Episode 11

Fade In: Exterior. Sun shining over Brewster Street which is Main Street in Briarwood.  We see assorted stores and then zero in on The Coffee Klatch.  We dissolve inside the coffe shop/diner.  We see Roxann and Uncle Raymond seated at a table.  Raymond is eating breakfast while Roxann is sitting at the table drinking coffee and wearing, among other things, her big Jackie O sunglasses.  Michaels is standing at the counter getting coffee when Adam Miller enters.  He glances over at Roxann but she looks away in disgust.

Raymond: Is something wrong, Roxann?

Roxann: No it’s just that the Big Cheese came in.  (She tilts her head to indicate Adam, who is now standing at the counter.  Raymond looks and laughs.)

Raymond: You’re funny.

Roxann: Yes.  This morning I’m downright hilarious.

(We move over to Adam and Michaels, who doesn’t see Adam at first.)

Michaels: (Turning around): Oh, Chief.

Adam: Morning, Michaels.  (To the waitress.) Coffee.  Black.  (To Michaels) How’ve you been?

Michaels: Fine.  Just fine.

Adam: You weren’t in the woods last night, were you?  (The waitress leaves his coffee on the stand.  He pays her and says to her.) Keep the change.

Michaels: The woods?  What would I be doing in the woods?

Adam: You’ve been there before.  I’ve caught you there a couple of times for vagrancy.

Michaels: I know you have, Chief, but I’m not homeless no more.  I’ve been staying at a friend’s place.

Adam: Oh?

Michaels: You know her. She works for you.  Wendy.

Adam: My Wendy?

Michaels: Yeah.  She’s a real nice lady and she let’s me sleep on the pull out couch and I got a steady job with Miss Carstairs at Briarcliff.  I’m her handyman.

Adam: Good for you.

Michaels: Was there trouble in the woods last night?

Adam: No.

Michaels: Oh.  Well I’d better go. Don’t want to be late for Miss Carstairs.  (He turns to go.)

Adam: Michaels, keep up the good work and now that you have steady employment I guess you don’t have to go around and fix bumpers for people.

Michaels: Bye, Chief.  (He exits.)

Roxann: (Going to the counter to pay her bill): Look at you, Big Man.  Picking on the poor unfortunates.

Adam: Are you including yourself as one of the poor unfortunates?

Roxann: Only when I talk to you.  (To the waitress behind the counter.) Here’s the twenty.

Adam: Let me get that for you.

Roxann: The big hero coming to my aid so you can haul me off to the police station again.  No thanks.

Raymond: Roxann, is everything okay?

Roxann: Yes.  Everything’s fine.  Oh, Uncle Raymond this is Chief ah—

Adam: Miller.  Police Chief Adam Miller.

Raymond: I want to go, Roxann.  Now.  (He runs out.)

Roxann: Excuse me.  (She runs out after Raymond.)

Announcer: Roxann has been warned about her Uncle Raymond’s temper but now she’s about to discover if it’s true on a sunny sidewalk in a town called Briarwood.

Opening Montage

Fade In: Exterior.  Sidewalk in front of The Coffee Klatch and the other stores.  Raymond is running down the street as Roxann is entering from The Coffee Klatch and running after him.

Roxann: Uncle Raymond wait!

Raymond: (Frantic): Gotta get away!  Gotta get away!

Adam: Raymond!  Stop!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Patsy’s car.  Patsy is driving listening to her radio and oblivious to what is around her.  She is dressed very prettily for work, fluffing her hair, checking her eyeliner, very retro look though she doesn’t mean for it to be.  From her POV suddenly Raymond is in front of her car!  She screams.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Brewster Street.  Patsy’s car has stopped and has not hit Raymond but just barely missed him.  Roxann catches up to Raymond, who frantic, spins around and slaps her so that her sunglasses fly off her face and break.

Raymond: Oh, Roxann.

Roxann: It’s all right, Uncle.  Everything’s all right.  Come on, I’ll take you home.  (She sees the crowd watching her.) Go away.  Everyone go away.

