Everlasting Love

The Fat Lady Sings

Part I

Fade In: Exterior.  Before dawn.  Richard’s driveway.  We see someone tampering with the brakes on Richard’s car.  We pull back and show a smiling Violet with an instrument in her gloved hands.

Violet: I said I’d get even with you, Richard, and I always do as I say.

CUT-TO: A text message.

Did u have fun with Andrew last night?


U know after the celebration last night.  I saw u both leave together.

Y not?  We both live at the same place.

Yeah ok.

Y r u being like this?  Didn’t u say u don’t love him any more?

So u do?

No!  I don’t love anybody any more not like that.  He’s just a nice looking guy & he’s lonely.  So I made a friend? WTF?


What about u and David?  WIF with us leaving me & Andy at Hop Sing’s?  What was that about?

Sorry but I wanted to get back to Court & see my Dad get found innocent.  Oh look at me.  I’m so selfish.

Don’t get bitchy with me.


I’m so glad I came back to MF & find u all tangled up with my ex lover.

David and me and u have been friends 4 a long time.  When u went off to Florida 2 b a movie star that doesn’t mean that David & I don’t have 2 stop being friends.

Looks 2 me like u r more than friends yesterday.

STU & Andrew!



CUT-TO: Interior.  Brooke’s apartment.  Andrew is seated with his mother at the kitchen table.

Andrew: I can’t believe you and Gran-mere would go at each other like that.

Brooke: I know.  It felt like an out-of-body experience but truthfully I’ve felt this way for years and never expressed it and now I have.

Andrew: But surely you and Gran-mere–

Brooke: I haven’t told you everything, Andrew, and am not going to because some of it just doesn’t matter anymore but one thing that does matter is my father.  I’ve always believed in some way that she’s involved with his sudden disappearance.

Andrew: What do you mean?

Brooke: I believe she killed my father.

Andrew: Mom–

Brooke: I can’t prove it, of course, but I always felt that he’s buried underneath her rose-bush.

Andrew: Well if you feel that way, Mom, why don’t you do something about it?

Brooke: I told myself it is because of you, Andrew.  I didn’t want you to believe that Gran-mere killed your Grandfather but that’s just an excuse.  The real problem is I don’t want to believe my mother killed my father.

Andrew: I don’t want to believe it either.  Gran-mere always been so loving towards me.

Brooke: Loving or manipulative?  I’m not sure she knows the difference but I do and I am taking your advice and finally doing something about it.

Andrew: Where are you going?

Brooke: (Exiting): I’m going where I should have years ago.  To the police.

(She exits as we have a close up of Andrew)

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Maple Falls Police Station on a bright sunny day.  We see Nancy Caswell fretting outside it as Ginny’s Police car pulls up.  Nancy comes over to the car as Ginny tries and eventually gets out.

Nancy: Have you found my daughter yet?

Ginny: As I told you before, Miss Caswell, we looked talked to Violet Eaton and she says she has not seen your daughter.  Connie is grown woman.  She’s allowed to come and go as she pleases.

Nancy: So you’re not going to do anything about it at all?

Ginny: We are doing the best we can.

Nancy: How can you say that when my Connie is out there and no one knows where she is?

Ginny: Please, Miss Caswell–

(Brooke drives her car into the parking lot and parks.)

Ginny: Again, we are doing the best we can.  Your daughter Connie’s case is on going

Brooke: (Exiting her car): Excuse me, are you Connie Caswell’s mother?

Nancy: Yes.  Who are you?

Brooke: I’m Brooke Eaton, Violet Eaton’s daughter.

Nancy: I suppose you’re going to tell me that your mother doesn’t know where Connie is and–

Brooke: No, that isn’t what I’m going say at all.  Can we go inside your office, Chief Cusack?

(Close up of Brooke)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny’s Office.  Ginny, Brooke, and Nancy enter.  Ginny offers the ladies to sit and then closes the door.

Ginny: What is this about, Brooke?

Brooke: I think my Mother had something to do with Connie’s disappearance.

Nancy: Why would you say that?

Brooke: I had an ugly conversation with my Mother last night and I asked her where Connie is along with my missing father and how Silas died and it was a complete mess.

Ginny: So you don’t have any evidence that your Mother is involved in any of these disappearances if that’s what they are or Silas’s death?  Is that right?

Brooke: No.

Ginny: With all due respect, Doctor Eaton.  You’re wasting my time.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Burke’s Corner Store.  Martin sees the mail on his counter.  He grimaces when he sees it’s the property bill from the State.  He opens the bill and then faints.

CUT-TO: Interior. Dot’s kitchen. She gets her mail from the mail box and places it down on her counter.  She gets her cup of coffee and opens the bill from the State while holding her cup of coffee and when she sees the bill she drops the cup of coffee and it shatters on the floor.

CUT-TO: Interior. O’Leary’s Tavern.  David enters with the mail while Melanie is at the bar chopping food.  He puts the bill on the bar.

David: Mornin’, Mom.

Melanie: Good morning, son.

David: Mail’s here.

Melanie: It looks like the Property tax bill from the State.  Can you open it for me?

David: Sure.  (He opens and it sees it.)

Melanie: What?

David: Stop chopping.

Melanie: Why? What? O.k. what is it?  (She stops, wipes her hands, and takes the bill.) They must have made a mistake.  I can’t pay this.

