Everlasting Love

The Goldmans Part 2

Episode 227

Fade In: Exterior.  Beautiful sunny day.  Maple Falls Park.  Elsie is on the bench feeding the birds with Declan in his carriage.  Judy comes walking by with her books, sees Elsie and the carriage and goes to them.

Judy: Is it okay if look at Declan?

Elsie: Why yes, dear.  (Stops feeding the birds.) He’s such a handsome boy, isn’t he?

Judy: Yes.  He’s so cute. Like a little doll.  Can I hold him?

Elsie: Well, I–

Judy: Please.  I won’t hurt him.

Elsie: All right then.  You sit down and I’ll hand him to you. (Judy sits and puts her books down on the bench.  Elsie gets Declan from his carriage and hands him gently to Judy and then sits beside Judy.) Careful with him now.

Judy: I will be.  I think of him as my little brother of course I know he isn’t but that’s how I think of him.

Elsie: That’s nice, dear.  I should take him now.

Judy: Okay.  (Elsie gently takes Declan from Judy and places him carefully in the carriage.)  See Aunt Kathy well I’ve always wanted her to be my mother so that’s why I think of Declan like that.

Elsie: I see.

Judy: How do you know Aunt Kathy?

Elsie: We’re friends.

Judy: Then I guess you’re my friend too.

Elsie: I’d like that.

Judy: I know we met before but I don’t remember your name.

Elsie: It’s Elsie Hunter.  What’s yours?

Judy: Judy Goldman.  I live with my father and brother right next door to Aunt Kathy.  Where do you live?

Elsie: Right now I’m staying with Mrs. Shea.

Judy: I know her.  She’s my grandmother.

Elsie: Is she?

Judy: For real not like pretending Declan’s my little brother.

Elsie: I thought Mrs. Shea is Kathy’s mother?

Judy: She is.  I know it’s kinda confusing but I guess my mom and Aunt Kathy are half sisters or something like that.

Elsie: Well if that’s true then you don’t have to pretend you’re related to Declan.  He’s your cousin.

Judy: Oh.  I never thought if that way.  (Smiles brightly) I like you, Elsie.

Elsie: Oh, now.  (Holds out the paper bag with the bird food) Would you like to help me feed the birds?  (Judy happily nods.)

(As Judy feeds the birds, Elsie and she smile and laugh.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  Max and Brooke are seated opposite her as Sylvia sits on the couch.

Max: You want Judy to come and stay with you?

Sylvia: I told you on the phone.  She and I are working on a project to erect a statue to Papa.  We may be working late into the night and I’d like to stay here while we do that.

Max: I don’t see any reason why she should stay here for that.  I can come and get her unless you’re planning to treat her like a slave locked in the basement stringing beads together.

Sylvia: I don’t plan anything of the kind.  I just want her to know that she has a place to stay here as well.  I mean even though we are divorced we’ve never formally decided what we want to do with the children.  I don’t see the harm in it.

Max: The harm in it?  The last time you came by my house to see Judy you were such a mess she ran out the door and was almost killed when Paula’s bookstore almost fell on her.  If it hadn’t been for that guy who came in and rescued her she’d be dead.

Sylvia: Do you mean Charlie Syms?

Max: I guess so.

Sylvia: If you’re concerned about Judy having a protector Charlie works here now.

Max: What’s he doing here?

Sylvia: A little bit of everything.  Yard work, house work.  Whatever I need to be done.

Max: I don’t like the sound of it.

Sylvia: Tell me something, Max, if you were so concerned about Judy’s safety where were you that night during the flood?

Max: What do you mean where was I?  I was at the hospital.

Sylvia: No you weren’t.  You had checked out of the hospital.

Max: Then I was helping around the town.

Sylvia: That’s possible but you didn’t run home and check on your children during one of the worst floods we’ve ever had.

Max: What’s your point, Sylvia?

Sylvia: My point is your no more reliable than I am with the children so who are you to sit there and tell me whether or not Judy can stay here?  She’s going to stay here and that’s all there is to it.

Max: Sylvia!

Sylvia: What?

Brooke: I think we’re getting off of the reason we came here today, Max.

Max: Forget it.

Sylvia: No.  Tell me, Brooke, why are you both here today?

Max: I’m not going to ask her now or ever.

Sylvia: I know why you’re here.  Now that Arthur has resigned and is moving to New York you want to be reinstated as Chief of Staff is that right?

