Everlasting Love

Mornings at Seven

Episode 228

Fade In: Exterior.  Main Street.  We slowly move to the office building that contains Jim’s and Brooke’s offices and slowly pan up to Brooke’s apartment.  We dissolve inside the apartment.  Brooke’s phone is buzzing and showing that Max has left several messages.  Brooke is standing putting her earrings on and dressed for the day, lipstick, etc.  She looks beautiful.  She picks up the phone and turns it off.  She smiles into the mirror and exits the room.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Main Street again.  Brooke leaves her building and walks across to the Corner Store.

CUT-TO: Interior. Burke’s Corner Store. Brooke enters the store as Martin is coming down the stairs closing his bedroom door.

Brooke: I hope I’m not too early, Martin.  The door is open.

Martin: No trouble, Doctor Eaton.  I had to go back upstairs and put on a sweater.  I didn’t realize today would be so cold.  It’s fall after all.  It was Maureen’s favorite time of year.

Brooke: You must miss your wife.

Martin: Yes I do. Still it was a blessing to be married to her all those years even if she spent the last twenty-five in a coma.

Brooke: But you were there at the hospital every day with her, weren’t you?

Martin: Yes.

Brooke: I imagine she felt that love even though she couldn’t express it.  It must be wonderful to be married to a man who loves you in that way.

Martin: Well from what I hear you and Max will be married soon and then you’ll both know the love Maureen and I shared.

Brooke:  I’m looking for those powdered donuts.  I know they aren’t good for you but Andrew loves them.

Martin: They are over there at the left.  Do you see them?

Brooke: Yes.  Thank you.  (She takes a box.)

Martin: I heard Andrew has his sight back.  It’s some sort of miracle.

Brooke: Yes I suppose it is.  Where’s your coffee?

Martin: It’s over to the right.  I can get it for you.

Brooke: No I can get it.

(Enter Max)

Martin: Morning, Max.

Max: Good morning, Martin.

Martin: Same as usual?

Max: (Distracted): Yes, Martin.

(Brooke walks over to the counter and ignores Max.  She places them down.)

Max: (Quietly): Brooke, I’ve been calling you.

Brooke: Martin, what do I owe you?

Martin: Well let me give Max his coffee and paper and–

Max: Thanks, Martin and I’ll pay for Brooke’s purchases as well.

Brooke: No, I can pay for myself.  I have my own money, thank you.

Max: I was only trying–

Brooke: How much, Martin?

Martin: Let’s see the donuts and the coffee that should come to fifteen dollars and fifty cents.

Brooke: (Hands Martin sixteen dollars): Here, Martin, keep the change.

Martin: Don’t you want a bag?

Brooke: No, thank you.

Max: Brooke!

Martin: That’ll be two dollars, Max.

Max: Right. Sure.  (Hands him five dollars.)

Martin: (Opens the register): Don’t you want your change back?

Max: Keep it.

(Dot enters as Brooke exits and Max goes after her.)

Brooke: I’m sorry, Mrs. Shea.

Max: Brooke!

Dot: (Closing the door): What was that all about?

(Martin shrugs)

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Burke’s Corner Store.  Brooke enters and Max follows her.

Max: Brooke, I am trying to talk to you.

Brooke: What do you want to say?

Max: I’ve been calling you all night and day–

Brooke: Why?  To apologize for how you acted when Sylvia asked me to be the Chief of Staff and not you?

Max: I do apologize for that but I still say–

Brooke: You still say that your ex-wife chose me over you so there would be trouble between us–

Max: Tell me I’m wrong.  There is trouble.

Brooke: And my qualifications for Chief of Staff have nothing to do with her asking me?

Max: I’m not saying that.

Brooke: Then what are you saying, Max?

Max: You don’t understand who Sylvia really is and how her hatred of me–

Brooke: So this is still about you.  Everything I have done in this relationship has been about you.  Your children.  Your ex-lover.  Your ex-wife.  I’ve taken on all of these people to please you but what have you done for me, Max?

