Everlasting Love


Episode 230

Fade In: Violet’s kitchen.  We see Violet adding a mixture to Andrew’s drink as Miss Caswell enters and Violet is startled.  She spills some of it from the cup.

Violet: What do you want?

Miss Caswell: I only came to get Andrew’s medication.

Violet: I’m taking care of that because you’re too incompetent as usual.  It amazes me you were given a nursing degree.  You look like you wouldn’t be able to take of a goldfish.

Miss Caswell: If you feel that way about it, Mrs.–

Violet: Ms!

Miss Caswell: If you feel that way about it why did you hire me?

Violet: I’m beginning to wonder that myself.  Now get out of my way.  I have to take care of my grandson since no one else will.  Clean up the counter and come back out.  (She exits.)

Miss Caswell: (Cleaning the counter; under her breath): Yes, bitch.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s living room.  She enters as Andrew is seated on the couch.

Violet: Andrew, you should be laying down.

Andrew: I’m not tired, Gran-mere.  I just got up.

Violet: You need to get your strength back.  I really think you should rest.

Andrew: (Testily): I’m fine!

Violet: Andrew, there’s no need to take that tone with me.  I’m only trying to help.

Andrew: I’m sorry.

Violet: I mean if you feel someone else can take better care of–

Andrew: I said I was sorry.

Violet: Well!

Andrew: I’m just upset that I haven’t heard from Colleen.

Violet: You know I feel about her.

Andrew: Yes you’ve made that very clear but I love Colleen and she loves me.

Violet: Are you sure about that?

Andrew: What does that mean?

Violet: I would think if she were in love with you she would come and visit but I haven’t seen her since you’ve been here.

Andrew: Thank you for pointing out the obvious.

Violet: You’re getting more like your mother every day.  (He starts to exit) Where are you going?

Andrew:  Out to find Colleen.

Violet: No.  I don’t think that’s a good idea at all.  You need your rest.  You’re not fully recovered.

(Miss Caswell exits from the kitchen knocking the swinging door into Violet’s arm so the cup falls out of Violet’s hand and the drink spills on the floor.)

Violet: You klutz!

Miss Caswell: I’m sorry, Ms. Eaton.

Andrew: Gran-mere, it was an accident.  It’s all right, Connie.

Violet: Connie, is it? Are getting familiar with the help?

Miss Caswell: I’ll make another one.

Violet: Yes, why don’t you, Connie?  Do whatever you like and you too, Andrew.  Never mind what I have to say.  I don’t know anything.  I’m only the Gran-mere.

Andrew: Gran- (He feels his head and gasps in pain.)

Violet: Quick.  Sit down.  (He sits.) Don’t stand there like an oaf.  Go get his medication and be quick about it.  (Miss Caswell exits. Andrew lays down on the couch as Miss Caswell enters with his pill and glass of water.) Finally. Give it to me.  (Handing the pill and water to Andrew.) Here, dear, you rest.

Andrew: Gran-mere–

Violet: Just take it, Andrew.  Gran-mere forgives you, dear.  (He takes the pill, sips the water, and hands it back to Violet as lays his head on a pillow.) Just rest, dear.  Gran-mere loves you.  (She smiles to herself as Miss Caswell stands there.) Why are you standing here?  Go make yourself useful.

(Brooke enters)

Brooke: Is everything all right?  I thought I heard arguing.

Miss Caswell: Your son had a headache–

Violet: Tsk, tsk.  When I ask you to speak then do otherwise remain silent.

Brooke: Mother!

Violet: Now take these things into the kitchen and be gone!

Miss Caswell: Yes, Ms. Eaton.

Brooke: Actually if you could remain, I’d like to have a private word with you, Mother.  Maybe in the kitchen?

Violet: Yes, of course, Brooke. Watch him carefully.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s kitchen.  Brooke enters and Violet after her.

Violet: What is it?

Brooke: Please, sit, Mother.  Please.

Violet: (She sits): What is it?  You’re not going to tell me your pregnant with Max’s baby?

Brooke: No, Mother, it’s nothing like that.  (Violet goes to speak and Brooke puts up her hand.) Sylvia has offered me the Chief of Staff position at Maple Falls General and I went to talk to Uncle Richard about it because he’s on the board and ask his advice.

Violet: That’s exciting news I suppose–

Brooke: That’s not it, Mother.

Violet: Then out with it.

Brooke: While I was there Uncle Richard and Jennifer had packed their bags.  They are going to New York overnight.

Violet: I fail to see how that would interest me.  I don’t care what your uncle or that whore do–

Brooke: They are going to New York to get married today.

Violet: Married?

Brooke: And when they return tomorrow they will be–

Violet: Are you telling me that idiot is marrying that whore and they are going to live in my house on Eaton Estates?  (Brooke nods) Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Close up of Violet

CUT-TO:  Interior.  Richard’s plane.  Jen and Richard are kissing.  Her phone rings and she looks at it.

Jen: Oh, it’s Sheri, I have to take it.

