List of Characters

Roxann DuPres, our heroine, a fashion designer, lives in Paris.

Paris DuPres, her 17-year-old daughter.

Judge Will Brewster, Roxann and Patsy’s father, a widower.

Patsy Brewster, Roxann’s older sister, lives with her father.

Aunt Amy Carstairs, Roxann and Patsy’s aunt, lives with Will and Patsy.

Uncle Raymond Carstairs, Roxann and Patsy’s uncle, lives with Will and Patsy and Amy.

Ted Norris, MD, Chief of Staff at Briarwood General Hospital.

Joan Norris, RN, Head nurse at Briarwood General Hospital, Ted’s wife.

Jeff Norris, Ted and Joanne’s 20-year-old son, a playboy.

Peter Andrews, An attorney in Judge Brewster’s law firm, old flame of Roxann.

Kayleigh Andrews, Peter’s 18-year-old daughter.

Jim Andrews, MD, A doctor on staff at Briarwood General Hospital.

Barbara Lane, RN, Judge Brewster’s private nurse.

Robin Lane, her 18-year-old daughter.

Maria, Peter Andrews maid.

Michaels, the handyman at Briarcliff.

Theme: A person is shot and killed and all the secrets come to the forefront in a seaside New England community known as Briarwood.

Setting: Briarwood, Massachusetts.



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