Everlasting Love

How Quickly We Forget

Episode 216

Fade In: Various newscasters male and female saying these various things on the tv.

Newscaster #1: Faded film star Paula Tremayne has been arrested for the murder of her ex-husband former film Producer and Agent Noel Tremayne…

Newscaster #2: …It is alleged she shot him twice in cold blood on the kitchen floor of the…

Newscaster #3: …At the time of his murder Noel Tremayne owned an Italian Eatery with his current wife Lena Romano…

Newscaster #4: Long forgotten film star and former Oscar winner Paula Tremayne allegedly shot two bullets last night into the body of  her ex husband Film Producer Noel Tremayne last night…

(Slowly pan to show we are in the interior of Sylvia’s bedroom.  She is laying on her bed drinking a glass of champagne and taking bites out of various chocolates in her box of candy and putting them back.)

Sylvia: (Smiling and mesmerized): This is too delicious for words.  (She presses a button on her nightstand.  Charlie enters in uniform.)

Charlie: Yes, Syl–(Sylvia glares at him) Mrs. Moore?

Sylvia: Get the car ready.  Paula Tremayne has been arrested for the murder of her ex-husband Noel.  I must go see her in jail.

Charlie: Oh.

Sylvia: Is something wrong?

Charlie: No I didn’t understand that you and Paula Tremayne were friends.

Sylvia: We’ve been friends for years.  Now go get the car ready and mind your own business.  You are not paid to understand anything about me.  Do as your told or your first day will be your last.  Do you understand that?

Charlie: Yes, Mrs. Moore.  I understand.

(He exits and she smiles to herself with excitement.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s hallway.  Charlie smirks and exits.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Martin’s bedroom.  His phone is ringing.  He lifts his head off of the bed.  He is woozy and looks at the phone.  He doesn’t answer it.  It stops ringing.  He holds his head and the phone rings again.  He looks at it again and picks it up.

Martin: (Irritated): What is it, Dot?  What are talking about?  Paula’s on the tv for what?  She’s been arrested for murdering Noel?  Holy shit.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jen’s living room.  She is watching the news about Paula on her tv and raises her cup of coffee to the set.

Jen: You done good, Paula.  If anyone ever deserved to have two shots put in him it would be Noel Tremayne.

Sheri: (Entering): I know why you are happy Paula’s in jail for killing her husband.

Jen: For allegedly killing her ex-husband.

Sheri: Whatever.

Jen: And why do you think I’m happy about it?

Sheri: Because you think now that Paula’s in jail I won’t get to go to Florida and be in Julian’s movie but I’m going anyway.

Jen: Oh, that’s right, I forgot everything revolves around you.

Sheri: I know you talked to Brian and told him to tell me to stay here in Maple Falls but I’m going and you’re not going to stop me.

Jen: Yes I did talk to your Father and I did tell him to tell you to stay because I’m concerned about your welfare but you know what?  Your attitude has really sucked lately so if you want to go to Florida go.  You have my blessings.  By the way, while you’re gone, I’ll be living at Richard’s.

Sheri: You’re moving in with Richard?

Jen: Spoiler alert.  You’re not the only one who gets to do what she wants.

CUT-TO: Interior. Kathy’s bedroom.  She stirs in her bed as there’s a knock on the door.

Kathy: (Sleepily): Come in. Jim!

(We see Jim has entered the room holding Declan.  He crosses over to Kathy and hands her the baby.)

Kathy: Oh, Jim, how why?

Jim: Shhh, something bad has happened and Lena has disappeared.

Kathy: Lena–what?

Jim: Noel Tremayne was shot and killed last night in the kitchen at Romano’s.

Kathy: Noel is dead?

Jim: Yes.  Paula’s been arrested for his murder.

Kathy: Paula?  Oh, Jim.

Jim: I have to go to the jail and talk to her.

Kathy: You’ll represent her of course?

Jim: No I ah no I can’t.

Kathy: Jim, are you all right?  I know it’s a shock and everything–

Jim: No I’m fine.  I have to get to the jail.  (Kisses her forehead) I’ll see you later.

Kathy: Wait.  You said something about Lena disappearing.  When did that happen?

Jim: I can’t talk right now, Kath.  Ok.  I love you.  (He exits)

Kathy: I love you, too.  Oh, Jim.  What have you done?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny’s office.  Ginny is standing behind her desk as Martin is standing in front of it.

Martin: No I don’t understand how you could arrest Paula.

Ginny: Martin, I’ve told you already.  I was driving by Romano’s when I heard two shots and then I got out of my car, drew my gun, and when I walked behind the building where the shots came from the kitchen door was wide open and Paula was standing over his body holding the gun.

Martin: Well I know that looks bad but still Paula?  What reason would she have to kill him?  He’s been out of her life since the divorce.

Ginny: I’m not at liberty to discuss any of that.  Now if you want to go see your daughter, I’ll take you to her.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Paula’s cell.  She is up at the bars as we see Sylvia seated.

Sylvia: I couldn’t believe it when I saw it on the tv.  I said my friend Paula is not a murderer.  I know she despised him.  I know she wished him dead numerous times but to actually get a gun and shoot him not once but twice no.  That’s not something my friend Paula would do.

Paula: Who did you say this too?

Sylvia: The television cameras of course.  The’re right outside.  Brian, CNN, ABC, etcetera, etcetera.  Don’t worry.  I defended you.  I said we have known each other for years.  The Paula Tremayne I know wouldn’t hurt a flea of course since you were away I suppose I don’t really know you like I used too.

Paula: Did you say that to them too?

Sylvia: I had too. (Shrugs)  They asked.

Paula: Yes, dear.

(Ginny and Martin enter.)

Ginny: I’m sorry, Mrs. Moore.  You’ll have to leave.  Only one visitor at a time.

Sylvia: Oh, yes, of course, Officer Cusack.  (To Paula) I’ll see you later, dear.  Be brave. Even if no one else believes you, I do.  (Ginny opens the cell door.) Martin.

Martin: Hi, Sylvia.  Oh, um, Sylvia.

Sylvia: Yes?

Martin: I’ve been meaning to call you and apologize for how I acted that night at your house and for slashing Sidney’s portrait

Sylvia: Have you?

Martin: Yes but with one thing and another and now this.

Sylvia: I can forgive many things, Martin, but coming into my house and slashing Papa’s portrait is uncalled for.  All I can say is the Burke’s certainly are known for their tempers.  (She exits)

Ginny: I’ll leave you two alone.  (She closes the cell door and exits.)

Paula: Oh, Father!

Martin: (Embraces her): It will be all right, little girl.

Paula: Little girl?  You haven’t called me that in years not since Mom’s accident.

Martin: Well-let’s not get into all that now.  This is a very serious matter and we need to confront it and get is solved as quickly as possible.  Has Jim been by?  What does he think we should do?

Paula: I have no idea.  My big dependable brother is nowhere to be found.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny’s office.  Olive is seated in a chair as Ginny enters her office.

Ginny: Olive?  What are you doing here?

Olive: I’ve come to collect my money.

Ginny: What money?

Olive: The reward money for anyone who saw Eddie Romano’s murder.  The fifty thou. I saw know who killed Eddie Romano.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Emerald Lake.  The same cottage that Kathy hid in.  We see Jim’s car pull up.  Dissolve to interior of the cabin.  Jim enters.  It is dark.  No lights on.  He is holding a cup of coffee from a coffee shop.

Jim: (Quietly): Lena?  (He moves quietly) Lena? (Lena appears with a black eye and swollen lip and holding her left arm.) Oh, Lena, what did he do to you?

Fade to Black






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