Everlasting Love

Episode 236

Leaving and Saying Goodbye

Fade In: Exterior.  Outside Jen’s kitchen door.  Richard is walking up the path to her door as he hears Olive say and we see Olive’s back to Richard as Jen is facing Olive and doesn’t see Richard.

Olive: I don’t give a shit about anybody except Rosie so you’d better pay up or else I’ll tell your rich husband everything.

Richard: And just what is this everything you have to tell, Olive?

Jen: Richard?

Richard: Why are you threatening my wife?

Olive: Because I know something she don’t want you to know.

Richard: And she’s been paying you to keep it quiet, is that it?

Jen: Richard, I can explain.

Richard: Shhh, go ahead, Olive, tell me what it is.

Olive: Well she hasn’t been paying me exactly but now that she’s married to you.

Richard: So now your blackmail extends to me?

Olive: It’s not blackmail and besides it’s for my Rosie.

Richard: (Slams the door): You miserable viper.  I am well aware of Rosie’s condition and I am sympathetic toward it but for you to use it for own personal gain, that’s disgusting.

Olive: It’s not for me.

Richard: (To Jen): What is it you are giving her?

Jen: I’ve been letting her live here rent free.

Richard: I see and where does Rosie live?

Jen: She has her own room at Crest Haven.

Olive: She deserves her own room.

Richard: No one would deny her that but you said that everything you do is for Rosie so explain to me how you living here rent free benefits Rosie?

Olive: Well, I–

Richard: Quiet!  Go upstairs and pack your things.  You are out of this house this minute and be quick about it.

Olive: You can’t throw me out.  This isn’t your house.

Richard: Nor is it yours.  (To Jen) Do you want her to stay?

Jen: No.

Richard: (To Olive): You have five minutes before I call Chief Cusack and have you thrown out.  Move!  (Olive exits up the stairs. Crosses to Jen and holds her)  Now tell me what this is about.

Jen: Richard, I can’t.

Richard: (Gently): Jennifer Crane Wembly, I love you and that’s not going to change.  Tell me what it is.

Jen: It was during the night of the flood.  I could make up excuses as to why it happened but all I know it did and I’ve regretted it ever since.  Max and I had sex in the backseat of his car.

Richard: I might have known it had something to do with Max Goldman.  Is this why you are drinking again?  (Jen looks surprised.) You thought I didn’t know?  I didn’t know about you and Max but I certainly knew about the drinking.

Jen: I’ve just been so guilt ridden about the whole thing.

Richard: Have you been with him since?

Jen: No, Richard, I swear.

Richard: Does Brooke know?

Jen: I don’t think so.  I don’t really know.

Richard: She must be told.  She cannot marry a man like Max Goldman.  If I’m being honest I tried my best to like Max but I truly never have.

Jen: What about us?

Richard: (He holds her): I still love you, Jen.  I always will but you can’t have any further contact with Max.  You understand that?

Jen: Yes, yes, of course.

Richard: Call the hospital and resign from your position there.

Jen: You mean now?

Richard: Yes.  Pick up the phone and call.  Go ahead.  Surely you don’t want to continue as a nurse.  You have no reason to still be working.

Jen: No I was planning to quit anyway.

Richard: Good.  Do it now.

Jen: (Picking up her phone, dials it): Hello, Doctor Hansen, please?  Oh, he’s no longer there?  It’s Jennifer Wembly.  Can I speak to the Chief of Staff?  Doctor Eaton?  Doctor Brooke Eaton?  All right.  Thank you.  (Puts hand on to cover her phone.  To Richard) Brooke is Chief of Staff.  (Takes her hand off) Oh, Hello, Brooke.  It’s Jennifer Wembly.  Thank you.  Yes we are both very happy.  The reason I’m calling is I’m quitting effective today.

Richard: This minute.

Jen: This minute.  I know it puts you at a disadvantage.

Richard: (Quietly): Hang up the phone.

Jen: Yes, I’m sorry about that but–

Richard: (Takes the phone from Jen): Hello, Brooke?  Yes it’s Uncle Richard.  Thank you, dear and congratulations on your promotion.  No one deserves it more than you.  I’ve asked Jen to resign and she is doing it now.  I know, dear, but you’ll find someone I’m sure.  Goodbye, Brooke.  (He hangs up her phone and hands it back to her.)

Jen: (Taken aback): Richard–(He looks at her coldly) nothing.