Adam: All right.  Break it up!  Everyone go about your business.  (He follows them to Roxann’s car.) Are you all right?

Roxann: (Putting Raymond in the car): Here we are, Uncle.  (To Adam) When I told everyone to go away that included you.

(The crowd disperses leaving Patsy, who has witnessed this entire scene, in tears standing out in front of her car not sure what to do with herself and no one bothering to even notice her.  A car beeps behind her and she goes to get in her car.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Roxann’s car.  Roxann is driving.

Roxann: Are you all right, Uncle?

Raymond: (Mumbling): Take me home.  Take me home.

Roxann: I am taking you home, Uncle.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Briarcliff.  The hallway outside Paris’s bedroom door.  Amy appears and is eavesdropping.

Robin: (Off): I just can’t believe it.  My mother–it’s just unbelievable.

Paris: (Off): I know.  I feel terrible for you.

(Amy knocks on the door and opens it so we see her POV as she enters.  Robin screams a little.)

Paris: You could’ve knocked.

Amy: I did but your friend was busy sniffling so you didn’t hear me but hear this.  It’s time for you to go.

Paris: You’re kicking me out?

Amy: Not you.  Not yet anyway.  (To Robin) I’m talking to you.  You must go.

Paris: Where is she supposed to go?  Her mother was just found murdered.

Amy: I am not in the habit of trying to determine where people should go.  I only know where they are no longer welcome and that is here.  Do whatever you must but I’ll give you fifteen minutes and that is being generous.  And I am seldom if ever generous.  Do you understand?  (Robin, afraid to speak, nods her head.) (Exits)

Paris: That bitch!

Robin: It’s okay.  I’ll call Jeff.  Maybe I can stay with him.  I just don’t want to go back to that house.

Paris: You just rest and I’ll pack your things and then I’ll call him.

Robin: You don’t mind?

Paris: No.

Robin: Paris, you really are a good friend.

CUT-TO: Interior.  The backseat of Jeff’s car.  Jeff and Paris are making out.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Back to Paris’s bedroom.  Paris is standing looking at Robin.

Paris: Yeah.  I’m a really great friend.  Let me call Jeff.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jeff’s bedroom.  He is entering it wearing a towel after taking a shower and is using another towel to dry his hair.  He sees that Paris is calling and quickly answers it.

Jeff: Hi, Paris.  So you’re calling me, huh?  I knew you’d come around.  Oh, what?  Robin stay here?  Well ok I guess.  It should be ok.  My Dad even said Robin should come here after we heard about her Mom being killed.  So about me and you.  Hello? (Looks at phone knowing she’s hung up) Bitch.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Joan and Ted’s perfect kitchen.  Joan is at the stove cooking a perfect breakfast as Ted sits at the table drinking his coffee and orange juice while reading The Briarwood Courier.

Joan: (Putting the french toast on a plate and serving it to Ted): Here you are, dear.

Ted: Thank you.  That looks wonderful.  You know, Joan, you really are a wonderful cook.

Joan: Thank you, Ted.  I have your Mother to thank for that God rest her soul. (While scouring the frying pan so that her fingers bleed a little.)  She told me every dish you like and showed me how to prepare it so every time you eat it you can think of her.  Isn’t that sweet?

Ted: (Doesn’t notice Joan at all): Well it is delicious I have to say so thank you, Joan and, naturally, Mother.  (As Joan is getting a band-aid for one finger that bled too much)

Joan: (Putting on the band-aid for one finger that bled too much): Naturally.

Ted: Aren’t you going to have any?

Joan: No, dear.  I’m not hungry this morning.  I’ll just have coffee.  (Getting her cup and pouring her coffee) How did you sleep, dear?

Ted: Wonderful.  How about you?

Joan: I had a little trouble at first but then I remembered to take my pill and I was off to dreamland.

Ted: I have confess, however, that my bed is lonely without you.

Joan: Really?  Well we know why we are sleeping in separate rooms, don’t we?

