Love is blind

Episode 4

Fade In: Interior of Roxann’s car as she is in the driver’s seat and Raymond is in the passenger seat.  It is raining.

Roxann: I forgot how much it rains here in Briarwood.

Raymond: You’ve been away a long time.  I’m glad your back.

Roxann: It’s nice to know I have one person whose happy about it.

Raymond: Where are we going?

Roxann: I thought we would visit the Judge.  I think he is out of his coma.

Raymond: Well that’s good news.

Roxann: Is it?  I’m glad you think so.

Announcer: For Roxann DuPres her father’s recovery is another obstacle she has to face in a town called Briarwood.

Opening Montage

Fade In: Interior.  Peter Andrews office.  Peter and Roxann are kissing in his office and we hear Patsy’s whiny voice.

Patsy: Peter!  Peter, you’re not listening to me.

We dissolve to the interior of the hospital corridor outside Judge Will Brewster’s room.  Peter is standing up against the wall with Patsy standing in front of him.

Peter: I’m sorry, Patsy.  What is it?

Patsy: I told you I’m nervous about Daddy.

Peter: There, there, Patsy.  There’s no need to be nervous.  Ted Norris said all of the Judge’s vital signs are good.

Patsy: But Daddy still hasn’t talked. I’m worried when he tries to speak he won’t be able too.

Peter: Give it time.  The man did have a stroke!  He’s hardly going to wake up from a coma and recite the Gettysburg Address.

Patsy: What are you being so nasty for?  You were never like this before Daddy’s stroke.  You told me you loved me.

Peter: And I do love you.  Look, I’m sorry for taking my frustrations out on you.  It’s just that I have double the amount of work since the Judge’s stroke and now with Roxann being back.

Patsy: Why does that bother you?  Aunt Amy told me you were in love with her.

Peter: Don’t be ridiculous, Patsy.  I was never in love with Roxann. You know that I was married to Ellie and a few months later we adopted Kayleigh.  I had no idea your sister had even left Briarwood nor did I care when I heard she had.

Patsy: Then why are you bothered she’s back?

Peter: I’m thinking of the Judge, Patsy.  He and Roxann never liked each other and in his weakened state she’s likely to exacerbate the situation.

Patsy: Your right.  My sister is a drama queen.

Peter: I don’t what possessed you to call her when her father did have a stroke.

Patsy: I was afraid he was going to die and I thought Roxann should be here for that and as much as she claims to hate Daddy I know she really loves him or else she wouldn’t have come to his bedside as quickly as she did.  (Shocked) Uncle Raymond, what are you doing here?

(Roxann and Raymond enter the scene.  He is behind Roxann.)

Roxann: He escaped the tower.  Don’t be silly, Patsy.  I brought him with me.

Patsy: But he’s not supposed to be let out of his room.  Aunt Amy will be very upset.

Roxann: (Smiling): I know. Let’s stop talking about Uncle as if he isn’t here.  I’m sorry, Uncle.

Raymond: That’s all right, Roxann.

Roxann: No it isn’t.  So what are you both doing out here in the hallway?  I hear he’s recovered.

Peter: He seems to be recovering but Doctor Norris and Nurse Lane wanted to examine him and asked us to leave the room.

Roxann: Well I didn’t come all this way from Paris to stand out in a hallway and take orders from Ted and Barbara.  Come on, Uncle.

Patsy: Roxann, really, if Daddy wakes up and the first people he sees are you and Uncle Raymond well he might have another stroke and the time it could be fatal.

Roxann: All the more reason to see him.

(As Roxann takes Raymond’s hand and turns to the Judge’s door Ted exits from the room.)

Ted: Hello, Roxann.  I want to apologize for Joan last night.  She wasn’t feeling right.

Roxann: You don’t need to apologize for anything, Ted.  I’ve been friends with you and Joan a long time.  I shouldn’t have dropped by without calling first.  I’ll be sure I do next time.

Ted: I hope there is a next time.

Patsy: Can we see Daddy?

Ted: Yes.

Roxann: How is he?

Ted: He’s come out of the coma and is resting comfortably.  As I told you before his vital signs are good.

Patsy: Did he say anything yet?

Roxann: Stop it, Patsy.  We can go in and see for ourselves.  Come on, Uncle.

Ted: Raymond?

Raymond: Hello, Doctor Norris.

Ted: It’s been a long time. I thought you were–

Roxann: No, he’s alive and well, aren’t you, Uncle? (Raymond nods.) Come on.

(Patsy and Peter exit into the Judge’s room.)

Ted: Roxann, I hate to say this but the shock of the Judge seeing both you and your Uncle might cause him to have another stroke.

Roxann: That’s funny Patsy said the same thing.  You two have to stop encouraging me.

CUT-TO: Interior.  The Judge’s hospital room.  He is laying asleep in the bed as Barbara stands there checking the heart monitor.  Patsy is weeping as Peter stands there consoling her and Roxann and Raymond enter.  Roxann is holding Raymond’s hand.

Roxann: Knock if off, Patsy.  With him laying there in bed and you standing over him and crying you’re likely to drown him.  On second thought–

Patsy: Stop talking that way about Daddy.  If you didn’t love him why did you come back?

Peter: Ladies, please remember we are in a hospital room!  Act accordingly!  How is he, Barbara?

Barbara: He appears to be resting comfortably.  I’ll let you visit a while.  Excuse me.

Roxann: Barbara, have you met my Uncle Raymond?

Barbara: No, I thought you were–

Roxann: Uncle, say hello to the Judge’s nurse.

Raymond: (Holding out his hand): Hello.

