Who gives a s**t

Episode 8

Fade In: On same scene as we left them.  Interior of Barbara’s kitchen.  Roxann is standing in front of the kitchen closet door that is openly slightly as Jim is behind her holding an iron and ready to strike.

Roxann: (Looking around): Now where is Robin’s room?  Oh, it must be upstairs.

(She exits before Jim has to strike her.  He quietly puts the iron back on the closet shelf and carefully exits the closet and crosses to the kitchen door to exit.)

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Barbara’s house.  Jim is entering from the kitchen and quietly closes the door.  He sees that no one is around and starts to walk away.

Pan up to Roxann’s confused look from Robin’s bedroom window as Jim walks away.

Announcer: Jim Andrews believes no one saw him at Barbara Lane’s house but Jim should know better because eyes are everywhere in a town called Briarwood.

Opening montage

Fade In: On Police Chief Adam Miller’s office.  Adam, mid 30s, a hunk, dark hair, brooding eyes, mustache and beard, is standing at his desk.  Ted Norris is also in his office.

Adam: Thanks again, Doc, for coming down and identifying the body.

Ted: It wasn’t easy but I couldn’t let Robin do it.  She’s distraught as one would expect.  Do you have any idea what happened?

Adam: You know what happened.  She was strangled.

Ted: But by whom?  Who would want to kill someone as lovely as Barbara Lane?

Adam: Lovely?

Ted: You know what I mean.

Adam: No I don’t.  Did you and Barbara–were you more than co workers?

Ted: Certainly not.

Adam: I’m only asking because when you saw her body you got teary eyed.

Ted: I a human being after all.

Adam: Sure.  I know that but as a doctor I’d think it’s kinda like being a Police Chief.  We see the most horrible things imaginable and after a while you become–

Ted: Immune?

Adam: Numb.

Ted: I am not numb, Chief Miller.  Even though I have seen the most horrendous things I still have my feelings.

Adam: And that’s what I’m asking you, Doc.  Just what were your feelings towards Barbara Lane?

(Knock on the door.  Wendy barges in.)

Adam: What is it, Wendy?

Wendy: You’ve got a call on your line.  I think you should take it.

Adam: All right.  Thanks again, Doc.  (Ted nods and exits with Wendy, who closes the door.  He picks up the receiver.) Hello?  Who is this?  Roxann DuPres is where? Hello?  (Bangs down the receiver. Yells) WENDY!  (She enters) Get my car ready.

Wendy: (Dangling his car keys): It’s all ready, Boss.

(He gives her an exasperated look as he crosses from behind his desk, grabs the car keys from her and exits out the door.  She gives him a big smile.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Will’s hospital room.  He is laying in his bed.  Joan is tending to him as Amy enters the room.

Amy: How is he?

Joan: He’s still resting comfortably which is amazing considering–

Amy: What are babbling on about?

Joan: You must have heard about Barbara.

Amy: (Smiles): Yes.

Joan: (Shocked): You’re not happy about this, are you?

Amy: Nurse Norris, you should know by now I have no interest in being part of your hospital coffee klatch. You can be off. I’ll stay with Will.

Joan: That’s very nice of you to offer but–

Amy: I’m not offering I’m telling you.  Go.

Joan: But Doctor Norris says–

Amy: Need I remind you that Judge Brewster has contributed greatly to this hospital and as such, since he cannot speak for himself, I shall be his voice.  Now I’m saying this for the final time.  GO!

(Joan hurriedly exits.)

Will: (Mumbles): Shut up, Amy.

Amy: (Tenderly): What did you say, Will?  (He mumbles incoherently.) Did you hear? Barbara Lane has been killed.  (Will’s eyes open.) She’s dead.

Will: (Rises): What?

Amy: (Smiling): Barbara Lane is dead.  Will, all the color is coming back into your face.

Will: I feel reborn.

Amy: As well you should.

(They smile at each other.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Adam Miller’s office.  Roxann is being seated by Adam.

Roxann: What do you mean dragging me down here like this?  I didn’t do anything wrong.

Adam: What were you doing in Barbara Lane’s house?

Roxann: I told you already.  I’m picking up clothes for her daughter Robin.  She’s staying with us.

Adam: I know what you told me.

Roxann: Do you know who I am?  I’m Roxann DuPres!

Adam: So?

Roxann: My late husband was businessman Julian DuPres!  We ran a multi-million dollar corporation called House of DuPres in Paris, France.  I’m internationally known.

Adam: I don’t give a shit who you are.  The only thing I give two shits about is why you were in Barbara Lane’s house the day after her murder.  What were you looking for?

Roxann: I’ve already told you. So unless there’s anything else?  I didn’t think so and if there is you can contact my attorney Peter Andrews.  You’ve heard of him?

Adam: Yeah, I know Pete.  We’re old friends.

Roxann: Pete?  If you are old friends with him you would know he doesn’t like to be called that.  Goodbye, Officer Miller.

Adam: It’s Chief Miller.  Not Officer, Chief.

Roxann: Look at that.  Now it’s me who doesn’t give a shit.

Fade to Black







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