Everlasting Love

A Day In the Life of Maple Falls

Episode 238

Fade In: Interior.  Violet’s bedroom.  She is seated in a rocking chair looking out her window.  There is a faint knock on the door.  She doesn’t respond.

Andrew: (Off; Gently): Gran-mere?  Gran-mere?

Violet: Who is it?

Andrew: (Off): It’s me, Andrew.  Can I come in?

Violet: No.  I’m not dressed.  I’ll be out in a minute.

Andrew: (Off): Gran-m–

Violet: (Angrily): Please, Andrew.  I said I will be out in a minute!

(She remains seated.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brooke’s apartment.  Her phone is ringing on her bureau.  She enters coming from the shower with a towel wrapped around her.  She goes to the phone.

Brooke: Hello?  Oh, Andrew.  What is it?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Andrew in Violet’s living room.

Andrew: I’m worried about Gran-mere.  She’s been acting odd.  She hardly sleeps.  She doesn’t exercise anymore or paint or shoot or do any of the things she used to do. Yesterday, she spent all day in her room and it was a beautiful day.  That isn’t like her.

CUT-TO: Brooke

Brooke: What about Miss Caswell?  She’s been there to take care of you, hasn’t she?

CUT-TO: Andrew

Andrew: No.  She wasn’t here yesterday and she didn’t call or text or anything.  No, Mom, don’t worry about me.  I’m feeling much better.  It’s Gran-mere I’m worried about.  All right.  I’ll see you this afternoon.  Goodbye.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s foyer.  Sylvia is descending the stairs as Judy comes running out of the kitchen with her lunch bag and back pack and almost knocks into Sylvia.

Sylvia: Oh!

Judy: Sorry, Mommy.

Sylvia: (Holding her head): That’s all right, dear, just try not to run in the house.  Did you have your breakfast.

David: (Enters from the kitchen): It’s cool.  I made it for her.

Sylvia: Thank you for that.

David: No worries.  Just looking out for my little sis.  Come on, Judy, I’ll drive you to school.

Sylvia: Charlie can do that.

David: (Handing Judy the keys): Here, Sis, go in the car.  I’ll be right there.

Judy: Okay.  Goodbye, Mommy.  (She kisses Sylvia on the cheek.) Don’t forget to feed Mister Peepers.  (She runs out.)

Sylvia: No running!  (The door slams shut and she holds her head again.) Is there something else you want to say, David?

David: Keep Charlie away from Judy.

Sylvia: Are you giving me orders in my own house?

David: You heard me.

Sylvia: Yes.  I did hear you and I heard you plenty last night.  I suppose I need to remind you that is this my house and I will do as I wish and if you don’t like it you don’t have to stay since you are determined to believe that hillbilly is your mother and not me.

David: Don’t go bringing Melanie into this.  She’s been more of a mother to me than you could ever be and keep him away from Judy or else.

Sylvia: Or else what?

David: Or else I’ll call DSS.  Do you think they would be happy to know that Judy is living in a house where she was held captive and witnessed a killing?  One call to them and you will never see her again.

Sylvia: You hate me that much that you would do that to me?

David: It’s not about you, Sylvia.  It’s about protecting my sister which you and Max don’t a shit about.

Sylvia: Well I think you’ve said all I care to hear.

David: (Exiting): Just don’t forget it.  (He exits.)

Charlie: (Enters from the kitchen with a small tray and glass of orange juice): Are you all right, Sylvia?

Sylvia: Oh, Charlie.  Yes I’m fine and it’s Mrs. Moore.

Charlie: Yes, Mrs. Moore.  You’re orange juice? (She takes it from the tray.  She sips and smiles.) Just the way you like it.

Sylvia: Yes, thank you, Charlie.  I suppose you overheard David.

Charlie: I tried not too.  It’s a shame.  No son should talk that way to his mother.

