Everlasting Love

Welcome Home

Episode 238

Fade In: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  She is seated on her couch as Charlie is handing her another drink.

Charlie:  It’s all right now.  Calm down.

Sylvia: (Taking the drink): Stop telling me to calm down.  You weren’t attacked by a total stranger in your home!  The nerve of Adrian Shapiro coming in here and calling me selfish and entitled.  Well she is a rude, pushy, nasty woman and I don’t want her in my house ever again, is that understood?

Charlie: Yes, Mrs. Moore.

Sylvia: I don’t know why you let her in to begin with and that Patrick Burke a charming little boy who has turned into quite the sulky teenager.  I don’t need to see him again either.

Charlie: She said she wanted to see you.  That it was urgent.

Sylvia: Urgent for her maybe but not for me.  She expected me to a character witness for Jim.  Can you believe that?  Why would I want to do something like that after his wife shoved my husband off a cliff to his death?  This Adrian Shapiro is supposedly one of the smartest lawyers there is but if she’s so Goddamn smart she should have done her homework and not come by and ask me such a preposterous question.

Charlie: Well you were friends with the Burke’s once, weren’t you?

Sylvia: Yes when Max and I were married but after what Kathy’s done there’s no way I could ever feel close to them again and it’s not just Tom’s death that’s severed my friendship with Kathy.  She’s also best friends with God awful Jennifer Crane and she knew about her affair with my husband and said nothing to me.  A true friend doesn’t do that unless your loyalties lie elsewhere.  (Holds up her empty glass.) I’ll have another one, Charlie.

Charlie: (Getting her drink): That’s an impressive portrait of your father.  I’ve seen a lot of portraits and they look kinda I don’t know dull but that one really seems to bring him to life.  Like he’s right here in the room.  (He hands her the drink.)

Sylvia: (Taking the drink and drinking it): How I wish he were.  Papa is the only person that has ever really understood me.  Max never did and Tom, well, he didn’t have enough time.

Charlie: I think I understand you.

Sylvia: You, Charlie?  How so?

Charlie: Well, if I may, Mrs. Moore.  I think you’re a very classy woman.  Too classy for Maple Falls but you stay here because you realize this town needs you even if it’s just for someone to look up too.

Sylvia: No one looks up to me, Charlie.

Charlie: That’s not true, Mrs. Moore.  When I drive you to the stores and you get out of the car and walk around, I see how people look at you.  They want to talk to you but you’re unapproachable.  They are in awe of you.  It’s like a celebrity or something.

Sylvia: Do they really look at me that way?

Charlie: Yes, Mrs. Moore, they do.

Sylvia: You’re just saying these things to be nice–

Charlie: No.  I’m telling you the truth.  They admire you.  Your clothes, your hair, your sense of style.  Your class.  You’re a beautiful woman, Mrs. Moore, and they want to be just like you.  Of course the Kathy Burke’s of this world could never be what you are.  You’re a symbol to them and now that you’re planning on erecting a statute of your late father, well, Mrs. Moore what else can you do for these people?  You’re Maple Falls royalty.

Sylvia: Charlie, I never knew you thought me that way and that others do too. I think I’ll have my bath now.  (He nods and starts to exit.) Charlie?

Charlie: Yes, Mrs. Moore?

Sylvia: You’ve made me feel so much better.

Charlie: If there’s anything else I can do for you, please let me know.

Sylvia: Yes.  Yes, I will.

(He exits as she smiles)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Max’s house.  David enters from the kitchen door.  He sees Mr. Peepers in his cat cage and a suitcase packed at the bottom of the stairs.  Judy comes running down with another suitcase.

David: Hey, kid, what’s going on?

Judy: Me and Mister Peepers are going to live with Mommy.

David: Whoa!  No you’re not.  You are going to live here with me and Dad and Brooke.

Judy: So nobody told you either?

David: Told me what?

Judy: Daddy and Doctor Eaton aren’t getting married.

David: Wait? What? I thought they were planning a wedding.

Judy: Me too but I went to see Doctor Eaton today and she told me that she’s not going to be our new mother.  That she and Daddy aren’t getting married.

David: Well you’d have to ask Dad–

Judy: Daddy walked in while I was talking to Doctor Eaton and he said the same thing she did.

David: Wow that sucks!

Judy: I know.  I wanted a new mother.  I wanted it to be Aunt Brooke but she doesn’t love us, David, not like she said she did because if she did she and Daddy would be getting married and we’d have a new family and everything.

