Everlasting Love

The Edge of Night

Episode 224

Fade In: Exterior.  Night is falling.  We see Colleen knocking on Violet’s door.  Violet opens it and enters closing her door.

Violet: Colleen?  What are you doing here?

Colleen: I talked to Andrew today and he wants to see me.

Violet: I’m sorry, Colleen, Andrew’s asleep.

Colleen: Oh, if you don’t mind, I’d like to come in and sit with him until he wakes up.

Violet: It’s not the I mind but Andrew does need his rest.  He is staying with me because he needs to get better.

Colleen: Yes I know that but he called me–

Violet: Did he?  I don’t remember him doing that and I’ve been with him all day.

Colleen: He did call me.  You check my phone.

Violet: There’s no need to get excited.  If you say he called you I’m sure you think he did.  I know you would never lie about that.  Your father always taught you to tell the truth.  I know he does which is why he’s sitting in a jail cell after confessing to killing your uncle.

Colleen: How can you say something like that about my father?

Violet: I’m merely repeating what your father said.  (Colleen is crying.) There, there.  Now why don’t you go home and I’ll tell Andrew you came by to see him.

Colleen: But I came–

Violet: I’m sorry but you can’t see him now.  Why the state your in would only upset Andrew and you wouldn’t want that, would you?  Go home.

(Colleen exits crying as Violet smiles)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s cottage.  Violet enters as the Nurse is looking out the window.

Violet: Get away from the window and go sit next to Andrew.  (The Nurse does as she says.) Get this through your thick skull I’m not paying you to stare out windows.  You’re here to look after him and that’s all.

Nurse: Yes, Ms. Eaton, but he seems to be sleeping kinda long, doesn’t he?

Violet: Kinda long, is it?  Were you taught to speak that way at your finishing school?  In this house we use correct English, Miss–

Nurse: Caswell.  Mona.

Violet: Miss Caswell.  Why don’t you gather your things and I’ll show you your sleeping quarters?

Nurse: Where would I sleep here?

Violet: Listen to me.  Get your things, come with me and don’t speak.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Richard’s living room. It is dark.  Jen is seated in a chair and is drinking and looking at her phone.  It shows numerous calls from Kathy but she hasn’t answered them.  She puts her phone down and sips out of her glass.  A light is turned on startling Jen so she spills her drink on the rug.

Jen: Violet!

(We see Violet smiling with Miss Caswell behind her.)

Violet: Jen!  Try not to spill your drink on my carpet, please.

Jen: (Picking up the glass and cleaning the carpet): What are you doing here? Richard doesn’t want you in this house.

Violet: What Richard wants doesn’t interest me.  This is Miss Caswell.  She’ll be staying here as there isn’t any room for her at my cottage.

Jen: What is she doing here anyway?

Violet: May I remind you, Jen, that you are a guest here at Eaton Estates.  Richard’s guest so I do not have to answer any of your questions since I am an Eaton and neither you or Richard are.  Come with me Miss Caswell.  The bedroom is off this way.

Jen: Richard’s going to want to know why she’s here.

Violet: Where is Richard?

Jen: He’s gone to get Alyson and bring her back here.

Violet: From where?

Jen: Italy.  She eloped with Count–

Nurse: Giovanni Frangelico (Violet stares at her.) It was on TMZ.

Violet: How nice for you that you can take time from your duties to watch TMZ.  I’ll be certain to give the happy couple a wedding gift.  Wait.  Her father has already stolen my house so that should gift enough.  Come Miss Caswell.

Jen: He’s not going to like her staying here without knowing why.

Violet: I would more than happy to tell you the circumstances that has brought Miss Caswell to us, however, I doubt you’d be able to remember it in your condition. Miss Caswell? (They exit)

Close up of Jen

CUT-TO: Interior.  Dot’s kitchen. She is on her phone.

Dot: I hope you understand, Kathy. No, I’m fine. I just…I’ll come by tomorrow.  (Knock on the door.  It opens and it’s Martin.) Oh, Martin.  I have to go Kathy.  Goodnight.  (She hangs up.)  Were you supposed to come by?

Martin: No but I thought you’d want to know I took your son home.

Dot: Took my–I don’t understand.

Martin: Melanie called me.  He was drinking at O’Leary’s this afternoon. That’s not like him.

Dot: No it’s not.  Why did she call you?

Martin: He was stone drunk.  She wanted to get him out of there and he wouldn’t leave so I came in and took him home.  It was quite the drive I don’t mind telling you.

Dot: It’s not that far from O’Learys to his house.

Martin: Let’s just say I had to stop the car a few times and leave it at that.

Dot: I’m sorry about that, Martin.

Martin: It’s all right–

Dot: I’m sorry about everything.  Everything I ever did.  I’m so sorry about it.  So so sorry.

Martin: Dot, it’s okay.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you like this.  I’ll call Kathy–no I can’t call her.  I know.  I’ll call Father McShane.

Dot: NO!

Martin: You like talking to Father McShane.

Dot: Please, Martin, I don’t want to be rude but please if you could leave me alone.  Please.

Martin: Well I don’t want–

Dot: Please.

Martin: If you’re sure.  I’ll call you tomorrow.  First thing.

Dot: That’s fine.  Goodnight.  (She closes the door as he exits and then collapses in tears.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  Kathy is hanging up her phone.  Elsie is holding Declan feeding him a bottle.

Elsie: Is everything okay?

Kathy: Yes.  My mother sounded kind of funny on the phone.

Elsie: Did you want to go see her?  I can stay here with Declan.

Kathy: No I think she wanted to be alone.

Elsie: Probably like your other friend.

Kathy: (Holding out her hands as Elsie puts Declan in her arms): Who?

Elsie: Isn’t her name Jennifer?  I thought for sure she’d be around.

Kathy: Yes.  I thought so too.  I haven’t heard from her at all.

Elsie: Makes you wonder.

Kathy: Yes it does.  Look, Elsie, why don’t you go home and I’ll see you tomorrow?

Elsie: All right, Miss, if you’re sure.

Kathy: Yes, I am and thank you for coming by today.

Elsie: (Gathering her things and opening the door): You may not be able to count on other people but you can always count on me.  (She exits).

Kathy: I’ll remember that, Elsie.  (Closing the door) I certainly will remember that.  Come on, Declan.  Let’s go upstairs.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jim’s cell.  He is sitting on the bunk as the door opens and the cop enters and opens the cell as Colleen bursts in.

Jim: Colleen! What are doing here?

Colleen: Oh, Daddy, just say it isn’t true.  You didn’t kill him, did you?

Jim: I’m afraid I did, honey.

Colleen: No you couldn’t have.  That horrible Violet Eaton can’t be right.

Jim: What does Violet Eaton have to do with this?

Colleen: She’s a horrible person and she told me that she believed you when you confessed to killing Noel.  Even though Mom told us that you said you did I don’t believe it.  Nobody who knows you believes it.  I don’t understand why you told everyone you did kill him but you didn’t.  I know you didn’t.

Jim: Colleen, you’re getting all excited.

Colleen:  You’re my Daddy and you’re sitting here in jail for a crime you didn’t commit.  I don’t know who did it but I’m going to find out and nobody is going to stop me.

Close up of Colleen

Fade to Black





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