Everlasting Love

Jailhouse Rocked

Episode 229

Fade In: Interior.  Jim’s cell.  Jim is standing.

Jim: You shouldn’t be here.

Lena: I’m here because I want to see you and I know you want to see me.

(The Cop is unlocking the cell.)

Jim: Don’t open the cell.

Lena: Jim?

Jim: I’ve made it clear to you, Lena.  I told you not to come visit me.  I’m in love with my wife, Kathy.

(Kathy and another cop enter.)

Kathy: Lena, why are you here? Jim?

Jim: I just told her to leave, Kathy.

Cop: (To Lena): Come on, you gotta go.

Lena: If what you are saying is true, Jim, then why are you always there to protect me?  Why did you take me away from Noel.  It’s because you love me and not her!

Kathy: That’s it.  You’ve caused us enough trouble.  Jim is in prison because of you.

Lena: Because of me?  I didn’t ask him to take me away from Noel.  He did it on his own because he loves me.

Jim: I took you away because he was beating you.

Kathy: Jim has a fatal flaw.  He’s too kind.  I don’t have that flaw.  I am kind and good to those that I think deserve it but to anyone who tries to come between me and my family I am not kind or interested.  Please get her out of here and don’t let her come see my husband again.

Cop: Yes, Mrs. Burke.  (Taking Lena’s arm) Come on, lady.

Lena: Let go of me.  You’ll regret this, Jim, I promise you.

Cop: (Still holding her arm): Come on! (He pulls her out and they exit.)

Jim: What are you looking me for?  I didn’t tell her to come here!

Kathy: (To the Cop): Can you open the cell, please?  (He does and then exits.) I am sick and tired of Lena Romano.  She’s been in our lives back when we separated.  I want her out of our lives for good.

Jim: So do I.

Kathy: If that’s true, Jim, then what were you doing at the restaurant that night?

Jim: Kathy–

Kathy: I know you love me, Jim.  I’ve never doubted that but you’ve allowed Lena to be in our lives and now look where we are.

Jim: I couldn’t just stand there and let Noel beat her.

Kathy: Of course not but it seems as if you put her welfare in front of your own family.  You took her from the restaurant and you brought her to that cottage on Emerald Lake and you stayed there overnight with her and then you took her to the hospital the next day and then dropped her off at our house like I was supposed to welcome her!  I can understand why she would think you’re in love with her.

Jim: I’ve told her I’m not repeatedly.

Kathy: It doesn’t matter what you told her.  It’s how you acted with her.  You’ve always been there for her and then to bring her to my house?  I hate her.

Jim: Kathy, you don’t mean that.

Kathy: Yes I do.  I hate her.  I never liked her even when we were kids going to Maple Falls High together.  She was always weird but I didn’t actually hate her.  Now I do.  I began hating her during our separation and it just grew and grew and now I really hate her and you’re standing there in disbelief telling me I don’t mean but I do.  I hate her and you should too.

Jim: Well, I–

Kathy: Jim, what is wrong with you?  She was always crazy but now she’s dangerous.  Don’t you see it?  If she can’t have you then she doesn’t me too.  She has the power to put you away for the rest of your life for a murder you didn’t commit!  When are you going to wake up?  Guard!

Jim: Kathy, listen–

Kathy: No I really have to go.  (Cop enters and unlocks the cell.) If you can’t see how lethal she is then I can’t do anything to help you.  (She exits.)

Close up of Jim

CUT-TO: Interior.  O’Leary’s bar.  The restaurant is starting to open as Adrian sits at the bar nursing her coffee and finishing her breakfast.  Melanie is behind the bar cleaning up.

Melanie: So what do you think?

Adrian: I think you’re amazing but really this place?  I don’t get it.

Melanie: What do you mean?

Adrian: I don’t get it.  Why would a beautiful woman like you want to be stuck working a dive like this that you don’t even own?  Who does own it?

Melanie: I guess it would be Mick O’Leary.

Adrian: Who you never met, right?

Melanie: Right.

Adrian: And then his sister Maggie gave it to you to run and now she’s dead so what are you doing here?

Melanie: I like it.  I like living here.  I like the people.

