Ties that Bind

Episode 12

We pick up the scene where we left it on Episode 11

Fade In: Exterior.  Cloudy.  Roxann and Adam are at the park.  Roxann is seated.

Roxann: What is you want, Adam?

Adam: Is everything ok with you and your Uncle?

Roxann: It’s fine and what’s it to you anyway?

Adam: Sorry I care.

Roxann: Do you?  Care that is?

Adam: Yes or else I wouldn’t have asked.  What the hell is your problem anyway?

Announcer: Chief Adam Miller asks Roxann DuPres a question that he may not like that answer to in a town called Briarwood.

Opening montage

Fade back in on the same scene

Roxann: Just leave me alone.

Adam: Gladly.  I saw you and I came over here to ask you how you and your Uncle are and you bite my Goddamn head off.  You might have a lot of enemies in Briarwood, Roxann, but I’m not one of them.

Roxann: Or you’re not?

Adam: No.

Roxann: Then why did you arrest me?

Adam: You weren’t arrested.  Yes you were taken down to the station so I could find out what you were in doing in Barbara Lane’s house after her murder.  You told me and–

Roxann: (Sarcastic): You believe me.

Adam:  You said you were there to get clothes for her daughter who is staying at your house and I believe you.

Roxann: Bully for me.

Adam: Jesus Christ!  I’m sorry I bothered.  (He starts to walk away.)

Roxann: (Quietly): He was afraid of you.

Adam: Who? Your Uncle (She nods) Afraid of me?  Why?

Roxann: Well you’re the Chief of Police and he thought you were arresting him for murder.

Adam: He knew Barbara Lane?

Roxann: No not that murder.  Look, it’s getting cold and I have to be somewhere.  I’m sorry I snapped at you, Adam, you didn’t deserve it.

Adam: Forget it.

Roxann: Thanks and I know why you took me down to the station–

Adam: Could we start over?  Maybe I could take you to dinner tonight?

Roxann: You don’t want to get mixed up with me, Adam.

Adam: Just as a friend.  Nothing more.  It looks like you could use one and to be honest about it so could I.  You know Briarwood is not the friendliest town.

Roxann: (She laughs): All right.  Where should we meet?

Adam: How about Rocco’s?  Right here in the square.  Say around seven or eight?

Roxann: Eight.

Adam: Eight it is.  See you tonight, Roxann.

Roxann: See you tonight.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jim Andrews office.  He is entering his office with Paris after him.  He motions for her to sit and then closes the door.  She sits and he goes behind his desk.

Jim: So what is this all about, Paris?

Paris: I don’t want to take up your time, Doctor, but I wanted to come by and apologize for how my Mother acted towards you yesterday.

Jim: Well that’s very thoughtful of you but you seem like a very thoughtful young woman.

Paris: Who? Me?

Jim: Yes.  You were kind enough to take Robin into your house after her mother’s tragic murder.

Paris: That was more Mom’s doing than mine.  I mean I’d met her and everything but–

Jim: Don’t discredit yourself.  When I came to Briarcliff you were there with Robin caring for her, helping her.  You are truly a remarkable young woman.

Paris: Thank you, Doctor.

Jim: Jim.  Please call me Jim.

Paris: Okay, Jim.

(A pause)

Jim: Is there anything else?

Paris: Um, no.

Jim: Come on.  You can tell me.  Even though you are just–how old?

Paris: Seventeen.  How old are you?

Jim: (Lying): Thirty.  Even with our age difference I’d like to think we can be friends.  Would you like that?

Paris: Yes.

Jim: (Taking her hand and holding it in his his): So would I.

(Rapid knock on the door and it opens.  He releases her hand as Joan pops in.)

Jim: What is it, Norris?

Joan: I didn’t know someone was in here.  It’s just that it’s time to make rounds, Doctor.

Jim: Paris DuPres, Joan Norris.  Joan Norris, Paris DuPres.

Joan: (O.L.): Oh, you’re Roxann’s daughter…

Paris: (O.L.): You’re Jeff’s mother…

Joan: (O.L.): You know Jeff?

Paris: (O.L.): You know my Mom?

