Everlasting Love

All’s Well That Ends Well

Part II

Fade In: Exterior.  Night time.  Maple Falls General Hospital.

Dissolve to the waiting room at the hospital.  Kathy, Jim, Declan, Colleen, Sheri, Richard, Jen, David, Dot, Martin, Paula, and Melanie are there.

Kathy: Please, God, let Patrick be all right.  I can’t have adopted one child and lose another.

Dot: God will be good to us, Kathy.  You have to believe that.

(Father McShane enters)

Kathy: Father!

Father: (Embracing Kathy): I came as soon as I could.  How is he, Jim?

Jim: He’s still in surgery.  It was a terrible accident.  Alyson was driving her father’s car and as she was coming down the hill she applied the brakes but the brake line had been cut.

Father: Who would do something like that?

Martin: I think we all know who, Father, and thankfully she can’t hurt anyone anymore.  She was an evil woman that one.  It’s good she’s dead.

Dot: Martin!

Martin: Are you saying it isn’t?  She killed a lot of people.  Richard was there when she confessed to it and so was Jen, Sheri, and Colleen.  Her own daughter and her grandson.  Thank God that Nancy Caswell took out that gun and shot and killed her.

Father: She was still one of God’s children, Martin.

Martin: More like the devil’s if you ask me.

Paula: Father, talking like this isn’t helping anyone.

Martin: You’re a fine one to talk.  You were friends with her.

Dot: Come on, Martin, let’s go get some coffee.  (Martin starts to object.) Come on!  Talking like this is upsetting everyone!

(Max enters)

Kathy: (Breaking free from Father McShane): Oh, Max, how is he?  Can we see him?

Max: Not yet.  He made it through the operation but he’s still in critical condition.

Kathy: But I have to be with him.

Max: All right, Kathy.  You and Jim but only you two.

Colleen: (Crossing to Kathy): I’ll take the baby, Mom.

Kathy: (She hands Colleen the baby): Where is he?

Max: He’s in ICU.

(Kathy and Jim exit.)

Father: I’ll go pray in the chapel.

(Father McShane exits.)

Richard: How’s Alyson?

Max: She’s come through the operation too.  She’s in stable condition but she lost the baby.

Richard: Does she know?

Max: No she’s resting right now.

Jen: Can we see her?

Max: Yes but only you and Richard.

Jen: (Takes Max’s hand): Thank you, Max.  Thank you for everything.

Richard: (Taking Jen’s hand from Max): Yes, Max, thank you.  What room is she in?

Max: You’ll have to ask at the nurses station.

(Richard and Jen exit.  Max turns to go.)

David: Dad?

Max: Yes?

(David embraces Max and Max embraces him.)

David: I’m really sorry, Dad, for being so stupid about everything.  You saved two people’s lives tonight.  I never got it before that you are really a great man.

Max: (Scoffs): I don’t how great I am, David, but I know I’m exhausted.  Let’s forget all about everything and start over tonight and for the rest of our lives?

David: Yeah, Dad.

Max: What’s that letter you have there?

David: It’s from Olive Benson.

Max: How did you–

David: She wanted me to see her and she gave me this letter.  It’s about taking care of her daughter Rosie.  I’ve become friends in a way with Rosie since I started working at Crest Haven.  She wants me to give the letter to Mrs. Donahue.  Since you’re a doctor do you want to read it?

Max: Sure.  (David hands him the letter and he reads it.) It’s DNR.  Do Not Resuscitate.  Kind of late for that but it’s best.

David: What do you mean you think she’s already–?

Max: I think the machines have been keeping Rosie alive such as it is for over a year now if not more.  I was once Rosie’s doctor and Olive asked me to check in on her a while ago.  I told her that then but she couldn’t give up Rosie.  It was all she had.

David: Dad, do you think–

Max: Yes.  Rosie is already in a better place, son, where ever that is.  It will just mean releasing her body.  I can go with you to give the letter to Grace Donahue if you want.

David: No, I can do it, Dad.  You better stay here in case anything else happens.

Max: Stay here tonight with your friends.  Waiting to give the letter to Grace tomorrow isn’t going to change anything.  I’d better go check on Patrick and Alyson.  (He exits.)

Colleen: It’s so sad about Alyson losing her baby.

Sheri: I guess she was really pregnant this time?  Ow, I didn’t mean that how it sounds.

Paula: You’re allowed to say that, Sheri.  Alyson has caused a lot of trouble.  That whole family has.

Colleen: Well if you feel that way, Aunt Paula, why did you stay at Eaton Estates?  I mean wasn’t it Mr. Wembly who let you stay there when you had no place else to live?

Paula: Colleen, you make it sound as if Richard did it out of the goodness of his heart.  I paid an exorbitant amount of rent.

Sheri: You’re only pissed at Richard because he married my mother and you hate my mother.

Paula: Well that’s gratitude for you.  I’m the one who made you a movie star!

Sheri: Yeah thanks a lot for introducing me to that creeper Julian Daniels and that fuckin freak show.

Paula: You said you wanted to be an actress.  I gave you that opportunity.  I can’t help it if the set as you imagined it in that fluffy brain of yours isn’t what it actually was.

Sheri: You used me like you use everybody else but I was too dumb to see it.

