Everlasting Love

Roses Are Red, Violet Is Blue

Episode 234

Fade In: Exterior.  It is torrential rain in the dark of the night we see Violet digging a grave in the woods as Miss Caswell’s body lies there on a tarp.

Tom’s voice: My name is Tom Moore and I was the Police Chief of this crazy town called Maple Falls.  My life here on Earth ended when I fell off a cliff at Gull Island trying to throw my beloved wife, Sylvia, off instead.  Although my physical being died my spirit lives on.  It has never rested and it never will because I am responsible for the deaths of my ex-wife Belle Costello and my henchman Mick O’Leary.  I know I am responsible for them because they never leave me though I beg them to they are with me forever as they were in life so they are in death.  Though I know I am to blame for their deaths having killed them myself I am not nearly in the same league as the deaths that Violet is responsible for.  I didn’t know until this night what my purpose is in roaming this Earth but now I do know.  Violet has been around death since the age of five.

CUT-TO: Years earlier.  A five-year old Violet is playing with her doll in her expensive bedroom in Eaton Estates.  She is brushing the doll’s hair.  She hears arguing between her father Adam and her mother Margery.  She opens the door and sees them arguing at the top of the staircase.

Margery: I can’t put up with this anymore, Adam.  I’m leaving you!

(Violet sees her mother turn her back on her father and she sees her father push her mother so she screams as does her mother.  Her father looks at her and she slams the door as she hears a thud.  She crosses over to her doll and picks her up and smashes her to the floor and smiles.)

CUT-TO: The rainy night again.  Violet still digging the grave.

Tom’s voice: Because Violet had witnessed her father killing her mother and the Police Chief my father Charlie Moore had been paid off by Adam Eaton to rule it accidental, she was afraid of her father and he was afraid she would tell the truth though this was an understanding they had they never actually spoke of it.   So Violet’s older sister Elinor became Adam’s favorite and it became obvious to Violet how much her father hated her.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Elinor’s 7-year-old Birthday party with a huge cake and friends and her father doting on her and Violet pushed to the side and ignored.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Elinor getting an expensive car with a huge ribbon and kissing her father on the cheek and Violet looking at it through the window.

Tom’s voice: Violet began to hate Elinor as much if not more than she did her father and that hatred one day almost cost a little girl her life.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Beautiful sunny day.  Rose Benson, 5, is playing ball in her front yard.  The ball bounces and she runs out in the street to get it as she is hit by Elinor’s new car.  A much younger and prettier Olive Benson comes running from her small house and screams “Rosie!” rushing to her child as she sees the car speed away.

Tom’s voice:  Rose Benson lived because of the machines around her but someone had to pay for those machines and to cover up the fact that the Elinor’s car was being driven that day by Violet.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Adam Eaton’s study.  Violet is seated in a chair as Adam sits at his desk.

Adam: You know why I called you here today.

Violet: No, Father, I don’t know why.

Adam: I’m sending you away to a boarding school in Switzerland.

Violet: But that’s so far away.

Adam: (Smiles): Yes.

Violet: I know why you want to send me away and it has nothing with stupid, pathetic Rose Benson and her drunk mother.  You hate them.  You hate eveyone except your precious, sweet Elinor.

Adam: Elinor has never given me a reason to hate her.

Violet: Or a reason to be afraid of her?

Adam: Afraid?  Of you? (He breaks out in a sweat)

Violet: You don’t look good, Father.  I wouldn’t either if my daughter knew what I know.

Adam: Stop playing games.  What is you think you know?

Violet: You killed Mother.  You shoved her down those stairs and not only killed her but the baby she was carrying.  The baby that would love me who I would love.

Adam: You’re insane–give me my pills!

Violet: (Takes his pills and is about to hand them to him but resists): You can’t deny it?  You saw me.  I screamed when Mother screamed and you looked right at me.  You know that I know you killed Mother!

Adam: I should have killed you too.

Violet: But you didn’t because the Police Chief couldn’t have ruled both deaths accidents?  How much did you pay Chief Moore?  Because all you really ever cared about other my dear sweet sister is money. You slimey miserable prick and you have the balls to send me away?  I’m so fucking tired of you.

Adam: How dare you–give me my pills-Vio (He lunges for his pills and collapses face down.)

Tom’s voice: Violet had time to call 911 as her father was not dead yet but instead she sat and waited. (Violet sits and waits.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Adam’s study.  A shot of the clock saying 1:00 PM then it shows 2:00 PM.  Slowly pan up to Violet smiling in her chair.  She sees that Adam is dead.  She rises from the chair and drops the pills on the floor and the bottle is next to Adam.  She crosses to the door and opens it.

Violet: (Running out): Elinor!  Silas!  Something is wrong with Father!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Years later.  Violet is seated in her study as a young Brooke and Tom enter.

Tom’s voice: It wasn’t until years later that I met Violet or pretended too.

Brooke: Mother, this is Tom Moore.

Violet: It’s nice to meet you, Tom.  (Henry Westcott enters with a martini for Violet.) Henry, this is Brooke’s friend, Tom Moore.

Henry: (Handing her the martini): Here you are, my dear.  (Holding out his hand) Good to meet you, Tom.  Are you Chief Moore’s son?

Tom: Yes, sir, I am.

Henry: Charlie’s a good man. Well it’s good to meet you.  Any friend of Brooke’s is a friend of ours, isn’t that right, Violet?

Violet: Yes.

CUT-TO: Interior.  A bedroom at Eaton Estates.  Two people are naked in the bed and Tom’s head pops out under the covers.

Tom: Wow.  You are fantastic.

Violet: Well if I’m so fantastic what are you doing fucking my daughter?

Tom: I love Brooke.

Violet: I want you to stop seeing her.

Tom: All right I will but you have to leave Henry for me.

