Cut it Out

Episode 9

Fade In: Interior.  Brewster Drawing Room.  Paris is being kissed and mauled by Jeff.

Paris: Cut it out!

Jeff: What’s up?  You liked it yesterday.

Paris: Yeah well yesterday your girlfriend wasn’t in my bedroom crying her eyes out over her Mother being murdered.

Jeff: I know.  It’s horrible but we didn’t cause it.

Paris: Duh. I know that. I like Robin and I don’t think it’s cool that we made out so let’s forget it okay?

Jeff: No.  It’s not okay.  I mean Robin well I like her and everything but I’m crazy about you.  I mean you may only be seventeen but that’s not how you act.  Robin’s all up tight and naive but you aren’t.

Paris: You’re right.  I’m not.  I lost my cherry when I was fifteen years old to a twenty year old man who promised he would love me forever.  Looking at Robin I’m thinking maybe I should have stayed up tight and naive and not let horn dogs like you get in my pants.

Jeff: What are you getting so pissed off at me for?  I haven’t even been in your pants.

Paris: No but you want to be.  Besides Robin loves you and I don’t want to see her hurt any more than she already is.  So cool it.

Jeff: Hey now–

(He crosses to her and begins to kiss and maul her again.  We see a hand pull him off of her and toss him a little.  Paris looks up and we see Jim Andrews.)

Announcer: Paris DuPres thinks she’s looking into the eyes of a hero when in fact she’s looking into the eyes of a killer in a town called Briarwood.

Opening Montage

Fade In: Back into the scene.  Paris is still standing as Jeff is too.  Jim is closer to Paris than Jeff.

Jim: Go on home, Jeff.

Jeff: You can’t tell me what to do.

Jim: I said go home now.  I won’t tell your father or mother how you acted toward this young lady unless I see it continue.

Jeff: I want to see Robin.

Jim: There’s no need.  I gave her a sedative and she’s sleeping soundly.  Now beat it or else.

Jeff: Or else what?

Paris: (Kindly): Jeff, go home.  I’ll text you later, okay?

Jeff: Whatever!  (He storms out.)

Jim: He’s always been a snot nosed brat.  I just thank God every day he’s not my son. He didn’t hurt you too badly, did he, Miss DuPres?

Paris: No but I appreciate your help, Doctor Andrews.

Roxann: Just what in the hell is going on here?

(Camera zooms in on Roxann who drops Robin’s suitcase.)

Paris: Mom!

Jim: Hello, Roxann.

Roxann: Jeff’s car almost hit me speeding out of the driveway and what are you doing here, Jim?

Jim: I went to the hospital and Ted told me that Robin was staying here so I came by to see if there wasn’t anything I could do.

Roxann: Anything you can do, huh?  (Crosses to the bar and pours herself a drink.) I can think of one thing you can do.

Paris: Mom, don’t be like that.  Doctor Andrews was a big help.

Jim: I gave Robin a sedative and she should be able to sleep for a while.

Roxann: I didn’t think doctor’s made house calls anymore.

Jim: They don’t but I’m trying to help.

Roxann: That must a new feeling for you.

Jim: I’m not sure where all this venom is coming from Roxann but please call me if Robin needs anything else.  Nice to meet you, Miss DuPres.

Paris: Paris, please.

Jim: Paris.  (He smiles and exits.)

Roxann: Oh my God!

Paris: What?

Roxann: Don’t even start.  I swear to God if you get involved with him I’m going to kill you.

Paris: I’m not getting involved with anyone!  All I want to do is get out of this miserable town.  You’re the one who made us come here hoping that your Father would die so you could collect your inheritance and we could go back home.  All I’m trying to do is exist until we can finally leave this place forever.

Roxann: (O.L.): Okay, all right, okay, you’re right, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Paris: (O.L.): Jesus!

Roxann: (Embracing Paris): I’m sorry okay?

Paris: Okay.  (She lets Roxann embrace her and she embraces her too.)

(Patsy bursts in wearing her nightgown and slippers and hair in ribbons.)

Patsy: I have wonderful news.  Daddy’s coming home.

Roxann: Patsy, what in the hell are you talking about?  The man just had a stroke a few days ago.  Such a bad one, in fact, that you called me and told me he was going to die.

Patsy: Did I?

Roxann: You know you did.

Patsy: Well I can’t be held responsible for that.  I was distraught and needed my baby sister.  (She crosses to the bar and pulls the top off a jar of chocolate candy and takes one.) We are family after all and I thought you should be here.

Paris: He’s not coming back here to die, is he?

Roxann: (Excitedly): Is he?

Patsy: Daddy has made a full recovery.

Roxann: How do you know all this and what are you doing running around here in your nightgown.  Shouldn’t you be at work?

Patsy: Aunt Amy called from Daddy’s hospital room to tell me that Daddy feels reborn and  I didn’t feel like myself today I stayed home.  Peter is angry with me but I can’t help it.  I felt dizzy and just not right so I called and told him I wouldn’t be in today.  I’d like to speak to you privately, Roxann, if I may.

