Everlasting Love

In the Still of the Night

Episode 233

Fade In: Interior.  Colleen’s car.  She and Andrew are kissing.

Colleen: Oh, Andrew, I’m so glad we can finally be together.

Andrew: Me too but I can’t believe that Gran-mere would keep you away from me.

Colleen: It’s true.

Andrew: Oh, I’m not doubting you, Colleen, but she must have thought it was for my own good.  Gran-mere has never done anything that isn’t in my best interest.

Colleen: How can you say that?  She’s never wanted us to be together.  She’s always hated me because who I am.  Who my family is.  I told you what she said about my father.

Andrew: I know and it was wrong of her to say that.  She can be very cutting at times but she’s never been that way with me.  She tells me constantly how my mother and I are the only people she loves, the only people that matter to her.  She’s really a very lonely woman.

Colleen: The way she treats people she deserves to be.

Andrew: Colleen, I’m actually worried about her.  She’s up most nights and I hear her calling Silas’s name.  (Colleen looks confused.) I know it sounds crazy to me–

Colleen: No you what sounds crazy to me is you!

Andrew: What?

Colleen: I tell you that your (sarcastically) Gran-mere (not sarcastically) is keeping us apart and has said horrible things to me and has basically lied to you the entire time she’s allegedly helping you to recover and all you can do is sit there and tell me how badly you feel for her because she’s talking to some dead guy.

Andrew: That isn’t what I’m saying at all!

Colleen: That’s exactly what you’re saying.  I risk my life–

Andrew: Your life?

Colleen: Yes my life!  To get you out of that prison she’s put you in and all you want to do is have me drive you back there!  Well, don’t worry, Buddy, I’ll take you back and you can stay there for all I care.

(She starts up the car.)

Andrew: Your getting hysterical!

Colleen: I wonder why?  I got a father sitting in a jail cell for a murder he didn’t commit, I got a mother taking care of a baby that’s ruining our lives and she refuses to see it and I got a boyfriend whose ass I saved and all his can do when he’s with me is whine about his little Gran-mere.

Andrew: Oh, you’re allowed to care about your family but I can’t care about mine?  I mean your Dad did confess to the murder, don’t forget!

Colleen: Ohhhhh!  That’s it.  (Stops the car) Get out!

Andrew: What do you mean?  It’s dark out.

Colleen: You should be used to it.  You used to be blind!  (She can’t believe she said that and neither can he.) Oh, Andrew, I–

Andrew: Goodbye, Colleen.  (Exiting the car)

Colleen: Andrew, I

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Colleen’s car on the road.  Andrew stands on the passenger side and gets on his phone.

Andrew: Hello, Gran-mere?  It’s Andrew.  Could you come get me?

(Colleen drives away in tears and we see that Andrew is softly crying too.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  John Kelly’s bedroom. It is a man’s bedroom. He is seated up in his bed.  Shirt off wearing boxer shorts.  He reaches for a cigarette, gets his lighter, and starts to smoke it as Doris Crandall comes from the bathroom.  She is dressed back in her office clothes.

Doris: You sure you don’t want to get something to eat, Boss?

John: No, Doris, I’m little tired tonight.  That Boss thing it’s cute in the office but–

Doris: Sure, John, but you gotta eat something.  Let me go out and grab something and then I’ll come back here and we’ll eat it together.

John: Not tonight, Doris, okay?

Doris: What is it?  What’s wrong?  I mean I didn’t do anything–

John: No.

Doris: I mean everything great–

John: Yes.  (He rises from the bed.  Puts out the cigarette in the ashtray and crosses over to her and kisses her gently.) I’m just beat, that’s all.

Doris: It’s the case, isn’t it?  You’re working too hard on it.  I can tell.  You really want to see Jim Burke behind bars, don’t you?

John: Me?  No.  I don’t have a personal vendetta against Jim.

Doris: Don’t you?

John: No.  Listen I’m the District Attorney.  My job is to prosecute murderers and Jim has confessed to killing Noel Tremayne.  It should be an open and shut case.  It’ll probably send him away from life. (Doris mumbles something.) What?

Doris: I said then Kathy will be free.

