Everlasting Love

In Other Matters

Episode 241

Fade In: Interior.  Burke’s Corner Store.  Martin is behind the counter helping a customer as Dot is on her phone.

Dot: Yes, Brian, thank you for calling.  I certainly will.

(The customer exits.)

Martin: What was that all about? (Paula barges in.)

Dot: (To Martin): This.

Paula: Hello Mrs. Shea.  Father, I wish to talk to you privately.

Martin: About what?

Dot: It’s about us, Martin. Brian just phoned and said Paula doesn’t want us to get married.  Is that true, Paula?

Paula: I am here to discuss the situation with Father if you don’t mind.

Martin: There’s no situation.  Dot and I are getting married and that’s all there is to it and I don’t want to hear another word about it especially from you.

Paula: And why especially from me?

Martin: Because you’ve caused enough trouble.

Paula: And what trouble have I caused?

Martin: What trouble she says?  Your brother is being tried tomorrow for murdering your ex-husband and the only reason he put himself in that position is because you were arrested first and he was trying to save you.

Paula: And I suppose you would have been happy if I was being tried instead?

Martin: Once again you’re missing the whole point.  The point is if you hadn’t brought that no good limey here none of this would have happened.

Paula: I was married to him when I came back to Maple Falls.  I only planned to stay until after Mother’s passing and then go back to being a movie star in Hollywood.  It isn’t my fault our accountant squandered our money and we were left penniless and had to stay.  Believe me, I’ve been trying to get out of this town ever since.

Martin: Then why don’t ya?

Dot: Martin!  Paula, please!  This isn’t doing anyone any good.  Now, Paula–

Paula: Don’t now Paula me.  You’ve been after my Father ever since you came to Maple Falls all those years ago even when Mother was alive!

Dot: (Hurt): Paula!

Martin: Don’t you dare talk to Dot like that.  Now you get out of this store this minute and don’t come back until you are ready to apologize for what you said.

Paula: I’m only speaking the truth!

Martin: You wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit you in the ass!  Now get out! (Paula exits slamming the door.  He stumbles a little.)

Dot: Martin!

Martin: I’m all right.  I’m fine.

Dot: (She helps move him to the stool behind the counter.): No, you’re not fine.

Martin: Now don’t fuss over me.

Dot: I’m here to fuss over you, Martin Burke, and that’s all there is to it.  Now go upstairs and rest.  I can handle the store.  (He starts to argue so she lovingly but forcefully says) Martin.

Martin: All right.  Maybe you’re right.  (They kiss gently and he exits up the stairs.)

(Enter Kathy)

Kathy: Hi, Mom.  What’s going on?  I just saw Paula getting into her car and crying.

Dot: She caused quite a scene here.  She doesn’t want Martin and I to get married.

Kathy: What?  You’re not going to listen to her are you?

Dot: No but Martin and she got into a terrible fight and she accused me of trying to get Martin for myself when Maureen was alive.

Kathy: That’s a terrible thing to say and totally untrue.

Dot: Yes it is but I hope Maureen never felt that way.  I would hate it if she ever did.  We were best friends like sisters.

Kathy: (Hugs Dot): Mom, don’t let Paula do this to you. She’s just a jealous miserable person. This is good news about you and Martin.  Don’t let her ruin it.

Dot: You’re right, Kathy, I won’t.  Have you seen Jim today?

Kathy: Yes I’m coming from seeing him and he’s really happy about you and Martin as we all are.  Everyone I’ve told couldn’t be happier.

Dot: How many people did you tell?

Kathy: Oh, ah, well-

Dot: (Laughs): I don’t mind, Kathy.  You can tell the whole world for all I care.

Kathy: That’s good because I practically did.

Dot: You both must be so anxious about tomorrow.

Kathy: Yes we are.  Adrian came by while I was with Jim.  She thinks she has a really good case.

Dot: But?

Kathy: Lena.  She’s worried she’s going to do something that will hurt Jim.  Adrian doesn’t like that Lena isn’t in town and thinks John Kelly has planned for her to be away.

Dot: Why would John Kelly do that?

Kathy: That’s what bothering her.  She doesn’t know why.

Dot: Well you know John.  He seems to me to be a reasonable man.

Kathy: I can’t say what kind of man he is today.  I went to high school with him years ago.

Dot: You were friends then.  (Kathy shrugs) I always thought that John wanted to be more than friends with you.

Kathy: He did but that was a long time ago.  He’s been married since then.

Dot: Three times and three divorces.

Kathy: Well I’ve heard there’s something going on between John and Doris Crandall.

Dot: Well whatever is going on with John Kelly has nothing to do with us.  Jim is going to be found innocent and I am marrying Martin and no one is going to be able to stop us.

Dot smiles

Close up of Kathy looking concerned

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny’s office.  She is holding her head and having a cup of coffee.

Ginny’s voice: Martin, I am Gus Donahue.

Ginny: (Quietly): I am Gus Donahue.  (Slight knocking on the open door.  She looks up.) Oh, Miss Caswell.

Nancy: Hello, Chief Cusack.  I hope I’m not intruding but no one is out here.

Ginny: No, please come in.  (Nancy enters.) Please, sit down.  (Ginny rises and closes the door as Nancy sits.) I’m sure you’re here about your daughter.

Nancy: Yes.  You said you were going to the Eaton Estate where she last worked?

Ginny: Yes.  I did go there and spoke with Violet Eaton and she said she hasn’t heard from your daughter and there’s no sign of her ever having been there.