Sylvia: David and I used to be very close but apparently Melanie has filled his head lies about me.  She’s completely turned him against me.  She’s an awful woman.  Seedy and disgusting and a hillbilly and on top of that she’s a lesbian.  You don’t know her, do you?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Eighteen years earlier.  A Parisian apartment.  Rain falling outside as Charlie and Melanie are making love.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s foyer again.  Close up of Charlie.

Sylvia: Charlie?  Are you all right. You seemed a little lost there.

(Widen shot to include Sylvia again.)

Charlie: No, I’m good.  I’m really good.

Sylvia: Speaking of mothers and sons.  I never heard you speak of yours.  Is she still alive?

Charlie: No.  My mother died for me a long time ago.

Sylvia: I’m sorry to hear that.  You must miss her terribly.

Charlie: Yeah.  I do but it was a long time ago.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Grace’s bedroom.  She is laying a tray over her legs trying to eat the breakfast that Olive has prepared.  Olive is seated.

Grace: What is this?

Olive: It’s your breakfast.

Grace: It’s inedible is what it is.  Just like last night’s dinner.  Hungarian goulash my foot.  How can you lie to a Priest like that?

Olive: That’s rich.  You calling me a liar?  Whose the one laying in the bed pretending to be an invalid, huh?

Grace: Lower your voice.

Olive: And besides I’m not lying.  I do know how to make Hungarian goulash. I thought it was rather tasty.  Father McShane loved it.

Grace: Loved it?  Then why did I hear him all night long throwing up in the bathroom?

Olive: If you were so concerned about him maybe you should have run to his aid.  Oh, that’s right.  I forgot.  You fell down and had a boo boo.  Anyway, I haven’t got time for all this.  I got places to go and people to see.

Grace: At Crest Haven?

Olive: Yeah I have to work there later today but I’ve been called for Jury Duty.

Grace: Jury Duty? You?

Olive: And why not me?  I’m a tax paying citizen.  Normally I just ignore those cards when they come in the mail.  I figure let somebody else do it but this time it’s for Jim Burke’s trial and if I can get a front row seat to that and watch him hang I’m there!

Grace: You are an evil, vile person to take such happiness in someone else’s misery.

Olive: Oh, get off your high horse.  You ain’t no better than me.  You got a son in town you don’t even acknowledge and you’re living off the Priest’s good intentions pretending to be an invalid.  (Picking up the tray.) So you know what you can do, Grace Donahue, you can stick it.

Grace: Owwwww!  (Throws a pillow at Olive as Olive exits and closes the door.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Dot’s kitchen.  Elsie is seated at the table eating her bagel with cream cheese, eggs with jelly, bacon, and a cup of coffee as Dot enters from the living room and Brian enters after her.

Dot: Brian, you have to eat something.  Look at Elsie.  She’s eating a nice, hearty breakfast.

Elsie: I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Dot: Apparently. (Getting herself a cup of coffee)  Where do you put it all, Elsie?

Brian: Mother, don’t go picking at Elsie.  Good morning, Elsie.

Elsie: Good morning, Brian.

Dot: I wasn’t picking at her, was I, Elsie?  (Elsie says something unintelligible with food in her mouth.) Don’t talk with food in your mouth full, dear.  I was merely commenting that she weighs about ninety-eight pounds and eats a breakfast fit for a Sumo wrestler.

Brian: Don’t body shame, Mother, that’s not nice.  I’m sorry, Elsie.

Elsie: That’s all right.

Dot: (O.L.): Don’t go apologizing to Elsie for what I say and do.  If I want to apologize to her, I will.  You don’t need to do it for me.  I’m sorry, Elsie, if I hurt your feelings.

Elsie: It’s really all right.

Dot: (O.L.): See?  I didn’t hurt her feelings at all.

Brian: Okay, Mother, you’re right.  I think I’ll have a cup of coffee.

Elsie: (Rises but they don’t notice; Quietly): I think I’ll be on my way now.

Dot: (O.L.): And don’t patronize me, Brian.  I don’t like that.

Brian: I wasn’t patronizing you.  I was agreeing with you.