Max: That’s unfair.  I was there for you when Andrew came into the hospital.  I operated on him and because of me he can see again.

Brooke: Oh my God.  You are going to take credit for my son no longer being blind? Even my son’s blindness is about you?

Max: You’re twisting everything I’m saying–

Brooke: No, I don’t think so.  Maybe Andrew isn’t the only one who was blind.

Max: Brooke–

Brooke: I have to go, Max.  Andrew needs me and I need him maybe more than he needs me.  I need to be with someone who actually loves me for me and not for what I can do him.  (She exits into her car and drives off.)

Max: Brooke! Damn Sylvia!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Richard’s bedroom.  Jen is waking up as Richard enters carrying a tray of coffee and eggs and toast.  He is still in his dressing gown.

Jen: What’s all this?

Richard: It’s called breakfast.

Jen: (She slowly sits up): And you made for me? (He nods) Do you know how to make it?  Really?

(He places the tray in front of her and sits on the bed.)

Richard: It’s all microwaved but that’s the same thing, isn’t it?

Jen: (Takes a bite of the eggs and tries to swallow them so she sips the coffee, swallows and makes a face): Actually, no it isn’t.  Richard, what’s going on?

Richard: All right so I don’t know how to cook and I’ve been away getting Alyson back here but I loved knowing when I was flying back from Italy with her that you would be here.  I love you very much, Jennifer Marie Crane–

Jen: How do you know my middle name?

Richard: Let me finish.  (Reaches in his dressing gown pocket and pulls out a small black box) And I want you to be my wife (He opens the box showing a beautiful tasteful but expensive diamond ring.  Going down on one knee) Will you do me the honor of being Mrs. Richard Wembly?

Jen: Richard, I–Yes, of course.  Yes.

Richard: (He stands and places the ring on her finger and they passionately kiss): You’ve made the happiest man in the world.

Jen: Oh my goodness.  We’ll have to plan a wedding–

Richard: No.  Today.  Will you marry me today?

Jen: Today?  But, Richard, why so suddenly?

Richard: I went to Italy to get Angel to come home with me and I met Countess Frangelico.

Jen: Countess–I thought she was dead.

Richard: That’s what she wants people to believe.

Jen: Why?

Richard: I was summoned to her room and the only light in the room was on her portrait which had been commissioned years ago.  She looked exquisite but she wouldn’t allow me to turn on any other light until the end of our conversation when she turned it on herself.  I saw her now.  Her face was like a mask and had been badly damaged by too many plastic surgeons and one in particular who cut her face so that she is now grotesque.  She is very old and frail and she lives in darkness because her youth and beauty are gone.  I am older than you, Jennifer, by a good twenty years.  I don’t want to miss any more of the time we should have together as husband and wife.

Jen: What about Alyson and Sheri?

Richard: Damn Alyson and Sheri.  Damn everyone else.  I’m talking about us.  You and me.  No one else.  Today.  We’ll take my plane to New York.  I have a Judge who will marry us.

Jen: Yes, Richard, today.  I will become Mrs. Richard Wembly today.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Burke’s Corner Store.  Dot is at the counter.

Dot: What was that all about?

Martin: A lover’s spat that’s all.

Dot: It seemed to me it was more than that.

Martin: I’m not one to go sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong.  How are you anyway?

Dot: I’m fine.  Why?

Martin:  You didn’t seem fine the other night when I came by your house and when I called you yesterday you never called me back.

Dot: Oh, that.

Martin: Yes that.  Well?

Dot: Well nothing.  I’ll take a dozen eggs and a carton of milk.  (He looks at her.) What? I thought you said you didn’t go sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Martin: That’s for them.  We’ve been friends for years.

Dot: Well, friend.  I’ll take a dozen eggs and a carton of milk.

(He grimaces as she stands at the counter and gently sticks her tongue out at him.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  She is walking back and forth with Declan as Patrick and Colleen enter.