John: Kathy?  She has nothing to do with this.

Doris: You have been in love with Kathy ever since you went to high school together.  You told me so yourself.

John: You’re talking nonsense.  I’ve been married three times since then–

Doris: And divorced three times since then because you couldn’t stop loving Kathy!

John: That’s bull.

Doris: Look, I don’t want to do this.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

John: Doris!

Doris: Yes, Boss?

(He says nothing and she exits.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  O’Leary’s Tavern.  Paula is at the bar sipping a martini but she is obviously drunk.  Melanie is trying to soothe her.

Paula: I can’t believe it.  I just can’t believe it.  No matter how I try I cannot believe it.  Jennifer Crane.  Little manipulative Jennifer Crane.  Creepy crawly little Jennifer Crane married to the richest man in the world!  She has millions and millions and millions–

Melanie: Paula, give me the martini.  You need some coffee. (Grabs martini so it splashes on Olive as she enters and walks by.)

Olive: Hey!

Melanie: Sorry, Olive.

Paula: (Looking at her empty glass): Where’s my martini?  It was here just a second ago.

Melanie: (To Paula): You’re shut off!

Olive: (Sitting at the bar; Drying herself off): I’ll have one of those.

Paula: Well if it isn’t Olive Benson?

Olive: Yeah. So?

Paula: The last time I saw you was when my ex-husband was running down the stairs after spending the night with you at Jen’s house.  That’s a helluva sentence.

Olive: What of it?

Paula: Jen.  You live at Jen’s house.

Olive: Go away.  (Melanie hands her the martini and stands there.) I’m good for it.

Melanie: (Turning away): I hate my job!

Paula: Do you like living at Jen’s house?  Is it comfortable?  Do you sleep well?

Olive: What do you care and if you’re inviting me to stay at your place no thanks I don’t swing that way.

Paula: That’s not what I meant.  I mean that she’s going to turn the house hell all of  fucking Maple Falls into Jennifer land.  Why not? She can afford to.

Olive: What are the fuck are you talking about?

Paula: You haven’t heard?  You’re the only person on the entire planet who hasn’t!

Olive: (Rising from the bar): Get away from me.  Your drunk and beside I work all day. I don’t have time to be listening to gossip.

Paula: This isn’t gossip, Olive, old pal.  This is the truth.  Your bestie Jennifer Crane has married Richard Wembly making her one of the richest women in the world!

(Olive drops her glass so it shatters on the floor.)

Paula: Oh, that’s a shame.

Olive: Paula, are you serious?  (Melanie enters and starts to clean up the mess.) Melanie, is she fuckin serious?

Melanie: About what?

Olive: What she said about Jennifer?  That she–

Melanie: Yes she’s now Mrs. Richard Wembly–

Olive: And?

Melanie: One of the richest women in the world!

Olive: Praise Jesus!  I’ve just hit the mother lode!

(Olive runs out bumping into Adrian.)

Adrian: What the hell was that all about?

Melanie: Don’t ask.  (Exiting with a dustpan and broom.)

Adrian: (Seeing Paula): Isn’t that Paula–

Melanie: Yes. She’s been drinking here all day whining about how she’s poor and Jennifer’s rich and blah blah blah.  I’m calling Mart to come get her.

Adrian: No, I’ll take her home.  I have to talk to her anyway.

Melanie: No, Adrian–

(Adrian puts up her hand and Melanie exits.  She crosses over to Paula and holds out her hand.)

Adrian: I’m Adrian Shapiro.  I’m your brother’s attorney.

Paula: You’re going to save Jimmy right?

Adrian: Well I’m going to try too but I’m going to need your help to do it.  After all he did confess to killing your ex-husband.

Paula: Is that what he was?  My ex-husband.  He was so many things.  My husband.  My lover.  The father of my child.  Melanie was the mother!  Noel Tremayne or was it Nicky Travis or was it Ned Tucker?

Adrian: Why don’t I drive you home?  Give me your car keys.

Paula: (Handing her the car keys): You know where I live?  I live at the luxurious Eaton Estates soon to be known as Jennifer World.

Adrian: I know.  Come on.