David: Aren’t you glad I told you to stop chopping?  You probably would’ve cut your hand off.

Melanie: Or slit my throat!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  She is sipping a mimosa as Charlie hands her the mail.

Sylvia: Open it for me, would you, Charlie?

(He opens it and looks at the bill)

Charlie: You ain’t gonna like this.

Sylvia: Please, Charlie, don’t be so uncouth. (She takes the bill and looks at it and spills her mimosa down her front.) Oy vey!

Charlie: Who’s uncouth now?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brian’s office.  He is seated at his desk and opens the bill.  His chair rocks back as Paula enters.

Paula: Good morning, Brian.  I’m here for my first day of work.

Brian: Huh?  Not so fast, Paula.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  Jim and Kathy are kissing as Colleen enters with the mail.

Colleen: Here’s your mail.

Kathy: Good morning to you, too.  What are you so mad about?

Colleen: Sheri and Andrew or as she likes to call him Andy. (She exits up the stairs.)

Jim: (Opens the bill and looks at it): Holy shit!

Kathy: Jim! What is it?

Jim: (Hands the letter to Kathy): Look at this property bill.  I can’t pay that.

Kathy: Oh my God!  This can’t be right.  It was never this much before.

Jim: But remember Richard told us of the corporation that was buying up all the property on Main Street?

Kathy: Yes but we’ve had so much to deal with I never thought of it again.  You don’t think everyone got a  bill like this, do you?

(Martin and Dot enter through the kitchen door with Martin holding his and Dot’s bills and he has a big bandage on the back of his head.)

Kathy: What happened to you?

Martin: What do you mean what happened to me? (Holding up the bills) This is what happened to me and to Dot and Melanie–

Jim: And me.

Kathy: What about Romano’s?

Dot: That’s been closed since Noel’s murder and Lena told me last night at the party that she’s leaving for Italy this morning.  It seems she has relatives there and she plans to be gone for a long time.

Martin: Bully for her but what about us?  I can’t afford to pay this.  It’s criminal that’s what it is.

Dot: Now, Martin, don’t get upset.  It’s not good for your blood pressure.

Martin: Never mind my blood pressure!  What are we going to do about this, Jim?

Jim: I don’t know, Dad, I’m as blindsided by this as you.  I’ll call Richard and see if there’s anything we can do.

Kathy: This all seems so calculated to me.

Martin: That’s exactly what it is.  Someone is behind all this.

Kathy: But who?  Who could be so cruel?  If everyone can’t pay their property tax than the businesses will close and then if the businesses close and no one can make any money then we will all have to move elsewhere and then there won’t be any Maple Falls.

Elsie: Oh, dear.

(Everyone turns to look at her holding Declan.)

Dot: Oh, Elsie, we didn’t see you.

Elsie: Is what you say true, Miss Kathy?

Jim: (Comforting Kathy): I’m afraid it’s true, Elsie.

Elsie: But why?  Maple Falls is a wonderful town with wonderful people.  Why would anyone want to destroy it?  Before Kathy found me I was a very lonely person living no really existing on Gull Island.  If it hadn’t been for Kathy and all you wonderful people well… (She starts to cry.)

Dot: (Taking Declan): Let me take the baby.

Kathy: (Holding Elsie): Elsie, it will be all right.  You’ll see.

Dot: I think we all know how much Kathy and everyone here loves Maple Falls but we also know how much one individual hates it.  All she says she cares about is her daughter and her grandson and her estate and she has more money than God.

Kathy: Mom, you don’t mean– (Dot nods her head.) Violet Eaton?

Dot: You love everyone and everything, Kathy, but Violet hates everything that you love and would be more than happy to make sure that you lose  it all.

Kathy: I can’t believe that even Violet could be so cruel.

Elsie: (Sobbing): I’m sorry, Miss Kathy, but I can’t take care of Declan today.  I have to go home.

Martin: Come on we’ll take you.  I still have a store to run.  They haven’t taken it from me yet.  Jim, call Richard and let me know what happens.  (He, Dot, and Elsie exit.)

Kathy: Oh, Jim, what are we going to do?

Close up of Kathy

CUT-TO: Interior.  Colleen’s car.  She is driving with Patrick as her passenger.

Patrick: Will you slow down!

Colleen: Listen, Patrick, you wanted me to drop you off at O’Leary’s which is totally out of my way so shut up.

Patrick: Someone’s panties are in a twist.

Colleen: What do you want to go to O’Leary’s for anyway?

Patrick: To see Adrian so we can celebrate our victory over evil.

Colleen: Patrick, the trial is over.  Dad’s home and Adrian Shapiro is going to go back to Los Angeles.  She’s not going to stay here.

Patrick: I know that but we’re friends, right?  I can’t go see my friend?

Colleen: Whatever.  Speaking of friends.  What were you doing last night talking to Alyson?  I thought you hated her.

Patrick: I don’t know.  She looked kinda lost and we started talking.  She wants me to go see her today and I said okay.  Anyway, what happened between all of us was a long time ago.  Let it go, Colleen.

Colleen: (Stopping the car in front of O’Leary’s): The only thing I’m letting go is you.  Out!

Patrick: (Exits the car): Gladly.  Where are you going in such a rush anyway?

Colleen: To see Sheri and get your own ride home! (She takes off.)

Patrick: What a bitch!

CUT-TO: Interior. Melanie’s bedroom.  Adrian is dressed and has packed her suitcase.  Melanie is seated on the bed.