Elsie: (Quietly going out the door but they don’t notice): Goodbye. (She exits.)

Dot: (O.L.): Well it certainly didn’t sound like you were agreeing with me.  Sometimes you can get a very patronizing tone and I don’t appreciate it.

Brian: Well I’m sorry if I am at all patronizing, Mother.  I was agreeing with you and, Elsie, I’m–where’s Elsie?

Dot: Well how do you like that? We’re having a perfectly lovely conversation and she gets up from the table and doesn’t even bother to say goodbye.  You can take the people out of Gull Island but you can’t take the Gull Island out of the people.

Brian: What?

Dot: Oh, never mind.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Main Street.  Elsie is walking by Burke’s Corner Store as Ginny heads into the store.

Ginny: Good morning, Elsie.

Elsie: Good morning, Chief Cusack. (A gasp.)

Ginny: What is it, Elsie?

Elsie: (Hand covering her mouth): It’s silly of me to mention (takes her hand down) but you have the most beautiful blue eyes.

Ginny: Thank you, Elsie.

Elsie: The only other person I ever knew who had blue eyes like that was my fiancée, Gus Donahue.  Course you couldn’t have known Gus.

Ginny: No I didn’t know Gus. (The door opens and Martin is standing there putting the open sign on the door.)  Oh, Martin.

Martin: Good morning, ladies.

Elsie: Good morning.  (She exits.)

Martin: (To Ginny): What was that all about? Gus Donahue? (Ginny shakes her head.) Are you coming in?

Ginny: No, I’m running late.  I just wanted to be sure we’re still on for tonight.

Martin: Sure.  I don’t see why not.

Ginny: It’s Jury Selection today.

Martin: I know but the sooner the jury’s selected the sooner the trial and the sooner Jim will be where he belongs home with his family.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Maple Falls Jail.  Kathy is standing outside Jim’s cell as the Guard is opening the door.

Jim: Hello, Kathy.

Kathy: Hello, Jim.

Jim: I’ve missed you.

(They embrace and kiss.)

Kathy: I’ve missed you too but I didn’t want to come back here and argue with you anymore.

Jim: I know.  I’ve had time to think about it and you were right about Lena all along.  I was wrong to continue that friendship but that’s all it was, Kathy, it was never anything more than that.

Kathy: Maybe to you that’s what it was but not to her and not to me.  I know nothing happened between you sexually but emotionally, Jim.

Jim: I’m sorry.  What else can I say or do?

Kathy: Nothing.  I’ve forgiven you, Jim, and I don’t want to talk about her anymore but to tell you that she’s left Maple Falls.

Jim: That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Kathy: I don’t know.  It makes me nervous especially after how she said we were going to pay for how much you hurt her.

Jim: She’s not a vin-

Kathy: Don’t defend her to me.

Jim: I’m sorry.  You’re right.  We don’t know what she’s capable of.

Kathy: That’s what has me worried.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she went to John Kelly and told him lies to make sure you go to prison.

Jim: Even if she did Adrian will be able to get the truth out of her.

Kathy: She might be able to but that doesn’t mean the jury will believe the truth.

Jim: Let’s stop talking about it for now.  How are the kids?

Kathy: Their doing all right.  Colleen and Patrick are helping Adrian at her request and Declan is very happy.  Colleen is watching him now til Elsie gets there.

Jim: Are you going to work at the station?

Kathy: I can’t, Jim.  I know I should.  We need the money but I just can’t concentrate on anything else other than this trial.  Thank God for Elsie.

Jim: Your Mom must be helping out too.

Kathy: She is, of course.  Your sister is staying with us again?

Jim: What?

Kathy: She showed up the other day saying she’s flat broke and she needs a place to stay.  I didn’t have the strength to fight her so I let her back in with the provision that she look for work and clean my house and the dishes.  (Jim laughs.) What’s so funny?

Jim: You expect Paula to clean the house and do the dishes?  She never did them when were kids even though Mom told her too.

