Here Comes the Judge

Episode 10

Interior.  Briarcliff.  Judge is in the foyer in his wheelchair as Patsy is hugging him and Amy is closing the door.

Judge: Stop that, Patsy!  You’re slobbering all over me.

Patsy: I just wanted you to know how happy I am that you are home, Daddy.

Amy: (Pushes Patsy away): He knows.  (She moves his wheelchair into the drawing-room as we dissolve into the drawing-room.) Here you are, Will. Back at Briarcliff where you belong. What is that awful smell?

Patsy: I’m cooking dinner.

Amy: Your Father came home from the hospital after suffering a stroke.  Is he to die of food poisoning instead?  Go into the kitchen and throw it away.

Patsy: Well I was only trying to help.

Amy: By killing him?

Roxann: (Enters): Someone’s killing the Judge?  Can I help?

Judge: Roxann.

Roxann: Judge.

Judge: I hate to disappoint you but I’m alive and well.

Roxann: That is a disappointment.

Amy: Patsy, go to the kitchen now.

Roxann: Hey, Pats? (Patsy turns to face Roxann.) If the food will actually kill the Judge bring it to me and I’ll be sure he eats it.  (Patsy exits in a huff.)

Amy: What are you doing here, Roxann?

Roxann: A question I’ve wondered about you for years.

Judge: Silence!  Amy, go away.  I want to speak with Roxann alone.  (Amy starts to object but he stares at her and she exits.)  Close the doors.

Announcer: A father and daughter who haven’t seen or spoken to each other in eighteen years are about to speak again in a town called Briarwood.

Opening montage

Dissolve back to the drawing-room as Roxann is pouring herself a drink.

Roxann: Well, Judge, you sure know how to clear out a room.

Judge: I’m certain you have more to say than that.

Roxann: Actually, I don’t.  You see when Patsy called me to come back here she said you had suffered a massive stroke and were about to die so obviously I wasn’t planning on speaking to you ever again.  Isn’t it infuriating how some plans just don’t work out?

Judge: Stop your fencing.  Speak your mind, woman.

Roxann: Oh, well that’s new for you, isn’t it?  Wanting a woman to actually speak her mind.  You never wanted Mom to speak her mind.  Forever telling her to shut up and to remember her place.  That she was a Brewster and damn lucky to be one.  I suppose it was luck that made her run up to the cliff and–

Judge: How much will take for you to go away permanently?  So that we never have to look at one another again?

Roxann: Oh how I wish you were able to say that just a few days ago.  I would’ve grabbed that money and been gone forever.  Wouldn’t even attend your funeral though I’d hate to miss it.

Judge: I’ll be alive to attend yours.

Roxann: I don’t think so.  I’m not the one being wheeled places.  That’s you.  You’re old sick tired–

Judge: I am none of those things.  You, however, are the same wicked child you always were.

Roxann: Wicked enough to drive you to your grave?  Sorry, Judge, I’m staying around a while.

Judge: You’re not welcome here.

Roxann: Are you throwing me out?

Judge: I want you gone do you hear me?

Roxann: How will it look for Roxann Du Pres’s Father to be throwing her out of the great Briarcliff?  It will be all over social media.  You do know that I’m bigger and better known than you could ever hope to be.  I’m international but if you want to throw me and my daughter Paris out go ahead.  Then Paris can do her thing and let the entire world know what Briarwood already does that you are a mean, selfish, malicious sonofabitch and there isn’t one person in town who doesn’t wish you dead.

Amy: (Opens the doors): Dinner is ready.

Roxann: Well maybe there’s one.  Did you make it?  The dinner that is?

Amy: I prepared dinner for your Father and Patsy and I, yes.

Roxann: What about Uncle and Paris and Robin?

Judge: Robin?  What is Robin Lane doing here?

Roxann: Resting.

Amy: She came here for some unknown reason when her Mother was murdered.

Roxann: She didn’t know she was murdered.  All she knew is that she was missing and she wanted her friends around to comfort her.

Amy: We’re not her friends.

Judge: We don’t even know the girl.

Roxann: Are you sure you don’t know her?  You seemed to know her mother very well.

Judge: Get out!  GET OUT!

Roxann: Careful, Judge, I’d hate to see you have a stroke again.  I’ll go get Uncle and Paris–

Amy: I will see to them.  Leave.

Roxann: I will.  For now.  (She exits.)

Amy: Now don’t fret.

Judge: I have never fretted a day in my life and I’m not about to start now.  I want her out of this house and her daughter and that girl and what did she mean when she said she would go get Raymond?

Amy: She unlocked him from his room.

Judge: Unlocked him from his–the man is a murderer.  He pushed Emma off the cliff!  I want him back in that room immediately.

Amy: I tried that.  He became violent when I did lock him away again and then Roxann got an ax and chopped the door until Raymond was free.

Judge: Good God woman!  You are here for one reason and one reason alone.  To maintain this house.  If you can no longer do that then Roxann isn’t the only person I’d been sending away.

