The Ghost from Briarwood Past

Episode 2

Fade In: Exterior.  Dark of night.  Rain falling steadily.  We see two headlights come up on the sign  “Brewster & Andrews, Attorneys At Law”  on a red brick building.  We hear the car stop, hear the motor turn off, and then see a figure in a dark coat with a hood get out of the car and open the glass door to the building wearing black gloves.  We dissolve to the interior and we see the door open and  we travel down the darkly lit corridor with this person and see from this POV that the wooden office door with the sign “Peter Andrews, Attorney At Law” on it is slightly ajar.  The door opens and we see Peter look up and we go back to a gun being pulled out and the trigger being pulled and out pops a sign that says “BANG”.  We see Peter laugh and rise from his desk and move over to the door.  The fake gun is dropped and we see that it’s Roxann as she laughs.  Peter crosses to her, pulls back her hood and she lifts his face to him and they passionately kiss.

Announcer: Peter Andrews will wish he had never kissed Roxann DuPres again after all these years on a rainy night in a town called Briarwood.

Opening montage

We Fade back in on Peter and Roxann’s kiss.  They break apart.

Peter: (Guiltily): What are you doing here, Roxann?

Roxann: I was on my way home and wanted to come by and see how you are.

Peter: Your home is Paris, France.

Roxann: Not right now it isn’t.  (Referring to her coat) Do you mind if I take this off?  There’s nothing I hate more than standing around in a soggy wet rain coat.  (He looks at her skeptically.) Your right, Peter, there are a lot of things I hate more than that.  (Unzipping her coat) May I?

Peter: (Nods): And the things you hate are most are in Briarwood.  So why put yourself through all of that again?  It’s not because you missed us.

Roxann: I missed you, Peter.

Peter: (Laughs): All right, we’ll pretend that’s true.

Roxann: Don’t be like that.

Peter: Like what?

Roxann: Pretending that you know how I feel.  If I tell you I missed you, Peter, then I did.

Peter: Roxann, if you missed me so damn much why no phone calls or texts or even a shitty friend request from Facebook?

Roxann: I don’t do Facebook.

Peter: If you’re not going to take the conversation seriously then why are you here now to see me?  You’re like some ghost in the night.

Roxann: I’m not a ghost, Peter, and I’m here and I think you know why.

Peter: No.  That’s an even bigger lie than you saying you missed me.  You haven’t once even tried to get in touch with me about her.  Not once!  So don’t come see me now feigning interest over the daughter you threw away?

Roxann: Where do you get the balls to tell me I threw away my own daughter?  You wanted her and so did I but I was nineteen years old, Peter.  I couldn’t possibly give her the life you and Ellie could.  So I gave her up but if you think that was easy to not keep her with me and not be in touch with her all these years then you don’t know anything about me at all.  Maybe you never did.

Peter: (Applauds): Bravo.  Hope you win the Oscar this year.

Roxann: (Deeply hurt): Peter–

Peter: Roxann!

(He goes to her, embraces her and they passionately kiss again.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Will’s hospital room.  Amy and Patsy are there.  Patsy is seated next to her Father.

Patsy: His breathing is so much better.  I think he’s going to live.

Amy: That must disappoint your sister.

Patsy: (Shakes her head): Tsk.  You shouldn’t say things like that.

Amy: How dare you tell me what I should and shouldn’t say.

Patsy: I’m just thinking of Daddy.  He can hear you saying negative things about Roxann.  Right now Doctor Norris said it was important for Daddy to not hear any negativity that might impede his getting well.  We wouldn’t want that, would we, Aunt Amy?

Amy: Don’t talk to me about Ted Norris.  He’s completely incompetent and as for your Father being upset about negative things I have to say about Roxann, he doesn’t even know she’s back in Briarwood and if I have my way he never will.

Patsy: That’s not true, Aunt Amy.  I’m sure Daddy heard Roxann’s voice and maybe that’s why he got better.

Amy: Will you please stop talking nonsense, Patsy, your giving me a headache.  Your sister is here for one reason.  To get her inheritance and then get out of Briarwood as fast as her wicked feet will carry her.  She doesn’t care about anyone else besides herself.  She never did.  She’s not you, Patsy, a kind, loving daughter who has always been there for her family.  No Roxann has always been willful.  Flying off to Paris to make a life for herself as fashion designer.

Patsy: You can’t deny how well she did.  She’s known all over the world for her designs.  She and her husband Julian were international superstars and her daughter is equal to Kim Kardashian.