Patrick: Mom, you won’t believe it but Alyson is back in Maple Falls.

Kathy: How do you know that?

Patrick: She text me.  She wants to see me later today.

Colleen: (Crossing to the counter to get her muffin and coffee): Who cares about Alyson Wembly?  We’re driving Adrian Shaprio around town today so she can see how Maple Falls is and help Dad’s case.

Patrick: I know but I think it’s exciting that she wants to see me.

Kathy: If I were you I wouldn’t be so quick to resume your friendship with Alyson.  The last time you were friends she lied to you and said she was pregnant with David’s baby to keep David and Sheri apart.  She’s proven that she’s not trustworthy.

Patrick: You’re only saying that because you never liked her.

Colleen: I wonder why?  Mom walked in and caught her being boinked by our cousin Hugh in Mom and Dad’s bed remember?

Kathy: Poor Hugh.  I can’t tell you who you can and can’t have for friends, Patrick, you’re too old for that but I’d advise you to think wisely about this.

Colleen: (Bites into the muffin): Come on, Pat, I’ll drop you off at school.  Then I have to go to classes and then we’ll pick up Adrian.

Patrick: You think she’s going to get Dad cleared, don’t you, Mom?

Kathy: Oh, yes.  I think so.

Colleen: Well he didn’t do it even if he says he did.  What are you doing today?

Kathy: Well as soon as Elsie comes I’ll leave Declan with her and go by and see your father and then I better go to the tv station.  I assume I still have a job there but I haven’t seen Brian on it.  It’s just been reruns of Mister Ed.

Patrick: Oh is that what that is?  I’d like a talking horse.

Colleen: We don’t need a talking horse.  You talk enough for all of us.  Let’s go.  (She takes Patrick and they exit.)

(Close up of Kathy)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brian’s bedroom.  He is laying in his bed and looks a mess as does the room.  Arthur enters.

Arthur: Come on, Brian, it’s time to get up.

Brian: What for?

Arthur: Now don’t be like that.  You’ve been a bad mood these last couple of days.

Brian: Gee, I wonder why.  My boyfriend is leaving me and my mother hates my guts. It’s enough to make a gay guy go straight.

Arthur: I’m not leaving you, Brian, I love you.  We’ll still be together.  Once you sell the station you can come live with me in New York.  We’ve already talked about this.

Brian: Correction.  You’ve talked about it.  I’ve listened.

Arthur: I know you say you’ve listened but have you heard anything I’ve said?

Brian: You must have learned all that psychobabble when you were married to Brooke.  Imagine you married to Brooke Eaton.  She is a smart, successful, beautiful woman.  Why would she ever be married to someone like you?

Arthur: Ouch!  (Doorbell rings) Who could that be at this hour?

Brian: Why don’t you fly downstairs and find out?  (Arthur looks at his angrily and exits.) Maybe its New York coming to pick you and take you away.  (He sits up and holds his head.  We see the empty bottle of scotch next to the bed on the nightstand. He takes it and cradles it.)  You’re the only one who understands me.  The only one who cares. (The door flies open and Arthur runs in.)

Arthur: Your mother’s here and she wants to talk to you.

Brian: Well I don’t want to talk to her and why would she want to talk to her son who embarrasses her?

Arthur: I don’t know but she’s downstairs and–

Dot: (Entering): Hello, Brian.  (Arthur turns) Arthur, will you leave us alone, please?

(Arthur exits.)

Brian: Well?  Do you have something you want to say to me?

Dot: Yes.  I have a lot I want to say.

Close up of Dot

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s cottage.  Andrew is resting on the couch as Violet sits with her coffee and Miss Caswell stands at the ready.

Andrew: Are you all right, Gran-mere?

Violet: Yes, dear, why wouldn’t I be?

Andrew: Well I heard you last night calling Silas’s name.

Violet: I don’t remember that.