Barbara: (Taking his hand): Hello, Raymond.  It’s nice to meet you. (Releasing his hand) I have to take care of a few things but I’ll be back.  (She exits.)

Roxann:  Patsy, go cry by the window. (Patsy moves to the window.)  Come here, Uncle.

Raymond: He looks so peaceful.

Roxann: Yes he does.  I hadn’t realized just how old he’s gotten all these years.  Doesn’t he look old, Uncle?  (Raymond nods.)

Patsy: Stop saying those things.  He can hear you. (Crosses back to the bed)  Don’t worry, Daddy, we are here for you.  We love you.

Judge: (Mumbles): Shhhh-

Patsy: Oh, he’s saying something.  What are you saying, Daddy?  We are all here to listen.  Speak up.

Judge: (Mumbles but louder and slowly opens his eyes): I said shut up, Patsy!  (Sees Roxann and Raymond starts to rise) Roxann and Raym–! Ahhhh!  (He falls back down in the bed.)

Patsy: Daddy!  Oh my God you’ve killed him!

Roxann: Stop it!  He’s still breathing!

Patsy: (Running to the door and opening it): Doctor!  Quick!

(Jim Andrews comes running in.)

Jim: What is it?  (He crosses to the Judge’s bed and pulls out and puts on his stethoscope and puts it on the Judge’s chest while Patsy whimpers) Get her to stop whimpering!

Peter: (Holding Patsy): it’s all right, Patsy.  It’s all right.

Roxann: Well?  How is he?

Jim: He’s fine. He’s just resting but there are too many people in this room.  Where’s his nurse? (Barbara enters hurriedly.)  Where have you been?

Barbara: I was going for a cigarette break.  Is he all right?

Jim: Yes no thanks to you.

Roxann: Back off, Jim.  She didn’t do anything wrong.

Jim: I am the Doctor and I am in charge and I will thank you to keep your comments to yourself.

Roxann: (Scoffs): Still the same old Jimmy Andrews.  Trying to prove he’s just as big and powerful as his brother Peter when we all know you aren’t.

Jim: And still wise mouth Roxann Brewster.  I saw the social media today where you lost all your millions and you had to come crawling back here.  I’d like to say welcome back but then I hate to lie.  Excuse me.  (He exits.)

Barbara: (Quietly to Roxann): Thank you.

Roxann: Don’t worry about it.  Come on, Uncle.

Raymond: Yes, Roxann.

Peter: I was hoping you would stay here with Patsy.  I have to get back to work.

Roxann: I think we should all leave and give the Judge some rest.  (To Barbara) What do you think?

Barbara: He does need to rest.

Roxann: See? Come on, Patsy, you and Peter go back to the office. Uncle and I have an errand to run.

CUT-TO: Exterior of the Brewster mansion otherwise known as Briarcliff.  It is raining steadily.  Dissolve into the interior foyer where Amy and a locksmith stand.

Amy: So you’ve changed all the locks including the one to the upstairs attic room?

Man: Yes, Ma’am.

Amy: Give me the keys.  (He hands them to her.) This is the only set, correct?

Man: Yes, Ma’am.

Amy: (Putting the keys into her dress pocket.  She pulls out a completed check and hands it to him.) Good work, Michaels.

Man: If I may say so, Miss Carstairs, I didn’t see the need for any new locks.  Your old ones worked just fine.

Amy: You may not say so and, Michaels, in the future keep your opinions to yourself or I will have to find another handy man.  Do I make myself clear?

Man: Yes, Ma’am.

Amy: (Waves the back of her hand to him): Be off with you.  (He exits.)

Amy takes out the keys and smiles to Simon the cat who purrs back.

CUT-TO: Exterior of Peter Andrews house.  It is still raining.  Roxann’s car pulls up and we dissolve into the interior of the car.  We see that Roxann is wearing a blonde wig and a pair of granny glasses.  Roxann is in the driver seat and Raymond in the passenger.

Raymond: (Laughing): Roxann, you look so funny. I can’t believe it’s you.

Roxann: Remember, Uncle, this is our secret.

Raymond: I remember.  You said you wanted to get a wig and glasses and play a joke on somebody but that we should keep it between just you and me.

Roxann: Right.  Now I have to go inside for about twenty minutes.  You stay right here.  Don’t get out of the car.  I can trust you to do that?

Raymond: Oh, yes, I won’t move.  I promise.

Roxann: Thank you, Uncle.  I’ll be back soon.

(Roxann breathes a heavy sigh and exits the car.)

CUT-TO: Interior of Peter Andrews home.  We are in the foyer as we hear the doorbell ring.  A maid enters and answers the door.  Roxann is standing there in a wet coat.

Roxann: Hello, I–

Maid: You must be the music teacher, Miss Donnelly?  Come in.

Roxann: Yes, yes, I am.

Maid: Let me take your coat. (Roxann hands it to her.) She’s waiting for you.

Roxann: She is?

Maid: (Puts the coat down): Yes. Kayleigh.

Roxann: Of course.  I have so many students.  Kayleigh Andrews.

Maid: Follow me.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Peter Andrews study as Kayleigh sits at the piano and the maid enters with Roxann behind her.  Roxann is overcome with seeing her daughter for the first time but manages to hold it in.

Maid: (To Roxann): Are you all right?

Roxann: Yes.

Kayleigh: Who’ is it?

Maid: It is Maria and a new friend,Kayleigh, your new piano teacher is here.  Miss Donnelly.  Go over to her.

Roxann: Why doesn’t she–

Maid: Didn’t they tell you at the school?

Roxann: Tell me what?

Maid: She’s blind.

Roxann gasps as we go to long shot of Kayleigh sitting at the piano with Roxann looking at her from the door.

Fade to Black












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