(Adrian helps Paula to her feet as Melanie enters behind the bar.)

Melanie: Adrian, you really don’t–

Adrian: I might be a while.  I’ll see you later.  (She exits with Paula.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Burke’s Corner Store.  Martin is behind the counter as Doris enters.

Doris: I hope I’m not too late, Martin.

Martin: No.

Doris: You’re usually closed by now.

Martin: Yes I know.  Time got away from me and I haven’t closed up yet.  Can I get anything for you?

Doris: (Takes a microwave dinner out of the freezer): No, I’ll just get this.  (She goes up to the counter and places it on it.): Dinner for one. How much is it?

Martin: That’ll be six dollars, please.  (He rings up the cash register.)  Is everything okay, Doris?

Doris: (Handing him a ten): Sure.  What could be wrong?

Martin: (Handing her back her change and closing the register.): I know what you mean.

Doris: Do you?

Martin: Sure.

Doris: You have such a large family I wouldn’t think you’d ever get lonely.

Martin: Oh I get lonely, Doris.  Lonely for Mo.  I was talking about her today and well it brought back a lot of memories.  Good ones.  How are things with you?

Doris: Fine.  Couldn’t be better.  Good night, Martin.

Martin: Good night, Doris.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Doris exiting Burke’s Corner Store and exiting into her car as Paula’s drives by.  We pan up to the clear dark moon filled sky and slowly pan over to Patrick’s bedroom.  We slowly dissolve inside as he is asleep in bed.

Patrick: Nan? Nan, is that you?

Barbara: Yes, I’m here, Patrick.

(We see clouds behind Barbara indicating that she is in Heaven and we hear Patrick’s voice.)

Patrick: I miss you, Nan, I miss you so much.  It feels like everyone’s forgotten about you, Nan, but I don’t want to ever forget about you.

Barbara: You won’t.  I won’t let you.

Patrick: But, Nan, see today I almost felt you were back.

Barbara: How’s that, kid?

Patrick: Because today I spent most of the day–well the only part of the day that matters–with Adrian Shapiro.  She’s Dad’s lawyer.  She reminds me so much of you, Nan.  It made me wish you weren’t in Heaven.

Barbara: I’m glad you made a friend, Patrick.  I always want you to be happy and I’m always with you.  Always.

(Slowly dissolve back to Patrick’s room.  He is still asleep in his bed.)

Patrick: No, Nan, don’t go.  Nan!  (He wakes and sees he’s alone in the room.  He bolts up and sees Nan’s framed picture by his bed.) Oh, Nan.  (He cries softly.)

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Eaton Estates.  Pan slowly to Adrian exiting Paula’s cottage.  She bumps into Miss Caswell.

Adrian: Oh, excuse me.

Miss Caswell: No worries.  (Holding up her cigarette.  Smiles) Can’t smoke in the house.

Adrian: I know the feeling.  I’m a smoker too.  They say one day it’s gonna kill you.  Night.  (She exits)

Miss Caswell: Night.  (She lights up her cigarette.)

Slowly pan inside Violet’s cottage.  She is closing the door to Andrew’s bedroom as she smiles to herself.

Violet: (Quietly): Well I suppose Andrew and Colleen are over,  thank God.  (She turns and sees out her window.) What is she?  (She sees that Miss Caswell is smoking and then bending down by the rose bush.)  She’ll ruin my roses.  (She grabs her gardening gloves and a trowel.)

CUT-TO: Exterior.  The Rose Garden.  Miss Caswell puts her cigarette out in the soil as she has done repeatedly as there are many cigarette butts there.  She crushes this one in and that feels something under the soil.   She isn’t sure what until she moves some of the soil and sees a bony finger.

(Close up of Miss Caswell)

Miss Caswell: What the?

CUT-TO: Close up of Violet

Violet: Enjoying my rose garden, are you?

CUT-TO: Miss Caswell, on her knees, turns and screams.

CUT-TO: Quickly the view of the Rose Garden as we see Violet smashing down her trowel and suddenly raises it again with blood on it.

Slowly pan up the night sky as the moon is now covered by a cloud.

Fade to Black


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