Everlasting Love

Secrets & Lies

Episode 220

Fade In: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  Same as we left it yesterday.  Kathy and Jim are in the kitchen.

Kathy: So, Jim, tell me where you have been and start from the very beginning.

Jim: Just leave it alone, Kathy.

Kathy: Don’t tell me to leave it alone.  I’m worried about you.  You’re not acting right and what happened to your hands?

Jim: My hands are fine.  A couple of bruises, that’s all.

Kathy: Jim, what is going on?  Why is Lena here?  Why did you bring Declan to me last night?  Why did you leave here last night with a gun?

Jim: Who told you that?

Kathy: It doesn’t matter who–

Jim: Damn it, who told you!

Kathy: Patrick but he only told me because he loves you and is concerned about you.  We all are.

Jim: Yeah well we’re all concerned about you when you ran off with Declan and didn’t tell anyone where you had gone or if you were coming back but that didn’t stop you from running away, did it?

Kathy: (Hurt): Jim–

Jim: And you come running back here and expect everything to be just the way it was before you left.  Well it isn’t the same, Kathy, not at all.

Kathy: Jim, I’ve never seen you act this way before.

Jim: Well maybe if I acted this way before all this bullshit wouldn’t have gone on.

Kathy: What bullshit?

Jim: What bull–are you kidding me?  Everything.  Your running off with Declan, Colleen having sex with that blind kid, Patrick being gay, Paula coming back to Maple Falls with that limey husband, Dad’s stroke, Mom getting hit by a car and stuck in a coma for twenty years and you knowing all about it and never telling anyone.  That’s all bullshit.

Kathy: And what about us, Jim?  What about what we mean to each other?  Has that been all bullshit, too?  (Jim starts to exit) Where are you going?

Jim: I’m going to see my sister.  I’ll be back later. (We hear Declan crying.  Kathy looks up the stairs.)  You have what you want, Kathy.  Just be happy with that.  (He exits.)

Close up of a crying Kathy

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Shot of Florida at night-time.  We dissolve into the office of Julian Daniels.  He and Celeste Conway, 40s, overweight, tired looking, once glamourous but no more, have finished snorting coke as his phone buzzes.

Julian: (Angrily): What? Who’s here? Oh, of course, show her in.  I absolutely ha–(Sheri enters with her suitcases) hello darling!  You’re here!

Sheri: Hello, Mister Daniels.

Julian: And I see you brought your luggage with you.

Sheri: I didn’t know where else to go so I came right here.

Julian: Of course you did.  (Celeste clears her throat.) Oh, Sheri Maguire–

Sheri: (Timidly): It’s Martin.  (Julian looks confused.) My last name is Martin.

Celeste: (Extending her hand): Don’t worry about him, honey.  I knew who you were the minute you walked in here.  I’m Celeste Conway.  You’ve probably seen me in films and TV.

Sheri: Um, I don’t watch a lot of TV.

Julian: How about old movies?  She’d be in those.

Celeste: In my bassinet.

Julian: Sure we’ll go with that.  (Celeste gives him a dirty look.) What?  Enough! Since Paula can’t be here for obvious reasons. I’ve decided that you will room with Celeste and she keep an eye on you.

Celeste: You decided that, did you?

Julian: Celeste is going to play your mother in the movie. Originally Paula was going to play her but she seems to have been otherwise detained.  I also thought it was good for you Celeste to get to know each other so playing mother and daughter will come easily for you.

Celeste: But doesn’t she stab me to death in the movie?

Julian: Some times daughters don’t get along with their mothers I know I always got along with mine.  (Speaking to her urn) Didn’t I Mommie Dearest?  (He taps the urn affectionately.) Now why don’t you and Celeste run along to your room?  We start shooting tomorrow morning.  So you and Celeste have a good night’s sleep.  You want to look nice and fresh for tomorrow.

Sheri: All right.  I just want to thank you again, Mister Daniels, for this opportunity.  I can’t believe this is happening.

Julian: Those were Zak Efron’s exact words to me when I cast him in High School Musical.  (His phone rings and he answers it.)

Celeste: Come on, kid, let’s go before we have to hear a litany of Julian’s discoveries.

Sheri: I didn’t know Mister Daniels discovered Zak Efron.

Celeste: Funny. Neither does Zak.

