Episode 5

Fade In: Exterior.  Peter Andrews home.  The rain has stopped and the sun is trying to break through as we dissolve into Peter’s den where Kayleigh is playing the piano and Roxann is seated beside her.  Kayleigh finishes.

Roxann: I think you play beautifully.

Kayleigh: Thank you but Father doesn’t think so.  He wants me to be a concert pianist.

Roxann: Is that what you want to be?

Kayleigh: I don’t know what I want to be except to be able to see.  Can you see Miss Donnelly?

Roxann: Yes and you may call me Meg.

Kayleigh: Father wouldn’t like it if I called you by your first name.  You’re my teacher and I must show respect for my elders.

Roxann: You show great respect for your elders and I want to be your friend so you may call me Meg but we just won’t tell your Father about it.

Kayleigh: It will be our secret?

Roxann: Yes.

Kayleigh: (Giddy): I like keeping secrets.  Can I tell you one of mine if you promise not to tell Father?

Roxann: Yes.  I’d love to hear.

Kayleigh: You asked me what I want to be and I told you I didn’t know.  I lied.  I want to be–you’ll be think this is silly–a ballerina.  Of course that can’t happen now that I’m blind.

Roxann: I don’t think that’s silly at all.  I think that’s a wonderful idea.  Did you study ballet?

Kayleigh: Oh yes I took ballet classes all the time until the car accident when my mother died and I woke up from it blind.

Roxann: Oh, Kayleigh, I’m so sorry.

Kayleigh: You have nothing to be sorry for.

Announcer: If only Kayleigh Andrews knew of the many things that, unbeknownst to her, her biological mother Roxann DuPres was sorry for in a town called Briarwood.

Opening montage

Fade In: Exterior.  Peter Andrews house.  Roxann is exiting as a car pulls up and a woman appears exiting from her car.

Roxann: Can I help you?

Woman: I’m here to teach Kayleigh Andrews her piano lesson.  I’m–

Roxann: You’re late.

Woman: Well my GPS wasn’t working and I got lost–

Roxann: I’m not interested in excuses.

Woman: Are you Kayleigh’s mother?

Roxann: Yes I am.  When you didn’t arrive on time we hired someone else.  You may go now.  (Woman is aghast.) Goodbye.

CUT-TO: Interior of Roxann’s car.  Raymond is seated in the passenger seat as he sees the woman leave and Roxann go to her car, open the door, and enter it.

Roxann: Uncle, I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long.

Raymond: It’s all right, Roxann.  I don’t mind.  Who was that lady?

Roxann: Someone looking for directions.

Raymond: Is everything all right?  You look like you’ve been crying.

Roxann: Everything is fine, Uncle.  Now remember coming here is–

Raymond: (Smiles): I know.  Our secret.

(Roxann smiles)

CUT-TO: Interior.  The Pizza Shack.  Paris is seated at a table with a glass of water and fiddling with a salad and completely bored.  Robin enters and starts to go over to the counter.

Paris: Hey!  Robin!

Robin: Oh, Hi, Paris.  Sorry about letting everyone know your Mom is back in Briarwood.  I was just so excited to meet you and–

Paris: No worries.

Robin: How did your Mom take it?

Paris: She screamed. (Robin looks worried.) Don’t worry.  She always screams.  She screams so much I don’t even listen to her anymore.  What are you doing?

Robin: I’m coming in to get my pizzas and going back to my house.  You wanna come along?

Paris: It’s better than sitting here and eating this crap.  Will Jeff be there?

Robin: Yeah.  He’s out in his car now waiting for me to get the pizzas and drinks.

Paris: Cool.  Well uh why I don’t go out there and wait with him unless you need help?

Robin: No I’m good.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  The Pizza Shack.  Paris enters and crosses over to Jeff’s car where he is seated in the driver’s seat on his phone listening to music.  He doesn’t see her.  She taps on the glass on the driver’s window.  He looks up, sees her, and smiles.

Paris: Let me in!

Jeff: Huh?

Paris: Let me in!

Jeff: Oh.  Sorry.  (He unlocks the doors and she gets in the back seat.)

Dissolve to the interior of Jeff’s car.

Jeff: So what’s up?

Paris: Robin invited me to come back with you to her place and eat pizzas.

Jeff: Cool.

Paris: That’s what I said (He looks confused) when she invited me.  I was hoping I would see you again.

Jeff: I was hoping I’d see you and I meant to go to your Aunt Amy’s house but that place creeps me out.

Paris: It creeps me out too and don’t ever let my Mom hear you say it’s my Aunt’s house.  She thinks it still belongs to her and my Aunt Patsy.

Jeff: Wait a minute.  How can Aunt Amy and Aunt Patsy both be your Aunt’s?  I mean isn’t Patsy your Mom’s sister?

Paris: Yes.  Aunt Amy is really my Mom’s Aunt not mine thank God.  She’s a real bitch.  She tried to give me rules and regulations on living at Briarcliff.

Jeff: Briar what?