Kathy: Well no I don’t really expect her to do it but it was funny seeing the expression on her face when I told her she had to do it in exchange for the couch.  (She laughs)

Jim: (Laughs): The couch?  You put Paula on the couch?

Kathy: Why not?  It’s inconvenient enough having her around.  I don’t want her getting too comfortable.

Jim: That couch isn’t going to make anyone feel comfortable.  It’s got lumps all over it.

Kathy: I know.  You should see how she wakes up and I make sure she does when I take Declan down at the two in the morning and four in the morning for his feedings.  He cries and screams until he gets that bottle.  (Jim laughs) I have to get my fun somewhere and if torturing your sister is how I have to do it then I will.  (They laugh.  Then she stops abruptly) Oh, Jim.

(He embraces her.)

Jim: It’s going to be all right, Kathy.  It’s going to be all right.

CUT-TO: Interior.  John Kelly’s office.  He is at his desk fixing his shirt and tie as Doris enters with the mail.

John: Good morning, Doris.

Doris: Good morning, Boss.

John: Nice that you could make it in today.

Doris: I’m entitled to a sick day once in a while especially with the way things ended at your place the other night.

John: Let’s not get into that.  I have a busy day ahead of me and I need to know that I can rely upon.  If we select the right jury, the trial will begin the day after tomorrow.

Doris: I like that.  You’ve been relying upon me for what five years now?  Have I ever let you down in the office or otherwise?

John: Not that I can recall.

Doris: Right, Boss, but from now on the only place you can rely upon me is the office.  The private affair between us is over.  You made it abundantly clear the other night that you still want Kathy and once you lock up her husband you are sure your chance will come.  So good luck to you, Boss, and have a nice day.

John: (He grabs her arm; Affectionately): Look, Doe-do–

Doris: (Pulls her arm away): Don’t Doe-do, me.  Just go off and select your jury.

John:  I’m going to need you to come to the court-house with me so go get your stuff and off we will go employer to employee.

(Doris exits as John takes one last look in the mirror and smiles.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  Declan is crying in his stroller.  Paula is at the sink doing dishes and looking exhausted.

Paula:  Elsie? Elsie, where are you? (Colleen comes running down the stairs.)  Colleen, go find Elsie.

Colleen: (Exiting): Can’t.  Wish I could. Bye. (She exits.)

(The car horn beeps and Patrick runs down the stairs.)

Paula: Patrick?  Help!

Patrick: (Exiting): Sorry, Aunt Paula.  Late for school.  Bye.  (He exits.)

(Elsie enters from the bathroom.)

Paula: Where have you been?  He won’t stop crying.

Elsie: (Goes to Declan): It’s all right now, Declan.  Elsie’s here.  (She jiggles the carriage.) He misses his mother, that’s what it is.

Paula: Well go get her.

Elsie: She’s visiting your brother in jail.  Poor man.  He doesn’t deserve it.  Everyone knows how good and honorable he is not like your husband at all.

Paula: Ex-husband!

Elsie: (To Declan, who is calming down): Let’s go for a stroll to the park, Declan.  You like the park, don’t you?  Yes.  I see that you do. (Knock on the door.  Declan starts to cry again.)

Paula: Not again!

Elsie: I think it frightened him.

Paula: (Opens the door.  It’s Adrian.): Hello, Adrian.

Adrian: Paula, what are you doing here?  Is Kathy here?

Elsie: No she went to visit her husband in jail.

Paula: Thank you, Elsie, but I’m perfectly capable of answering questions on my own and I’m here to help Kathy in her time of need.

Adrian: (Entering): Well I’ll believe the part about you being capable enough to answer questions on your own because I quite a few I want to ask you.

Close up of Paula

CUT-TO:  Interior.  Max’s living room.  Max enters with mail and sees David’s suitcase as David enters from upstairs.

Max: Hey, what’s going on here?

David: I’m moving out.

Max: Wait.  What do you mean? Moving out?  We didn’t discuss this.