Ted: Joan, I told you that thing with Barbara was a mistake.

Joan: Please, Ted, let’s not spoil this morning with talk of Barbara Lane.  She’s dead and that’s all there is to it.

Ted: That’s not all there is to it.

Joan: What do you mean?

Ted: They haven’t found her killer.

Joan: Maybe they never will.

Ted: What do you mean?

Joan: Remember when the police thought there was a serial killer in Briarwood?  All those young women found strangled by the side of the road?  They never found that person.

Ted: Joan, that was five years ago.

Joan: So? Maybe the Briarwood Strangler is back.

Ted: But to group Barbara in with those women.  They were women of the night.  Barbara wasn’t that.  She was a nice lady.

Joan: Really, Ted? (Joan pulls away his half eaten french toast.)

Ted: Hey, I haven’t finished that yet.

Joan: (Scrapping it in the trash barrel): You’ve finished in more ways than one.

Ted: Well if that’s the way you are going to be about it!

Jeff: (Enters): Mom, Dad?

Joan: What is it, dear?

Ted: (O.L.): What, son?

Jeff: Robin is being kicked out of Briarcliff and I thought maybe she could stay with us for a while.  You said it would be ok, Dad.

Joan: Did you?

Ted: Well I suggested it.

Jeff: So what do you say?

Joan: Well I’d love her to stay here but we only have the three bedrooms–

Ted: I could move back in with you now that my snoring problem has been solved.

Jeff: So I’ll tell her she can?

Ted: It’s up to your Mother.  She’s Queen of this castle.

Jeff: Mom?

Joan: Yes, of course, dear.

(We see that Joan is pressing on her finger that she had bandaged so that the blood is soaking through it.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Briarcliff drawing-room. Will is in his wheelchair drinking his tea as Amy stands at the ready.

Will: So you’ve gotten rid of that nuisance.  Good.  If there’s anything I cannot abide it’s vermin. It seeps in and then starts to take over but it must be found and squashed until it no longer has life.

Amy: Yes I know, Will.  Paris has taken Robin somewhere else.

Will: Do you know where?  Of course you know where.

Amy: Ted and Joan Norris’s house.  It seems as if Jeff Norris and Robin Lane are in a relationship much like Ted and Barbara were.

Will: Don’t bore me with your petty gossip and observations.  She’s gone.  That’s all that matters.

Amy: To whom are you referring? Robin or Barbara?

Will:  Both.

Amy: I never understood why you brought them to Briarwood and hired Barbara to be your private nurse.

Will: That’s none of your damned business and stop being emotional the way your sister was.  I will not have tears and if you continue to act in this manner I’ll start to think of you as vermin. Now go about your business and leave me be and take this blasted tea with you.  It’s cold.

(As Amy picks up the tray we hear a commotion from outside the drawing-room.)

Will: What the hell–?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Briarcliff foyer.  Raymond and Roxann are entering as Raymond is running up the stairs.  Amy dashes in from the drawing-room as Will wheels himself over to see the commotion.

Roxann: Uncle, please—

Will: What the hell is going on in my house?

Raymond: (To Amy): I want my room.  I want my room.

Amy: Yes, Raymond, I will take you to your room.

(Raymond dashes up the stairs as Amy goes after him.)

Roxann: I need a drink!

(We dissolve into the drawing-room as Roxann enters and goes over to the bar and pours herself a drink and drinks it.)

Will: Hitting the bottle already?

Roxann: Remind you of anyone?  Mom perhaps?

Will: Your Mother was a weak woman.

Roxann: She was strong enough to be married to you and put up with her sister coming here and destroying her life.

Will: Balderdash.  No one destroyed your Mother’s life except your Mother.

Roxann: So none of it was your fault?  She drove herself to drink.  She drove herself to becoming an emotional cripple.  She drove herself up to that cliff!  It had nothing to do with how you demeaned her, belittled her, told her she was nothing, cheated with other women in front of her.  It was all her fault?

Will: I’m not to blame any of it.

Roxann:  You merciless prick!  (She throws her glass of booze into his face.)