Paula: And my son was too dumb to think your life was worth saving when you jumped into that river and because of you he lost his!

Dot: (Enters): Paula Tremayne!  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Hugh’s death was an accident.  A terrible horrible accident.

Melanie: I think we’re all upset about everything right now.  Come on, Paula, let’s go.  David, call me if anything changes, okay?  (David nods.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Hallway outside waiting room.  Martin is entering the waiting room as Paula and Melanie enter.

Martin: What’s going in here?  I can here you yelling all the way down the hall.

Paula: I would tell you what it was about, Father, but then you’d only take their side so why bother?

(Andrew enters)

Paula: Andrew!  What are you doing here?  Hasn’t your family caused done enough damage already?

Martin: Knock it off, Paula.

Paula: See?  I’m right again.  Whenever it has to do with me you always take the other side.  Come on, Melanie, I have to get out of here.

Martin: Thanks, Mel.  (Paula and Melanie exit as Andrew stands there.)

Andrew: I just wanted too–

Martin: It’s been a horrible day for you, too, boy.  Come on in.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Waiting room.  Martin enters with Andrew and everyone is surprised.

Dot: (Holding Declan): Well, Andrew.  How is your mother and how are you?

Andrew: Still in shock I guess.

Dot: Martin, let’s take the kids over to Kathy’s and I’ll put Declan to bed and then cook dinner.

Colleen: No I want to stay here for Patrick.

Dot: We need to eat, Colleen, so we can be strong and be there for Patrick as he gets well.

Colleen: But what if he–

Dot: Your Grandfather and I prayed with Father McShane in the Chapel.  Patrick will be well.  I have no doubt.  Come on, Andrew.

Andrew: Are you sure you want me?

Martin: Whatever your Grandmother did is what she did.  You’re your own person. Now come on.  Let’s go.  We all need a good meal.  Move it.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Patrick’s hospital room.  Kathy and Jim enter.  A nurse is there.  Kathy sees Patrick hooked up to machines but she steadies herself and goes and holds Patrick’s hand.

Kathy: I love you, Patrick.  Mom and Dad are here.

Jim: We love you, son.  We’re going to be right here.

(The heart machine starts to flat line.)

Kathy: (Screams): Jim!

Jim: (Races over to the door, opens it and yells): Max!  Max, come quick!

(Max enters and immediately goes over to Patrick.)

CUT-TO: A vision.  Barbara is standing there smoking a cigarette and we hear Patrick’s voice.

Patrick: Nan!

Barbara: Hello, kid.

Patrick: I miss you so much, Nan.  I know I pretended that Adrian Shapiro was just like you but nobody is like you, Nan, nobody.

Barbara: You got that right.  I’m your one and only Nan, kid.  Don’t forget it.

Patrick: I’m so happy we’re going to be together now.

Barbara: What?  Not yet, Patrick.  You have to stay with your parents.  They need you and love you.

Patrick: But, Nan, I want to be with you.

Barbara: Patrick, I’m with you all the time and some day we will be together forever but not for a very long time.  You have to stay here.  You’re whole life is ahead of you.  I love you, kid.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Patrick’s hospital room.  Max and the nurse are working on him as Kathy and Jim stand-off to the side.  His heart starts beating again on the monitor.

Kathy: Oh, thank God!

Jim: Is he all right?  Is he going to be all right, Max?

Max: I think so, Jim.  Patrick’s a fighter.  He’s going to be all right.

Patrick: (Mumbles): Nan.

Kathy: He’s calling for my mother Barbara.

Patrick: (Eyes open): Mom, Dad.

Jim: Don’t try to talk now, Patrick.  (Holds Patrick’s hand) We’re here and we’re not going anywhere.  Ever.

(Overshot of Jim and Kathy with Patrick each holding one of Patrick’s hands.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Alyson’s hospital room.  Richard and Jen are there.  Alyson stirs and immediately feels for her baby.  She wakes.

Alyson: The baby?  Dad?

Richard: (Taking her hand): We’re here, Angel.

Alyson: My baby?  (Richard shakes his head.)

Jen: (Taking Alyson’s other hand as Alyson cries): I’m so sorry, Alyson, it’s no consolation now but there will be other babies.

Alyson: But, I–

Jen: Yes, I know.

Alyson: Patrick?  How’s Patrick?

Richard: Patrick is alive, Angel.  He has the room next to yours.  You’re both going to be all right.

Alyson: I still don’t understand how it happened.  I was driving your car and then taking a turn and tried to put the brakes on–

Jen: Shhh, there’s no reason to go into all that now.  You need your rest.

Richard: It isn’t your fault, Angel.  Your Aunt Violet cut the brakes to the car and intended for me to be driving the car and be killed in an accident.  I wish to God now that had happened to spare you any pain.

Alyson: Don’t say that, Dad.  I don’t understand why Aunt Violet would want to do that.

Richard: She was a sick, evil, hateful woman but it’s over now.  We just want you to get well.

Alyson: I know how terrible I’ve been to both of you but I promise I’m going to be better.

Jen: Give yourself a break, kid.  You’re still a teenager.  You got your whole life ahead of you.

(Alyson smiles at Jen, who returns the smile, and then Jen smiles at Richard, who smiles at them both.)