Adrian: The people maybe I mean I haven’t met them all yet so I don’t know but Maple Tree? I don’t get it.

Melanie: It’s Maple Falls and well you’re from New York and now you live in California.

Adrian: Right and I hate California but it’s where my work is but it isn’t like you were born here.  You’ve lived all over the world and now you’re going to live here in Maple whatisit?

Melanie: Falls.  Look I don’t have to defend myself–

Adrian: I’m not asking you to defend yourself.  I just don’t get it.  I’m going out for a smoke.

(She rises and the door opens.  Kathy enters.)

Kathy: Adrian–

Melanie: Kathy, what is it?

Adrian: Kathy, sit down before you fall down.  Melanie, get Kathy some water.  (Melanie gets Kathy the glass of water as Kathy sits on the bar stool next to Adrian.  She hands Kathy the glass.) Take a sip. (Kathy takes a sip.)  Melanie? (She looks at Melanie who exits) Now what is it?

Kathy: (Puts down the glass): Lena was over at the prison.

Adrian: What? Lena Tremayne?

Kathy: Yes.

Adrian: Start at the beginning.

Kathy: I went to see Jim this morning like you told me too and when I got there Lena was standing outside Jim’s cell.  I walked in and heard Jim say that he didn’t love her that he only loves me.

Adrian: Okay.  Go on.

Kathy: So she must have told him that she loves him and when I walked in well we had words.

Adrian: Who had words?  You and Jim and you and Lena?

Kathy: Lena and I did and when she left she told Jim he was going to be sorry.

Adrian: I’m missing a whole chunk of this.  Melanie? (Melanie enters) Get Kathy some coffee and something to nosh on.

Kathy: No, I–

Adrian: Sit.  Melanie, go.  (Melanie exits.) Now, Kathy, start again from the beginning and don’t leave anything out.  Go ahead.

Close up of Kathy

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brian and Arthur’s living room.  Dot is standing as Brian enters showered and changed.

Dot: Well it’s nice to see you in something presentable.

Brian: I don’t want to embarrass you again, Mother, even if it is in my own house which I won’t be able to keep once Arthur moves to New York.

Dot: And why is that?

Brian: It’s Arthur’s home.  His salary was the main reason we could live in it.  Now that he’ll be in New York I’m sure he’ll sell it.

Dot: Are you going to go live with him in New York?

Brian: I might as well.  No one here wants me.

Dot: Oh, Brian, you’re a grown man.  Start acting like it and stop all this self pity.

Brian: Self pity?  You mean the truth, don’t you, Mother?

Dot: (Sits): I’m sorry for what I said, Brian.  I’m not making excuses for it but you came to me on a very bad day and I overreacted.  Of course I love you very much and I accept you for who you are.  I loved you and taken care of you for years.  We’ve been through everything together.  Our leaving Boston, our coming to Maple Falls, our living in Sidney Greene’s house in the servant quarters, our getting my own house, everything.  You’ve been at my side every step and I’ve been at yours.  I honestly don’t know, Brian, if I hadn’t you to take care of if there were days I would have made it through.  I will pain me if you decide to go to New York and live with Arthur but if that’s what makes you, son, then go do it.  Now do you forgive me?

Brian: Yes, Mom, I forgive you.

(They hug and he kisses her on the cheek.)

Dot: Now go to work.  We’re all tired of watching Mister Ed on your station.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jim’s cell.  He rises as the Cop enters and Adrian follows him.  The Cop unlocks the cell and Adrian enters.  The Cop closes the cell.

Adrian: (To the Cop): Leave us alone.  (The Cop exits.) Kathy just came over to O’Learys and told me what happened this morning and I have one thing to say to you are you crazy? (Jim starts to speak.) Don’t.  Shut up and listen.  That bitch is going to ruin everything for you.  She’s probably over at the D A’s now telling them you killed her husband.  (Jim starts to speak) I’M SPEAKING!  Listen to me carefully, Jim, you are never to speak or see or talk about that woman ever again do you understand me? Do you get it?  DO YOU GET IT?

Jim: Yes I get it.

