Everlasting Love

Episode 236

Long Day’s Journey into Night

Fade In: Interior.  Richard’s foyer.  It is empty and he is standing at the doorway with Jen as Alyson is standing opposite him.

Richard: She did what?

Alyson: I told you, Daddy, she came in here like a hurricane and took everything off the walls and all the furniture.  I ran to my room and bolted the door so she didn’t take my bed.

Richard: She took the beds too? (Alyson nods) Angel, you should have called me.

Alyson: I did.  Check your phone.  You’ve been so busy with her you didn’t notice I called.

Jen: Hello, Alyson.  It’s good to see you again too.

Richard: Jennifer is not her.  She is your new mother.

Alyson: Step-mother you mean.

Jen: Right and Sheri is your new stepsister and we’ll all be living here like one big happy family.

Alyson: Aunt Violet isn’t going to like that.  She came in here and acted like a lunatic because she found out that my new stepmother is now richer than she is.  She hates you.

Jen: That’s too bad.  I’ll have to cross her off my Christmas card list. I’m assuming I can keep you on it.

Alyson: Don’t blame me for being here.  That’s Daddy’s fault.  I want to be with Gio.

Richard: Angel, please, don’t get started on all that.

Alyson: Oh, right.  You can go off and marry her but when I marry the man I love you drag me back here to the sticks.  Did you tell her that she’ll be a grandmother soon or is it step grandmother? (Jen looks surprised.) That’s right.  I’m carrying Gio’s baby.

Jen: Oh, you’re pregnant?  Are you sure because last time you said you were but that was only to keep David and Sheri apart.  You weren’t pregnant at all.  Remember?

Alyson: Owwwww!  I hate it here and now I’m going to hate it even more because of you!  (She stomps her feet and walks up the stairs and we hear her bedroom door slam.)

Jen: Did I tell you I have a way with kids?

Richard: Never mind all that.  It will work itself out.  She just needs time.

Jen: Is she really pregnant, Richard, because if she is being pregnant so young is scary.  I know that for a fact.

Richard: I don’t know.  She’ll have to get a test done and then we’ll see what we do.

Jen: Has she heard from her husband?

Richard: He’s not her husband.  He’s a married man.

Jen: That didn’t stop us from getting involved the first time.

Richard: No it didn’t and I’m glad it didn’t.  When you left New York suddenly all those years ago I was heartbroken.  I tried to make the best of it with Elinor but she knew there had been an affair and then the time we had was so short.  She was murdered in cold blood at our apartment.  The police were never able to solve the case but I’ve had my suspicions about who did it.

Jen: Who?

Richard:  The same person who just robbed our house.

Jen: Richard, I know Violet is a cruel person but to think she killed her own sister.  Is she capable of doing something like that?

Richard: She’s capable of anything.  I have to go see her now and–

Jen: No, Richard, don’t.  If she’s capable of killing people what’s to stop her from killing you?  Leave her alone.  I’ll have furniture from my house moved here until we buy what we like.

Richard: If you’re sure that’s what you want.

Jen: It is and right now all I want to do is kiss you all over.  Can we find a place for that?

Richard: Let’s go in my study.  I always lock it so maybe she didn’t get in there.

Jen: Richard?

Richard: Yes?

Jen: I really love you.  I didn’t think I was capable of loving anyone again after Max but I really, truly love you.

(They kiss passionately)

CUT-TO: Close up of Max.

Max: What do you mean she quit?

(Pull back to show that we are in Brooke’s office and Brooke is looking at her work on her desk.)

Brooke: Effective immediately.

Max: But she can’t do that.  She’s a damn good nurse.  I bet he ordered her to do it.

Brooke: (Looking up): Max, Jen is a capable woman who knows how to make up her own mind and does what she wants.  I’m glad for her.  She and Uncle Richard will be very happy.

Max: You’re just gloating.  You’re glad she won’t be here.  You don’t like her anyway.

