Everlasting Love

Morning Coffee

Episode 221

Fade In: Exterior.  The sun is starting to shine through the clouds and it is still dark out when we slowly pan to an upstairs bedroom window on Dot Shea’s house.  We slowly dissolve inside and find Elsie in bed.  She awakens with a start and feels her chest.

Elsie: Owww me pills where are me pills?

(She fumbles around on the nightstand to turn on the lamp.  She pulls the cord and it turns on.  She finds her glasses, she looks in the drawer in the nightstand, her pills are not there.  She breathes heavily, rises out of the bed, and fumbles around more on the nightstand knocking over the lamp.  She moves from the nightstand to the bureau.  She has found her pills, opens them, puts one in her mouth, reaches for water but finds the glass and jug empty.  She swallows her pill and then falls backwards.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  Kathy, Dot, Martin, Colleen and Patrick are there. Dot is holding Declan, who has a pacifier in his mouth.  She has just told them about Jim.

Colleen: How could Dad confess to killing Uncle Noel?

Kathy: I don’t know.

Martin: Did he tell you he did it?

Kathy: Yes.

Dot: He only said that because Paula was arrested for it.  He wants to save Paula from going to prison.

Martin: That’s a damn fool thing to do.  My son and daughter did not kill Noel Tremayne.

Patrick: Then who did, Gramps?

Martin: I don’t know who did, Patrick, but it wasn’t them.

Colleen: It wasn’t you, was it?

Kathy: (Shocked): Colleen!

Martin: And just what is that supposed to mean, Missy?

Colleen: I didn’t want to say anything.  I wanted to ask you in private but since we’re all having this conversation–

Martin: Out with it!

Colleen: You know Andrew can see now and well he was looking out his hospital room window last night and he said he saw you going over to Romano’s at the time of Uncle Noel’s murder.

Martin: First off we’re no longer calling Noel Tremayne Uncle Noel is that understood? I’m glad that Andrew can finally see but maybe his vision is still a little blurry because last night after having a few at O’Leary’s I toddled on home and went very happily to sleep until I heard all this madness this morning.

Colleen: I’m sorry, Gramps, but I’m only telling you what Andrew saw.  I didn’t mean anything by it.

Martin: I know that.  We’re all upset.  You just be sure you tell your boyfriend there that he didn’t see what he thought he saw.

Colleen: I will.

Martin: The question is what are we going to do about all this?

(Knock on the door.  Patrick answers it.  It’s Paula.)

Patrick: Hi, Aunt Paula.

Paula: Hello, Patrick.  Everyone.  (They all acknowledge her.) I have good news.

Martin: Out with it.

Dot: Martin, please, the baby.  Go ahead, Paula.

Paula: I took Lena back to my house last night and I called Melanie.  She had mentioned getting me a lawyer when I was falsely imprisoned for allegedly killing Noel.

Martin: So?

Paula: She can get Jim the exact same lawyer.

Martin: Her?

Kathy: Martin, please.  Who is it, Paula?

Paula: It’s none other than Adrian Shapiro.

Martin: Adrian who?

Patrick: Shapiro.  You know her, Gramps.  She’s the lawyer of the stars.  She handles all those high-profile sexual harassment and rape trials.

Paula: That’s right, Patrick, and she’s handled big jury trial cases too.  She’ll have Jim released in a day.

Kathy: That’s great, Paula, but we can’t afford her.

Paula: No she’s said she’s going to take on this case for free.  She and Jim went to law school together.  She always liked and admired him and she said she even met you once or twice.

Kathy: Yes she did but that a long time ago.

Paula: She said Jim did her a big favor one time and she’s finally paying it back.  She doesn’t want any money and will be her in a couple of days.  It looks like, Kathy, your problems are going to be solved and you have me to thank for it.

Kathy: (Hesitantly): Thank you, Paula.

Paula: You’re welcome.  Do you have any more coffee?

Dot: (Hands Declan to Kathy): Here, Kathy, take the baby.  I’ll get it for you, Paula. (Dot pours coffee into a cup and gives it to Paula)

Kathy: Okay, everyone, go about your days.  (To Colleen and Patrick, who hesitate.) Go. Everything will be fine.  Go on.  (They slowly exit.)

Martin: I’d better go open the store and then I’ll go see Jim.  Can you believe that kid telling Colleen that story about me over at Romano’s.  I didn’t go near the place.  He better get his eyes checked again.

Dot: Martin, that’s enough.  Come on, Paula, let’s go.

Paula: I just sat down to drink my coffee.

Dot: Take it to go.  Kathy doesn’t need us all underfoot.

Paula: I have something I want to discuss privately with Kathy if you don’t mind.

(Dot scowls)

Kathy: It’s all right.  Really.  You go.

Dot: I’ll be back at lunch time.  I have to go check on Grace Donahue.  She fell down at O’Leary’s and injured her back.  She’s resting over at rectory.

Martin: Is she all right?

Dot: Has she ever been all right?

(As they open the door to exit Elsie is there.)

Dot: (Startled): Oh, Elsie!  I’m sorry about breakfast this morning but–

Elsie: Oh, that’s fine, I don’t mind.  I made my own breakfast and watched the tv.  I saw all about your husband, Kathy, so I decided I’d come over here and see if there is anything I can do.

Kathy: That’s very nice of you, Elsie, thank you.  Come in.

Elsie: Oh, Mrs. Shea?

Dot: Yes, Elsie?

Elsie: I want to say now that I’m sorry about the burn mark on your counter top.

Dot: I don’t have a burn mark on my counter top.

Martin: Sounds like you do now.  Come on.  (They exit.)

Kathy: Elsie, have you met my sister-in-law Paula Tremayne?

Elsie: No I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.