(He howls as Amy enters the room.)

Amy: What do you think you are doing?

Will: Get me dry Goddammit!  (To Roxann) You are not welcome in my house!  Now you get your things and you get out of here!

Roxann: Not until you have another stroke and this time I’ll make sure it’s fatal!

(Dissolve to the foyer again.  Roxann is entering from the drawing room and Amy is after her.)

Amy: It’s not enough that you throw a drink in your Father’s face and wish him dead but poor Raymond–

Roxann: Don’t talk to me about Uncle Raymond–

Amy: Raymond is back where he belongs.  Where he wants to be.  He is not made for the outside world, Roxann.  He will remain here at Briarcliff from now on and you will abide by my demands or you will be gone forever.

Roxann: Go fuck yourself.

(Roxann exits as Amy stands there and Simon hisses.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Peter Andrews office.  He is on the phone with a client as Patsy sits at her computer sniffling.

Peter: (On the phone): Yes, yes, all right then.  Goodbye.  (He hangs up the phone.) Patsy, did you get that document typed yet?  (No response) Patsy?  What are you crying about now?

Patsy: I have been sitting here for over an hour trying to tell you what happened on my way to work and all you’ve done since I got here is be on the phone and snap orders at me.

Peter: I’m sorry, Patsy, but I am trying to keep this practice afloat while the Judge recuperates from his stroke.  If he even had one.

Patsy: What is that supposed to mean?  Of course Daddy had a stroke.  I saw it happen myself.

Peter: Did you?

Patsy: Well I heard it anyway and he was in the hospital.

Peter: And made a complete recovery once he heard Barbara Lane was dead.

Patsy: You’re being heartless.  Daddy is a sick man.  He’s in a wheelchair and has to be cared for around the clock.  Thank God for Aunt Amy.  I don’t know anyone who would care for him otherwise.

Peter: Barbara cared for him.  (Patsy makes a disparaging face.) She did.  He hired her as his private nurse and brought she and Robin to Briarwood.

Patsy: All right, fine.  Have it your way.  All men were crazy about Barbara Lane and don’t think I don’t know why but I must say, Peter, I’m surprised at you.  I thought you liked refined women like your late wife Ellie or your maid Maria or me.  Not some tramp like Barbara.  There I said it.  Tramp.

Peter: All right, calm down, Patsy.  Now about the Lauder case–

Patsy: Petey!

Peter: What?

Patsy: You didn’t even ask me what happened to me on the way to work that has me so upset.

Peter: All right.  What happened to you on the way to work?

Patsy: Well–

(The phone rings and Peter looks at it and answers it.)

Peter: (Into phone): Hello, Burt, how are you?

(Close up of Patsy)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Medical room.  Jim Andrews is there with Wendy patching up her arm.

Jim: That is a very bad burn, Wendy.  How did you say you got it again?

Wendy: I was cooking on the stove and silly me I burned my arm.

Jim: When did this happen?

Wendy: Last night.

Jim: You should have come to the emergency room.

Wendy: It was a late and I thought I would wait until this morning and see if it was better.

Jim: Don’t do that again understand?

Wendy: Yes, Jim, I understand.

Jim: What did you call me?

Wendy: J–Doctor Andrews.

Jim: That’s better.  Now that should heal nicely.  I want you to make an appointment and see me in a week.

Wendy: Really?

Jim: About the burn, Wendy, nothing else.

Wendy: (Coldly): Yes, Doctor.

(Dissolve to the waiting room.  Wendy enters and exits as Jim enters and sees Paris.)

Jim: Paris, what are you doing here?

Paris: (Stands): I came to see you.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  The sunny day is turning cloudy.  We are in a park as Roxann enters and sits on a bench.  Adam Miller enters.

Adam: Hello, Roxann.  (Roxann is startled.) I didn’t mean to startle you.

Roxann: Didn’t you?

Adam: No.

Roxann: What do you want, Adam?

Close up of Adam

Close up of Roxann

Fade to Black















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