Brooke: On the contrary, I do like Jen very much.  She’s always been straight forward with me.  She isn’t the reason I broke off our engagement.  It’s because of you.  Your still in love with her but you’d better get over it or not I really don’t care.  You’d better get back to work.  (He starts to exit.) Did you tell Judy and David yet?

Max: No I haven’t had the chance.

Brooke: I’m sorry that this is going to hurt them so much.  I really do love them especially Judy.  She really needs a mother.  Maybe she’s the reason I closed my eyes to how you really felt.  I’d like to be able to tell her if I could.

Max: That’s not necessary.  After all they are my children.  Like you said I have to get back to work.

Close up of Brooke

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  Dot is doing the dishes as Kathy and Elsie enter with Declan in the carriage.

Kathy: Mom, what are you doing here?  Where’s Paula?  She’s supposed to be doing those.

Dot: She did that’s why I’m doing them again.  Hello, Elsie.  (Over to the carriage) And how you are you, Declan?  (He coos from the carriage.) He’s such a happy baby.  (To Declan) Yes you are.  You are a happy boy.

Kathy: I think it’s time for his nap.

Elsie: I’ll take him up, Miss.

Kathy: You don’t mind?

Elsie: Not at all.  (Takes Declan up) Now that we are cousins it makes me feel closer to him.  (She exits up the stairs.)

Dot: What did she say?  Cousins?

Kathy: It’s just a conversation we had in the park.

Dot: She’s not your cousin!

Kathy: Are you sure?  I didn’t know you were my mother until a few months ago.

Dot: Kathy, I’m sure she’s not your cousin.

Kathy: I don’t know about that.  (They laugh.) Do you want tea?

Dot: Yes, that would be nice.  (She sits)  So Paula told me about this ridiculous arrangement you have with her.

Kathy: (Getting down the cups, etc.) Did she say it’s ridiculous?

Dot: No, I did.  You don’t think she’s actually going to do your housework, do you?

Kathy: If she wants to stay here she will or else I’ll toss her out.  (Dot looks at her.) I mean it.  Her brother isn’t here to protect her this time and she knows it.

Dot: Speaking of her brother, have you been to see Jim since your argument with him about Lena?

Kathy: No but I’ll go see him today.  I just don’t want to argue with him anymore.  You know I didn’t even think to ask Paula where Lena is going to go now that Paula is moving back here.  I mean she’s staying with Paula, isn’t she?

Dot: I asked Paula about that and she said Lena up and left town a few days ago.

Kathy: Left Maple Falls?

Dot: That’s what she told me?  Do you want milk?

Kathy: Yes, please.  (Dot gets the milk while Kathy pours the tea, etc.)  That’s strange that she would leave town now.  That makes me nervous.

Dot: I know what you mean.  I don’t like it either.

Kathy: (Sitting with their tea at the table): Did Paula mention where Lena went?

Dot: No she said Lena refused to tell her and then Paula started talking about herself again so I stopped listening.  I never met anyone who is as in love with themselves as she is.

Kathy: It’s nice of you to come by here and do my housework but I thought you’d be busy at the rectory.  Don’t you usually make lunch and dinner for Father McShane?

Dot: I felt you need me more.  Father McShane has a microwave.  It’s time he learned how to use it.

Kathy: That’s a little harsh.  I thought you and Father McShane always had a special relationship.

Dot: Well I don’t feel as welcome there now that Grace Donahue has managed to sequester herself in there with her phony back injury.

Kathy: It sounds like you’re a little jealous.

Dot: Kathy, don’t be ridiculous!

Kathy: Oh, I’m sorry, I–

Dot: No, I am.  I didn’t mean to snap at you.  (She pats Kathy’s hand.) Did I tell you Brian is moving home?

Kathy: Oh?

Dot: Yes.  Arthur leaves for New York today and Brian doesn’t want to stay in Arthur’s house without him.

Kathy: They’re still a couple, aren’t they?

Dot: I suppose so.  Anyway, I should get home and get his room ready.  (She rises.)

Kathy: I didn’t tell you that Jen’s back.