Kathy: Paula, this is Elsie Hunter.

Paula: Nice to make your acquaintance.  I’m sure you recognize me?

Elsie: Yes I do.  (Paula smiles.) Your face was the first one to come up on the tv about killing your ex-husband til they said Kathy’s husband did it, isn’t that, right?

Paula: (Dryly): Yes.

Elsie: Why don’t you let me take the baby upstairs and you can have some time alone with your sister-in-law?

Kathy: (Handing her Declan): Thanks, Elsie.

(Elsie and Declan exit up the stairs.)

Paula: Who is that poor unfortunate thing?  Where did you find her?

Kathy: Never mind.  What is it you wanted to tell me?

Paula: It’s about Lena.

Kathy: What about her?

Paula: She thinks Jim is in love with her.

Kathy: Oh, Paula, I don’t have time–

Paula: I’m serious.  I told her without a question or a doubt that you and Jim love each other and always will but she insisted.

Kathy: She didn’t say he loved her?

Paula: Yes she did.  She said why is Jim always there whenever I have a problem?  She said that he does it because he loves her.  I mean those weren’t her exact words but that’s what she meant.

Kathy: What did she say exactly?

Paula: That he loves her and I told her that if she tried to do anything to hurt you or Jim I’d make sure she ended up where Noel is right now!

Kathy: Paula, don’t stir up any more drama.  I don’t need it.

Paula: Me?  Kathy, you may not believe it but I love you and Jim.  I truly do.  That’s why I’m telling you this.  That Lena Romano is a dangerous girl.

Close up of Paula then of Kathy

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Arthur’s house. It is a beautiful Sunny fall day. We dissolve into the dining room as Arthur is seated eating his breakfast.  The door opens and Brian enters.

Brian: Sorry I’m late.  I had to report the morning news and then I’ll have to do the noon news unless Kathy comes in today but I’d doubt that.

Arthur: I would too since her husband confessed to killing his ex-brother-in-law last night.  I wouldn’t think working at the tv station is high on her priority list.

Brian: Speaking of working, shouldn’t you be at the hospital?

Arthur: I’m not going into the hospital today or any other day for that matter.

Brian: Arthur, what are you talking about?

Arthur: That’s why I wanted you to come home.  I didn’t want to say it over the phone.

Brian: What?

Arthur: I’m leaving Maple Falls.

Brian: Wait-what?  Arthur, I asked you to marry me.  You said yes.  We’re planning a wedding.

Arthur: No, no, Brian.  You don’t understand.  I love you and still want us to get married.  Remember when I told Sylvia I wanted to resign at Chief of Staff at the hospital but remain on staff and she said she’d get back to me?

Brian: Yes.

Arthur: She never did but I started putting feelers around and I received an offer from Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York.  New York, Brian and they want little old Arthur Hansen from Maple Falls to come and be a doctor at their hospital!  How can I say no?

Brian: You should have talked to me about it first.

Arthur: I wanted too.  I tried too but you were so busy and I was so busy and well I accepted the offer and I start next week.

Brian: Next week?  But what about us?  What about the house?

Arthur: I’ll sell the house. Truthfully, Brian, other than you there’s no reason for me to stay anymore.  Since my Uncle Silas died and I divorced Brooke, I don’t have any family here.  I wanted to do a memorial service for my uncle but I got to busy at the hospital and, well, I want to do something new with my life.  I need too.  So I’m heading over to Sylvia’s right now and hand in my resignation.

Brian: But who will run the hospital?

Arthur: Not my problem.

Brian: I guess I’m not your problem anymore either.

Arthur: You’re not hearing me, Brian.  (Takes Brian’s hands in his) I want to be husbands together forever.  I just don’t feel like I belong any more in Maple Falls.  Once I’m settled in New York and I start my job, we can be married and then I’ll sell this house.

Brian: Where am I supposed to go?

Arthur: I want you to come live with me.  I’m asking you, Brian, to move with me to New York.

Close up of a shocked Brian

CUT-TO: Interior.  Andrew’s hospital room.  He is dressed and sitting in a wheelchair with Brooke next to him.

Brooke: Are you sure you want to live with Gran-mere?  You can come stay with me.

Andrew: I know I can, Mom, but you have stairs and I’m still having a hard time with those and you won’t be able to be around as much as Gran-mere so I think it’s best that I stay with her at least until I’m well enough to be on my own.

Brooke: If you think that’s a good idea, then all right.  If she gives you any trouble at all you call me.

Andrew: I know that you and Gran-mere have a love-hate relationship but she has always loved me.  We’ve never had any trouble at all.  I can’t believe any would start now.

(Violet enters with a nurse)

Violet: Andrew!  Good morning, Brooke.  Are we all set to go?

Brooke: Not so quickly, Mother.  I have a few things I want to say to in private.

Violet: (To the nurse): Bring him to the car.  (The Nurse does as she’s told and exits with Andrew.) What is it?

Brooke: I don’t want you filling Andrew’s head with your racist remarks against Max.

Violet: I am not a racist, Brooke.

Brooke: Mother, you hate Jewish people.  Grandfather hated Sidney Greene because he was Jewish.  You won’t even speak to Sylvia because she’s Jewish.

Violet: I don’t hate Max.  I don’t think he’s the proper choice for a husband but if you want to marry him who am I try to stop you?

Brooke: And as for wanting to stop relationships.  Don’t ruin what Colleen and Andrew have.

Violet: And what exactly do they have?  A tryst in some seedy hotel room in Connecticut that almost cost your son his life?  If I were his mother I’d be a little more careful about the kind of girls my son wants to become involved with but what do I know I’m only the Gran-mere.  Now if you’ll excuse me, my grandson is waiting for me to take him home.

Close up of Violet

Fade to Black




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