Episode 3

Independence Day in Briarwood

Fade In: Interior. Jim Andrews bedroom.  Jim Andrews and Barbara Lane are in his bed.  Jim is still sleeping as Barbara kisses his face and he kisses her back and wakes up sleepily.  They smile at each other.

Barbara: Happy?

Jim: You know I am.  How about you?

Barbara: Yes.  I always am with you but I’ll be happier once the Judge marries me and then I can get all his money and we can escape to the Bahamas.  What?  You don’t look so happy about that.  It is what we were planning.

Jim: Yes I know it’s what we planned.

Barbara: But?

Jim:  (Rising out of the bed and grabbing his robe): But plans change. I don’t think we should go through with it.

Barbara: What are you talking about?

Jim: You heard me, Barbara. Last night was it for us. I want out.

Announcer: Barbara Lane looks like she’s in shock but it’s not the only shock she receive at the end the day in a town called Briarwood.

Opening montage

Fade In: Interior. Jim’s bedroom.  He now has on his robe and is crossing to the bedroom door.

Barbara: Out?  You’re joking, right?

Jim: I never joke, Barbara.  Look we had a good time but it’s over.

Barbara: Wait a minute!  Over!  Jim, what is all this?  I love you and you love me.  You said so last night.  We made love–

Jim: We had sex.  Great.  Fantastic.  Wonderful sex but that’s all it was and that’s all been between for some time now.

Barbara: I can’t believe what I’m hearing.  When did all this change between us?

Jim: I’ve been thinking about you and the Judge.

Barbara: What about the Judge and I?

Jim: You’ve been his private nurse for a year now.  What sort of relationship do you have with him?

Barbara: The relationship you told me to have with him.

Jim: Don’t blame me–

Barbara: You’re the one who told me to come to Briarwood.

Jim: I don’t know that I told you–

Barbara: You don’t know that–you’re full of shit!  We met in Boston two years ago in that sleazy bar and then went back to my apartment and made love.

Jim: So?

Barbara: So I fell in love with you that night and I told you all about myself and my affair with the Judge and how Robin is his child and you told me to come to Briarwood, get a job as his private nurse, marry him and then we could steal his millions and run off to Bahamas. You know you did.

Jim: Even if I did do all that and I’m not saying I did what did you do to make the man have a stroke?

Barbara: I didn’t do anything.  He’s old and sickly.  He was going to have a stroke sooner or later.

Jim: Is that your medical opinion?

Barbara: You’re an asshole you know that.

Jim: Perhaps but at least I didn’t cause someone to have a stroke.  What did you say to him?  You told him that Robin is his daughter, didn’t you?

Barbara: I could have.

Jim: (He grabs her and twists her arm): Didn’t you!

Barbara: You’re hurting me!  (He twists her arm behind her back.  Screaming out in pain.) Yes!  (He throws her on the bed.)

Jim: And?

Barbara: And he refused to believe me so I showed him the birth certificate that he signed and then he stood up and all of sudden he was on the floor!

Jim: That’s it.  We are done.  I’m not going to soil my reputation as a highly respected doctor in Briarwood–

Barbara: Highly respected?  (Laughs) You’re not highly respected.  Your brother the lawyer Peter Andrews he’s highly respected.  Doctor Ted Norris is highly respected.  Even that scumbag Judge Will Brewster is highly respected.  But you’re not.  Everyone in Briarwood knows that you are nothing but a second-rate doctor who likes to pass himself off as the town playboy who will fuck anything in skirt.

Jim: Maybe that last part of what you say is true because I guess  I will fuck   anything in a skirt which explains why you’re here!

(She lunges for him and he slaps her hard across the face so that she falls down on the bed.)

Jim: Now I’m going to take my show and you get out of here you whore before I finish showing you what I really think of you! (He exits.)

Close up of Barbara crying on his bed.

CUT-TO: Interior. The dining room in the Brewster mansion.  Amy is seated at the head of the table eating her breakfast while Roxann stands there holding her phone in Amy’s face.

Amy: Take thing away and you with it.

Roxann: So you deny telling the media that I have left Paris and came back here to Briarwood?

Amy: Yes I deny it.  Believe or not, Roxann, I have more important things to do than alert the media, as you say, to your whereabouts.  My only wish is that I didn’t know where you were.  It was so peaceful here for eighteen years without you.  I can only hope that will come again once you leave.

Roxann: I don’t intend to leave.

Amy: Ever?

Roxann: We’ve been all over this.  I don’t intend to leave while the Judge is still alive.

Amy: As you know your Father seems to have recovered from his stroke and is coming out of his coma.

