Everlasting Love

You Can’t Tell Anyone

Episode 240

Fade In: Interior.  Martin Burke’s room.  We see the clock on his nightstand that reads 6:00 and see Dot over at the mirror fixing her hair and with her clothes on.  She tiptoes out of the room with Martin still asleep in bed and a note left on his nightstand.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Burke’s Corner Store.  Dot exits surreptitiously from the front door and then closes it.  With a smile on her face she heads in the direction of Kathy’s house.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Melanie’s bedroom.  We see her back as she is looking out her bedroom window drinking her coffee.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Main Street.  We see Dot walking past O’Learys with Melanie seeing her walk by.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  She is walking around with Declan feeding him his bottle.  She is exhausted and in her nightgown and bathrobe.  She is startled by the knock on her kitchen door.

Kathy: (To Declan): Who could that be, huh?  (Goes to her door and opens it.) Mom? What are you doing here?

Dot: Kathy, I have the most wonderful news but you can’t tell anyone. Martin and I are getting married.

Kathy: Wait? What?  You and Martin.

Dot: (Excitedly): Yes.  We’re engaged.  It happened last night.

Kathy: Shhh (indicating Paula) we don’t want her to overhear you.  (Indicating outside) Let’s go out here.

CUT-TO: Kathy’s back door.  Kathy, Declan, and Dot enter from the kitchen.  Kathy closes the door.

Kathy: Now tell me what happened.

Dot: I can’t get into it all right now.  I have to get home.  I don’t want Brian or Elsie to suspect anything.

Kathy: You mean you haven’t been home?

Dot: (Shyly): It all happened last night.  He had that disastrous dinner at Ginny’s and I had my disastrous dinner with Brian and Sheri.  Oh and Ginny well I can’t tell you about that but Martin called me and asked me to come see him because he was so shaken up by it and then we talked and then we told each we love each other and he asked me to marry him and I said yes of course.  Oh, Kathy, I’m so happy.

Kathy: I’m happy for you.  I still don’t understand how it happened but I’m happy.

(They embrace and Declan squawks.)

Dot: Oh!  Well I’m off and I’ll call you later.

Kathy: No I’ll come by and see you.

Dot: Oh, all right, dear.  (Kisses her on the cheek.) Goodbye.

Kathy: Is it all right if I tell Jen unless you want to?

Dot: No you can tell her but don’t tell anyone else.  I’ll see you later.  (She exits.)

(Kathy waves bye and then enters back into her house.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen as she enters back in with Declan and closes the door.  Paula emerges from the living room.

Paula: What was that all about?

Kathy: What are you talking about?

Paula: Don’t be coy with me, Kathy.  I saw you out there with Dot.  What’s going on?

Kathy: You know, Paula, if I thought it was any of your business I’d tell you.

Paula: I heard her in here.  She all excited about something.  I thought I heard her say something happened last night.  What happened last night?

Kathy: I have no idea what you’re talking about. (Elsie enters) Oh, Elsie, you’re here early.

Elsie: I’m sorry I came so early, Miss Kathy, but there wasn’t any reason to stay at Mrs. Shea’s.  She didn’t have any breakfast out.

Paula: That’s odd, isn’t it? I mean she runs a bed and breakfast.  You would think–

Kathy: I will be happy to make you breakfast, Elsie, if you’ll change Declan.

Elsie: Yes, Miss Kathy. (Kathy hands Declan to her.) I’ll change him upstairs.  (She starts to exit.)

Paula: Elsie, you didn’t answer my question.  Isn’t it odd that breakfast isn’t out at Mrs. Shea’s?

Kathy: You can upstairs, Elsie.  (She exits.) Paula, Elsie isn’t here to answer of your questions.  She is here to help me and let me remind you that she is my friend so don’t speak to her or anyone else in this house in that tone again or else you’ll be put out of this house.  Do you understand?

Paula: I don’t feel as if I should be personally attacked because I asked someone a question.  I’m not in jail after all.  (Realizing what she has just said.) I’m sorry, Kathy.

Kathy: Never mind.  The trial is tomorrow and maybe we both on edge.

Paula: Yes I think that’s it.  I’ve been meaning to ask you if you still plan to work at the station once this is done?

Kathy: I don’t think so.  I think I’ll stay home and take care of Declan and maybe get a part-time job somewhere.  Why?