Close up of Sheri

CUT-TO: Interior.  Hospital Nurses Station.  Jen is working when her phone rings.

Jen: Hi Richard.  Sheri is in Florida.  Yes, she went today so I’m going to go home and pack my things and move–what?  No I didn’t see anything about Alyson.  She ran off and eloped with a Count Giovanni Frangelico?  Yes I can see why you’re upset.  Are you sure you still want me–okay, I’ll pack my things and be over when my shift’s done.  (She hangs up.)

(Brooke enters from the elevator in her whites and enters the station looking for a chart.)

Brooke: Hello, Jen.

Jen: Oh, hi, Doctor Eaton.

Brooke: Are you all right?

Jen: Yes I’m fine.  I heard the good news that your son can see again.  That’s wonderful.

Brooke: Yes it is.  Andrew can see again and Max and I are going to be married.  Everything is finely working out for me.  Ah, here it is.  (She starts to exit.)

Jen: Did Sheri tell you she’s going to Florida to become a movie star?

Brooke: I’m sorry but I can’t divulge what your daughter and I talk about.

Jen: So she’s still seeing you?

Brooke: Yes.  Didn’t she tell you that?

Jen: No.  Sheri and I don’t talk much lately.  Anyway, she flew off to Florida today to make that movie.

Brooke: With your blessing I hope.  We need to encourage Sheri in whatever she chooses to do.

Jen: Sure I encouraged her in a way.  (Brooke smiles and then starts to exit again.) With Sheri away, your Uncle has asked me to come live with him.  I’m moving in tonight just tell Sheri comes back of course.

Brooke: I’m happy for you.  For the both of you.  Uncle Richard loves you very much.

Jen: And I love him.

Brooke: Yes I know you do.  It’s good to know that everything has worked out so well for all of us.  (She exits.)

Jen: Yes it is.

CUT-TO: Interior. Andrew’s hospital room.  Colleen is seated on his bed as he is moving slowly about the room.

Colleen: Did Doctor Goldman say you are strong enough to be walking around the room?

Andrew: Yes.  They told me it would be good exercise but not to exhaust myself.

Colleen: I can’t wait until you are out of here and then we can truly be together again.

Andrew: I feel the same but instead of going to rehab Gran-Mere insists I stay with her.  I don’t know how open she’s going to be to your coming to visit me.

Colleen: You don’t want me to visit you?

Andrew: No, of course I do.  I don’t know what I’m saying.  My brain feels jumbled up still from being hit by a car.

Colleen: Do you think being hit by the car was a good thing?

Andrew: Huh?

Colleen: Well maybe when you were hit by the car and you fell hitting your head it might have–

Andrew: Jumbled something in brain so I can see again?

Colleen: Something like that.

Andrew: Maybe but we were always told that my not being able to see had nothing to do with me physically it was more mental than anything else.  They said it was psychosomatic.  Like I’d seen something I wanted to forget and that’s why I was still blind so I wouldn’t have to see it again.

Colleen: You don’t remember what that was?

Andrew: No.  No idea.  I was told I could see when I went on the canoe with Tom and after it flipped over I hit my head and I was blind.

Colleen: What is it, Andy?

Andrew: Last night when it was raining and your Uncle Noel was killed I saw something.  I don’t want to go to the police about it.  I mean it’s probably nothing.

Colleen: What is it?

Andrew: The last thing I want to do is upset you, Colleen.  Forget it.  It wasn’t anything.

Colleen: Andy, tell me!

Andrew: I couldn’t sleep so I got up out of my bed and looked across the street and saw your Gramps go behind Romano’s.  Then I watched Brian’s show this morning and Noel was killed at the time your Gramps was there.

Colleen: You don’t think Gramps could have killed Uncle Noel?

Close up of Colleen

CUT-TO: Interior.  Paula’s cell.  She is pacing as the door opens and Jim enters with Ginny.  Paula is still not wearing the orange jumpsuit.

Paula: If this is about the orange jumpsuit–Well, hello, Jimmy.  Nice of you to finally make it.

Ginny: (Opens the cell): You’re free to go, Paula.

Paula: Free to go?  All right.  (She exits the cell.) Oh, Jimmy, you got me off.

Ginny: (Puts Jim in the cell): Jim has just confessed to shooting and killing Noel Tremayne.

Close up of Paula then Jim

Fade to Black
















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