Roxann: So I guess I’ll be here a while.

Amy: Suit yourself.  You always do.  Are you planning to see your Father today?

Roxann: I don’t see why not and I plan to take someone with me.

Amy: Who?

Roxann: You’ll see.  (She pours herself a cup of coffee and starts to exit.) I have to find out first who put my leaving Paris and coming here out on social media.  Excuse me.

Amy: If you are planning something you should tell me first.  It will make things far  easier around here.

Roxann: Easier for whom?

Amy: For everyone concerned.

Roxann: Things have not been easy in this house since the day you showed up so why should today be any different?  And stop shoveling that food down your throat.  I’d hate to stand here and watch you choke.

Close up of Amy

Close up of Roxann

CUT-TO: Interior. Roxann’s bedroom. Paris is on the bed on her phone.

Paris: Are you fucking kidding me?  Oh, Robin!  All right.  Okay.  I know you’re sorry but Jesus! (Roxann enters and starts getting changed into her clothes, etc.)  No it won’t spoil your chances.  You can still meet my Mom.  All right.  Bye. (Hangs up phone)

Roxann: Who wants to meet me?

Paris: Robin Lane.

Roxann: And who is Robin Lane?

Paris: I don’t now she’s some super fan of yours and mine that I met yesterday in the hospital cafeteria.

Roxann: What?

Paris: I was sitting in the hospital cafeteria eating my lunch or whatever after Aunt Amy flew off to see Grandfather when this cute guy walked in named Jeff Norris.

Roxann: Ted and Joan Norris’s son?

Paris: Okay.  Anyway, we started talking and then in came his girlfriend Robin Lane.  She said her mother is Grandfather’s private nurse.  So Jeff and Robin then offered to drive me around and show me all of Briarwood and when those two minutes were up we went to Robin’s place.

Roxann: And?

Paris: And what?  She recognized me.  She knows your my Mom.  She wants to meet you to show you her designs–

Roxann: (Under her breath): Oh, Jesus–

Paris: And she’s the one who posted about meeting me on her Instagram and that’s–

Roxann: That’s how they found out about us leaving Paris and coming here to Briarwood.  So tell me.  When did you turn into a social butterfly?

Paris: A what?

Roxann: Never mind.

Paris: She’s a nice kid.

Roxann: Kid?  She’s your age isn’t she?

Paris: No.  I’m only seventeen remember?  She’s eighteen but she’s like so young.  I mean I think the only guy she’s ever been with is Jeff–

Roxann: And why is that a bad thing?

Paris: And the only place ever lived is Briarwood.

Roxann: I don’t think that’s true.  She and her mother only came to Briarwood two years ago.  I’m not sure where they lived before.  She must have told you.

Paris: (Shrugs): I wasn’t really listening to her.  I kept looking at Jeff.

Roxann: Is that all you did with Jeff? (Paris nods.) Keep it that way.

Paris: Why?

Roxann: Because I said so that’s why.

Paris: So will you meet her?

Roxann: Who?

Paris: Robin.

Roxann: Sure.  Set it up for tomorrow.  I have a few things I to do today.

Paris: Well what about me?  What am  I supposed to do all day?  I hate this house and this town and these people.  I’m so fucking bored I could die.

Roxann:  That’s always an option.  I’ll see you later.

(Roxann exits as Paris throws a pillow at the closing door.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Raymond’s room.  Amy is giving Raymond his breakfast as Roxann enters knocking on the door.

Roxann: Hello, Uncle.

Raymond: Hello, Roxann.

Amy: What are you doing up here?

Roxann: I would think that’s obvious.  I came to see Uncle.  (To Raymond) I’m going out today did you want to come with me?

Raymond: Outside?

Amy: Raymond doesn’t go outside, Roxann.

Roxann: I’m asking Uncle.  I’m not asking you.  Did you to come?

Raymond: (Timidly): Yes.

Amy: Raymond, you know you’re not allowed to go anywhere.

Raymond: I want to go.

Roxann: Then you will.

Amy: Roxann, I forbid it.

Raymond: I don’t want to cause any trouble.

Amy: Then you will stay where you are!

Roxann: You’re not causing trouble.  Are you all done, Uncle?

Raymond: Yes.

Roxann: Good.  (Takes the plates and shoves them at Amy) Here you are.

Raymond: Yes, Roxann, I’m ready.

Amy: Raymond, I’m warning you–

Roxann: Don’t you threaten him.  Come on, Uncle, let’s go. Today is your Independence Day. (She takes Raymond’s hand as Raymond smiles and they exit.)

Amy throws the plate on the floor and it shatters.

Fade to Black

End of Episode 3







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