Paula: Well I’m thinking of seeing Brian today and asking for a job and if you’re not going back to your job.

Kathy: So you want my job?

Paula: Only if you’re not going back to it.  I mean I have to work somewhere and I–

Kathy: Okay, Paula, whatever you want to do.  I really can’t worry about it today.  Now let me get breakfast started.

Paula: I’ll have a coffee if you don’t mind.

(Kathy shakes her head as Paula exits.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Dot’s kitchen.  Brian is at the sink.  Dot enters.

Brian: Well you’re up bright and early.

Dot: Good morning.

Brian: Where were you?

Dot: What do you mean where was I?  I went out for a walk.

Brian: At five o’clock this morning?

Dot: Why not?  The sun is shining and the sky–

Brian: Mom, you’re wearing the same clothes you wore last night.

Dot: How do you know that?

Brian: Mom, I know about clothes.  I’m gay.  What’s the big mystery?

Dot: I do have exciting  news and I wanted us to tell you together but Martin asked me last night and I said yes.

Brian: Asked you what and you said yes to what?

Dot: To marriage.  Martin and I are going to be married.

Brian: What?  Wow!  I’m so happy for you.  Oh, he’ll make a wonderful husband and you’ll be a wonderful wife and I know you’ve been in love with him for years.

Dot: So you’re not upset?  This doesn’t bother you?

Brian: Bother me?  Why would it bother me?  I love Martin.  He’s a great guy and oh, Mom!

(They happily embrace.)

Dot: I never told you was in love with Martin.

Brian: You didn’t have too.

Dot: I thought I knew what love was when I fell in love with Sidney Green and a few others but now I really know.

Brian: I’m really happy for you, Mom.

Dot: So you’re not jealous or hurt in any way?

Brian: No.  Why would you think that?

Dot: Well it’s always been just you and I, Brian.  There’s never been any other man in our family.

Brian: I’m sure there was Dad.  I don’t mean Sidney Green but you know Dad.  The man who died before I was born.

Dot: Sit down, Brian. I have something to tell you about that.

Close up of Brian

CUT-TO: Interior. Jen’s bedroom.  She is in her chair by the window still in her nightgown and bathrobe and on her phone.

Jen: What is it?  It’s not Jim?  Then why are you–no!  Really?  Last night?  Oh my God!  That’s great news!  She said not tell anyone, right.  Listen, I’m coming by later today anyway so all right.  Thanks, Kathy.  (She hangs up.  She crosses to the bed where Richard is asleep.) Richard!  Richard, wake up!

Richard: What?  What is it? Is something wrong?

Jen: No something wonderful has happened.  Marty and Dot are getting married!

Richard: What?

Jen: Marty asked Dot to marry him last night and she said yes.  Can you believe it?

Richard: No but I’m happy for them.  She’s really a wonderful woman not as wonderful as you of course.

Jen: Of course and what you and Dot had been years ago.

Richard: But we’ve always remained friends.  I think I’ll call her today–

Jen: No!  You can’t tell anyone.  It’s not official and we have been sworn to secrecy.

Richard: But you just told me.

Jen: Kathy didn’t mean my husband.

Richard: Kathy?

Jen: Kathy told me.  Dot said she could.  Listen anyway just don’t tell anyone else and don’t call and congratulate them because then they will know you know and you’re not supposed to know.

Richard: I’m going back to sleep.

Jen: (Pacing): Sheri! (Richard grunts) She was there last night at Dot’s house.  Maybe she was there when Dot got engaged!  (Yelling) Sheri!  (Exiting) Sheri!

(Richard grunts and puts a pillow over his head.)

CUT-TO: Interior. Colleen’s bedroom.  Colleen is up in bed and Patrick is seated on her bed as Kathy is standing there.

Patrick: Wow!  Grandmother and Grampy are getting married?  That’s great.

Colleen: Great?  What’s so great about it?

Kathy: Oh, Colleen, it’s something for us to be happy about. Don’t ruin it.  Not today.

Colleen: I’m not ruining it.  I just don’t see what’s to be happy about it for?  I mean Dad’s father is getting married to your Mother and now not only are you and Dad husband and wife you’re also step brother and step sister and that’s too incestuous for me.