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Nighttime.  Maple Falls General Hospital.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Daytime.  Sunny day over Main Street.  We slowly dissolve into Dot’s kitchen.  She is in her bathrobe and slippers and preparing a tray for Elsie.  Brian is at the table eating.

Brian: What are you doing?

Dot: I’m preparing a tray for Elsie.  She was very upset yesterday that Maple Falls was almost destroyed by Violet Eaton.  I’m going to take it up to her and see if she’s able to eat anything. What an awful day yesterday was.  I can’t remember a day that bad as that.

Brian: But some good things came out of it.

Dot: Like what?

Brian: Patrick and Alyson will be all right and Violet Eaton is dead and it made one helluva news story.  CNN picked it up!

Dot: Well I’m glad such misery brought you huge ratings, Brian!  Honestly all you think of anymore is work.  These are people we know.  Who you grew up with.  Don’t you care what happens to them?

Brian: Wow!  Of course I care but ever since Arthur left I’ve been kind of keeping to myself.

Dot: Well you’re going to have to get over that.  It isn’t as if Arthur is coming back any time soon.

(There’s a knock on the kitchen door.)

Brian: (Going to answer the door): Okay, Mom.  All right.  I get it.  (He opens the door. Arthur is standing there with red roses.) Arthur!

Arthur: Hello, Brian.  May I come in?

(Brian grabs Arthur and they passionately kiss.)

Dot: (Making the sign of the cross): Well.  (She takes the tray and exits.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Elsie’s room.  A close shot of the bedroom door.

Dot: (Off): Elsie?  (Knocks lightly on the door) Elsie, (opening the door while balancing the door) may I come (she drops the tray and her hands fly up to her mouth.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Dot’s kitchen.  Brian and Arthur are still kissing.

Dot: (Off; Yelling): Brian!  Brian, come quickly!

(Brian and Arthur break apart and exit the kitchen)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Elsie’s room.  Dot is standing there.  Brian and Arthur appear.

Brian: What is?

(Arthur sees and runs in)

Brian: Should I call 911?

(Widen shot to include Elsie on the floor with her heart pills on the floor scattered around her.  Arthur is beside her.)

Arthur: (Shakes his head): There’s no need too.  She’s gone.

Dot: (Crying): Oh, Elsie.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  She is pouring herself a cup of coffee as the phone rings.  She picks it up.

Kathy: Hello?  Oh, hi, Mom.  No I’m home right now.  Jim is at the hospital with Patrick.  He’s doing well.  What’s the matter?  Elsie?  Oh, no.  Not poor Elsie.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Dot’s kitchen.  She is seated in a chair with two letters in front of her.

Dot: Arthur ran in and yes Arthur is here.  I don’t why, Kathy.  I have two letters that she wrote for you and Judy.  Yes, someone is going to have to tell Judy.  She’ll be heartbroken.  All right.  If you could tell that would be good.  As much as you’ve been through I just can’t take it anymore.  I am old woman, after all.  I’ll come by the hospital and give you the letters later.  Yes, dear, thank you.  Goodbye.

Brian: (Entering): Mom, are you okay?

Dot: No, Brian, I’m really not.  I don’t see why Elsie had to die, too all because of that awful Violet Eaton.  I can’t for the life of me understand someone as evil as she was.  Where’s Arthur?

Brian: He’s calling for the ambulance.  We’ll have to make arrangements for her.  What are those?

Dot: Letters she’s written for Kathy and Judy.  They each had such a special relationship with her.  She always said that Kathy saved her and she and Judy used to feed birds together in the park.  It doesn’t sound like much but it made Judy happy and Judy deserves to be happy.  Oh, Brian.  (She starts to cry.)

Arthur: (Entering): May I come in?

Dot: (Drying her eyes): Yes, of course.

Arthur: (Crosses to the counter and picks up the red roses): These are meant for you, Mrs. Shea.

Dot: Thank you, Arthur, but I can see Brian didn’t tell you our secret, did you, Brian?

Arthur: Secret?

Dot: Are you back for good, Arthur?

Arthur: Yes.  I am.  I was miserable in New York and then I watched CNN yesterday and saw Brian on there and knew I should come to Maple Falls for good.

Dot: And how do you feel about that, son?

Brian: Delighted.

Dot: Good.  Now you can move your things out and move back in with Arthur.

Brian: But that will leave you alone?

Dot: No.  Did you forget Martin and I are getting married?

Arthur: Congratulations!  So are Brian and I.

Dot: I’m happy for you both.  Well I really should get dressed–

Arthur: Excuse me, Mrs. Shea, but you said something about a secret earlier.

Dot: Oh, yes.  From now on, Arthur, I want you to call me Mom or Dot or whatever but don’t ever call me Mrs. Shea again.  Every time I hear that I cringe.  You see, Arthur, I’ve never been a Mrs. Shea.  I’ve never been a Mrs.  (Arthur looks confused.  To Brian) You tell him the rest, Brian.  I’m going to get dressed.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  The Goldman house on the hill.  Dissolve slowly inside Sylvia’s living room.  She is dressed as Brooke sits opposite her.  Sylvia, of course, is sipping on a drink much too early.

Sylvia: I happily accept your resignation, Brooke.  I agree that it wouldn’t look right for our Chief of Staff to be the daughter of a serial killer.  Not to be indelicate about it.