Richard: Of course.

Jen: Hi, honey, how are you?  How is the movie going?  Yes I am excited.  I really wanted you to be here for this but Richard promises we’ll have a huge reception when we come home and I know you’re busy with your movie.  Okay, I’m telling you.  Richard and I are going to be married today at his New York penthouse.  Yes today.  Are you happy about it, Sheri?  I’m so glad.  Yes, he is a wonderful man.  I’ll have someone take a video and send it to you.  Post it whatever–

Richard: (Looking at his phone): I have to take this.

CUT-TO: Interior.  A private cabin on the plane.  Richard enters.

Richard: (Answering the phone): Yes, hello, Doctor Prescott.  Yes I know I’m overdue I’ve been very busy lately.  I know it’s serious.  I can’t possibly today I’m doing something to make my life much easier.  I’m marrying the woman I love.  Yes, I will make an appointment.  I promise.  (Light knock on the door and Jen enters.) I must go.  (He hangs up.)

Jen: Is everything all right?

Richard: With you here how could anything be wrong?

(They kiss passionately.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  Brooke is seated as Charlie is serving the coffee.

Brooke: When did you start working here?

Charlie: About a week ago.  I’m kinda the handyman butler.

Brooke: I see.

Charlie: I’m what you might call a Renaissance man.  I do it all.

Brooke: I can see that. First you save Judy from the flood and then Dot and now you’re here.

(Sylvia enters.)

Sylvia: I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Brooke.  I wasn’t excepting you.  That will be all, Charlie.

Charlie: Yes, Mrs. Moore.  (He exits)

Sylvia: Good help is so hard to find these days.  Now what is this about?

Brooke: It’s about your job offer.  I talked to Uncle Richard about it.  I know you said you hadn’t spoken to him about it but he said he didn’t think you had talked to the board members either like you said you did.

Sylvia: (Pours herself a cup of coffee): Talking to the board is a mere formality.  They always do what I say if they wish to remain on the board.

Brooke: Does that go for Uncle Richard as well?

Sylvia: No.  I think of highly of Richard.  I don’t agree with his taste in women but I imagine he’ll tire of Jen some day.

Brooke: I don’t think so.

Sylvia: What does that mean?

Brooke: Let’s get back to the job offer.  I accept it.  I want to be Chief of Staff at Maple Falls General.

Sylvia: Well.  I’m must say I’m surprised.  I thought for sure you’d turn it down because of Max but I’m happy to see you’ve taken my advice and see that he’s really still in love with Jen and always will be.

Brooke: Did you offer me this job to break up Max and I because if you did he fully supports me.

Sylvia: Oh!

Brooke: And as for his loving Jen as you claim it’s really a moot point.

Sylvia: (She rises to look out the window): I don’t understand.

Brooke: Uncle Richard and Jen have flown to New York today.  They are probably being married as we speak.

Sylvia: You mean to tell me that slut who broke up my marriage and slept with more than half the men in the world–

Brooke: Yes.  Once Jennifer Crane marries Richard Wembly she will be one of the richest women in the world conceivably richer than you.

(Sylvia cups drops and shatters on the floor and she faints.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Max’s office.  He is seated at his desk as Brooke enters.

Max: Oh, Brooke!  I’m sorry about last night.  Things got out of hand. I said things I shouldn’t  have.

Brooke: I saw Sylvia today.  I accepted the position.  I’m going to be Chief of Staff.

Max: Oh.

Brooke: I told her that you gave me your full support but we know that isn’t true.

Max: It’s not that I don’t support you.  I want you to see how Sylvia is manipulating this so we’ll break up.

Brooke: This has nothing to do with Sylvia.  It has to do with you.  I’ve given so much to this relationship, Max.  I love Judy and David as if they were my own but for you to use your operation on Andrew and saving his life and restoring his sight as proof that you love me?  That’s what you’re supposed to do, Max, that’s your job.

Max: I was way out of line for saying that and I’m sorry.

Brooke: I am too because I really love but I can see what this relationship is now.

Max: No, Brooke, give me another chance–

Brooke: Do you really love me, Max? Jen is flying to New York today to marry Uncle Richard.  They probably should be married by now.

Max: What–Jennifer is–

Brooke: You’ve answered my question. You still love her.  You’ve made me understand just where I am with you.  (Takes the ring off.) Here, Max.

Max: No, Brooke, I–

Brooke: Tell me you don’t love her.  Tell me.  (She puts the ring on his desk and gently touches his face.) I’ll see you around the hospital, Doctor Goldman.

(She exits.)

(Close up of Max)

Dissolve to Jen and Richard standing in front of a Judge in his New York penthouse.  She is in a beautiful off white dress and he is handsomely dressed in an expensive suit. 

Richard: I do.

Judge: And do you, Jennifer Marie Crane, take this man Richard Jasper Wembly to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Jen: I do.

Judge: Then by the powers vested in me I pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss your bride.

(Jen and Richard passionately kiss.)

Fade to Black 








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