Adrian: That’s lousy but what do you say you pack your things and come with me to L.A.?

Melanie: I don’t want to come with you to L.A.  I want to stay here.

Adrian: Why?  What’s so great about Maple Fruit?

Melanie: It’s Maple Falls, Adrian, and you know that.  This town has really welcomed me and except for a brief moment when I left I feel I belong here.  After all the years of searching for my son and finding him here it’s home.  Besides, I’ve lived in L.A. and London and New York and everywhere in between.  I love it here and I don’t want to leave.

Adrian: I see that as much as you love it here you aren’t asking me to stay.  (Melanie shrugs.) It’s okay.  You know that I couldn’t and you don’t want me too, right?

Melanie: I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, Adrian.

Adrian: It’s all right.  Don’t worry.  It’s been fun but it’s over.  I could say all the right things that I’ll always care about you and we should stay in touch but let’s be honest other than our being lesbians we don’t have anything else in common.

Melanie: Right.

Adrian: I’m not asking this out of jealousy but what about Paula? You can deny it as much as you want but you know you still love her.  Do yourself a favor, Mel.  Give it another shot.  Well I gotta go or else I’ll miss my flight back to the real world.  Oh I almost forgot.  (She reaches inside her pocketbook and pulls out a sealed letter envelope and hands it to Melanie.) If that nut bag Sylvia Moore ever decides to erect that statue of her dead Daddy I want you to read this letter at the dedication.

Melanie: What does it say?

Adrian: Never you mind, sweet cakes.   Jesus!  I’m late.  (Kisses her) Bye, Melanie.  It’s been fun.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  O’Leary’s.  Patrick is outside as Adrian comes out the door with her suitcase and bumps into him.

Adrian: Oh sorry, Patrick.  What are you doing here?

Patrick: I came see you and talk about the trial and Dad–

Adrian: Oh, you know I’d love too.  I really would but I’ve gotta get a flight back to L.A.  Some other time, huh?

Patrick: When?

Adrian: Patrick, you and Colleen were great.  I couldn’t have won your Father’s freedom without you.  Keep in touch, huh?  Bye.

Patrick: But Adrian–(Adrian is gone and we hear her car pull away) Bye again, Nan.

CUT-TO: Interior. O’Leary’s.  Melanie is back behind the bar as David is sweeping up the floor.  Patrick enters.

David: Hey, Pat, what’s up?  You all right?

Patrick: Yeah, I’m fine.  (To Melanie) Is Adrian gone for good?

Melanie: (Looking up from her phone): I’m sorry what? Oh, yes, Patrick.  Adrian is going back to Los Angeles.

Patrick: And she doesn’t ever plan to come back?

Melanie: (Her phone ringing): Not that I know of.  I’m sorry, Patrick, I have to get this.

CUT-TO: Interior.  O’Leary’s kitchen.  Melanie enters on her phone.

Melanie: What do you want?  No, I’m not going to–all right, I’ll meet you there.

CUT-TO: Interior. O’Leary’s bar.  David is on his phone.

David: Who?  Oh, yes, Mrs. Benson.  You want me to meet you at the jail?  It’s about Rosie.  Now? Well, yes, I guess I could.

(Melanie enters)

Melanie: David, I have to run out for a bit.  Can you watch the bar?

David: Sorry, Mom, but I gotta go see Mrs. Benson.

Melanie: You mean Olive Benson?

David: Yeah she wants me to meet her at the jail.  It’s about her daughter, Rosie.

Melanie: Well, okay, we’ll close up the place for about an hour.  With the bill I got today it won’t much difference anyway.  Patrick?  (He looks.) We’re closing up for a while so you have to go.

Patrick: Oh, sure.

CUT-TO: Exterior. O’Leary’s.  Patrick and David enter as Melanie enters behind them and locks the door and exits.

David: Pat, are you sure you’re okay?  You look like you’re gonna cry.

Patrick: No, I’m just sad about Adrian leaving, that’s all.  I’ll be okay.

David: You want me to drive you home or something?

Patrick: No, I’m supposed to go see Alyson.  (David looks surprised.) You don’t mind that I’m seeing her do you?  I mean I know she caused a lot of trouble for you and Sheri back in the day–

David: Who gives a shit?  That’s old news and so are me and Sheri.

Patrick: You mean you two aren’t still a couple?

David: Nah.  We’re still cool but we don’t love each other like that anymore which is weird after all the shit we went through but I kinda got my eye on someone else.

Patrick: Who?

David: Your sister.

Patrick: Colleen?

David: Shit, you don’t have to shout it out to the whole street!  Be cool.  Anyway, you need a ride up to Eaton Estates?

Patrick: I thought you had to go see Mrs. Benson.  Noel Tremayne’s killer and the lady who had my Dad in jail for months because she didn’t tell the truth.

David: Yeah, well I can see you’re not taking it personal.  Look, she wants to talk to me about her daughter Rosie, okay?  Do you want the ride or not?

Patrick: I’ll take the ride but the jail isn’t on the way to where Alyson lives.

David: Mrs. Benson can wait.  It isn’t like she’s going to go anywhere.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Maple Falls Cemetery. Charlie is standing beside a headstone smoking a cigarette as Melanie enters.

Melanie: What do you want, Charlie?