Brooke: Let me not be indelicate as well.  I would expect something like that from you.  You are one the most vile, hypocritical, evil person I have ever met next to my mother.  I know now the only reason you wanted me to be Chief of Staff was to hurt Max and break us up because you couldn’t stand the idea that your ex-husband could love someone other than you.  That someone would be able to give your children a good home unlike the one you’ve given them all these years.

Sylvia: You call me hypocritical?  You know now that I offered you the Chief of Staff position to hurt Max and break you up?  You knew it then but you didn’t care.  You were looking for an excuse to get rid of Max and my children and perhaps that is why I offered it but there might be another reason as well.  You say I haven’t given my children a good home?  You have no right to say anything like that considering the kind of mother you had and I’m not referring to the killings this time.  Your mother hated me because I’m Jewish and so did your Grandfather and I’m sure somewhere inside of you that hatred must persist so do you honestly think I would want a racist raising my children?

Brooke: For all the things you have said to me that is the worst thing you could ever say.  I love Judy and David very much and whether or not they are Jewish has nothing to do with it.  They are wonderful people in spite of you and I would have been honored to have been their stepmother.

Judy: (Enters with a brown paper bag and Mr. Peepers follows her): Hello, Aunt Brooke.

Brooke: Oh, hello, Judy.

Sylvia: Judy, what is it?  Doctor Eaton and I were talking in private.

Brooke: I think we’re all done.  It’s good seeing you, Judy.

Judy: You, too, Aunt Brooke.

Sylvia: Judy!  That bag is dropping crumbs!  (She moves towards Judy as Mr. Peppers hisses at her.  She sneezes.)

Judy: Aunt Brooke, could you do me a favor and drop me off at the park?  I have to go feed the birds with Elsie.

Sylvia: Not today, Judy.  We have to decide on Papa’s statute for the park.

Judy: But, Mommy, Elsie is my friend.  She’ll be upset if I don’t see her at the park.

Sylvia: I don’t understand why you persist in being friends with that homeless creature.

Brooke: (To Judy): I’ll be happy to take you to the park and I’ll bring you back when you are done.  Come on, Judy.

Judy: And Mister Peepers?

Brooke: And Mister Peepers.

Judy: Are you allergic to cats, Aunt Brooke?

Brooke: No.  I love everything you love.

(As they exit Judy smiles and close up of Sylvia, who sneezes.)

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Crest Haven.  Slowly dissolve into Grace’s office.  She is putting things in boxes as David knocks on the open door.

David: Excuse me, Mrs. Donahue?

Grace: Yes, David?

David: Are you going somewhere?

Grace: Yes.  I’ve resigned effective immediately.

David: If you go whose going to run Crest Haven?

Grace: I don’t know and (smiling) I don’t care.  I’m renting a cabin at Emerald Lake and after that I plan to travel now that I’ve received the insurance money from my house burning down.

David: So you’re leaving Maple Falls forever?

Grace: Yes.  Thankfully.  Now what can I do for you?

David: (Hands her the letter): I went to see Olive.  I mean, she called me and wanted me to see her.

Grace: (Reads the letter): I see.  She must have called you after she called me and I didn’t pick up the phone.  You were good to go.

David: Well I figured it might be about Rosie and Olive wouldn’t be able to take care of her now that she’s going to prison.

Grace: Yes.  Another honorable member of my family going to prison.

David: Another?

Grace: Never mind.  It doesn’t matter now anyway.  (David hesitates) Is there anything else?

David: I just wanted to see Rosie again one last time.

Grace: (Nods): All right but make it quick.

David: I’m sure you’ll want to see her.

Grace: (Shakes her head): I know we are practically strangers, David, but let me give you some advice.  When you care about people that only leads to disappointment so I’ve learned very recently to not care about anyone other than myself.  From now on it’s going to be all about me and only me for the rest of my days.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  The park.  Kathy is sitting on the bench as Judy enters with Mr. Peepers.  She runs over to Kathy and hugs her.

Judy: Aunt Kathy!  I didn’t know you were going to be here too!

Kathy: (Hugging her): Elsie told me that you and she would meet here in the park feeding the birds and I wanted to come.

Judy: Oh, good.  I don’t know if I have enough crumbs but Elsie always brings lots so we should be all set.  Is Patrick okay?

Kathy: Oh, yes, Judy, Patrick’s going to fine.  He’s getting stronger and Alyson is doing well too.

Judy: Oh, good.  I don’t know Alyson but I hope she gets to be my friend like Elsie.  Where is Elsie?  Declan and her are usually here by now.

Kathy: Declan is with my mother.

Judy: Isn’t Elsie coming?  I know she didn’t yesterday but she was sick.  She’s okay now isn’t she?

Kathy: (Taking Judy and hugging her): Judy, you know how much I love you, don’t you?  That I would do anything for you?

Judy: Yes, I know that.

Kathy: Good and if I could spare you this pain I would but Elsie isn’t coming today or any other day anymore.

Judy: But why?