Max: I was a damn good Chief of Staff.

Sylvia: Yes you were.  You did a better job that Arthur.  I mean he was capable but he wasn’t you.  You of course were not Papa.

Max: Nobody was ever good enough as your precious Papa.

Sylvia: Certainly not you.

Brooke: I think we’re getting off course again.

Sylvia: No we’re right on it.  (To Max) I will never reinstate you as Chief of Staff however I would like to offer the position to you, Brooke.

Brooke: To me?

Max: To her?

Sylvia: And why not?  She not only handles all her responsibilities at the hospital, she also runs her own practice quite successfully and efficiently.  The others doctors and nurses on staff respect her.  The board does as well.   She has managed to succeed on her own while rearing a blind son who, by the way, Brooke, I am happy to hear can see again.

Brooke: Thank you, Sylvia.

Max: I know why you’re doing this.  You’re doing this out of spite.

Sylvia: Are you saying that your fiancée is not highly qualified?  That only a man is capable of being Chief of Staff?  Not even a man but only you, Max, is that right?  Just you and no one else.  Sort of the way you were when we were married.

Max: I never said anything like that.

Sylvia: Then if Brooke should accept the position you’d be good with that?

Max: Of course.  As long as she’s qualified–(Brooke gasps) you know what I mean.

Brooke: This is a surprise, Sylvia.

Sylvia: But you’ll consider it?  I’m sure once I’m able to talk to Richard he’ll speak to the other board members.  You know how highly he regards you, Brooke.

Brooke: Yes but it means so much to Max.

Sylvia: Max is not going to be the Chief of Staff.  So you think about it and let me know.  If you pass on it, then we’ll get someone else but it won’t be Max. Ever. Again. (Max storms out as Brooke gathers her things.) Brooke, if I were you I’d not only consider the Chief of Staff position I’d reconsider that marriage proposal.  Take it from someone who knows, you’ll never be happy with him because he loves Jen.

Brooke: (Exiting): Max!

(Close up of Sylvia smiling)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Max’s car.  He enters the driving seat as he slams the car door.  Brooke enters the passenger side and he starts the car and drives.

Max: Can you believe her?  Of all the dirty lowdown tricks.  Asking you to be Chief of Staff when she knows I should be it.  She’s only doing it so we’ll break up.  That’s what she wants.  She uses that hospital like a personal weapon against me.  That’s the only reason she asked you is to hurt me.  If you took that job she’d only let you keep it until we broke up and then she’d replace you.

Brooke: So you don’t think I’m qualified to do it?

Max: Are you kidding?  That is a very difficult job.  I’m not saying you aren’t a great doctor, you are but come on.

Brooke: I never realized up until the moment how little you thought of me.

Max: What are you talking about?  Where were you?  You were going to back me up and convince her to give me that job.

Brooke: I did say to her how much the job means to you and remember you were the one who wanted me to go with you.

Max: Yes for support.  Not to steal the job.

Brooke: Could you stop the car?

Max: What?

Brooke: Stop the car! (He stops it and she exits)

Max: What are you doing?

Brooke: I’ll call a Uber.  I really don’t want to go anywhere with you right now, Max.  Goodbye.  (She exits the car.)

Max: Brooke–get back in the (The car door slams).  Fuck it.  (He speeds off.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  A Crest Haven hall way.  Olive and David are walking down the hall.

Olive: And this is where all the patients are.  You don’t need to worry about them.  You need to clean up after them.

David: Yes, Mrs. Benson.  (He sees the closed-door with Rose Benson’s name on it.) Why is this door closed?

Olive: Hey, don’t touch that and don’t you go sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong or else I’ll chop it off.

David: Whoa!  I was just asking a question.

Olive: That ain’t your job.  You may think you’re something because your Mother and Father are rich but here you clean floors and that’s it.  Got it?

David: Got it.

Olive: Let’s go.

(David hesitates and looks again at Rose’s door and he starts to follow Olive down the hall.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny’s office.  She is seated at her desk reading Noel’s file as there is a knock on the door.  

Ginny: (Closing the file): Come in.

(The door opens.  In walks a smartly dressed woman, a little large but not fat, tough but looks properly attired.  She enters with her briefcase.)

Woman: I want to see James Burke.

Ginny: And who are you?

Woman: You know who I am.  Every does.  I’m Adrian Shapiro and I’ve come to save James’s life.

Close up of Adrian

Fade to Black






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