Charlie: What? No hello, Charlie, thanks for the kid you gave me eighteen years ago from that one beautiful night we had together in Paris?

Melanie: Just tell me what it is you want.

Charlie: It’s time.

Melanie: Time for what?

Charlie: For David to know the truth.  That I’m his Dad.

Melanie: Sperm donor.

Charlie: Whatever.

Melanie: Why are you telling me this?  He’s living at Sylvia’s now since his fight with his father-the only father he’s ever known-and you work for Sylvia so why not tell him over his bowl of Cheerios?

Charlie: So you think I should tell him?

Melanie: Charlie, what is this?  Other than a one night stand we had eighteen years ago we haven’t had anything to do with each other since.

Charlie: So you regret that one night stand?

Melanie: No I don’t regret it because it gave me my son.  The son I’ve been looking for eighteen years but you haven’t been looking for him.  You only fell upon him when you came here.  You could give two shits.

Charlie: Hey you got no right to talk to me like that.  You don’t know what I’ve been through and why I’m here.  You don’t even know me.

Melanie: That’s right.  I don’t know you and you don’t know me.  So why are you telling me this?  What’s the reason?  Oh, wait a minute, I get it now.  You want me to make it easy for you.  You want me to feel David out and make sure he’ll be okay with this revelation.  Forget it.  If you want to tell him, then you tell him.  Don’t expect me to get all involved in the messes you make.

Charlie: What messes do I make?

Melanie: I saw you last night at Jim and Kathy’s party.  You are obviously more than Sylvia’s employee and you made sure that everyone there saw it.

Charlie: Jealous?

Melanie: No, Charlie, I’m not.  I’m gay and even if I were straight I wouldn’t be jealous.  You’re using her just like you used Judy saving her from the flood to get in  good with Dot Shea.  Thank God she saw through you and tossed you out.

Charlie: Jesus!  You got some balls!  Dottie is my friend.  She didn’t toss me out.  I left because I got a job with Sylvia which Dottie said I would be good for.  I really love Dottie.

Melanie: You don’t love anyone.  Thank God she’s marrying Martin.  He’ll be able to keep her away from you.

Charlie: Dottie is marrying Martin?  (Quietly) But I love her.

Melanie: What did you say?

Charlie: Nothing.  It don’t matter now and don’t you tell me who I do and don’t love.  You don’t know shit!

Melanie: I know one thing.  You want Sylvia’s money and you want to tell David your his father hoping that Sylvia will be so happy that she will marry you.  To use David to get his mother.  You are low, Charlie.  The lowest of the low.

Charlie: (Raises his hand): Why you dried up old–

Paula: Don’t you dare!

Melanie: Paula!

Paula: (To Charlie): You’d better leave here right now, Charlie Syms, and don’t you ever raise your hand to strike another woman or speak to Melanie like that ever again! (Charlie storms off.)  Melanie, are you all right.  (She gently hugs Melanie.)  Why were you meeting with him anyway?

Melanie: Oh, Paula, I didn’t even see you here.

Paula: I know.  I came here after I went for my first day on the job at the cable channel.  I’m supposed to replace Kathy as a newscaster except when I showed up Brian told me about that enormous property bill he got and said he couldn’t possibly hire me.  Strike three for Paula Tremayne.

Melanie: I know how Brian feels.  I got a property bill too that I can’t possibly pay. I think everyone did.

Paula: You mean Dad, Dot, Jim and the hospital?

Melanie: Yes.

Paula: Well maybe you can pack your things and go away with Adrian.

Melanie: Adrian has already left for Los Angeles and she won’t be coming back.

Paula: Oh?  How do you feel about that?

Melanie: Truthfully I feel relieved.  I didn’t know her that well.  We met on a dating website and I saw her a few times when she was in Boston on business and I recommended her to Kathy for Jim so she came here to stay with me during the trial.

Paula: So you were more like friends?

Melanie: No, Paula, we were lovers but not in the way you and I were.  Adrian is a great person but she and I really don’t connect on any other level except that we’re gay.  I wish her well and she wishes me well but that’s over.  So what are you doing here at the cemetery?

Paula: I’m visiting Hugh and Mother.  I know I went up on that witness stand and everyone believed it was just another performance from Oscar winner Paula Tremayne.  I can’t blame them for it.  It’s all I’ve ever wanted to be.  A movie star and I made it but what did it cost me?  I changed yesterday on that stand. I saw how much my family loves me and how much I love them.  I’m going to have my last name changed back legally to Burke.  I don’t want to be associated with my ex-husband in any way and I’m finally giving up the dream of returning to Hollywood.  No one’s there that I know or care about and that made me think of my son.  I wasn’t a good mother, Melanie.  You, Kathy and Dot are and my mother was but not I.  I was  consumed by my career and stardom and an Oscar that I didn’t have time for Hugh.  He was another thing that I had to have in order to show my public I was a loving wife and mother. To keep up the image but I wasn’t either of those things.  Not really.

Melanie: There’s no way you could have loved Noel.

Paula: But I thought I did and maybe he thought he loved me.  As bad as he was, I was as bad and now all I have left of my son is a headstone.  You are such a good mother, Melanie.  I know you’d do anything to protect David.  Anything at all.  Melanie, what is it?

Melanie: I met Charlie here because he was my lover from my one stand eighteen years ago in Paris.  He’s David’s biological father.

Paula: Melanie!  Does David know?