Kathy: Elsie’s gone up to Heaven, Judy.  (Judy starts to cry.) I know.  I’m going to miss her too.  She was really our best friend wasn’t she?  One that we will always share together among the many other things that we share.  I love her very much and I know you do too and she knew it and I know that because she wrote us each a letter.  Here’s yours.  (Judy takes it and continues to cry.) What do you say that we read our letters and feed the birds one more time for Elsie?

(Judy nods as Kathy holds her close.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  Charlie and Sylvia are kissing as David enters the room.

David: What the fuck?

Sylvia: Oh, David, I–

Charlie: Take it easy, kid.  Your mother and I are in love.

David: She’s not my mother.  My mother is Melanie.

Charlie: You shouldn’t disrespect your mother like this.  She raised you.

David: Whatever and what the fuck do you know about it?  I mean who are you to tell me anything?  Your some asshole who showed up here to screw over Sylvia and take everything from her just like her last husband tried too.

Charlie: Watch your mouth.

David: Watch my mouth?  You better watch your ass or it will end up over a cliff like the last guy.

Sylvia: David!  I loved Tom.

David: Just like you love this guy, huh?

Charlie: Stop talking to your mother like that.

David: You must be deaf!  She isn’t my mother.  Melanie is my mother.  Do you know Melanie?

Charlie: Yeah I know Melanie better than you think.

David: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Charlie:  You’re from a one night stand, right?

David: So?

Charlie: So I’m the guy Melanie was with that night.  I’m your father, David!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Patrick’s hospital room.  Patrick is in bed as Alyson is wheeled in.

Alyson: Hi, Patrick.

Patrick: Hi, Ali.

Alyson: I’m sorry about what happened.  I didn’t mean to be driving that fast–

Patrick: It’s not your fault.

Alyson: So you don’t blame me?

Patrick: No.

Alyson: Patrick, how can you be so kind?  No I mean really how can you be so kind?

Patrick: I guess it just comes naturally.  (They laugh and then he stops because it hurts.) Don’t make me laugh it hurts.

Alyson: Will you show me how to be as kind as you?

Patrick: Sure.  If you’re planning to stay around.

Alyson: I am.

Patrick: Really?

Alyson: Really.  I know I’ve been a selfish bitch but I’m going to try–no I am going to be better.  I promise if you’ll help me.

Patrick: Okay.

Alyson: Patrick, I wish you weren’t gay then you could be my boyfriend.

Patrick: Ali, I’m glad I am gay so I’m not your boyfriend.

(They laugh and Patrick says ow!)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Brooke’s office.  She is packing things up into a box as Max knocks on her door.

Max: I just heard you resigned.

Brooke: Yes I think it’s for the best.

Max: No one blames you for what your Mother did.

Brooke: Maybe no one does but I blame myself.  Max, I should have seen the signs of her mental illness.  For God sake, I’m a psychiatrist!

Max: Where are you planning to go?

Brooke: I’m going on a month long cruise to the Caribbean.

Max: I hope you and Andrew enjoy it.

Brooke: Andrew’s not coming.  He wants to stay here.  He’ll be staying at my apartment on Main Street so if you could do me a favor and check in on him a few times while I’m gone?

Max: I’ll be happy too. I hope you aren’t leaving Maple Falls for good.

Brooke: We’ll see.  How did you hear about my resignation?

Max: Sylvia called and told me and asked me to fill in temporarily as Chief of Staff.

Brooke: Your ex-wife is really too much.  We had a rather heated exchange when I turned in my resignation.  Do you know she admitted to giving me this job so it would break us up because she didn’t want you to marry me because my Mother hated Jews and she thought I did too?

Max: What?

Brooke: I never hated you, Max.  I was angry with you and hurt by you but I never hated you.

Max: I’m truly sorry I hurt you.

Brooke: You couldn’t help still being in love with Jen.

Max: I’m not in love with her anymore.  She’s married to your Uncle so that’s it.  Maybe when you come back from your cruise there might be a chance.

Doris: (Knocks on the door): Oh, excuse me, hi, Max.

Max: Hi, Doris.

Doris: You’re still coming over for dinner tonight, right?

Max: Yes.

Doris: Good.  I’ll see you around six.

Max: Okay.  See you then.

(Doris exits.)

Brooke: Goodbye, Max.

Max: Goodbye, Brooke.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Nighttime. O’Learys.  David’s car comes screeching to a halt in front of it.  He exits the car and storms into the bar.  Martin is at the bar.

Martin: Yes Dot and I are getting married next month at St. Mark’s.

Melanie: I’m so happy for you, Mart.

David: (Bursting in): Is it true?

Martin: Hey watch it boy!

David: I want to know if it’s true.

Melanie: Is what true?

David: Charlie Syms?

Melanie: Yes.  It’s true.

(David throws a chair and Martin rises and grabs hold of David.)

Martin: I said watch yourself and I meant it.  (David tries to break free.) I may be old, David, but I’m still strong.  Calm down or else I’ll throw you butt out you got it?

David: Yeah, I got it.  Lemme go.

Melanie: It’s all right, Mart.  Let him go.

David: Charlie fuckin Syms?

Melanie: I wanted to tell you, David, but I just couldn’t find the right words.

Martin: What the hell is going on here and what does Charlie have to do with this?

Melanie: Charlie is the man I spent one night with and he’s David’s biological father.

Martin: Now I see why you’re angry but don’t take it out on your mother.

