I catch Stacy staring at me. I can’t breathe.  I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful.  Blonde hair the color of wheat, kissable pink lips, and eyes that look deeply into my soul except I am soulless.  I am without words or utterances or even able to look at her beauty directly.  She is that gorgeous. When she speaks she does so with a massive over bite which from that moment on is a complete turn on for me.  I watch Stacy through that summer with her skinny, ugly boyfriend Josh-who is unworthy to even lick her boots-kiss her, hug her and worry about his drug dealer who is coming to either get his money or kill he and Stacy.  Anxious, I try to see her every day to reassure everything will be all right but some days she’s there and other days she isn’t.  On the days I see’s not there I want to take a knife and stick it in my heart until all my blood runs out of me.  On the days I see her my life is a bright blue on a sunny summer day that goes on forever. I try to tell Stacy how much I love her and want her but I can’t and time isn’t my friend. The days I see my Stacy begin disappearing rapidly coming to an inevitable, horrible end.  I see how happy Stacy is that her father–who had been in prison–is coming home to help she and her dumb boyfriend Josh to stop the drug dealer from harassing them but her father is killed a prison riot.  Stacy is in real trouble.  What next?  I’ll never know.  The black day comes.  I will see Stacy no more.  It is fall, I turn the TV off, and head back to school.

The End

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