Miss Caswell: (Taking Andrew’s blood pressure): Maybe you were sleeping heavily and didn’t realize you said it.

Violet: And you’re speaking because?

Andrew: Granmere!

Violet: If you are done taking Andrew’s blood pressure and whatever it is you think you are doing go do it elsewhere.

Miss Caswell: Yes, Ms. Eaton.  I think I left something up at Mister Wembly’s house if I may go get it.

Violet: It is not Mister–never mind.  Just go! (Miss Caswell exits.) My God, the things I have to endure but I’ll endure anything for you, Andrew.

Andrew: You don’t have to be so mean to Miss Caswell.

Violet: Please let us talk about something else other than imbecile.

Andrew: I did hear you calling for Silas.  It makes sense since I know how close you were to him.

Violet: I don’t know that we were close, Andrew.  He did work for me for years but he was a servant nothing more.

Andrew: Gran-

Violet: Please, Andrew, let’s drop this tedious subject.  How are you feeling today?

Andrew: Better.

Violet: That’s good.

Andrew: It’s kind of funny that I haven’t heard from Colleen.  I asked her to come by and she never did.

Violet: Maybe Colleen feels guilty and has chosen to stay away because of it.  You wouldn’t be in this condition now if you hadn’t chased her into the street and try to stop her from leaving.

Andrew: She didn’t see the car coming.

Violet: We don’t know that.  You couldn’t see at the time and your mother and I weren’t out in the street until you’d been hit.

Andrew: No I think you were both out there before that.

Violet: It’s neither here nor there I’m just suggesting that perhaps you should choose your friends more wisely.  I’m only looking out for your best interests. (Knock on the door.)  Who could that be?  Miss Caswell the door!

Andrew: She’s off on her errand, Granmere.

Violet: Oh that’s right.  The one time she can actually do some good and she’s nowhere to be found.  (She opens the door.) Brooke!

Brooke: Hello, Mother.  (She enters with flowers.) I got these for you.

Violet: Thank you, darling, but it’s completely unnecessary with my roses still growing so beautifully.

Brooke: (She gives the flowers to Violet): Your welcome!  (She goes and hugs Andrew.) I brought you donuts.

Andrew: Thanks.

Brooke: How are you?

Andrew: I’m good, Mom.  How are you?

Brooke: I’m good.

Violet: To what do we owe the pleasure?

Brooke: I came to see my son.  You’re looking so much better, Andrew.  You are taking good care of him, Mother, thank you.  How are you feeling?

Violet: (Putting the flowers in a vase): You seem anxious, Brooke.  As though you have something to tell us.

Brooke: No.  I do need to see Uncle Richard about something.  Do you know if he’s around?

Violet: The last I heard about Richard he was off to Italy to save his darling daughter from the clutches of a phony Count.

Brooke: How do you know he’s phony?

Violet: I knew the Countess Frangelico.  Well perhaps I didn’t know her but I knew people who did.  There’s no way he could be her grandson.  She never had children.

Brooke: Well maybe it was her husband’s grandson.

Violet: No.  She’s married to him.

Brooke: To who?

Violet: To the phony Count–what’s his name–Giovanni.

Andrew: He’s only in his twenties.

Violet: Yes.  Well.  Marriages can be very strange.  You’ll be finding that out soon yourself, Brooke.

Brooke: (Rises): I’m going to go see if Uncle Richard is around and then I’ll be back. So don’t eat all the donuts.

Andrew: (Laughs): I won’t.

Violet: What did you want to see him about?

Brooke: Don’t it let trouble you, Mother.  You have enough to do looking after my son.

Close up of Violet

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jim’s cell.  Jim is seated in his cell as a cop enters.

Cop: You have a visitor.

(Jim rises)

Jim: What are you doing here?

Close up of Lena

Lena: Hello, Jim.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Police Station.  Kathy is talking to a cop.

Kathy: I’d like to see my husband, please.

Close up of Kathy

Fade to Black












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