David: I want to get out of here.

Martin: Sit down.  (David goes to leave) I SAID SIT DOWN. (David sits. To Melanie) Get him a drink.

Melanie: I can’t.  He’s underage.

Martin: Mel, he’s already drunk.  You’re drunk, aren’t you?

David: Maybe.

Martin: Gimme the bottle, Mel.

Melanie: Getting drunk isn’t going to solve this.

Martin: And you call yourself a bartender.  (He pours from the bottle into a glass and pushes it towards David.) Here.  Drink it.  DRINK IT.  (David sips it.) It’s good for what ails ya.  Now listen to me, David Goldman, I’ve known you your whole life.  Your mother made a mistake but if she hadn’t you wouldn’t be here so forget all about Charlie Syms.  He ain’t your Father.  Your Father is Max Goldman.  You know that.  I know that.  Mel knows that.  We all know it.  Charlie Syms is a flight by night who will be gone sooner than you can drink that down.  Now apologize to your mother.

David: Apolo–

Martin: Apologize!

David: I’m sorry, Mom.

Melanie: It’s all right, David.  I understand.  Martin, don’t–

Martin: I got this, Mel.  You’re a good man, David, now drink up.

CUT-TO:  Interior.  Doris’s living room.  Max is seated on the couch sipping wine as Doris sits next to him.

Max: That was a delicious dinner, Doris.  Thank you.

Doris: I’m happy to do it.  I don’t get to cook much since it’s only me.  (Beat) Is Doctor Eaton going to somewhere?

Max: Yes she’s resigned from the hospital and off on a Caribbean cruise.

Doris: Oh.  I didn’t mean to interrupt your conversation.

Max: That’s all right, Doris.  What Brooke and I had is over.  What about you and John?

Doris: Oh I thought you might have heard.  He’s gone off to New York.  Looks like I’m single again.

Max: Me, too. (They smile and start to kiss.  He starts to undress her but she stops him.) What’s the matter?

Doris: I don’t want to be someone you come by and make love to and then go home and then I go to sleep alone.  My Aunt used to do that.

Max: Your Aunt Martha?

Doris: Yes.  She raised me.

Max: I know.  She was my patient.  She was a very nice lady.

Doris: Yes she was except–

Max: Except what?

Doris: I don’t know why I should tell you this.

Max: Okay, then don’t me but, Doris, I like you.  Do you like me?

Doris: Yes.  I do like you.

Max: Then tell me.  What is it?

Doris: This whole thing about Sylvia wanting to put up a statute of the great eminent Sidney Green.  It makes me sick to my stomach.

Max: Sylvia has always been obsessed by her dear Papa.  When he was alive and even more in his death.  She’s turned him into one of the greatest person that ever lived.  I know he wasn’t that but nothing anyone says can make her believe otherwise.  I don’t understand why this would make you sick to your stomach.

Doris: My Aunt Martha wasn’t really my aunt.  She was my mother!

Max: What?

Doris: She was working as a medical secretary for Sidney Green in Boston and became pregnant with me.  She gave birth to me and put me in an orphanage.  Then she moved here to this house in Maple Falls and a year later adopted me and told everyone she had a sister who died and had taken me in.  I believed she was my aunt even when she died.  Then I got a letter from her attorney in Boston that my aunt had written.  It explained everything.  That she was my mother and that my father was Sidney Green.  She moved here to Maple Falls so she could get money from him to raise me and live in this house.  She also worked for Sidney as his secretary and I would see him from time to time here.  I just assumed it was because he was her boss but of course now I know better.  They were still lovers.  I know my mother loved him but he didn’t love her.  It hurt me terribly when the truth came about Dot and Kathy and Sylvia and Brian.  He’s used so many women.  How can we possibly honor him and that’s why I don’t want–no I refuse–to just be someone you come by and see then go home, Max.  If it’s not going to be more than that between us then thanks for coming over for dinner.  I’ll see you later.

Max: (He grabs her arm): Doris!  I’d like to see if it could be more than that.

Doris: Really?

Max: Really.  Now do you still have that letter?

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Nighttime. Emerald Lake cabin.  Dissolve slowly into the cabin as boxes are on the floor and the tv is on.  Grace is cooking herself a steak and a place is set on the table.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Cable studio.  Brian is seated in a chair and Ginny is opposite him.

Brian: Are you sure you want to do this, Ginny?

Ginny: I’m sure.

Brian: It’s a very brave thing you are doing.

Ginny: It’s time people know who I am, Brian, and then we’ll see if the people of Maple Falls still want me as their Chief of Police or not.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Patrick’s hospital room.  Kathy and Jim are there with Patrick watching the tv.

Jim: What is this all about?

Kathy: Brian said something important is happening on this interview show tonight.  He’s interviewing Chief Cusack.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Emerald Lake cabin.  Grace is seated at the table cutting her steak watching the tv.

Brian: Good evening everyone.  Thanks for watching.  Tonight I am happy to be in the company of our Police Chief Ginny Cusack.  She came to me today and said she has an important announcement to make.  Chief, welcome to my show.

Ginny: Thank you for having, Brian.  As you know I’ve had the pleasure of servicing the people of Maple Falls.  They have all welcomed me warmly and I truly appreciate that.  But they don’t really know me and that’s my fault.

