.

Sheri: I’m not sure I’ll be here for it.  I’m going to be in a movie and I might be in Florida when you get married.

Brian: Oh.  Well that’s one of the reasons I wanted you to come by.   Are you sure you want to be a movie star?

Sheri: That’s a silly question.  You know I have always loved the movies.  We used to watch them together every Friday night until Arthur came along.

Brian: Now Arthur’s not the problem–

Sheri: No Arthur’s not the problem.  You are.  Your all involved in my life when I was younger.  We couldn’t see enough of each other and then along comes someone else and you ditch me and now you think you have the right to tell me not to do something?  I’m sure Mom told you to talk me out of it, right?

Brian: She did mention it–

Sheri: Do your Fatherly duty and tell Sheri to stay here in Maple Falls, right? You know growing up with you and Mom I sometimes felt like I was the parent and you two were the kids.  Well I’m doing what I want since you and Mom are so good at doing what you want.  I’m going to make this movie for me and nothing you or Mom say is going to stop me.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Father McShane’s office.  He is seated at his desk as Grace enters with breakfast for him.  She puts the tray and starts serving him.

Father: Oh, Grace, that’s very good of you.  You shouldn’t do that.

Grace: Well I’m here so.

Father: Yes.  I meant to talk to you about that.  What did you want to do about Ralph’s funeral?

Grace: I just want something private.  I think only myself and Olive will be coming oh and Jennifer of course.  We went shopping last night.  (Displaying the dress) Do you like it?

Father: It’s very becoming.  It’s not black.

Grace: Well I don’t see why I have to wear black.  It’s not a good color for me.

Father: Yes.  Well.  When did you want to do Ralph’s funeral?

Grace: Tomorrow?

Father: That quickly?

Grace: Yes but let me check first with Jennifer and Olive and see when they can come.  Well I’ll let you get back to your work.

Father: Grace, one other thing.  I hate to mention it but where do you think you’ll be living?

Grace: I thought here at the Rectory?

Father: What?

Grace: Well it isn’t as if I have any place else to go and you do have that maid’s room.  I thought I’ll take care of you and then go to work at Crest Haven–

Father: No, Grace, that wouldn’t look right.  You may stay til after the funeral but then you’ll have to find a place.

Grace: But, Donald–

Father: I don’t wish to bring this up especially at this time but you have told me in the past that you are in love with me and I have told you that I don’t feel the same.  Now your staying here might only encourage you to think that my feelings will change.  Let me assure you, Grace, they won’t.  Now after the funeral you’ll have to find some place to go.

Grace: Yes, Donald.

Close up of Grace

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s bedroom.  She is resting on her bed as Charlie opens the door entering with breakfast on a tray.

Sylvia: Just what do you think you are doing?

Charlie: (Puts tray down): I made you breakfast.

Sylvia: I never eat breakfast.  Take that away and then leave.  I never said you could cook in my kitchen.

Charlie: (Picks up tray): All right.

Sylvia: Leave the coffee.  (He puts the tray down.  She starts to get off her bed.)

Charlie: Sit.  Let me get your coffee for you.  (He pours the coffee into her cup.)

Sylvia: Well all right.

Charlie: Cream?  (She nods.  He pours it in.) One sugar.  (She holds up two fingers.  He puts that in.  He crosses and hands her the coffee.  She sips it.)

Sylvia: My, this is good.  What kind of coffee is it?

Charlie: My own special brand.

Sylvia: It’s not poison, is it?  (He laughs.) What are you laughing at?

Charlie: You’re funny.

Sylvia: Hardly.  What were you doing here last night? Prowling the streets up here?

Charlie: I wasn’t prowling the streets.  I couldn’t sleep so when I can’t sleep it helps me to drive.  So somehow I ended up here.  Good thing too since I saw that guy breaking your kitchen window.

Sylvia: Did you see who it was?

Charlie: No.  Once I came over and saw what happened he ran off.  I guess you gotta expect those things to happen now that you live here alone.

Sylvia: It does scare me and I do appreciate your staying here last night.  Did you find David’s room comfortable?

Charlie: Yeah.  Very comfortable.

Sylvia: Well not too much I hope.  I’ll have to get one of those burglar alarm systems.

Charlie: Then you have to know how to operate them and then it only tells you someone’s in the house.  It doesn’t stop them from coming in.  You have a lot of beautiful things in this house and living here alone.  I know I wouldn’t like it.  Well I guess I better go.

Sylvia: How much would it take?

Charlie: What?

Sylvia: You could live in the servants quarters down stairs and be my–

Charlie: Slave?

Sylvia: I’d pay you of course.  You can’t go on living at Mrs. Shea’s forever and you don’t seem to have a job.

Charlie: Sylvia?  Are you hiring me?

Sylvia: Yes. I’ll pay you but you’ll have to forget about that night we met at Clarke’s and call me Mrs. Moore.

Charlie: Well I’ll never be able to forget about that night at Clarke’s and what happened after between us.  I will keep it as a cherished memory but I won’t speak of it again.

Sylvia: So do we have an agreement?

Charlie: Yes, Mrs. Moore.  At your service.

Fade to Black









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