Dot: Oh?  She must be so happy. (Kathy nods.) What’s the matter?

Kathy: I’m afraid we argued.  I don’t know how it started and then I accused her of drinking again and then it turned ugly.

Dot: Oh, I see.  Well, I thought she was drinking again too.  We haven’t seen anything of her and you’d think with what you have been going through that she would be right by your side.  You’ve been there for her often enough.

Kathy: That’s what I said to her and then one I said something stupid and so did she and before I knew she left here and we were madder at each other than we’ve ever been.

Dot: Well, Kathy, I completely agree with you.  She hasn’t been a good friend and what kind of a friend would you be if you can’t be honest with her?  Don’t worry about it.  She’ll come around with Richard as her husband.  I hope she knows how lucky she is.

Kathy: I think she does.  She seems really happy.  I wish I hadn’t crushed her that way.  I think I’ll call her. (Knock on the door and the door opens.  It’s Sheri.) Sheri!

Sheri: Hi, Aunt Kathy.  Hi, Grandmother! (They all hug.)

Kathy: Aren’t you supposed to be in Florida making a movie?

Sheri: Not anymore.  Somebody o’d and then the police shut it all down.

Dot: Oh my God, are you all right?

Sheri: Yes.  I’m good.

Dot: Maybe once the police open it up again, you can go back?

Sheri: Their not going to do that, Grandmother.

Kathy: Why not?

(Paula enters with her luggage.)

Paula: Sheri, dear, what are you doing here?  (She moves to hug Sheri, who backs away from her.) Did I do something wrong?

Sheri: That Julian Daniels you set me up with is a sleaze bag.  They shut down the movie and arrested him for contributing to the death of Celeste Conway by supplying her with cocaine.

Paula: Oh, poor Celeste.  I worked with her once in–

Kathy: Paula!  Did you deliberately set Sheri up with this sleazy producer so you could make money off a–what did you call it-finder’s fee?

Paula: What a thing to say!  Of course I didn’t.  I was to get paid by Julian of course but I had no idea how sleazy he had become.  When I worked with him in–

Dot: Enough!  (To Sheri) You’re home now and that’s all that matters.

Sheri: But I just  I went home and it’s a mess and no one’s there and–

Kathy: Your mother came home today.  You know she married Richard? (Sheri nods.) I bet their at his house.

Paula:  They are.  I saw them as I was leaving.  The Queen has returned to her royal subjects.

Sheri: What’s up with that?

Dot: Paula, you’re jealousy is showing. (To Sheri)  I’ll tell your Father you’re home.  You come by and see us.

Sheri: Huh? Isn’t he living with Doctor Hansen?

Kathy: No but I can catch you up on that when I take you to see your Mother.  Come on.  (To Paula and handing her a dust rag) The living room needs dusting.

(Kathy, Dot, and Sheri exit as Paula makes a face.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  The Hamburger Shack.  David and Colleen are seated together at a table eating hamburgers, fries, etc.

David: I’m happy we got a chance to get together but this stuff sucks.

Colleen: It’s pretty bad.  I liked it better when it was that Mexican place.

David: My Dad and Sylvia used to like to come here when it was Le Bistro.

Colleen: It’s funny how you now call your Dad your Dad when you used to call him Max, remember?

David: Yeah, I remember.  I was a pretty angry kid back then.

Colleen: It wasn’t that long ago.

David: Wasn’t it?  We’ve been through a lot this year but I’m glad we’ve stayed friends even though we almost didn’t.  So, friend, tell me why you wanted to meet for lunch?

Colleen: Well I wanted to see you. I didn’t know who else to talk to about this. Andrew and I broke up.

David: What? Why?

Colleen: I don’t know.  Things have changed between us.  When he was blind, he needed me more and I guess I really liked being needed but now that he can see it’s like he’s a whole new person.

David: Is there some other girl?

Colleen: His Gran-mere!

David: What?

Colleen: Not like that.  He just keeps defending her.  She wouldn’t let me see him.

