Everlasting Love

Live & Let Die

Episode 216

Fade In: Interior.  The Burke’s living room.  Dot and Martin are seated on the couch as Jen paces and Colleen and Patrick sit in chairs.

Dot: I’ll never forgive that Noel Tremayne for what he’s put Kathy through.  Declan should be here with her now.

Colleen: It’s not Noel’s fault.  It’s Declan’s.

Dot: Colleen, how can you say such a thing?  Declan’s only a little baby.

Colleen: Yeah and all he’s done is cause trouble ever since he was born.

Dot: Surely, you can see it’s his fault that his mother died and his father is well–

Martin: A bum.

Dot: Precisely.

Colleen: But if Declan were never born Mom wouldn’t have run off and left us by ourselves.  She would still be here being our mother and not trying to pretend she’s his.

Dot: Colleen!  You can’t wish that Declan were never born!  Birth is a miracle and no matter who the child is they are a gift from God.

Patrick: Does that include Uncle Noel?

(Brooke enters)

Dot: How is she?

Brooke: She’ll be all right.  I gave her a sedative to help her sleep and she should be all right in the morning.  Jim’s with her now.

Jen: Thanks, Brooke, for coming so quickly.

Brooke: I’m glad you called me.  I like Kathy very much.  She’s exhausted from what she’s been through and needs some rest.

Colleen: So I’m right.  It’s all because of that brat  Declan O’Leary.

(Close up of Colleen)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Romano’s kitchen. Declan is crying as Lena tries to cook.  Noel enters from the restaurant.

Noel: Can’t you shut that kid up?  We can hear him out in the restaurant?

Lena: I’m doing the best I can.  I have to cook, too.

Noel: Where’s that spinster who’s watching him?

Lena: She went home.  She’s only watching him during the day.  I have him at nighttime.

Noel: Then do something about him.  He’s scaring away the few customers we have left.

Lena: What do you want me to do?

Noel: I’ll finish getting these dinners ready and you take that brat upstairs and put to him to sleep.

Lena: What’s the use?

Noel: What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?

Lena: We would’ve been better off leaving him with Kathy and Jim.

Noel: See?  What did I say?  Elsie has already poisoned your mind against keeping him and handing him back to Kathy Burke.  Well no son of mine is going to be reared by that miserable cow.  She has hated me from the moment we met.  She’s never once tried to be friendly.  Everyone goes around here thinking she’s some kind of Mother Teresa.  Well let me tell you something Kathy Burke is a vile, evil, horrible person and she is never getting her hands on my son ever again.  For that to ever happen I’d die first.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Paula’s cottage.  She is seated at her dinner table eating her solitary meal and sipping a glass of wine as her phone rings.

Paula: Julian?  How are you?  Yes I can’t wait to come down to Florida with Sheri.  She’s very excited and don’t forget my small cameo.  What do you mean you won’t be able to use me?  Yes I suppose Noel is still my agent.  He’d get how much of salary?  No that can’t be.  Listen, Julian, I’ll go to Noel now and get him to sign something that would break our contract.  He doesn’t want anything do with me anyway so why should he get some of–any of–my money?  Yes, all right, thank you, Julian.  We’ll see you soon.  (She hangs up the phone) Noel isn’t getting my money.  I’d rather kill him first.

CUT-TO: Interior.  O’Leary’s Tavern.  Martin is seated at the bar with a half empty beer.  Melanie is behind the bar.

Melanie: No!

Martin: Yes, Kathy’s exhausted and resting in bed, Jim’s upset, Colleen’s saying things she doesn’t mean, he treated Paula poorly and his poor son Hugh.  I think of and miss that boy every day.  That Noel Tremayne is one slimy bastard.  He deserves to be wiped off the face of the Earth and I’ve got a good mind to finish this beer and go over and do it.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s bedroom.  Jim is seated by her bed holding her hand as she sleeps. We see that it is now raining outside the window.

Jim: Oh, Kathy, I love you so much.  All you want is for Declan to be with us and to give him a good, happy home and the only person in the way of that is Noel.  I hate that bastard.  I’m going to see that you get Declan no matter how I have to do it. (He kisses the palm of her hand and exits.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Rosie Benson’s room.  Olive is seated at her bed but on her phone. 

Olive: I’m telling you I need more money for Rosie.  They told me today she needs more care.  Now listen.  You’re reason she’s in this bed and your Father promised he would always take care of Rosie if I didn’t go the cops.  I can still get you arrested for this you know.  Don’t you hang up on me.  (The other person has hung up.) Bitch!  I know where I can get more money.  Don’t fret, Rosie.  Mommy’s got this.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Romano’s Restaurant.  It is now pouring and thunder and lightning.  Dissolve to the kitchen.  Noel is alone working in the kitchen when there is a knock on the back door.  He opens the door.

Noel: What the bloody hell do you want?

Olive: I came here for my half of the money.  I need it for Rosie.

Noel: What half–what are you talking about?

Olive: That night we were together after Clarke’s.

Noel: Don’t remind me.  I get nausea when I think about it.

Olive: Nothing happened between us, Noel.  Not in a sexual way.

Noel: It didn’t?  Then why did you let me think something did?

Olive: It made me laugh.

Noel: So what do you want?

Olive: That night you had you got plastered. You talked.

Noel: About what?

Olive: You talked about that you were there the night Eddie Romano was shot and killed by Tom Moore.  You said you were going to go the police and collect your fifty thou and get out of Maple Falls forever.  You promised me I could get half.  Now I need it for my Rosie.

Noel: You’re mad if you think I would ever share anything with you ever again.  I don’t even know you.

Olive: Well I know all about you.

Noel: What do you mean by that?

Olive: I know that there ain’t no Noel Tremayne.  Is there, Ned Tuner?

Noel: Who?

Olive: You told me all about it that night upstairs in my bedroom.  Now do I go and tell Chief Cusack that you’re someone named Ned Turner from some little hick town in Oklahoma and that you killed a girl who was carrying your baby or do I get half of that fifty thou?  Which is it?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Hallway outside Declan’s room.  Lena is exiting it slowly.  She is exhausted and she hears loud voices downstairs.

Noel: (Off): Yes I’m going to the police tomorrow to tell them that I witnessed Eddie being shot and killed by Tom, collecting my fifty thousand, and getting the hell out of this town for good but if you think I am sharing any of that with you then you’re ready for the nuthouse!  Now get out before I do to you what I did to that slut Kitty.

(We hear a door slam and see Lena go into her bedroom.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny’s patrol car.  She is driving my Romano’s Restaurant in the pouring rain and thunder and lightening when we hear a two shots being fired.  She stops her patrol car realizing what she’s heard.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Romano’s kitchen.  Ginny enters with her gun drawn. 

Ginny: Paula Tremayne!

Paula: I didn’t…I…I

(She drops the gun out of her hand as we see Noel laying on the floor blood oozing out of his body.  Ginny squats and feels his neck.  She closes over Noel’s eyes and stands.)

Ginny: Paula Tremayne I’m arresting you for the murder of Noel Tremayne.

(Close up of Noel laying dead on the floor.)

Fade to Black










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