Brian: When you say they don’t you what do you mean by that?

Grace: (Mumbles to herself): This steak is tough.

Ginny: What I mean is that I wasn’t always Ginny Cusack.  I always wanted to be a woman but I used to be a man and felt trapped inside a man’s body.  So I became a woman.  I transitioned into Ginny Cusack.

Various shots of these people:

Sylvia: I knew she had man hands.

Kathy: Oh!  That’s very brave of her.

Jim: I agree.

Patrick: Wow!  Good for her and you two sure have come a long way.

Martin: I’m glad she finally told it.  Good for her.

Melanie: You mean you knew?

Martin: What do you think of that, Davey?  (David is asleep on the bar.)

Jen: Jesus!  Did you have any idea?

Richard: No but I’m glad she feels comfortable enough to tell us.  It’s an honorable thing she’s doing.

Jen: You’re right.  It is.

Grace: That’s disgusting.  (Chewing her steak.)

Brian: Do you want to tell us who you were born as?

Ginny: Well I always feel I was really born when I became Ginny Cusack but I used to be Gus Donahue.

Grace: Gus Dona—

(She inhales the steak and it gets caught in her throat.  She tries to dislodge it but she can’t and then she rises and choking falls over the box on the floor and hits her head and the floor starts to be covered in blood.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s living room.  Charlie spills his drink.

Sylvia: I wonder if Grace Donahue knew. Charlie, are you all right?

Charlie: (Smiling): Perfectly!

CUT-TO:  The words in white capital letters: TWO WEEKS LATER

CUT-TO: Exterior.  The park.  Everyone is there except for Patrick and Alyson.  Sidney’s statute is covered by a sheet.  A podium is set up.  Sylvia is dressed in her finest and smiling as others stand around less so.  A big portrait of Sidney is behind the podium but high up enough for everyone to see.

Jen: (To Kathy): This feels good.  It’s like Sidney’s funeral all over again.

Kathy: Jen!

Jen: So what?  He pinched my ass and felt me up so much it’s a surprise he could still use them to perform surgery.

Dot: He was quite the cad.

Kathy: I thought you loved him.

Dot: I did but now I know what true love is now that I have Martin.

Jen: Why didn’t you ask me to be a bridesmaid?

Dot: Kathy is my matron of honor.  I’m too old for bridesmaids.

Jen: The hell you are. I’m going to be your bridesmaid.

Dot: It’s a small ceremony.

Jen: It’s a small ceremony that is going to have a bridesmaid.

Charlie: Listen up!  Sylvia Moore is now going to speak!

Jen: Can it.  Eva Braun is going to the podium.

Sylvia: Thank you so much everyone for coming today for the dedication of my Papa’s statute and as an added bonus the council has also accepted my offer to name the park after my dear sweet beloved Papa.

Kathy: Wait.  What?

Sylvia: Is there something you wanted to say Kathy?

Kathy: Well I know we are here today for your father’s statute to be dedicated but I was hoping to talk to council and have the park named after Elsie Hunter.

Sylvia: After who?

Judy: After my friend Elsie.  We always came to the park and fed the birds together and now me and Aunt Kathy do it to honor her. don’t we, Aunt Kathy?

Kathy: Yes, Judy, we do.  (She and Judy join hands.)

Sylvia: (Scoffs): Well that’s all well and good that some homeless woman came here and fed the birds but really what has she done for Maple Falls?

Jen: What did your precious Papa ever do but pinch my ass and feel me up?

Sylvia: Jennifer, I would think that now that you are married to Richard Wembly you should acquire some class.

David: Yeah it’s really classy screwing the houseboy!

Sylvia: David, are you drunk?

David: Nope.  Are you?

(A small round of laughter.)

Sylvia: To get back to what I was talking about–

Jim: You were talking about the statute and that’s fine.  We can dedicate the statute but I think Kathy’s right.  We should name the park after Elsie.  She wasn’t homeless, Sylvia.  She was a beloved member of our community and we should always remember her.

(Everyone starts to agree.)

Melanie: And as for Sidney Green even having a statute well I have this letter here from Adrian Shapiro.

Sylvia: And just what does she want?

Melanie: She asked me before she left to read this letter in case Sidney’s statute is ever erected and dedicated.

Sylvia: We don’t have time for letters, Melanie.

Martin: I’d like to hear what it has to say.  Adrian is our friend, too. Go ahead, Mel.  Tell us.

Sylvia: Well!

Melanie: (Reading): Hello to everyone in Maple Falls.  You are all great people well most of you anyway.  This letter is meant for Sylvia Moore and I’ve asked Melanie to read it in case her dear departed Papa ever gets that statute he doesn’t deserve.  Just to make things clear Sidney Green was my father and I have proof of it here in this letter.  My mother Helen Shapiro lived in New York and Sidney would send her a check each month to care for me.  A check with his signature is enclosed.  My poor mother loved Sidney very much but he treated her like dirt.  To put it succinctly, the man was a pig and it’s time everyone knew it.  Regards, Adrian.

(A bigger uproar from the crowd.)

Sylvia: Lies all lies.  My Papa would never do anything like that.

Dot: He already did that with me, too.

Doris: And with my Aunt Martha!