David: Slow down.  Start at the middle.

Colleen: Andrew and I made love–

David: Whoa!

Colleen: Yeah whoa all right.  His mother and Grandmother walked in.

David: Wow!  That’s not good.

Colleen: It caused a big scene I ran out and Andrew ran after me and he was hit by a car–

David: Yeah.  I know.  Dad operated on him and he got his sight back.  How does that have anything to do with his Grandmother?

Colleen: After he recovered at the hospital, he needed someone to care for him at home so she took him–

David: And she kept you away from him deliberately.

Colleen: Yes.  How do you know that?

David: Sylvia 101.  So what happened?

Colleen: Well I got to see him finally and broke him free.  He came over to my house for dinner and I thought everything was great then he started whining about his Gran-mere and how he was worried for her because he thinks she’s losing her mind or whatever.

David: And then you got pissed because of what she was doing to you and he didn’t get that?

Colleen: And then I said something about him still being blind–

David: Ow!

Colleen: Yeah, it’s not good.

David: Call him up.  See how he is.

Colleen: The thing is, David, I’m not sure I want too.  Dad’s trial is coming up and I want to have a clear mind for that–

David: Your over him, right?

Colleen: I think might be.  I don’t want to hurt his feelings.  I mean, I don’t know how I really feel but–

David: I get it.

Colleen: Do you?  What about you and Sheri?

David: What about it?  I haven’t heard much from her since she went off to be movie star.  I’m just concentrating on my jobs at O’Learys and Crest Haven.  There’s a girl there named Rosie Benson.  She’s stuck there hooked up to all these machines but she has the sweetest face and prettiest yellow hair.  I feel bad for her, you know?  It kinda makes me appreciate what I have.  You should come by and see her but don’t do it when her mother’s there. Olive Benson. She’s a real bitch.

Colleen: Okay, I think I’d like that.  Let me know when.

David: I will and I know it’s gonna sound weird, Colleen, but I don’t know why I did it I gave her a rose the other day.  I figured she deserved it you know.

Colleen: I don’t care what everyone says about you, David, you’re really a good guy.

(They laugh)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Grace Donahue’s bedroom at the rectory.  Father McShane is seated as Olive is standing and Grace is in bed.

Father: I don’t think that’s a good idea at all.  The Cardinal wouldn’t like it.

Grace: But Olive has no please else to go, Father.  Certainly we can’t send her out into the street.

Father: I understand your position, Grace, but the Cardinal isn’t happy that you are staying here.  It doesn’t look right.  Two women staying with a Priest.

Grace: I’ve hurt my bad.  I can’t be moved.

Father: I understand that, Grace, still people do talk.

Grace: I suppose it that’s dreadful Dot Shea.

Father: No, I don’t believe it is.

Olive: She must still come by and make your meals, right?

Father: No, she hasn’t been by lately.

Olive: Is she coming back soon?

Father: I don’t believe so.  Why do you ask?

Olive: I know how to cook.  I make a mean Hungarian Goulash, don’t I, Grace?

Grace: You do?  I mean, you do.  Delicious.

Olive: So I’ll cook your meals and clean in return for a room.

Father: I don’t see how the Cardinal could object to that.  I am tired of microwave dinners.  All right.  We’ll try it.

(Olive smiles as Grace looks nervously on at Father McShane.)

CUT-TO: Interior. Sylvia’s bedroom.  She is at her mirror and holding her gold trimmed brush as Charlie stands in the doorway.

Sylvia: Who did you let in?

Charlie: She said her name is Adrian Shapiro and she’s here with Patrick Burke.

Sylvia: What do they want?

Charlie: I don’t know.  They came by yesterday but you were–

Sylvia: Yes.  I remember yesterday, Charlie.  Fine.  I’ll be right down.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  Patrick is touching things as Adrian looks at the portrait of Sidney Green.  He touches something and it almost breaks.

Patrick: Ow!

Adrian: Patrick, sit down.