David: That’s funny coming from you.

Max: Hey, watch your mouth.

David: Okay.  So if want to discuss it, let’s discuss.

Max: Okay.  So why are you moving out?  I thought you liked living her with Judy and I?

David: I did.  I liked it a lot.  It felt like I had a home for the first time ever.  Judy felt exactly the same way until you crushed it like you always do.

Max: You got some mouth on you.  Go ahead and go.  Where’s your sister?

David: She’s gone too.

Max: What?

David: Max–

Max: Dad–

David: No, Max.  I came home and found Judy in tears because she told me that you and Brooke aren’t getting married and broke up a few days ago.  When were you going to tell us that?

Max: I was planning to do it last night but I had an emergency at the hospital–

David: And what the hell?  Judy already knew anyway and then she told me she wanted to live with Sylvia.

Max: She can’t live with Sylvia!

David: Yes she can because you never got sole custody of us like you said you were going to and now you’re not going to marry the woman who would’ve finally been a real mother to Judy like you said you were going too.  And you know what hurts the most?  I trusted you.  I really thought we had a good relationship finally we could be father and son but once again you fucked it up.  (Max slaps him hard. Grabs his bag.) That about says it all, Max.  (He exits out the front door.)

Max: David!  David, come back.  David, don’t go like this.  (We hear David’s car drive away.) Sylvia!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  Paula is seated at the table across from Adrian.

Paula: I don’t know what it is you expect me to say.  I knew nothing about Noel being Ned Turner or Nicky Travis.  All I knew him as is Noel Tremayne.  I met him in Hollywood where I went to become a movie star and I became one.

Adrian: Yeah.  I know all the Hollywood stuff.  You became a Power couple, etc., etc.  Got it.

Paula: You don’t have to be so condescending.  It was a wonderful time in my life compared to now.  Living here and cleaning and doing dishes in a house I grew up in.

Adrian: Yeah if you didn’t do it then why should you now? I get it.

Paula: Listen, Adrian–

Adrian: No, you listen.  Your brother might go to prison for the rest of his life because of some asshole you brought to town so don’t go telling me or anyone else how wonderful things were in Hollywood and how much happier you were then.  This is your fault.

Paula: How am I to blame?

Adrian: You’re the only one to blame!  For Christ sake, he was really Ned Turner and came from some farm in Boise, Idaho and had been convicted for killing his pregnant girlfriend and then staged his own death so he could run off and become Nicky Travis and then kill another guy and then he shows up in Hollywood as Noel Tremayne and you believe it.

Paula: Well why wouldn’t I?  I’m not responsible for Noel’s actions.

Adrian: I’m not saying you’re responsible for what he did.  I’m saying you didn’t even know the man before you married him and then you brought him around your family when your marriage was falling apart and you expected everyone else to pick up the pieces just like you’re doing now.

Paula: I’m not doing that now–

Adrian: It’s exactly what you are doing.  You got the chutzpah to sit there and complain about doing dishes and cleaning a house for your sister-in-law while your brother is in jail for allegedly killing your ex-husband–the man you brought to town–when you should be down on your hands and knees kissing Kathy’s feet and thanking God you got a place to live rent free!

Paula: (Rises): Well, I think you’ve had your say, Attorney Shapiro.

Adrian: No, I haven’t.

Paula: I don’t care here any more attacks on my character, thank you very much.  (She opens the door.)

Adrian: (Slams the door shut): Don’t give me that Hollywood act.  That night I brought you home drunk to your cottage.  Do you remember that?

Paula: Not exactly.

Adrian: I didn’t think so.  When I brought you in and put you on your couch–correction Richard’s couch–because you didn’t own anything there, did you?

Paula: Go on.

Adrian: You grabbed me and pulled me in and kissed me hard on the lips and called me Melanie.  (Paula is surprised.) I felt sorry for you because I knew how much you love her.

Paula: I do care for her.