David: We’re still family, Judy, even if Brooke isn’t going to be part of it.  There’s still me and Dad and you–

Judy:  I don’t want to stay here anymore, David.  I want to go live with Mommy.  There’s nothing saying I can’t.  Will you drive me there?

David: Judykins, I don’t want you living with Sylvia.  I want you to stay here with us.

Judy: Okay, then I’ll walk there.  (Lifting the cage) Come on, Mister Peepers.

David: All right.  I’ll take you but you’re only staying there for a while, Judy.  You’re going to come back and live with me and Dad, understand?

Judy: (Shaking her head and tears coming to her eyes): Right now, Davey, I don’t understand anything.

(She cries against him as he holds her and he grimaces.)

David: (Quietly): Fucking assholes.

CUT-TO: Exterior. Burke’s Corner Store.  It is dusk as we see Elsie entering the store and we slowly dissolve to the interior where Martin is behind the counter.

Martin: Evening, Elsie.

Elsie: (Closing the door): Hello, Mister Burke.

Martin: (Gently): Martin.  (She smiles and then goes looking for soup.  The door opens and Ginny enters.)  Oh, evening, Chief Cusack.

Ginny: Hello, Martin.  You know there was a time before this case started that you actually called me Ginny.

Martin: Good evening, Ginny.  (She smiles.) I haven’t seen you here lately.  Been buying your paper and coffee elsewhere?

Ginny: I feel with me arresting your son for Noel’s murder you probably wouldn’t be happy to see me.

Martin: You should give me more credit than that.  You were only doing your job.  After all he did walk into your station and confess.  What else could you do but arrest him?

Ginny: Well I’m glad you see it that way.  As irrational as it sounds most people blame me for what I do when I’m really just doing is my job.  (Elsie comes up behind her and scares her.) Oh, Elsie, I didn’t see you there.

Elsie: (Smiling): Hello.  (Holding up the soup.) I’ll take this please.

Martin: One can to Campbell’s Tomato Soap.  That’ll be six dollars, please.  (She hands him exact change.)

Elsie: Good night.  (She exits).

Ginny: She’s a nice lady.

Martin: You know her?

Ginny: We met and talked once in the park.

Martin: She’s odd but nice.  She’s a big help to Kathy.  I understand she takes care of Declan while Kathy is preparing for this trial with Jim.  Well are you going to buy anything?

Ginny: No I just came in to say hello.  How about you come for dinner some night?  We were supposed to get together once and then you had to cancel and well–

Martin: I’d like that.  When?

Ginny: Tomorrow night at seven at my house.

Martin: Tomorrow night it is.  I’ll see you then.

(She smiles and he smiles)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Dot’s front door.  There is a knock on it as Dot comes down the stairs and opens it.  It’s Brian with a suitcase.

Dot: Hello, Brian.

Brian: Hi.  I’m sorry.  I can’t stay long.  I have to get back to the station.  I’m the only one running it now that Kathy has decided to stop showing up for work.

Dot: She has a lot more to do that show up and work at your station, Brian.  Her husband is going to be tried for murder.

Brian: (Angrily): I know that.

Dot: Well you don’t have to talk my head off.

Brian: Look, I’m sorry, Mom, okay.  It’s just not the best day for me.  The man I love.  The man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with has gone to New York and I’m not sure I’ll ever see him again.

Dot: That’s a decision you and Arthur will have to make.  I have exciting news.

Brian: What is it?

Dot: Sheri’s back in town.

Brian: I thought she was in Florida making a movie.

Dot: The police shut it down.  You must have seen something about it.  You do run the Cable Channel after all.

Brian: I probably did now that you mention it but I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything.

Dot: Well now that Sheri is back I want you to make a concerted effort on being the kind of Father you know you should be and to that end I’m inviting her here for dinner tomorrow night.

Brian: I can’t be here for dinner.  I’ll be at the station.

Dot: We’ll eat after you are done with your report.

Brian: All right, Mom, you win.  (Lifting his bags) I’ll take my bags up to my bedroom.

Dot: You’ll have to use the back bedroom.

Brian: Why can’t I use my bedroom?

Dot: Elsie is in your room.

Brian: Elsie?

(Elsie enters through the front door and scares Dot.)

Dot: Ahhh!  Elsie, why didn’t you come in through the kitchen?

Elsie: This door was open so I thought I’ll come in this way.  I didn’t think you’d mind.

