Everlasting Love

The God’s Honest Truth

Episode 242

Fade In: Interior.  St. Mark’s Church.  We repeat the same sequence we did in the last episode up to when Dot enters Grace’s room and finds Grace standing by her bureau.  Both are surprised and Grace falls.

Dot: Get up off the floor this minute, Grace Donahue!

Grace: (From the floor): I can’t get up.  I only tried moving this morning to see if I could and–

Dot: (Slams the door shut): I don’t want hear any of your lies.  I knew you were fine ever since your fall at O’Learys and that you were using Donald’s generosity by pretending to be an invalid.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  I know I’m ashamed of you.

Grace: Who are you to be ashamed of me?  How dare you come off so sanctimonious.  You had an affair with Sidney Green and had not only two illegitimate children with him but with Donald as well! (Dot is shocked. Grace rises) I know for a fact that Kathy is Donald’s daughter.

Dot: Where did you hear such a thing?

Grace: From you!  I overheard you and Donald arguing and then you blurted out that Kathy is his daughter!

Dot: You eavesdropped on our conversation!

Grace: I didn’t have to eavesdrop.  You two were shouting so loud if I was deaf I would have heard you.  Do you deny it’s true?

Dot: That’s none of your business.  You stand there in judgment of me?  You who took one man from the altar and destroyed his life and now you’re planning to do the same with Donald!  And you have the audacity to call yourself of  a Church lady.

Grace: For your information, Dot, Ralph and I were very happily married.

Dot: I would have no way of knowing.  I never met Ralph.  No one did.  He stayed in your house and never once left it until he blew it sky-high with himself in it!

Grace: You are an evil person to take such pleasure in my pain.

Dot: You’re in no pain at all, Grace.  You’re perfectly fine and I shall tell Donald that when I see him.

Grace: You’re not going to tell him anything.  (She sits back on the bed) We’re going to act as if this conversation never happened because if you tell Donald that I can actually walk then I will be forced to tell Kathy who her father is.

Dot: I always knew what an evil person you are, Grace Donahue, but to knowingly hurt my Kathy.  You have crossed the line there.

CUT-TO: Interior.  St. Mark’s hallway.  Father McShane and Kathy are walking together.  He is holding her hands and they are walking down the hall towards Grace’s room.

Kathy: Thank you so much, Father, for seeing me.

Father: It is always my pleasure to see you, Kathy.  I hope our praying together has brought you comfort for tomorrow which I know will be a troubling day for you.

Kathy: Yes it will be but I don’t why, Father, but whenever I see you I always feel so much better.

Father: I feel the same.  (Hears the arguing in Grace’s room) What’s going on in Grace’s room?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Grace’s room.  Grace and Dot are struggling with each other as Father McShane opens the door and he and Kathy are shocked by what they see.

Father: Dorothy!  Grace!  What is going on.  Stop it this instant!

Kathy: (O.L.): Mom!  Grace!  Stop!  (She and Father McShane pull the women apart.)

Father: How dare you act this way and in a Church!  You both should be ashamed of yourselves.  You know better.  Kathy, take your mother into my office.  (Kathy and Dot exit.  He closes the door.) Well I can see your back is all better.

Grace: It’s not really I just–

Father: Start packing your things, Grace.  You’re leaving tomorrow morning  and so is your cousin Olive.

Grace: But, Donald–(He holds up his hand to silence her.)

(He opens the door and exits.  She stamps her foot.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Father McShane’s office.  Dot is seated in a chair as Kathy hands her a cup of water as Father enters.

Kathy: Are you better now?

Dot: Donald, I’m sorry for all that happened but that Grace Donahue gets me so angry.

Father: (Sits): It is obvious that you and Grace simply cannot be together alone or in a group.  If I were you it would be something I would pray about.

Dot: I know you’re right.

Father: Is there a reason you are coming to see me today?

Dot: Yes.  It’s actually good news.  Martin has asked me to marry him and I’ve said yes.

Father: Congratulations.  I am happy for you and for Martin and your whole family. This must make you happy, Kathy.

Kathy: Yes.  It makes us all very happy.

Dot: And I’m coming to you to see when the Church would be available.

Father: We can discuss that but I think we need and should discuss something a little more pressing now that the three of us are together.

Dot: Not now.

Father: Yes, now.

Kathy: (Rises): Then I’ll leave you two alone.

Father: No, Kathy, this concerns you.  I don’t want to burden you with this the night before you husband’s trial for Noel’s murder but I think it is something you need to be told.

Kathy: What is it?

Father: I’ve prayed about it a great deal since Dorothy told me a week ago and even though I was shocked by it I.m very glad that it’s true.  Kathy, you understand that since I came here to Maple Falls twenty years ago I’ve always felt a special connection with you.

Kathy: I’ve always felt that way with you too.  That’s why I came to see you today so we could pray together about the trial.

Father: Yes and I’m glad you did.  Is there something you wish to say, Dorothy?

Dot: No and I don’t think you should say it either.  Kathy is upset enough without hearing this.

Kathy: What?  What is it?  Will someone please tell me?

Father: (Taking Kathy’s hands in his): As I was saying, Kathy, I feel that we have always had a special bond and I hope that will continue when I tell you that what Dorothy told me.  Kathy, I am your biological father.

Kathy: What?  How?

Father: Dorothy and I knew each other before I became a Priest.  We were intimate with each other and then I went away to think about what I truly wanted for my life.  When I went to see Dorothy again she was already carrying you but she didn’t tell me because I told her that I was going into the seminary.

Dot: I couldn’t very well ask Donald to choose me over God so I gave birth to you and well you know the rest.

Kathy: So it true?

Dot: Yes and that’s why I was arguing with Grace.  I saw her standing by her bureau and when I said I was going to tell you she said I had to lie to you for her or else she would tell Kathy that you are her father.

Father: Did she really say that?

Dot: Yes, Donald, she did.

Father: I’ll have to speak with her about that but it’s trivial compared to how Kathy–our daughter–is feeling about this revelation.  How do you feel, Kathy?

Kathy: I truly don’t know.  I’m stunned.  I’ll need time to think about it.  I still can’t believe it’s true.  Does anyone else know about this other than us and Grace?

Dot: No.  I haven’t discussed it with anyone.

Father: I haven’t either and I’ll talk to Grace and make sure she doesn’t talk to anyone.  I will also need to speak to the Cardinal about this because, with your consent, Kathy and Dorothy, I plan to make this public.

Dot: Donald, you may be excommunicated from the Church.

Father: I understand that but I’m not going to continue a lie.

Kathy: You would risk not being a Priest so you could tell everyone that your my father?

Father: Yes, Kathy.  I haven’t any qualms about doing that.  I love you as a Father loves his daughter.  I realized through praying that I always have.  Now you can let me know when you want to talk about this again.  I am here for you.  Always.

(Kathy and Father McShane hug.)

Kathy: It’s such a strange feeling.  I never had a Father before.  I don’t remember Frank Hogan and well Barbara never remarried and Martin treats me like a daughter but I’m married to his son.  So I don’t really know how I feel but what you said just now makes me so happy.  That you would risk what you love for me and I want you to know that.

Dot: We’d better go now, Kathy.

Kathy: Yes.  I have to get home.  (She starts to walk away and then goes back to Father McShane and kisses him on the forehead.) I’ll see you tomorrow?

Father: Yes I’ll be there at the trial.

Dot: We both will be.

Kathy: I know this is one of the worst nights of my life but I have to say honestly it’s also now one of the best.

Close up of Kathy

Fade to Black



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