Patrick: Sorry.  I just can’t believe this house, can you?  It’s beautiful.  I’ve never been in a house like this before.

Adrian: I have. Plenty.  I prefer your house actually.

Patrick: But ours is so small.

Adrian: Yes but some times small is good.

Charlie: (Enters): Mrs. Moore will be right down.  Can I get you anything?

Adrian: No.  We’re good.  I could swear I know you from somewhere.  You look so familiar.

Sylvia: (Enters): Charlie, did you offer these people anything?

Charlie: Yes, Mrs. Moore, but they don’t want nothing.  (She looks at him.) I mean anything.

Sylvia: That’ll be all.  (Charlie exits.)  Please sit.  (They all sit.)  Hello, Patrick.

Patrick: Hello, Mrs. Moore.

Sylvia: (To Adrian): And you’re?

Adrian: Adrian Shapiro.

Sylvia: What can I do for you, Miss Shapiro?

Adrian: I’m sure you know that I am representing James Burke in the murder trial of Noel Tremayne.

Sylvia: Yes.  I feel badly for Jim and Kathy.  I’ve always been very close to them.  You know that, Patrick.

Patrick: Yes, Mrs. Moore.

Adrian: I am glad to hear you say that because I’d like you to be a character witness for Jim.

Sylvia: I see.  (She rings a bell and Charlie enters.) Charlie, go see if there’s something in the kitchen for Patrick to eat.  You must be hungry, Patrick?

Patrick: I am sort of.

(He exits.)

Sylvia: (Quietly): Keep him out in the kitchen, Charlie.  (Charlie exits.  She rises and crosses to the bar.) Would you care for anything?

Adrian: I’m driving.

Sylvia: (Pouring herself a healthy dose): Fortunately, I don’t have that problem.  Now what is this about?

Adrian: I told you I need a character witness for Jim and–

Sylvia: I’d like to do it but no I can’t.

Adrian: Why not?

Sylvia: I’ve had a terrible shock and I don’t think I’ll be in Maple Falls during the trial.

Adrian: How would you know that?  The Judge hasn’t set a date for the trial.

Sylvia: Adrian, is it?  I want you to understand that I care very much for Jim and Kathy but I can hardly be a character witness.  (She sits and sips her drink.) Perhaps you don’t know this as you are new here but Kathy pushed my husband off a cliff to his death.  Oh, the police believed a witness who said she saw Tom fall but I know better.  I was there beside him.

Adrian: Yes, I read all about that.  I’m sorry for your husband’s death but from what I understand he died on the night of your wedding and he was seriously in debt.  Most people say he married you for your money and that would seem to hold true since his ex- wife was working as your maid and people believe they were scamming you together and he shot and killed her and then he shot and killed someone named Michael O’Leary?  If you’ll excuse my saying so, Mrs. Moore, I don’t think your late husband was exactly the Saint you like to claim he is.

Sylvia: Will there be anything else?

Adrian: No.  I’d like to thank you for your time.  (She rises) That portrait.  Who is it of?

Sylvia: That’s my Papa Doctor Sidney Green.  I just had it refinished.  He was so handsome.  I loved my Papa very much.  I still do.  There’s also a portrait of him at the hospital at the entrance.  He founded Maple Falls General.  I’m planning to erect a statue in his honor at the park.

Adrian:  He sounds as if he was one helluva guy.

Sylvia: Yes.  Were you close to your Father?

Adrian: No.  I never knew my Father.  Well, I’ll get Patrick and go.

Sylvia: Patrick’s such a sweet boy.  He’s gay you know.

Adrian: Yes, I know.  So am I.

Sylvia: Oh. I didn’t know.  Where are you staying while you’re here in Maple Falls?  Not at Mrs. Shea’s I hope.

Adrian: No, I’m staying with Melanie.

Sylvia: Melanie Forsythe.

Adrian: Yes.  You know her?

Sylvia: That makes sense I suppose.  I hear she’s a lesbian, too.