Melanie: No, that’s why Charlie called me and wanted to meet with me.  He wanted I don’t know what my permission or me to see if David would be open to finding out who Charlie really is.

Paula: Does Sylvia know?  (Melanie shakes her head.) We have to call her.  We’ll tell her to meet us at O’Leary’s.  She has to be told.  (Melanie nods her head.  Gets on her phone.) Hello, Sylvia?  This is Paula.  I’m wondering if you can meet me for a drink at O’Leary’s in about an hour.  I have something important to tell you.  Call me or text me back and let me know.  Thanks.

Close up of Melanie

CUT-TO: Interior.  Dot’s living room.  She is entering from the stairs carrying a tray as her doorbell rings.  She places the tray down and answers the door.  It’s Charlie.  He’s holding flowers.

Dot: Charlie, how are you?

Charlie: Hi, Dottie.

Dot: Come in.  (He enters sheepishly.)  What beautiful flowers.

Charlie: They’re for you.  (He hands them to her.)

Dot: For me?

Charlie: Sure.  Why not?

Dot: I’m surprised that’s all.  We haven’t seen much of each other since you went to work for Sylvia.

Charlie: I wanted to come by more it’s just she keeps so busy and–

Dot: No, Charlie, believe me I’m not finding fault.  (Taking the flowers) They are quite beautiful, thank you. (An awkward pause)  I should put these in some water.

Charlie: (O.L.): I don’t mean to bother you or anything.

Dot: (O.L.): You’re not bothering me.

Charlie: (O.L.): I can see your busy.

Dot: Well I find myself in rather a dither today.  Taking care of Elsie and seeing my tax bill and–

Charlie: I hear you’re marrying Martin.

Dot: (Beaming): Yes.  He’s a wonderful man.  We’ll be very happy together.

Charlie: He’s a lucky guy because you’re a wonderful woman, too, Dottie.  (He awkwardly kisses her on the cheek and she awkwardly accepts it.)

Dot: Thank you, Charlie.  (Awkward pause) Well I better put these in water.

Charlie: Yeah.  I’ll see ya, Dottie.  (He turns to go.)

Dot:  Charlie?

Charlie: Yeah?

Dot: Was there something you wanted to say?

Charlie: It don’t matter now.

Dot: Oh, Charlie, now that I think of it.  (She goes to the desk and opens a drawer and pulls out the pictures of David and Sylvia.) Brian has moved back into the room you were in and I was cleaning it before he came back and found these two pictures of David and Sylvia.  Are they yours?  They look as if they have been cut out from something and look old.

Charlie: No.  They aren’t mine. I don’t know where they came from.  Bye, Dottie.  Be well.  (He exits.)

Dot: You, too. Goodbye, Charlie.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ginny Cusack’s office.  Ginny is seated in her chair as Olive is standing by the window and David is seated across from Ginny.

Olive: I never had nothing but Rosie.  My Dad took off when I was little and my Ma drank.  My husband, who I thought would be with me forever, I woke up one day and he was gone.  Took what little money we had and that was that.  Left me and Rosie flat.  Funny thing.  He’s still my husband legally anyway.  Guess I always hoped he’d show up again but I knew he wouldn’t.  My cousin, Grace, had ended up here in Maple Falls and she was running Crest Haven and I’m a nurse so I came and worked for her.  She’s the only person I’ve ever been able to count on and she hates my fuckin guts.  I embarrass her.  That’s why she didn’t pick up the phone when I called.  So that’s why I called you, David.  I know you said you care about Rosie–

David: I do.

Olive: Then I want you to do me and Rosie a favor.  I can’t take care of her no more.  Not where I’m headed and the money is all gone.  That cunt–

Ginny: Olive!

Olive: Well it’s all gone so I (moves over to Ginny’s desk) signed this piece of paper and I’m asking you for me and for Rosie to give it Grace.  (She hands it to him.)

David: (Looks at the piece of paper): Mrs. Benson this says–


Ginny: (Rises): Olive!

Olive: I’m sorry really I’m sorry for everything.  For my life.  For the way I acted.  For the way I treated people and used them and spit them out.  I’m fucking sorry for all of it, David, but the one thing I ain’t ever gonna be sorry for is my Rosie.  She’s my beautiful little Rosie and nobody can ever take her away from me.  Will you give the letter to Grace?  (He nods.) Promise?  You’ve been a good friend to me, David, and you’re being a really good friend to my Rosie.

Close up of Olive

CUT-TO: Interior.  John Kelly’s office.  John in his office packing things and putting them in boxes when Doris enters.

John: Nice to see you finally got here this morning.

Doris: Hello, boss.  Why are you putting things in boxes?

John: Because I quit that’s why.

Doris: Quit?  Over losing one case?

John: That was a big case, Doris.  Jim confessed to killing Noel and then he recanted it and then he’s found not guilty–

Doris: Well he can’t be found guilty of it if Olive Benson confesses to it.  That’s not your fault but it isn’t about losing the case, is it? (John looks confused.) It’s about knowing you will never have the chance to win Kathy Burke’s heart.

John: Knock it off, Doris.  You better start packing your stuff too and then go home and pack a few things–

Doris: Why would I do that?  I mean sure I’m out of a job all of sudden so I’ll pack my things here but why go home and pack?

John: Because you’re coming with me to New York we both know that.  Look, Dodo–

Doris: Don’t call me that.