Adrian: Good.  Now I’m going to go see Barney Fife and tell her to keep that woman out of here and then I’m going with your kids who are going to take me all around this one horse town.  By the way, your kids are fantastic and so is your wife but you I’m starting to wonder about!

(Close up of Adrian)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Richard’s living room.  Brooke is seated as Richard comes down the stairs holding a suitcase.

Brooke: Uncle Richard, are you going somewhere?  I don’t mean to interrupt.

Richard: You’re not interrupting as long as we talk fast.  What is it, Brooke?

Brooke: I spoke to Sylvia and she’s offered me the Chief of Staff position at the hospital.  (He looks surprised.) You look surprised.  She said she mentioned it to the other board members and they were all in agreement and that she would talk to you about it.

Richard: As far as I know she hasn’t mentioned it to anyone but I’ve been in Italy this week getting Alyson.

Brooke: Yes I heard.

Richard: Did you want to be Chief of Staff?

Brooke: Max wanted to reinstated now that Arthur is leaving.

Richard: Arthur hasn’t left yet has he?

Brooke: For New York?

Richard: New York?  I meant the hospital.

Brooke: No he’s left the hospital and is going to practice medicine in Mount Sinai in New York.

Richard: Oh.  (Calling) Jen, you better hurry up or we’ll be late.

Jen: (Calling down): I’m coming.

Brooke: I can see I did come at a bad time.  I’ll talk to you about this later.

Richard: No, Brooke, wait.  I think Sylvia’s suggestion is a good one.  I think you would make a fine Chief of Staff.  She’ll never reinstate Max–

Jen: (Entering with a suitcase): What about Max? Oh, hi, Brooke.

Brooke: Hi.  Jen, that ring?

Jen: (Smiling): Isn’t it beautiful?  Richard gave it to me this morning?

Brooke: You mean?

Jen: Yes, Richard and I are engaged.

Richard: We’re on our way to New York right now.  We’re getting married today.

Brooke: Wait? You were engaged this morning–

Richard: Yes.  Today.  (Looks at his watch) We have to go.  I think you’re becoming Chief of Staff is a wonderful idea.  Do me a favor and keep your eye on Alyson for me.  We’ll only be gone overnight.

Brooke: Yes, of course.  Congratulations.

Richard: Thank you.  Come on, Jen.

Brooke: You’re happy about this?

Jen: Yes as you are with Max.  ‘Bye, Brooke.

Brooke: Yes.  Goodbye.

Close up of Brooke

CUT-TO: Interior.  Across a door the sign on the glass reads DA OFFICE in gold letters.  We slowly dissolve inside John Kelly’s office.  He is on the phone.

John: What do you mean he is recanting his statement about killing Noel Tremayne. Jesus!  I know Adrian Shapiro’s his attorney.  Who are you anyway? TMZ?  (He slams down the phone.  There’s a knock on the door.) What? (Doris enters.  She is a heavyset woman in her 50s.  She closes the door.) Doris, what do you want?

Doris: I’m sorry, Boss, but there’s someone out here that wants to speak to you.

John: Well who is it?

Doris: It’s Lena Tremayne.

John: Lena who?

Doris: Tremayne.  Noel Tremayne’s widow.

John: Oh. OH!  Show her in, Doris.

(Doris exits)

Doris’s voice: I’ll take you in now.

(Lena Tremayne enters with Doris behind her.)

Lena: Mister Kelly?

John: Yes, Mrs. Tremayne.  Please come in.

Lena: I’m here about my husband’s murder.

John: Yes, Mrs. Tremayne.

Lena: I know who murdered him.  It’s Jim Burke.

John: Doris, get us some coffee, huh?  (Doris exits closing the door.  Holding out his hand.) Please sit. (She sits)  I know Jim has confessed to the crime but he’s recanting it now.

Lena: Recanting?  What does that mean?

John: It means he’s saying now he didn’t do it.

Lena: Oh but he did.  I know for certain he did.

John: How do you know that?

Lena: I saw him do it.

John: You mean you were–

Lena: Yes.  With my own two eyes I saw Jim Burke shoot my poor husband not once but twice and kill him.  Jim Burke is a killer.

Close up of Lena

Fade to Black







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