Dot: No, I don’t mind.  I just wasn’t expecting you, that’s all.  Elsie, have you met my son, Brian Shea?

Elsie: Not formally, no, but I’ve seen you on the tv so I feel like I know you already.

Dot: (Dryly): Yes.

Brian: That’s very nice of you to say, Elsie.  It’s a pleasure meeting you too.

Dot: Brian is going to be staying here awhile.

Elsie: That’s nice.  I’d better go make my dinner now.  Oh, I’m sorry things didn’t work out between you and your boyfriend but it’s nice to have you here.  (She exits.)

Brian: How did she know about Arthur and I?

Dot: How should I know?  Maybe she overheard Kathy and I talk about it.  I can’t help that she has ears, can I?

(Brian gives his mother a knowing look as Dot shrugs.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s foyer.  A bell ringing and we see Charlie furtively closing his bedroom door as he crosses to the front door.  He opens it and David and Judy are there.

Judy: (Running in): Mommy?  Where’s Mommy?

Charlie: She’s upstairs resting after her bath.  What are you doing here?

David: She’s her mother.  What are you doing here and who the fuck are you?

Charlie: I’m Charlie Syms.  I saved your sister’s life in the flood.  If it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t be here now.

David: Thanks but what are you doing here?  Weren’t you living at my Grandmother’s?  At her bed and breakfast?

Charlie: Yes I was but this job came up–

David: Job?  Oh, you’re the new slave, huh?

Charlie: Listen, kid–

Judy: Mommy!  I want to see Mommy!

(Sylvia enters from the staircase.)

Sylvia: Charlie, what is all this racket?  Judy?  David, what are you doing here?

David: That’s what we came to talk to you about.

Sylvia: (Coming down the stairs.): Well, let’s go talk about it.  If you’ll excuse us, Charlie.  (Judy runs to her and clutches her.) Judy, what is it?  What’s the matter?

David: (Looking at Charlie): Let’s talk about it alone.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  Sylvia enters with Judy as David enters behind them.

David: Okay, Sylvia, what’s with the guy?

Sylvia: Not that I owe you any explanation but he works for me.

David: I don’t like him.

Sylvia: You have some nerve coming in here and telling me who you like and who you don’t like in my house.  Honestly!  Where have you been for months and now you think you have the right to tell me who I should I hire and who I shouldn’t?  The unmitigated gall.

David: Okay, all right.

Sylvia: Don’t be so patronizing, David.  After all, I am your mother.

David: No, Melanie is my mother but I didn’t come here to fight with you.  Judy’s upset and she wants to  move back in with you.

Judy: I can.  Can’t I, Mommy?

Sylvia: Of course you can, dear.

Judy: And Mister Peepers?

Sylvia: Well of course, dear.  (She sneezes. David smirks.)  What are you smirking at?

Judy: Do you hear that, Mister Peepers, we have a place to live.  Can I go upstairs to my room, Mommy?

Sylvia: Of course you can, dear.  Mommy left it exactly the way it was when you lived here last time.

Judy: Thank you, Mommy.  (She takes the cage.) Come on Mister Peepers.  (They exit.)

David: Last time, huh?  Was that when she was held captive by Tom’s ex-wife or when she was hit by the car Dad was driving to get away from you?

Sylvia: What is you want, David?

David: What is you want, Sylvia?  You obviously broke up Dad and Brooke so you could get Judy back.  You knew she’d be heartbroken when Dad and Brooke broke off their engagement and decided not to get married.

Sylvia: Did they do that?  I’m sorry to hear it but I had no part in it.

David: You know Dad has a tremendous ego and he wants to run the hospital again but instead you offered to his fiancée.  You knew they would fight and break up and then Judy would come running to you.

Sylvia: I’m glad you think I have that kind of control over your Father but I never did.  Your Father mistakes are his own.  I have nothing to do with them so if that’s all your here for.

David: No.  I mean it was but isn’t anymore.  I don’t trust you, Sylvia.  I don’t think I ever did and I sure as hell don’t trust that guy you got working here.  In the time you’ve been outta my life Judy and I have become a real brother and sister and as pissed as I am at Dad right now he’s responsible for that so I’m gonna be the big brother Judy deserves.

Sylvia: What does all that drivel mean?

David: It means I’m moving back in. Here. Tonight.

Sylvia: And what if I don’t want you too?

David: Tough shit.

Sylvia: How charming.  Well I suppose I should say welcome home.

Close up of David

Close up of Sylvia  

Fade to Black

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