Amy: Will you stop talking gibberish and be quiet?  If she’s as successful as you say she is then why would she come back here looking for a measly inheritance?  No your sister enjoys stirring up trouble.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she started up again with Peter.

Patsy: With Peter?  What do you mean?

Amy: Patsy, don’t you know anything?  Come out of that bubble you live in.  Your sister and your boyfriend had an affair over twenty years ago.

Patsy: No.  He was married to Ellie then and he loved his wife very much.  He told me so.

Amy: I don’t care what he told you.  I’m telling you that your sister was Peter’s lover and maybe she wants to be again so watch your back, Patsy, especially where Roxann is concerned and I will do my damnedest to get out her of Briarwood as soon as I can if not sooner and I think I know how.

CUT-TO: Interior.  The perfect living room of Ted and Joan Norris.  Joan is seated on the couch knitting and looking like the perfect wife in her perfectly matched bathrobe, slippers, nightgown with a high neck underneath the bathrobe when her doorbell rings.

Joan: Who could that it be at this hour?  (She rises and answers the door.  It’s Roxann.) (Startled) Roxann!

Roxann: Hello, Joanie!  Can I come in?

Joan: (Flustered): Yes, of course, come in out of the rain.  (Roxann enters) Let me look at you. (They giggle and hug.)  Here let me take your coat.

Roxann: (She hands Joan her coat): I don’t want to intrude.

Joan: You could never intrude.  Come in.  I just can’t believe it.  You’re actually here.  Roxann DuPres International Fashion Designer.  What a life you’ve had.

Roxann: It has been quite the life.

Joan: I’ll say.  Tell me all about it.

Roxann: Do you have anything to drink or eat?  I’m kind of hungry.

Joan: Of course.  I have leftovers from a turkey dinner I made tonight if you would like some of that?

Roxann: That would be wonderful, yes.  I mean I hate to intrude–

Joan: Would you please stop saying that?  We were best friends once.  I’d like to think we still are even though I haven’t heard from you in twenty years.  Oh, I’m sorry.  I said to myself, Joan, if you ever see Roxann again don’t bring up the fact that she never responded to your Christmas letters or sent a thank you note for all the birthday and Christmas presents you had shipped to her daughter all the way to Paris, France.  So I promised myself I wouldn’t but then I did. Joan, you are a bad girl. (She slaps her own hand.) Now about that turkey dinner…

Roxann: You know what, Joanie, I’m thinking that maybe this was a bad idea dropping in on you this way–

Joan: No, not at all.  Please, come into the kitchen and I’ll be happy to fix you up a plate.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ted and Joan’s kitchen.  It is spotless and looks like something out of a magazine.  Joan enters with Roxann following her.

Roxann: You have a beautiful home, Joanie.

Joan: Thank you.  Please sit down and make yourself comfortable. (Roxann sits.)  I suppose after being reared by my mother all those years and seeing how untidy her house was I became the complete opposite.  Everything is very neatly and firmly put where it belongs.  Ted likes to keep things tidy too since he is a surgeon and Chief of Staff at the hospital where I am the head nurse.  Ted also likes us to be physically fit so he and I go jogging every morning no matter the weather.  It’s something fun we like to do together.  It gives us what Ted calls our “we” time.  (She giggles.) Isn’t that funny?

Roxann: Yes.  You wouldn’t happen to have anything to drink would you?

Joan: Oh, silly me.  Would you like tea or coffee or water?  Ted and I don’t have any liquor in the house since we don’t drink alcohol.  Ted says it’s the Devil’s drink and I agree with him.  We are both involved with St. John’s around the corner.  Ted is a Lector and I am a Eucharist Minister.

Roxann: Oh, ok.  I’ll have a cup of coffee if it’s not any trouble.

Joan: It’s not any trouble at all.  I was just going to have a cup myself.  (She pulls the turkey out of the refrigerator, places it on the counter and then after closing the refrigerator door, gets out her electric carving knife, plugs it in and holds it aloft.) How much turkey would you like?

Ted: (Enters): Hi, honey.  Oh, Joan, be careful.

Joan: Ted, look who’s here.

Ted: (To Joan): Here, allow me.

Joan: Ted, it’s Roxann.

Ted: Yes, honey, I see it’s Roxann.  We saw each other earlier at the hospital.

Joan: (Getting the coffee ready): Oh.  I must have missed the call when you phoned me to tell me that.

Ted: I meant to call you, Joan.  I was very busy today at the hospital.

Joan: Now, Roxann, what do you take in your coffee?

Roxann: You know what?  It’s getting late and I’m tired probably from the jet lag and I think I’ll just go home.