Adrian: Yes she is and a real friend to Kathy and Jim.  She called me to come represent him and I know Jim from law school so I know he’s innocent and I’m happy to be his lawyer.

Sylvia: I’m sorry I can’t help but under the circumstances.  (Adrian laughs.) What’s so funny?

Adrian: You are.  We both know that isn’t true.  You’re not sorry at all.  You’re just a pompous, self entitled, spoiled little rich girl who never grew up but one of these days you’re going to get exactly what you deserve and I know that for a fact because I’m going to be the one to do it to you.  Goodnight, Mrs. Moore.  (Yelling) Come on, Patrick, let’s go.

Sylvia: Why you!


CUT-TO: Interior.  Richard’s living room.  Kathy and Sheri are standing there as Jen and Richard exit the study.

Jen: Sheri!

Sheri: Hi, Mom.

(They hug)

Richard: Hello, Sheri.

Sheri: Hi, Mister Wembly.

Richard: I think we can do better than that, can’t we?  Why don’t you call me Richard?

Sheri: Okay.

Jen: Hi, Kathy.

Kathy: Hi, look I’m sorry–

Jen: Me, too.  (They hug and laugh.)  Let’s forget it.

Kathy: Are you redecorating?  Where’s your furniture.

Jen: That’s a long story.  Richard called and the moving men are at my house right now getting some furniture.

Sheri: So we’re living here?

Jen: Yes.

Kathy: Look, I’ll get out of your way.  I have to go see Jim.

Jen: Tell him I said hello.  I’ll call you tomorrow.  We have a lot to talk about.

Kathy: Yes.  Congratulations, Richard.

Richard: Thank you, Kathy. (They hug.) I’ll show you out.  (He exits with Kathy.)

Jen: So what do you think?

Sheri: Wow.

Jen: I know, huh?

Sheri: No I mean WOW!  For once, Mom, you did something right.

Jen: (Laughs): I feel exactly the same way.

(They both laugh)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brooke’s office.  Brooke is looking at x-rays as Judy enters.

Judy: Hi, Aunt Brooke.

Brooke: Judy, what are you doing here?

Judy: I was going to the park to feed the birds with my friend, Elsie, but it started to rain so I decided to come here and see you.  I haven’t seen you in a couple of days and I thought you might be mad at me.

Brooke: Why would I be mad at you, Judy?  I just been very busy that’s all.

Judy: You weren’t too busy before.  I came here to tell you that I want to be a bridesmaid when you marry Daddy.  I’m too old to be a flower girl.

Brooke: Oh, the wedding, right.

Judy: What’s wrong, Aunt Brooke?

Max: (Enters): Brooke, I wanted to see you–oh hello, Judy.

Judy: Hi, Daddy.  I came by to talk to Aunt Brooke about the wedding.  That’s all right, isn’t it?

Max: Well, we’re kind of busy right now.  We’ll talk about the wedding when I get home.

Brooke: Max.  Close the door.

Judy: What is it?  Did I do something wrong?

Brooke: No, Judy.

Max: Brooke, I’ll handle it.  I’m sorry, Pumpkin, but Brooke and I have decided to not get married.

Judy: Not get married?  Don’t you love each other?  You said you loved each other and I believed you!

Max: Judy, it’s not like that.  Some times things don’t work out the way we want them too-

Judy: But you promised this time it would be different.  This time you’d be a good Father but you’re as bad as you always were.

Max: Now, Judy, that’s enough.

Brooke: Judy, I still love you very much–

Judy: No, you don’t.  You only pretended to love me just like you pretended to love Daddy.  (Brooke holds her.) Let me go.  You’re not my Aunt anymore.  The only Aunt I have is Aunt Kathy.  I was stupid to believe that you would ever be an Aunt to me!  I hate you and I hate you, Daddy!

(She runs out of the office.)

Brooke: Max, go after her.

Voice: Doctor Goldman to Surgery.

Max: Shit!

Brooke: I’ll get her.

Max: No, you’ve done enough.  (He exits).

Close up of Brooke

Fade to Black




















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