Richard: Olive!  Where are you?

(Olive enters from the stairs with her bags packed.)

Olive: You can’t put me out like this.

Richard: (Opening the kitchen door): I can do anything I want because I’m Richard Wembly and you’re not.  (He shoves her out the door and throws her bags out after her and slams the door.)

Jen: Oh, Richard.

(They kiss.)

Richard: You’re to keep nothing else from me, do you understand?

Jen: Yes, Richard, I understand.

Richard: Now the drinking?  I can send you to rehab.

Jen: I’d like to try to stop on my own.  I did it before.

Richard: AA meetings at St. Mark’s Church?  (She nods.) It will get out you know but if that’s what you want to do and you think it will work then we can try that but if it doesn’t–

Jen: I know.

Richard: I love you, Jennifer.

Jen: I love you, too, Richard.

Richard: We’re going to have to hire someone to clean this place and then sell it.  Let’s go home.

Close up of Jen smiling

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Kathy and Elsie are at the park with Declan in his stroller.

Elsie: He really is happy baby, Miss Kathy.

Kathy: Yes, surprisingly enough he is.

Elsie: And he makes you happy.

Kathy: Yes, Elsie, he makes me very happy but are you happy here?

Elsie: Oh, yes, Miss.

Kathy: You don’t miss your house on Gull Island?

Elsie: No, Miss.  I guess I was used to my life there.  I didn’t nothing else.  I only knew how to live alone.  My parents were dead a long time and there was no one to care for until you came along with little Declan.

Kathy: Invaded you mean.

Elsie: No, Miss, I mean came along.  I realized I’d been looking for someone to care for all that time and for someone who would care for me.

Kathy: I do care for you, Elsie, very much.

Elsie: I know you do, Miss, and that makes me very happy.  I know I can’t be your Mom because you already have one and I know I’m not part of your family but I like to that maybe I’m a distant cousin or something.

Kathy: You can be my cousin but you aren’t distant.  I honestly don’t know how I would have survived if it wasn’t for you, Elsie.  Not only did you take us in you saw Tom falling off that cliff and cleared me of any possible murder charge.  Elsie, you have been a Godsend.

(They hug as Delcan coos)

CUT-TO:  Interior.   Grace’s bedroom at St. Mark’s.  She is walking around her bedroom as a knock comes on the door.

Father: (Off): Grace, may I come in?

Grace: Just a minute, please.  (She runs back to her bed and throws herself in it and props herself against the pillows.  She notices that one of her slippers are on her foot and one is in the floor near the window where she was standing.)

Father: (Opening the door): Grace, are you decent?

Grace: Yes, Donald.

Father: Your cousin is here.

Grace: Olive?

Father: Yes.

Grace: What does she want?

Father: I’m sure I don’t know but she has come to see you and appears to be in quite a state.  I’ll send her in.

Grace: Thank you, Donald.

Father: Grace, I think you should go back to calling me Father.  I’ve allowed you and Dorothy to become far too familiar.

Grace: But, Don–(He looks at her wearily) Yes, Father.

Father: How are you feeling, Grace?  Surely that slipper didn’t get all the way over to that window by itself.

Grace: I don’t know how it got there.  (Father nods and exits closing the door.) Damn Dot Shea!  If she hadn’t told him he’s Kathy’s father then he wouldn’t be taking his anger out on me. (Knock on the door.) Come in.  (Olive enters)  What are you doing here, Olive?

Olive: (Enter and closes the door): I’ve been thrown out.  I got nowhere else to go.

Grace: What is you expect me to do about it?  My house was burned down in a fire where my husband died.

Olive: You don’t care.  You never liked him anyway.

Grace: I never–I loved Ralph.  He was my husband.

Olive: So?  That didn’t stop you from running after Father McShane.  Let’s see Ralph was a Priest when you met him and now you want Father McShane.  Does the cloth do it for you?

Grace: Don’t be so common!  This is a Church.

Olive: It’s not a Church.  It’s a Rectory.

Grace: It’s still a holy place and I’ll thank you to respect that.  (Olive shrugs) What did you do this time that Jennifer threw you out?

Olive: Nothing.  Besides, it was her rich, snooty husband that did it.  He didn’t want me living there no more so he tossed me out like a piece of garbage.  He said I’m Richard Wembly and you’re not and threw me out.

Grace: For no reason at all?