John: Okay, sorry.  We had a fight.  I’m sorry for it, really, but we make a great team, Doris, not just here at the office but you know as lovers.  We belong together.

Doris: Oh, just because you couldn’t get Kathy now you want me.

John: Will you knock it off about Kathy!  She’s a pipe dream and now the dream is gone and I’m glad.  You’re my reality.  You’re my girl.  You know that and I know that. Marry me, Doris.  Marry me and we’ll leave Maple Falls behind forever.

Doris: Marry you?  You want me to marry you?

John: Look I know it’s risky after my three divorces but this time–

Doris: Oh, John, if only you said that to me a week ago I would’ve been Mrs. John Kelly like that but now.  No, John, thank you but no.

John: It’s Max Goldman, isn’t it?  (Doris looks surprised.) Yeah, I heard all about you and Max having a great time last night at Jim’s victory party.  How could you do me that way, Dodo, after all we’ve been through?

Doris: How could I do you that–?  Owww!  It’s not about Max or Kathy.  It’s about you, John.  You are insufferable, egotistical, self-centered–

John: But you love me anyway?

Doris: No, John, no I don’t love you.  Maybe I did once but not anymore and I don’t love Max either.  I hope you have a good life in New York I really do but I’m going to stay right here and maybe learn to love me.  Just me.

Close up of Doris

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brooke’s office.  Sylvia enters with the bill with a nurse.

Sylvia: Where is she?

Nurse: I’m not sure, Mrs. Moore.

Sylvia: You’re not sure?  Do I pay you to be not sure of where your Chief of Staff is?  Get her on the phone now.

Nurse: Yes, Mrs. Moore.  (She gets on her phone.)

Sylvia: Not here!  Out there and when you get her tell her to come in immediately.  (The nurse exits.  Max enters.)  Max, where is Brooke?

Max: I don’t know, Sylvia, but lower your voice.  I can hear you all the way down the hall.  People are trying to rest here.

Sylvia: Well I would like to be home resting too but not with this bill. (She throws it at him.)

Max: (He takes it and looks at it): Oh my God.  We can’t pay this.  The hospital would shut down.

Sylvia: Don’t say that, Max.  I can’t bear that the hospital Papa devoted his life to would no longer exist especially now that I am having his statue erected at the park.

Max: You’re not going ahead with that, are you?

Sylvia: And why not?  Papa was a well-respected member of this community.  He gave his all to Maple Falls.

Max: From what I now understand about your wonderful Papa he gave more than his all.

Sylvia: How dare you degrade Papa.  Why if it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t have  been Chief of Staff!

Max: And if it wasn’t for you I would still be Chief of Staff and engaged to and marrying Brooke and having Judy and David living with me instead of you and that boy toy Charlie Syms.

Sylvia: Jealous?

Max: Yeah, right.

Sylvia: And what about you and Doris Crandall?

Max: Doris is a nice lady.

Sylvia: I was a nice lady too when you married me and you’re a fine one to be chiding me for having a boy toy after your affair with Jennifer Crane.

Max: Oy vey, are you going to keep shoving that affair up in my face every single Goddamn time I see you?  Jen is now happily married to Richard Wembly and all I can think is how that must eat away at you.  For Jen to be married to a man much richer than you could or will be!

CUT-TO: Close up of Jen

Jen: We’re broke?

(Pull back to show that we are in Richard’s home office.  She is seated opposite him at his desk.)

Richard: No.  We’re still rich but most of my money is tied up in stocks, bonds, investments.  That sort of thing.  There’s still a great deal of liquidity but if I gave that to help save Maple Falls like Jim wants me too then we’d be–

Jen: Broke?

Richard: No but it just isn’t a good time right now to be trying to save the town.

Jen: Jim didn’t ask you to save Maple Falls did he?

Richard: No not outright but I know that’s what he’d like.  I’ve been helping people keep their businesses for years but I can’t do it right now.

Jen: Well if you can’t, you can’t.  It’s still a terrible thing that’s happened.  Who could be behind it?

Richard: I think I know who but I’m waiting for to confirm my suspicions.  I have a person who’s been investigating this buying of all the property of Maple Falls businesses on Main Street for some time.  He thinks he’ll have an answer for me soon.

Jen: It couldn’t be anyone here.  I thought you told me it’s some kind of international corporation.

Richard: It’s someone here in Maple Falls who’s fronting as an international corporation.

Jen: Who? Not Sylvia?

Richard: No.  As much as Sylvia fights with everyone in Maple Falls she still loves the town even if it’s only for the memory of her precious Papa and her elevated place in Maple Falls society because of it.  No it’s someone far more sinister and she has her own pond.

Jen: Not Violet?

(Richard’s phone rings and he answers it.)

Richard: Hello?  Yes?  You’re sure?  Thank you very much.  (He hangs up his phone.) Violet Eaton.  (He starts to exit.)

Jen: (Calling after him): Richard!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sheri’s bedroom.  Sheri is sitting at her mirror combing her hair as Colleen sits on Sheri’s bed.

Sheri: Will you stop yelling at me?  So Andy likes me and I like Andy so what?  You said you were over him.

Colleen: I am over him but that’s mean you can have him!

Sheri: I don’t have him, Colleen.

Colleen: But you want too.

Sheri: Well he is cute.  I never noticed how cute he really is.  I mean I didn’t like looking at him when he was you know blind but now.