Close up of Amy

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ted and Joan’s kitchen.  They are eating dinner at a perfectly set table. Jeff is eating with them.

Jeff: What is this stuff anyway?

Joan: It’s vichyssoise.

Jeff: It’s cold.

Joan: It’s supposed to be eaten cold.  It clears the palate for the main meal.

Jeff: Huh?

Ted: Just eat it.

Jeff: I’m not hungry.  (He stands up.)

Ted: Sit down.

Joan: We haven’t finished our meal.  (Jeff leaves the table.) You’re not to leave the table unless you say excuse me.  Where are your manners?

Jeff: I’m going out.  (He exits.)

Joan: Where to?

Ted: Your Mother is talking to you.

Jeff: Just out.  That’s all.  Can’t a guy go out?  (He exits.)

Joan: Ted!

Ted: What do you want me to do about it?  Look he’s upset about Robin.  She did just lose her mother after all.

Joan: Yes, well, if you ask me she had it coming to her.

Ted: What?

Joan: She was a loose woman.

Ted: Joan–

Joan: Are you going to sit there and tell me she wasn’t?  You had an affair with her.

Ted: It wasn’t an affair–it was a mistake-a one time thing.  I told you I was sorry about it.  We weren’t having sex, Joan.  I met her that night at The Shanty by mistake-

Joan: I remember, Ted, you don’t need to go over again.  Are you finished?  (He looks confused.) With your vichyssoise.

Ted: Yes.  (She takes it from him.)  Did you get the bumper fixed on your car?

Joan: Yes.

Ted: How?  You didn’t take it to Parlee’s did you?

Joan: No.  I know Amy Carstairs handyman Michaels and he did it for me.

Ted: He’s not going to talk, is he?

Joan: No, Ted, I took care of him.

Ted: How much?

Joan: What?

Ted: How much did you pay him?

Joan: I didn’t.  I paid him in a different way.  (Ted looks aghast.) Don’t be ridiculous.  I gave him a bottle of our best Chardonnay.  (Handing him his plate.) Now here’s your roast pork.  Eat it before it gets cold.

Ted: You know what I don’t understand.  How late were you out last night and how did the bumper get dented?  I mean how drunk were you, Joan?

Joan: Eat, Ted.  Just eat.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Paris’s bedroom.  Robin is sleeping in Paris’s bed as Paris and Uncle are playing cards.  There are empty dinner plates in the room.

Paris: You win again, Uncle Ray.  You don’t mind if I call you Uncle Ray, do you?

Raymond: No, Paris, I like it and I like you.  I’m glad Roxann is back and that she came back with you.

Paris: My Mother isn’t right about a lot of things but she’s right about one thing.  You are one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  (She kisses him on the cheek.)

Raymond: Want to play another round of Uno?

Paris: Sure.  (Her phone rings.  She sees who it is but we don’t.  She answers it.) Hi.  I didn’t think you’d call so soon.  No she’s still asleep.  That medicine you gave her must have really knocked her out.  Yes I would (sees how excited Raymond is waiting to play and that Robin is sleeping) but I can’t tonight.  Nope.  All right.  Goodnight.  (Hangs up her phone.  Happily) Ok, Uncle Ray, deal.

(Raymond deals the cards as Paris looks on.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Peter’s office.  He is seated at his desk with his work and head bent down.

Roxann’s voice: Hello, Peter.

He looks up and the camera pulls back to show Roxann’s bare back.

Peter: Roxann!

Roxann: I was remembering the other night when we made love in his office and I all I can think of is I want to do it again.

(We see Roxann’s skirt fall to the floor and then her panties.  The camera moves up and we see Roxann and Peter passionately kissing.)

CUT-TO: The Big Ben Clock in the Briarcliff foyer.  It strikes midnight.  Dissolve slowly into the clear black midnight sky.  We see a small bonfire burning in the woods.  We slowly go into the woods and see that the bonfire is surrounding by a circle of women in hooded robes.  Slowly we pan in and see Wendy, Chief Miller’s Assistant, Maria, Peter Andrews maid, a few other women and then we see Amy.  All the women disrobe and are completely naked.

Amy: Let the initiate step forward.  (Wendy moves forward.)

Wendy: This is for white witches, right?  Because I’m a white witch not a black witch. (Simon hisses.  Wendy stops speaking.)

CUT-TO: We see Jeff’s car driving by on the road and he sees a bonfire in the woods.  He wonders what it is.  He stops temporarily.  Picks up his phone and dials.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Adam Miller’s bedroom.  He is asleep.  His phone rings.  He gruffly gets it.

Adam: Who is this?  A fire in the woods.  Call the fire department.  You did.  All right.  I’ll be there.  (Hangs up.) Shit.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  The woods.

Amy: Let the ritual begin.

(Maria pulls a burning stick from the fire and looks at Wendy.)

(We hear Wendy scream as Amy smiles and Simon purrs.)

Fade to Black










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