Olive: None.  Everyone thinks he’s such a great guy but he’s a mean, heartless prick!

Grace: Watch your mouth!

Olive: But you got it pretty good here at the Rectory, right?

Grace: Just what does that mean?

Olive: I figure if you’re living here.

Grace: He’s not running a hotel.  Father was nice enough to let me stay after the fire and Ralph’s death and then I fell at O’Leary’s and injured my back.  I haven’t been able to move since.

Olive: You can’t move nothing?

Grace: Not really.

Olive: You must be able to move your arms.  You look like you’re eating pretty well. I mean he’s not feeding you, is he?

Grace: Of course I can move my arms a little.

Olive: But not above your head?

Grace: No.

Olive: That must be terrible.  I suppose if you were able to move them above your head your back would be okay and you’d be able to leave, right?

Grace: I suppose so. (Olive picks up the slipper and tosses it at Grace who catches it over her head.)

Olive: Now why don’t you tell Father McShane that I need a room too or else I’ll have to tell him about you and then we’ll both out in the street.

Close up of a furious Grace

CUT-TO: Interior.  Arthur’s foyer.  His bags are packed and he’s dressed for going to New York.  

Arthur: Brian?  Brian, honey?  I’m going.

Brian: (Enters dressed for work): I know.

Arthur: Gimme a kiss.  (They kiss) Now I’ll be seeing you in New York this weekend.

Brian: I don’t think so, Arthur.

Arthur: Don’t start again with me, Brian.  My Uber is waiting.

Brian: I don’t know that I’ll be able to get away with the jury selection starting for Jim’s trial. I’ll have to cover it for the station and you’ll be busy at your new job at the hospital.

Arthur: Well, all right, you’re right.  Listen I’ll get settled in and you have can come up next weekend.

Brian: Arthur, let’s stop pretending this doesn’t change things between us because it does.  It hurts like hell that you’re going but you are going and I guess I understand why.

Arthur: But it doesn’t change how I feel about you, Brian.  I love you.

Brian: And I love you, Arthur.  (We hear a car horn beep.) Your Uber is waiting.

Arthur: Kiss me.  (They kiss again.) I gotta go.  You keep up the house for me while I’m gone.

Brian: No.  You sell it.  I can’t live in it without you and I’m moving back in with my Mom.  We already discussed it.

Arthur: You’re making this sound like it’s goodbye.

Brian: Isn’t it?  Goodbye, Arthur.

Close up of a tearful Brian

CUT-TO: The word “FLORIDA” and then we see Julian at his office with police officers.

Julian: You can’t be serious.  You can’t shut this picture down because one person o’d.

Officer: There’s nothing we can do about it.  We have to investigate the death.  What was her name again?

Sheri: Celeste Conway.  I found her in the bathroom this morning while he was yelling for us to get on set.  I went in to get her so this queen would shut up and there she was.

Officer: Thank you, Miss.  Your name again.

Sheri: Sherilyn Martin.  Sheri.

Officer: Sheri.  We’ll need a statement from you at the police station so if you could come with us now.

Sheri: Yes, Officer, but could you tell me if what happened to Celeste means the picture is shut down?  What does that mean?

Julian: It means we won’t be able to finish the picture, Cutie pie.  I’m ruined.

Officer: Hey, you watch how you talk to this young lady.

Sheri: But that means I can go home?

Officer: Sure once you give the statement.

Sheri: Then I can just grab my things.  Can you wait for me?

Officer: If it gets you away from this creep, sure.

Julian: Sheri, I wanted to talk to you privately before you go.

Sheri: What about?

Julian: Well um now that your mother is married to Richard Wembly I was wondering if you could possibly talk to her and see if she’d be interested–

Sheri: (Laughs): You must be crazy.  You treat us all like dirt.  You work us all hours of the day and night.  You scream at us.  Poor Celeste had overdosed on coke which you snort too.  (To the Officer) It’s all over the set.  (To Julian) You threaten to sue me and my mother if I don’t take off my clothes and let you film me and now you want me to do you a favor?

Officer: (To the other Officer): Check out the rest of the set (The other Officer exits) and you’d better come down to the station with us, Mister Daniels.  (To Sheri) You can testify to the illegal drugs on the set?

Sheri: Oh, yes, Officer.  I’ll be more than happy to do that.

Julian: (To Sheri): You could have just said no.

Close up of Sheri

Fade to Black











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