Sylvia: Your Aunt!  This is ridiculous.

Doris: You tell them, Max, I can’t.

Sylvia: Yes, Max, tell us all about the great man who gave you your career.

Max: He didn’t give me my career, Sylvia.  He helped me but believe me I paid for it all those years living with you.  Doris has a letter right here from her Aunt Martha and it tells everything about her affair with your precious Papa.  Doris’s Aunt Martha was really her mother but she hid that because she was ashamed that people would think she had a child out-of-wedlock and she hoped one day Sidney would leave his wife and marry her like he promised.  He never did but he gave her checks to support Martha and Doris and the checks are right here with his signature!

(A bigger uproar)

Richard: I think we need to rethink about erecting this statute, Sylvia.

Sylvia: Richard!

Kathy: He’s right.  We should all go home.

Sylvia: Now wait a minute!  Martin, you know that Papa founded the hospital here and he was your friend.  You and Pastor Crane and he were best friends.  Say something.

Martin: Kathy’s right.  Let’s all go home.

Judy: What about Elsie?

Kathy: Oh, you mean naming the park after her?  All in favor?

(Everyone yells Aye except Sylvia and Charlie.)

Kathy: Okay.  From today on it will be Elsie Hunter Park.

Judy: Yay!

(Sylvia, in a rage, slaps Judy across the face and Judy falls to the ground.  Everyone gasps and Kathy runs over to a crying Judy as does David and Max.)

Max: You stay away from Judy.  Don’t you ever go near here again.

Sylvia: I’m not going near her or anyone else ever again!  You are all spiteful hateful people and I don’t want anything to do with any of you ever again.

(Sylvia storms off and Charlie runs after her.)

Kathy: (To Judy): Are you all right, Judy?

Judy: I am with you, Aunt Kathy.

David: I’ll get your stuff, sis, and then we’ll move back in with Dad.

Max: No, I’ll go.

David: No, Dad, let me do it.  You look like you’re going to kill her and I’m just done with her, that’s all.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Sylvia’s foyer with the long staircase.  Sylvia comes storming in and Charlie after her.

Sylvia: Can you believe it?  I hate everyone and everything.

Charlie: Calm down, Sylvia–

Sylvia: (Climbing the stairs): How dare you call me, Sylvia?  I mean who are you, Charlie Syms to be calling me anything?

Charlie: (He follows her): Hey don’t turn this on me!

Sylvia: And why not?  I don’t anything about you.  Nothing and then I find out you are David’s biological father which means you fucked Melanie Forsythe with the same dick you’ve been fucking me with!  I HATE MELANIE AND I HATE YOU!  GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK!

Charlie: Who the fuck are you to talk to me like that?

Sylvia: I am Sylvia Green that’s who I am.  The daughter of the eminent Doctor Sidney Green and I rule this town and you are nothing but dirt.  Less than dirt.  GET OUT!

Charlie: You cunt!

Sylvia: How dare you say that to me!  Is that how you would speak to your mother!

Charlie: My mother?  Why are you talking about my mother?

Sylvia: I don’t know.  I’m surprised you’d even have one and if she had a brain in her head hopefully she disowned you.


(Sylvia climbs higher on the stairs and Charlie goes after her and as they climb almost to the top step,  Charlie starts to choke her, she pushes him against the wall and then we close up on Charlie as we hear Sylvia scream a horrible blood curdling scream.)

Charlie: Sylvia?  Sylvia?

(He runs down the stairs and we see that Sylvia is laying dead on the floor.  David enters.)

David: What the fuck?  (He bends down.) She’s dead.  Did you kill her?  Answer me!  You killed her.

Charlie: No she fell–

David: You killed her!

(Overview of David holding Sylvia’s hand as Charlie stands there.)


CUT-TO: Exterior.  A bright sunny day.  We see Main Street, we see the houses except for the mansion and Eaton Estates.  We see St. Mark’s Church.  We dissolve slowly into St. Mark’s Church.  Father McShane is on the altar as are Dot and Martin both nicely dressed and holding hands.  Kathy is dressed as Dot’s matron of honor and Jim is Martin’s Best Man.  Jen is dressed as a bridesmaid.  Everyone else is there dressed accordingly.  Also in the Church are the spirits of Maureen, Maggie, Silas, Hugh, Barbara, Eddie.

Father: And do you, Dorothy Shea, take Martin Burke to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Dot: I do.

Father: And do you, Martin Burke, take Dorothy Shea to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Martin: I do.

Father: So now by the powers vested me I pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss your bride.

(Martin and Dot kiss and everyone cheers including the spirits.)

Father: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mister and Mrs. Martin Burke.

(All cheer even louder)

Martin: Onto O’Learys!

(Dot and Martin exit up the aisle as Kathy and Jim follow and Jen and Richard, etc.)

(CUT-TO: Exterior.  St. Mark’s Church.  Dot and Martin exit as everyone follows but Jim and Kathy hold back.)

Jim: What is it, Kathy?

Kathy: When your mother died I said things would never be the same and they haven’t been, Jim.  We’ve been through so much this year but I suppose it all had to come out sooner or later but it’s left me now this feeling.

Jim: What feeling is that?

Kathy: One of Everlasting Love.

Close up of Kathy

Fade to Black


















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