Joan: Oh, well, all right if you’re sure?  Please take some turkey home with you.  Ted, would carve her some turkey.

Ted: All ready carved, honey.

Joan: Thank you, dear.  (She takes the plate with turkey from Ted and hands it to Roxann.)

Roxann: Thank you.  Nice to see you again, Ted.

Ted: You, too, Roxann.  Don’t be a stranger.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Joan’s living room as Roxann and Joan enter from Joan and Ted’s kitchen.

Joan: I hate to see you run out before you had a chance to eat or have a cup of coffee.

Roxann: It’s all right really.  I should have phoned first.  (Handing Joan the plate and putting on her coat.)  I will next time.

Joan: All right as long as you promise me there will be a next time.

Roxann: I promise.  I’ll call you and we’ll meet for lunch.

Joan: That would be great.  I look forward to it and then you can give me back my plate.  I wouldn’t ask but it’s part of a matched set that Ted’s mother–God rest her soul–gave to me on our wedding day.

Roxann: Of course.  I’ll talk to you.  ‘Bye.

(Roxann exits as Joan closes the door and her cheerful demeanor disappears.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Joan and Ted’s kitchen.  Ted is seated at the table eating a turkey dinner as Joan enters.

Joan: So where were you?

Ted: Never mind that.  What was she doing here?

Joan: I don’t know what she was doing here.  She stopped by to see an old friend, that’s all.

Ted: Okay.  Fine.  If that’s all it is.

Joan: Now answer my question.  Where the hell were you?

Ted: Don’t take that tone with me.  I was working late at the hospital!

Joan: With Barbara Lane again?

Ted: Oh knock it off, Joan.

Joan: She was there, wasn’t she?

Ted: Yes.  She’s Will’s private nurse.  He’s in the hospital and she’s paid to be at his side.  I can’t very well kick her out, can I?  What are you giving me that look for?  Where are you going?

Joan: To get myself a drink.

Ted: Oh, no.  You’re not going to booze it up again like you did last night.

Joan: Oh, so you can spend all night with Barbara but I can’t pour myself a drink?  I thought we had agreed that we were going to start all over so I came home today and cooked a nice hot turkey dinner and then you don’t have the decency to call me and tell me you’ll be working late at the hospital?  I feel as if I’m the only one trying to make this marriage work, Ted, and I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

Ted: Joan, I love you.  You’re my wife.  The affair with Barbara is over.  She’s only there because she’s Will’s nurse.  You have to trust me.  You have to believe me or what else do we have?  I was wrong not to call you and say I was working late.  I’m sorry but don’t throw away what we have over a little mistake.  Please, honey, believe me.

Joan: All right, Ted, I’ll believe you.

(They kiss.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Briarwood living room.  Amy is seated in her chair with Simon (the cat) next to her as Paris stands before her.

Amy: As long as you are a guest in my house, you do as you are told.  I will not have guests coming in and out of this house at all hours of the night.

Paris: All hours of the night?  It’s ten o’clock!  If I were home I’d be out going now.

Amy: How I wish you were home but you are here and you will abide by my rules and you can use that front door and never return.  Do I make myself clear?

Paris: Now I know why my Mom hates your guts.

(Front door opens and closes.)

Roxann: (Enters): What is going on?  I can hear you both yelling outside the front door.

Paris: She’s telling me what time I have to be home or here or whatever this place is.  You don’t even do that to me.

Amy: Perhaps if you did, Roxann, I wouldn’t be having this problem with your daughter now.

Roxann: (To Paris): Go on upstairs to bed.

Paris: What bed do I use?

Roxann: For tonight use the one in my room.  It’s the second door on the right.  Goodnight.

Paris: I hate this place.  (She exits.)

Amy: And where have you been?

Roxann: At the cemetery digging your grave.  Why don’t you go there and jump in?

Amy: I will not have this!  You will not act this way to me in my house!

Roxann: That’s just it, Aunt Amy.  It isn’t your house.

Amy: What do you mean it is not my house? I’ve been running it for years.

Roxann: Yes but for my Father, the Judge.  It’s his house and when he dies it will be mine and Patsy’s unless he changed his will.

Amy: Perhaps he has.

Roxann: He hasn’t.

Amy: How do you know that?

Roxann: I know lots of things.

Amy: So do I but if I were you I wouldn’t force me to reveal them.

Roxann: Go ahead and then I’ll be forced to reveal what I know about you and then we’ll see just what happens to your beloved Briarwood.

Close up of Amy 

Close up of Roxann

Fade to Black

End of Episode Two


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