Paris: Oh, sure.  No worries.  I’ll go check on Robin and Uncle Raymond.  There’s nothing else to do.  (Exits.)

Roxann: I’ll be right up.  Okay, Patsy, what is it?

Patsy: I wondered since Daddy has made a full recovery if you would leaving anytime soon?

Roxann: I’d like too but no.

Patsy: Is it the money?  I could give you some and then maybe–

Roxann: So you want me to leave?

Patsy: Well you don’t seem happy here.

Roxann: Whoa!  First, you don’t have enough money for the life I was living in France so forget that idea and second, you drag me here to be on the Judge’s death watch and now you want to push me out?  What’s going on?

Patsy: Nothing.  Well it just seems to me that you’re not happy here and quite honestly you’ve created a lot of turmoil and you’ve only been here a few days.  I wish you’d–

Roxann: Never came back?

Patsy: No not that.  I would never say that.

Roxann: Well it’s too late, Pats, because I am back.  Now if you’ll excuse me–

Patsy: You’re staying because of Peter.  Because you want him back but he loves me and he’s going to marry me and nothing is going to stop that.

Roxann: Patsy, I don’t want to stop it.  Go ahead.  Get married.  Good luck to you both.  Be a good mother his daughter Kayleigh and–

Patsy: I think we’ll send her away.

Roxann: What did you say?

Patsy: Kayleigh and I don’t really–well we’re not close–we never have been.  It’s not my fault.  I tried but she’s well she’s–

Roxann: Blind.

Patsy: Yes and it scares me.  I feel terrible about it of course but I think that once Peter and I marry the best thing to do is to send her somewhere.

Roxann: Did Peter agree to this?

Patsy: Not yet but I’m sure he will.  Roxann, are you all right?  You look pale.  Why don’t I go get you something to eat?

Roxann: I’ll get myself something later.  Just leave me alone for a little bit, Patsy, please.

Patsy: I hope it wasn’t anything I did or said.  I don’t know why you are so interested in Kayleigh Andrews anyway.  It isn’t as if you know her or anything.

Roxann: Patsy, please.

Patsy: Well I should see about making dinner for Daddy anyway.  (She exits.)

DISSOLVE TO: Scene between Roxann and Kayleigh where Roxann is posing as her music teacher and gazing at Kayleigh with pure love.

DISSOLVE TO: Roxann seated in a wing backed chair in the Brewster Drawing Room.  She is crying.

Roxann: My poor Kayleigh.  Mommy’s not going to let you be sent away no matter what I have to do to stop it.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Will’s hospital room.  Will is in his wheelchair barking at Amy.

Will: Will you stop fussing over me!

Amy: I just want you to be comfortable.

Will: I said stop it!  So Roxann is back, is she?

Amy: Yes.  Don’t you remember seeing her?

Will: Seeing her?  When?

Amy: The one time she came here to see you at the hospital.  Someone said her name and your eyes opened.

Will: You are a foolish woman as all women are. I was having a nightmare.  Where is the stupid doctor?  I want to get out of here.  Go see where he is and be quick about it.

Amy: Yes, Will.

(Ted enters)

Ted: Well it’s good to see you up and about so quickly.  I’m surprised but cheered by the good news–

Will: Shut it!  I’m going home.

Ted: Going home?  Not today.

Will: Yes today.  Within the hour or half hour if you can do your paperwork that fast.

Ted: Now listen, Judge–

Will: Grrrr-

Amy: I’ll handle this.  You’re upsetting the Judge, Doctor.  He wants to go home and he will.  Now do what ever it is you have to do.  We’ll be leaving within the half hour.

Ted: This is highly irregular.  I haven’t had a chance to check him out.  The man had a stroke only a few days ago for God’s sake.

Amy: You’re Chief of Staff of this hospital because of Judge Brewster.  Should we remove you and place Doctor Andrews in your position instead?  (Ted sighs.) I didn’t think so.

Ted: What about his nurse?

Amy: He knows about Barbara Lane.

Ted: I wasn’t talking about that although it is very sad.

Will: You can be sad about it, Norris, I haven’t the time nor the inclination.  As for another nurse I don’t need one.  Amy will take care of me.  So go, complete your papers and get me out of this blasted place. (Ted exits.)  He has the spine of a jellyfish.

Amy: (Smiles): I know.  So Roxann?  What are we do about her?  She has a tougher spine.

Will: That means it will only take longer to crush it.

(They smile)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Peter Andrews study.  Kayleigh is on the phone.

Kayleigh: Hello?

CUT-TO: Split screen between Kayleigh and Roxann.

Roxann: Hello, Kayleigh.  It’s Meg.  Your music teacher.

Kayleigh: Oh, yes.  I was hoping you would call.

Roxann: Why’s that?

Kayleigh: I’ve been practicing my piano and I know we are meeting tomorrow so I want to show you what I’ve done.

Roxann: Well I look forward to seeing that.

Kayleigh: Was there a reason you called?

Roxann: No.  Just to check on your progress and make a note of it.  I’ll see you tomorrow around two.  Goodbye, Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: Good bye.

Close up of Roxann

Fade to Black






















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