Colleen: You are so superficial!

Sheri: Let’s see I like my hair, clothes, makeup, I want to be a model and a movie star  So yeah I’m superficial but all you think about is your brains.  Smart girls don’t get a lot of boys or didn’t you notice?

Colleen: Yeah I noticed.

Sheri: Oh, Col, I’m sorry, really.  That wasn’t nice thing for me to say.

Colleen: It’s just that you can have any guy.  Why do you have to have Andrew?

Sheri: I don’t have to have Andrew and I don’t have Andrew anyway.

Colleen: Not yet but you will.  I can tell by the way he looks at you.  I can’t blame him.  Who wouldn’t want you over me?  Look at you.

Sheri: Colleen, don’t talk that way about yourself.  You’re a terrific person and you’ve lost some weight.  I can tell.  You look good.  We just have to fix your hair–

Colleen: It’s not about me fixing my hair and losing weight.  It doesn’t matter how much I do that.  I’ll never be you.  Guys are never going to look at me the way they look at you.

Sheri: And they are never going to look at me the way they look at you. (Colleen starts to argue.) They look at you!  You’re the one who has all the brains.  You’re the one everyone goes to when there’s a problem.  Nobody ever comes to me and expects me to use my brains  which probably is a good thing when you think about it. (They laugh) Come on.  Can we stop fighting?

Colleen: Yeah, I guess so.

Sheri: So it is okay if Andy likes me and I like him because of it isn’t then I’ll tell him to fuck off.

Colleen: No, it’s okay.

Sheri: If you ask me I think David is starting to like you.  I mean he took off with you yesterday leaving me and Andy at the restaurant.

Colleen: He’s just being a friend but what if it something more? I mean it was once before and it almost ruined our friendship forever.

Sheri: I’m cool with it.  Kinda relieved actually.  David’s a great guy and we’ve been through a lot together but I don’t know after the my miscarriage, Hugh’s drowning and my breakdown we were just never able to get back to where we were.  As for us being friends we’re really sisters, Colleen.

Colleen: Yes we are and nothing is going to ever change that.

Sheri: (Looking out the window): You know what?  It’s a beautiful day.  Andy and I took a walk in the woods yesterday.  They are really beautiful.  Wanna go for one?

Colleen: Sure.  I don’t see why not.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Alyson’s room.  Patrick is seated in a chair as Alyson is on her bed.

Alyson: I can’t believe that Gio hasn’t come for me.  I mean maybe Daddy is right.  Maybe Gio never loved me.

Patrick: Oh, Alyson, I’m sure he’ll come riding in on his horse any day and pick up and take you away.

Alyson: Some day my Prince will come?

Patrick: I hope mine does and I know Gio will be here soon.

Alyson: You’re really sweet, Patrick.  A really sweet, lovable guy.  Why can’t you be straight then we could get married and this could be your baby?

Patrick: But you’re forgetting that your Giovanni’s wife.

Alyson: I’ve never forgotten that I’m his wife but I think he has.  He hasn’t tried once to answer any of my calls or texts or anything.  Daddy says he’s still married to Countess Frangelico and maybe he is and then I’m trapped living in this mausoleum  with Daddy’s new bride and evil bitch stepmother Jen and my evil anorexic stepsister Sheri.  I hate my life.

Patrick: Look why don’t we get out of here for a while?

Alyson: And do what?  (She looks out the window.) I know what we could do.

Patrick: Ali, you’re getting that naughty look that I love so much.

Alyson: Let’s borrow Daddy’s car and take it for a drive.

Patrick: Won’t he get mad?

Alyson: I don’t care if he does.  I have to get out of here.  I don’t care if it’s the last thing we ever do.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Violet’s cottage.  Violet is standing there with Richard and Jen.

Violet: So now it’s my fault that all of Maple Falls is collapsing into financial ruin?  Really, Richard, you give me far too much credit.

Richard: Blame not credit and I spoke with my man who told me that you were without a question or a doubt behind it all.

Violet: Well then maybe your man should get his facts straight.

Richard: The man I spoke too worked for you.  He’s one of the men that helped you set up the phony international corporation to buy all the property on Main Street.  Should I call him and have him come here and get on a witness stand and tell the truth or perhaps you could get on a witness stand again and say something about Silas?

Violet: Fine!  Have it your way, Richard.  You always have and you always will.  I am the one who purchased all of the property on Main Street and I am the one who made sure the property bills would be too high for anyone to be able to pay them and now Maple Falls will no longer exist because of me!  Happy?

Jen: What the fuck?

Violet: Tell your common wife to not use such language in my home, my cottage, the one who made me move into when you came here and stole my house just like you stole everything else from me.

Richard: I don’t call it stealing when the things I have are rightfully mine.  The house and the properties and the land belong to me.

Violet: I am sick to death of hearing that!

Richard: No what your sick to death of hearing is the truth but now it’s all finally coming out.  Your behind the collapse of Maple Falls and Henry and Connie’s disappearances, your father, Elinor, and Silas’s death.  How many more people are going to have to suffer before you are finally put where you belong?

Violet: You accuse me of causing people to suffer?  All you have done ever since you moved here is cause me unending suffering.  I HATE YOU, RICHARD, WITH ALL OF MY BEING.

Richard: I know how you feel because I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT YOU.

(Brooke, Nancy, and Andrew enter)

Violet: Brooke?  Andrew? You’ve come back.  I knew you would.