(Patrick and Kathy burst out laughing as Colleen sits with an angry face.)

CUT-TO: Interior. Sheri’s bedroom. Sheri is trying to get back to sleep as Jen stands in her room.

Sheri: Go away!  I told you.  She didn’t say anything at all about it last night.

Jen: Are you sure?  It could have happened after you left?  You weren’t there very long.

Sheri: I guess but if it happened after I left then I wouldn’t know anything about it would I?

Jen: It’s just exciting news, that’s all.  I’m really happy for them.

Sheri: I think it’s gross.  Two old people getting married and bumping uglies together.  Yuck.

CUT-TO:   Interior.  Burke’s Corner Store.  Martin is behind the counter as Melanie enters.

Martin: Morning, Mel.

Melanie: Morning, Mart.

Martin: I’ll get your coffee and paper.

Melanie: Thanks.  You seem really happy this morning. Is there any reason?

Martin: None that I know of other than it’s a glorious day.

Melanie: Glorious?  Wow.  That’s a word I don’t hear coming from you very often.  (He hands her the coffee and paper.) What do I owe?

Martin: For you, Mel, it’s on the house.

Melanie: Well thank you, Mart.  You really are in a good mood.

Martin: I can’t keep it to myself any longer.  We want to tell people together but you know, Melanie, how I feel about you.  You’re like the daughter I always wanted.

Melanie: You have a daughter, Mart.  (He grimaces.) Your the Dad I always wanted.

Martin: So I can tell you but you can’t tell anyone else.

Melanie: Okay.  What is it?

Martin: Dot Shea and I are getting married!

(They cheer so they don’t react when the door opens.)

Melanie: You and Dot are getting married?

Martin: Yes.

Ginny: Did I just hear right?  You and Mrs. Shea are getting married?

Martin: Yes, Ginny.  I asked Dot last night to marry me and she said yes.

Ginny: Oh. I’ve gotta go.  (She exits hastily.)

Melanie: What’s the matter with her?

Martin: I don’t know.

Melanie: Well don’t you want to stop her so she doesn’t tell anyone?

Martin: No.  Just leave it be.  I’m too happy right now and I’m not going to let anything spoil it.

Close up of Martin

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jim’s jail cell.  He is smiling and Kathy is there.

Jim: I can’t believe it.

Kathy: I know.  I can’t either.  It makes you happy though right?

Jim: Sure it makes me happy.  Don’t you see me smiling?  Mom would be so pleased.  She loved Dot like she was her sister and of course she loved Dad.

Kathy: Colleen made some silly crack about us now being step brother and sister.

Jim: Yes I suppose that’s true when you think about it but anything that ties me even closer to you I’m happy about.

Kathy: I’m just happy to have some good news for a change.

Jim: Yeah me too and we’re going to have even better news once the trial starts tomorrow and I’m found innocent.

(Adrian enters and the guard opens the cell.)

Adrian: Good morning, Jim and Kathy.  I’m glad you’re both here.  We have to talk about tomorrow.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brian’s office.  He is at his desk as Paula knocks on his door.

Paula: Knock, knock.

Brian: Oh, hi, Paula.  What are you doing here?

Paula: I have come to offer you a wonderful opportunity.

Brian: And what would that be?

Paula: Me.

Brian: Huh?

Paula: I talked with Kathy this morning–

Brian: Oh did she tell you the good news?  Actually it’s not even good.  It’s great.  I called Arthur and told him and he was thrilled about it.

Paula: Brian, what are you talking about?

Brian: Ok you can stop playing games, Paula, I know we’ve been sworn to secrecy but come on.  We’ll be family.

Paula: Right.

Brian: Paula,  cut it out.  It will be great when your father and my mother get married.

Paula: WHAT?

Brian: Well I thought you knew.

Paula: No, no I didn’t know.  It can’t happen.

Brian: What do you mean it can’t happen?

Paula: A few mere months after my poor Mother’s death my father is accused of fathering an illegitimate bastard that is now being raised by Jim and Kathy and now he thinks he’s going to marry again?  No.  It can’t happen.  I won’t allow it.

Brian: Paula?

Paula: This is nothing short of madness.  It’s because of his stroke.  That is what makes him think this way.  I’m sorry, Brian, but I have to go.  I have to go and stop this wedding!

Fade to Black



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