Adrian: No.  I care for her.  You love her and I think she still loves you but I’m going to tell you something, Paula, I’m going to do my damnedest to make sure that you never go near Melanie again because you are one big asshole.

Paula: (Opens the door): Please go.

Adrian: I’m leaving and you better get yourself ready to be a witness for your brother and don’t give me any of that Hollywood was wonderful crap and life was so much better with Noel or else I’ll get a plastic surgeon to work on you that’ll make Whoopi look like a beauty next to you.

(Paula slams the door.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Colleen’s car.  She and Sheri are seated in the front seat looking out at the beach.

Colleen: Wow!

Sheri: He’s a perv.  He made me strip naked and then filmed it for his stupid movie, Blood Mountain.  I I’m so glad that’s over.

Colleen: Well is he going to be able to show the movie?

Sheri: No, it’s not even half way done.  Julian Daniels is more like Julian Dick.  He’s been arrested for contributing to the death of Celeste Conway.  She was another actress on the movie.

Colleen: What does that mean?

Sheri: I think it means he bought her coke and gave it to her.  He snorted too.  It was all over the set.

Colleen: Did you snort it?

Sheri: No.  I mean I was tempted but when I saw how Julian acted.  One minute he liked guys, the next minute he liked sucking on Celeste’s tits–no way I was going to snort and be so out of it that he’d try something with me.

Colleen: I’m sorry it was such a lousy experience but you can always try again.

Sheri: I don’t think I want too.  Acting isn’t for me and if that’s the kind of life it is no thanks.  I don’t know what I’m going to do right now.

Colleen: How about just enjoying being Richard Wembly’s stepdaughter for a while?

Sheri: I know.  Right.  All that money and he’s a really cool guy.  My Mom did something right this time.  He asked me to call him Richard instead of Dad because I guess he thinks I already have a Dad.

Colleen: Well you do.

Sheri: Whatever.  I’m supposed to go there for dinner tonight.  I don’t know why.  Ever since I found out Brian is my Dad instead of my uncle things have been weird between us.

Colleen: Well a lot has happened to both of you this year maybe you can talk about that.

Sheri: Maybe.  What about you?  How are you doing?  How’s your Dad and Andrew?

Colleen: Well you know where Dad is.

Sheri: Yeah.  That sucks but he’ll be found innocent.  I mean he is so he has to be.

Colleen: I sure hope so.  Nothing’s been right at home since he’s been in jail but his attorney Adrian Shapiro she’s really great.  She’ll get him free.

Sheri: And how’s things with Andrew?

Colleen: Well I text you that he can see again.

Sheri: Yeah you did and I text back cool.  So how is everything?

Colleen: I don’t know, Sheri.  I mean he’s different or maybe I’m different.  We had a big fight over his Grandmother.  I mean that’s why I didn’t want to stay today at your new house.  I mean she’s there and he’s there.

Sheri: No I know what you mean.  When I left Maple Falls to become a movie star I was sure I was madly in love with David but now that I’ve been away and come back well I don’t know how I feel.  Did he say anything to you about me?

Colleen: I met him yesterday for lunch and he says he’s confused about where your relationship is too.  He said he text you but you never got back to him but now I understand why.  Just tell him what happened and I’m sure everything will be okay.

Sheri: The thing is, Colleen, I’m not so sure I want things to go back to the way they were.  I just don’t know how I feel.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  Sylvia is standing as is Max.

Sylvia: How dare you come in here and blame me for the children choosing to live with me?  It’s their choice.  I had nothing to do with it.

Max: Bull!  You knew that if you broke up Brooke and I then the children would be devastated and return here to you.

Sylvia: Oh, Max, there you go again blaming me for your misfortune.  It’s your own fault.  You and your damn ego.  If you had encouraged Brooke in accepting the Chief of Staff job you’d still be together.

Max: And if you had given it to me like you should have Brooke and I would still be together but instead you used it as weapon to hurt me because of my affair with Jen.