Nancy: Do you mean she never went to work for the Eatons?

Ginny: No I’m not saying that.  What I am saying is that none of her belongings are still at the house.  It seems as if she was there one day and gone the next.

Nancy: It’s not like Connie to just pick and go that way.  She’s a very loyal and devoted girl.  I raised her that way.  She cares deeply about her work and the people who love her but she didn’t care for Violet Eaton that’s for sure.

Ginny: Oh?

Nancy: Connie would call me crying saying Violet has a nasty temper and constantly belittled her.  I told her to quit but she said no.  She is hired to care for Andrew and she is determined to stay there for him.  She never would have left a patient like that.  No.  Something bad has happened to her.  I just know it.  You have to find her.

Ginny: Well we will do the best we can Miss Caswell but Connie is an adult.  She does have the right to go somewhere without telling anyone.

Nancy: But what I’m telling you, Chief Cusack, is that my Connie would never go anywhere without telling me.  No.  Something is wrong.  Something is terribly wrong.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Grace’s bedroom.  Father McShane is there as Grace lays in bed.

Father: I’m sorry, Grace, that’s all there is to it.  Your cousin has to go and so do you.  I’m not going to endure another night of eating your cousin’s so-called cooking.  My stomach can’t stand it.

Grace: But, Don–(He gives her a look) Father.  Where am I to go?

Father: I think you’ve been in that bed long enough.  Too long probably.  Your back doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  Maybe rehabilitation would be good for you.  I’ll call the hospital today and see if they have anyone who can help.

Grace: You sound as if you don’t believe me.  I am in pain.

Father: I am sure you are in pain, Grace, but I have spoken with the Cardinal and he does not approve of this situation.  You must go.

Grace: Well what about Olive?  Where is she to go?

Father: There is a homeless shelter up by Lake Emerald I believe.  She can go there.

Grace: And is that where I am to go to?  I have no place to live since my house was burnt down and my husband died in the fire!

Father: I am sorry for your troubles.  I’ll go call the hospital.  (He exits.)

Grace: Damn you, Olive Benson!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Rosie’s room.  Olive enters and sees a rose in Rosie’s hands.  

Olive: Who is giving you these roses, my Rosie?  Momma’s the only one who loves you.  She’s the only one who cares for you.  (David walks by in the hallway pushing a mop.  She sees him.) Hey, you!  (He points to himself.) Yes you.

David: What?

Olive: Have you seen anyone coming in and out of this room giving my Rosie roses?

David: No, I haven’t but so what if someone has?  It seems nice.

Olive: There ain’t nothing nice about it.  She’s my Rosie and no else’s.  I don’t want anyone trifling with her affections.

David: Trifling with her what?

Olive: You heard me.

David: Well if you think it’s so bad how come you keep the roses in that vase?

Olive: There ain’t no point in throwing them out, is there?  Kinda brightens up the room and when Rosie wakes she’ll see them.

David: When she what?

Olive: When she wakes.  My Rosie is going to be just fine one of these days.  Ain’t ya, Rosie?

Close up of a sleeping Rosie

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Eaton Estates.  Sheri is walking around the grounds with a phone in her hand and ear plugs in her ears as Andrew enters from Violet’s cottage.  They both like what they see.

Sheri: Andrew?

Andrew: Yes.  Do I know you?

Sheri: It’s me.  Sheri Martin.  Colleen’s best friend.

Andrew: Oh, yes, I know you.  I’ve just never seen you before.

Sheri: (Taking out her ear plugs): I guess I’ve never really seen you before either.

Andrew: I thought you were in Hollywood making a movie?

Sheri: It wasn’t Hollywood.  It was in Florida and that’s over now so I’m back.

Andrew: For good?

Sheri: I don’t know.  Too bad about you and Colleen but I’m sure you’ll be able to make it up.

Andrew: I’ve text her like a thousand times but I think she might have me blocked and I’m sure she’s concerned about her Dad’s trial tomorrow.

Sheri: Uncle Jim’s a really great guy.  He doesn’t deserve this you know.

Andrew: Are you going to the trial?

Sheri: Yeah if nothing else than to just show my love and support.  The Burkes have been in my life forever.  If I didn’t go it wouldn’t be right.  Are you going?

Andrew: I’d like to but I don’t want to upset Colleen any more than she already is.

Sheri: Look why don’t be go together?  I’d think she’d be upset if you didn’t show up after all you both have been through.

Andrew: You’re right.  Okay.  We’ll go together.  Where are you headed now?

Sheri: Just going for a walk.  I’ve never been here before.  Never was allowed to be here but now that my mother has married your Uncle (she smiles) so I’m just exploring.

Andrew: Do you mind if I explore with you?  It will be the first time I’ve really seen anything.

Sheri: You must be so happy you’re no longer blind.  (She laughs) That didn’t come out right but you know what I mean.

Andrew: Yeah.  I know what you mean and you’re right I am.  Come on, let’s go over here.

Sheri: It’s so beautiful in these woods.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

(They walk together and as they do they walk by Connie’s shallow grave but don’t see it or her.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Hallway of St. Mark’s rectory outside Grace’s door. Dot enters timidly and goes down the hallway looking for Father McShane.  She knocks on his door but there’s no answer.  She walks back and quietly knocks on the Grace’s door and as Dot opens the door she sees Grace standing by her dresser.  Grace turns and is surprised as is Dot.

Dot: Grace Donahue you should be ashamed of yourself!

(Grace immediately falls)

Close up of Dot

Fade to Black


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