Violet: You’re insane.  You show up here as my lawn boy and you expect me to believe you really want me?  You are so pathetic.  You want my money and you’re not going to get it.  I’ll tell Brooke about us to get her away from you.

Tom: No you won’t.  It would ruin your precious reputation in Maple Falls for everyone to know that rich and powerful Violet Eaton was getting fucked by the Chief of Police’s poor son.  Besides it’s too late.  Brooke loves me–

Violet: She’ll get over it.

Tom: Will she get over the fact that in eight months she’ll be giving birth to our child?  That’s right.  She’s pregnant with my child.

(Violet looks at his smiling face and slaps it hard twice as he laughs.)

Tom’s voice: Violet wanted to kill me.  To this day I don’t know why she didn’t but she was never happy that Brooke and I were together and we had a son, Andrew.  She tried to get me into bed a few more times but once I was with Brooke, I realized she was all I really wanted.  Then Violet struck again.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s bedroom.  Two years later.  Violet is seated at her dressing room mirror combing her hair.

Violet: What did you say?

Henry: You heard me.  I’m leaving you.

Violet: Why?

Henry: Come on, Violet, you’re not stupid.  You’re a highly intelligent, manipulative, conniving, selfish bitter woman but not stupid.

Violet: And rich, Henry.  Don’t forget I’m very rich.

Henry: And cold.  Incapable of loving or feeling or caring about anyone besides yourself.  I don’t know how or why you’re that way but you are.

Violet: Maybe it’s from being married to a man that loves my sister and knowing that all these years.  That no matter what I do it’s never as good as what Elinor does.  Isn’t that right, Henry?

Henry:  We might as well lay it all out.  If you remember correctly I was to marry your sister and at our rehearsal dinner for your toast you announced to everyone looking directly at your sister that you were carrying my child!

Violet: Oh I suppose I’m to blame that you fucked me?

Henry: You are so vulgar.

Violet: You wanted to lay it all out so there it is.  You couldn’t get it from Elinor so you took it from me.

Henry: Nobody ever takes anything from you.

Violet: That’s right.  Nobody and don’t think that I don’t know about your phone calls to Elinor.  Telling her how much you love her and how much you want her still even though she is married to Richard.

Henry: They’ve separated.

Violet: So you don’t deny the phone calls?

Henry: Why would I?  You only wanted me because Elinor had me.  You want everything Elinor has because you couldn’t get the one thing she had–your father’s love.

Violet: Did Elinor tell you that?

Henry: She didn’t have too.

Violet: Did she tell you that is the question?

Henry: Yes she told me that.  She said your father adored her and you were jealous of that relationship and she was always suspicious that you were some how involved in his death.

Violet: He was dead when I found him!  I walked into his study and I found him!  It’s on the police report!  That bitch and now she thinks she’s going to get you from me? First father and now you.  No.  That’s not going to happen.  I won’t allow it.

Henry: You can’t do anything about it.  Now I’m tired.  I’m going to sleep in the bedroom across the hall and leave in the morning.  Goodbye, Violet.

Close up of Violet

CUT-TO: Interior.  Midnight.  We see and hear the rain.  A darkened bedroom.  Henry is asleep in a single bed as Violet quietly enters.  She smiles quietly at Henry and he looks up.

Henry: Violet?

(Violet smiles, raises a needle, and punctures into his heart.  He gasps and collapses.)

Violet: You’re not going to die here, Henry.  I won’t allow you to have a quiet death.  You’ll pay for everything you’ve done.  You bastard!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s stairs.  She is dragging Henry’s body down them as Silas is at the bottom of the stairs.

Silas: Miss Violet–what are you?  What’s wrong with Mister Henry?

Violet: Shut up and help me.

Silas: Now Miss Violet–

Violet: Help me and if you don’t I’ll kill Arthur with one shot and we both know I can.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Beautiful sunny day.  Early in the morning.  A shot of Eaton’s Pond.

Tom’s voice:  It was such a beautiful day and I wanted Brooke to be able to sleep.  Andrew loved being on the boat on the pond so we both happily climbed into the canoe as we had since he was a baby.  I remember the last thing before we capsized was Andrew laughing

CUT-TO: Exterior.  We see Andrew under water and this should be played out as Tom speaks.

Tom’s voice: I didn’t know then that Andrew saw Henry chained down by cement blocks in the pond.  The shock of seeing his grandfather liked that was too much for two year old Andrew to take in and when I was able to pull him from the pond climbing back into the canoe he was already blind.  Violet knew Henry was in the pond.  She had put him there so he’d drown and she knew what Andrew had seen.  After the ambulance came to take Andrew to the hospital, Violet stayed behind.  By the time we returned, Violet had already removed Henry’s body from the pond and buried underneath what was to become her prize rose garden and has never told anyone she’s responsible for her grandson’s blindness.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Elinor Wembly’s apartment.  There is a ringing her apartment door.  She enters from her bedroom.  She is an elegantly dressed woman and we hear Alyson happily playing in her play room.  Elinor opens the door.

Elinor: Violet?  What are you doing here?

Violet: This is for Henry.

(Violet pulls out her gun and shoots Elinor who lies dead on the floor.  We hear Alyson cry.)

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Rainy and dark night as Violet is covering up Miss Caswell’s grave and is standing and starting to go back to her house.

Tom’s voice: And then she strangled Silas to death because he was going to tell the police about Violet killing Henry and now she’s killed Miss Caswell because she almost discovered Henry’s body.  Everything Violet has ever done is to protect Violet but I know she won’t be protected much longer because when her evil deeds are finally revealed I know what I must do.  Belle, Mick, and I will stop roaming the Earth and take Violet with us to where she belongs into the bowels of Hell.

(We see Violet’s front door close.)

Fade to Black







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