Paris: Briarcliff.  It’s the name they’ve given to the house because it sits on a cliff I guess.

Jeff: Isn’t that the one your Grandmother took a leap off of years ago?

Paris: Yeah.  I guess.  The whole thing just creeps me out just like this town.  The only thing I’ve liked so far is meeting you.  Oh, here comes Robin.  Shouldn’t you get out and help her?

Dissolve to exterior where Robin is walking with two pizza boxes and drinks.  Jeff exits his car and goes over and helps Robin with the pizza boxes.  He opens his car door and the pizza and drinks placed on the seat next to Paris.  Then both he and Robin get into the car.

Dissolve back into the interior of the car as Jeff and Robin are sitting the front seats.

Robin: Sorry I took so long.  What were you two talking about?

Jeff: Nothing.  We were just shooting the shit.

(They all smile and we see how much Robin loves Jeff.  Paris pulls out her compact and puts lipstick on her lips and smiles to herself.  Closes the compact and sees Jeff is staring at her in the car mirror.)

Jeff: Right, Paris?

Paris: Huh?  Oh, right.  We weren’t talking about anything at all.

(Close up of Paris)

CUT-TO: Recent photograph of Jeff.  We pull back to see Joan is staring at her son’s photo while seated at her desk in the nurses’ station.  Jim enters and slams down a chart.

Joan: Jim, what is the matter?  You’ve been upset ever since you came out of Judge Brewster’s room.

Jim: It’s your best friend Roxann DuPres.  Telling me I’m nothing but a second-rate doctor in front of my brother and Patsy and Barbara and her crazy uncle Raymond and the Judge!

Joan: Well you’re not a second-rate doctor, Jim.  You are a very important and  knowledgable one.  I don’t think Ted would be able to run this hospital without you.

Jim: Thank you, Joan.  That’s how I’ve always felt and it’s good to hear someone else say it.

Joan: You know how I feel about, Jim.  How I’ve always felt and still do.

Jim: Joan, that’s been over for us a long time.

Joan: Not for me it hasn’t.

Jim: Joan, please, I can’t deal with that today too.  Ted is my colleague and I have to respect that and you do too.  You’re his wife for God’s sake.

Joan: That doesn’t change my love for you and it never will.  I know that now.  Marrying Ted was a big mistake.  I want to be with you.

Jim: Well you can’t be, Joan.  Even if you divorced Ted which would be very foolish of you we can’t be together again ever.

Joan: Why not?  I love you.

Jim: Because I don’t love you, Joan.  Now once and for all get that through your thick skull.  I have patients to see.  Excuse me.

(He exits)

Close up of Joan’s tear-stained face.

CUT-TO: Interior.  The foyer at Briarcliff.  Roxann and Raymond enter.  Roxann is now wearing her regular hair and sunglasses.  Aunt Amy enters from the stairs holding Simon, who hisses.

Amy: It’s about time you came home, Raymond.  I was worried about you.

Raymond: I’m sorry, Amy, I didn’t mean to make you worry.

Amy: It’s not your fault.  After all, you weren’t the one who took you from your room and drove you around Briarwood as if you are some kind of celebrity.

Roxann: I suppose that remark is meant for me but I’m not up to bantering with you, Aunt Amy.

Amy: Is something troubling you?

Roxann: Yes.  A lot of things but they’ll be taken care of in time.  Every last one of them.

Amy: Will they?  You seem so certain.  I wouldn’t so sure of myself if I were you.

Roxann: Uncle, would you like to go upstairs?

Raymond: Yes.  I would if you don’t mind. I’m rather tired.  It was fun  a day though especially when–(Roxann looks at him.) Oh, sorry.

Amy: Especially when what?  You didn’t make Raymond do anything he shouldn’t have, did you?

Roxann: It’s all right, Uncle.  I’ll take you upstairs.

Amy: You didn’t answer my question.

Roxann: That’s right.  I didn’t and I don’t intend too.  Come on, Uncle, I’ll put you in the bedroom next to mine.

Amy: Raymond, wouldn’t you prefer being in your own room?  That’s where your things are.  I would think it would be more comfortable for you.

Raymond: I would if you don’t mind, Roxann.

Roxann: I don’t mind at all, Uncle.  Now that I’m here whatever you wish to do, you may.  Come on, I’ll go with you and then I’m going out for a while.

Amy: You’re going out again?  My you’ve been active today.  We’re not used to this kind of activity here at Briarcliff, are we, Raymond?

Raymond: I can’t say, Amy, I’ve been locked in my room for so long but I like having Roxann here.

Amy: Well.

Roxann: Go on ahead, Uncle.  I’ll be right there.  (Raymond smiles and exits.) If anything happens to him while I’m out, you’re going to be very sorry.

Amy: Roxann, every time I see you I’m sorry.

Roxann: Isn’t that funny? Finally one thing we can agree on.

(Roxann exits)

(Amy feels the keys for Raymond’s door and smiles as Simon purrs.)

Fade to Black









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