Richard: Your Mother just confessed to us, Brooke, that she is the architect behind the financial ruin of Maple Falls.   She purchased all the property forming an international corporation with the intent to ruin all the businesses and force everyone to leave Maple Falls.

Andrew: Is that true, Gran-mere?  Did you do that?

Violet: I did it for us, Andrew.  For you and Brooke and I.  We would be able to survive here at Eaton Estates and then when everyone is gone we could all live here peacefully and happily.  Don’t you see that?  Doesn’t anyone see that?  Like when you were blind.  It was so much easier for us when were blind.  The only people who lived here were you and Brooke and I.  I would go to Romano’s and buy you those meatballs subs.  Remember how much you loved those meatball subs?  It made me so happy to see you eat your meatballs subs.  To know that you were happy and you were happy, weren’t you, Andrew?  With just your mother and I but then you let in Colleen Burke and then Richard came and now Jen is here and it’s all ruined, all gone.  Everything that I had planned for just the three of us is gone.

Andrew: Oh, Gran-mere.

(We hear a blood curdling scream.)

Brooke: What’s that?

Richard: It’s coming from the woods!

Jen: It’s Sheri!

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Eaton’s Estates woods.  Sheri is being comforted by Colleen as they see the body but we only see a hand of Connie Caswell.  Everyone except Violet run into the woods.

Nancy: (Screams): Connie!!!

(She collapses as Brooke holds her. Andrew goes over to Sheri and Colleen and sees a gardening glove with the initials V E on it.  He picks up the blood stained glove and hands it to Richard.  Richard turns and the camera pulls back to show Violet standing with her back to the camera completely naked.)

Richard: Did you lose this glove, Violet?

(Camera should come slowly around to Violet with a close up and as she is telling these incidents we should flashback to the moments as they were told in the previous episodes.)

Violet: It started with my father the great and powerful Adam Eaton.  I was a little girl playing in my room when I heard my mother tell my father she was leaving him.  I came out of my room and saw my father push my pregnant mother down the stairs to their deaths.  No one ever doubted my father’s words that my mother slipped and fell down the stairs.  A few years later I borrowed my sister Elinor’s car and went for a joy ride.  I hit Rosie Benson and left her by the side of the road.  I knew what I had done and my father said he was sending me away.  Lucky for me father had a bad heart so we argued and he began having a heart attack.  I grabbed his heart pills and watched him lunge for them right before he had his fatal attack.  I always found it ironic that he should have die from a heart attack since he never had a heart.  Then I became pregnant with Henry’s baby.  He was in love with my dear sweet lovely sister Elinor.  You remember Elinor, don’t you, Richard?  Henry and Elinor were to be married but when I told him that I was carrying his child he married me instead.  He had too and then Elinor married Richard.  Henry and I were miserable together but I couldn’t let him go because then I knew he’d go to Elinor, who was having a miserable marriage with Richard.  One night Henry came to me and told me he was leaving me.  I couldn’t have that.  I couldn’t Elinor win again.  So I stuck a syringe in Henry’s heart but he didn’t die.  He wouldn’t and then I looked out the window and saw the pond.  So I took Henry and dragged him from his bed and started down the stairs but Silas saw me and I told him to help me.  He didn’t want too but I told him if he didn’t I would kill Arthur.  Silas knew I would too so he helped me put Henry into the pond.  I weighed him down with cinder blocks and chains.  I wanted him to suffer the way he had me suffer.  I didn’t know the next day would be sunny and you and Tom would go out on the lake and the canoe tip over–

Andrew: And I would see Grandfather.

Brooke: And that caused Andrew to suffer from psychosomatic blindness and you knew this all along?

Violet: Yes I knew it and believe it or not I felt badly about it.

Brooke: So where is father?

Violet: He’s under my prize-winning rose bush.  That’s why they have that peculiar red  to them.  It’s your father’s blood.

Richard: Go on, Violet.  Elinor?

Violet: I went to New York and I shot and killed her right after Henry’s disappearance.  I couldn’t abide Henry still being in love with her so she had to die.  As difficult as it will be for you to believe, Richard, I didn’t want to kill Silas.  I loved him.  He had been my loyal and faithful servant since I was a child but he was dying from cancer and he told me that he had to tell the police the truth about Henry before he died.  So I had to smother him with that pillow and Connie, stupid, dumb, imbecile Connie?  Who knew that someone so dumb would be my ruin?  She smoked and put her cigarettes out under my roses.  I saw her that rainy awful night and she found where Henry is so she had to die. (We and only Violet see the ghosts of Mick, Belle, Pastor Crane, Noel and then Tom.) Tom?  (We hear a gun shot and then see that Violet is covered in blood.  She falls into the pond we see Nancy holding a gun and then we see the pond become red and see Violet meet with Tom and the others surround her and we hear Violet’s scream.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Richard’s car.  Alyson is driving with Patrick in the passenger seat.

Alyson: This was such a good idea of yours, Patrick.  I don’t care if I never go back.

Patrick: Me either.  I could die happy.  Slow down.

CUT-TO: Alyson’s foot applying the brake but it’s not working.

CUT-TO: Alyson and Patrick.  She is panic stricken.

Patrick: What’s the matter?

Alyson: The brakes don’t work!

CUT-TO: A view of the sky.  We hear  a crash and see Maureen standing by the wreckage of the car.




















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