Sylvia: Jen?  Who is now happily married to Richard Wembly.  The only pleasure I can get out of that is that you cannot have her.  Now get out of my house before I have Charlie throw you out and believe me he can do it.

Max: Charlie, is it?  Just another boy toy you use until you tire of them and they end up losing their lives like Tom did.

Sylvia: You’re a fine one to be talking about using people.  You used me our entire marriage while you ran around with every woman you could get including Jen!  And to bring Tom up when you know how much I loved him and he loved me.

Max: Loved?  He married you for your money.

Sylvia: No, you did that.  Not Tom.  He loved me and I loved him.

Max: You wouldn’t know what–

Charlie: (Enters): Hey, what’s going on here?

Max: Who the hell are you?

Charlie: Do you want him out of here, Mrs. Moore?

Sylvia: Yes, please, Charlie.

Max: I’ll go when I’m damned good–

Charlie: You’ll go now because that’s what the lady wants.  (He shoves Max towards the door.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s foyer.  Charlie shoves Max again and Max tries to strike back as Sylvia looks on but Charlie is too strong for Max.  Charlie opens the door and shoves Max outside and Max falls.

Charlie: Now that’s where the lady wants you and that’s where you belong.  (He slams the door shut.)

Sylvia: (A little dazzled): Thank you, Charlie.  No man has ever done that for me before.  Not even Papa.

(They look at each other.)

Charlie: Aw, what the hell.  (He grabs her and passionately kisses her.) Let’s stop playing games.  (She envelopes into his arms and he picks her up and carries her up the staircase.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brian’s bedroom.  Dot is cleaning it and she sees a beaten brown leather wallet on the floor.  She bends down and picks it up.  She looks inside and sees two pictures–one of David and one of Sylvia.  She wonders what it could be.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s living room.  Violet is seated on the couch as Brooke and Andrew hover over her. 

Violet: I am telling you that I am fine.  Now, please, Brooke go back to work and Andrew stop worrying about me.  After all, you’re here so I can help you recover.

Andrew: But I feel much better now, Gran-mere.

Brooke: And isn’t Miss Caswell here to help too?  Where is she?

Violet: I’ve no idea.  I’m sorry I hired her as Andrew’s nurse.  I was going to fire her. The woman is a complete simpleton.  It’s better that she’s gone.

Brooke: Is she gone?

Violet: I just told you I have no idea but if she is I couldn’t care less.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny’s office.  She is seated at her desk as an old looking woman enters.

Ginny: May I help you?

Nancy: This is the police station, is that right?

Ginny: (Rises): Yes, I’m the Chief of Police.  How may I help you?

Nancy: My name is Nancy Caswell.  I’m looking for my daughter Connie.  I haven’t heard from her in a couple of days and that’s not like her.

Ginny: Please, sit, Mrs. Caswell.

Nancy: (She sits): It’s Miss.  I raised Connie on my own.  I never married her father.  Never took his name.  Horrible man.

Ginny: (She sits): Can you tell me what Connie did or where she’s living?

Nancy: She’s a private nurse and was hired by Violet Eaton to come and take care of her grandson, Andrew.  I believe they lived on something called Eaton Estates.  (Taking papers from her pocketbook)  Here’s the email Connie received from Violet Eaton.

Ginny: That’s very helpful.  The first thing we need to do is to get over to Eaton Estates and see where your daughter might be.  (She rises and Nancy does too.) Oh, no, you stay here, Miss Caswell.  My officers will get you something to drink and eat and I’ll be back shortly.

Nancy: You don’t think anything bad happened to her?

Ginny: I don’t know one way or the other but I’ll find out very soon.

Nancy: She has to be all right, Officer.  I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to her.  Connie’s all I have in this world.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Olive’s car.  She is driving as she smiles to herself.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Romano’s kitchen.  Olive is shooting Noel who lies on the floor.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Olive’s car again.  She is still smiling.

Olive: First I killed him and they arrested Jim and now I’m on the jury to convict him for a murder I committed.  Life is good.

As she smiles we

Fade to Black


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