Joan: (O.L.): Your Mother and I are old friends…

Paris: (O.L.): I met Jeff my first day in Briarwood…

Joan & Paris: (Together): My Mom…My Jeff…never mentioned you.  (They laugh genuinely)

Jim: Well, ladies, as much fun as this has been I’d better get back to work.  Come along, Norris.

Joan: Yes, Doctor.  It was nice meeting you, Paris.

Paris: You, too, Mrs. Norris.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Hallway outside Jim’s office.  He enters from his office and Joan follows.  Paris follows and waves goodbye and exits.

Joan: What was she doing in your office with the door shut?

Jim: I think you’re confusing me with your husband.  I don’t have to nor do I intend to answer your questions.

Joan: There was a time when you’d answer me whenever I called.

Jim: That was a long time ago, Joan.  Let it go.  Why is your middle finger bandaged?

Joan: It’s the oddest thing. It just won’t stop bleeding.

(He exits disgusted and she is left in tears.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jeff’s bedroom.  Jeff and Robin are kissing on his bed after making love.

Robin: I really appreciate you letting me stay here.

Jeff: Of course, Robin.  You know I love you.  I wanted you to stay here right after I heard about your Mom but you were already staying at Briarcliff.

Robin: I know.  Paris offered and well I didn’t want to say no. I mean Paris’s friendship means a lot of me.

Jeff: Yeah because she’s Paris DuPres and her mother is Roxann DuPres the international fashion designer that you hope to be one day.

Robin: Yes.  It’s that but in a very few short hours Paris has become a real friend.  I don’t have a lot of friends, Jeff.  I’m not like you.  Captain of the Football Team.  All Around Athlete.  Can date any girl he wants.

Jeff: That’s the old me, Robin.  I’m twenty years old now.  The only girl I want to date is you and besides I’m still trying to figure out what do with me life.  I don’t want to become a doctor like my Dad or a lawyer like Mister Andrews but I do know one thing I want to do again.  (He smiles shyly at her.) We might as well take advantage of it while we can.

Robin: (Smiling): Sometimes, Jeff, I think it’s the only thing you want me for.

(They laugh as they start to passionately kiss.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Raymond’s room.  He is laying on his bed sleeping as Amy looks at him.  Michaels enters.

Michaels: You wanna see me, Miss Carstairs.

Amy: Quiet!  He’s just gotten to sleep.  (Motions with the back of her hand) Out!

(Dissolve to the outside hallway of Raymond’s door as Amy enters and Michaels follows.  He closes the door.)

Amy: Make sure the lock is on securely this time.

Michaels: Yes, Ma’am.

Amy: I don’t want him to escape ever again, do you understand?

Michaels: Yes, Ma’am.

Amy: Michaels, how did Roxann get a hold of an ax and chop down the last door?

Michaels: I don’t know, Ma’am.  I figure I must’ve left one out accidentally on my work bench and–

Amy: Yes.  That’s what I thought.  Don’t let that ever happen again, Michaels, or it will be the end for you.

Michaels: You’d fire me?

Amy: (Wickedly): Yes.

(Simon purrs)

(Michaels looks confused)

Close up of Amy

CUT-TO: Interior.  Peter Andrew’s study.  Kayleigh is at her piano playing as Maria opens the door and “Meg” comes in.

Roxann: I’m sorry I’m late, Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: I thought you had forgotten about our lesson.

Roxann: No.  I could never forget about the lesson.

Kayleigh: And me.

Roxann: No.  I could never forget about you.  Ever.  We’re friends remember?

Kayleigh: I remember.

Roxann: Now where were we?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Peter Andrews foyer.  Maria is on her phone.

Maria: She’s here again.  Yes, just like last time.   I will.  Goodbye.

(Maria turns and looks at the closed-door from which she hears piano music.)

CUT-TO: A newspaper photo on The Briarwood Courier of a beautiful young woman.  Headline reads Woman Sixth Victim of the Briarwood Strangler.  Pull the camera back to show Ted wringing his hands as he is reading the story.  He gets up from his desk and looks guiltily into the mirror.

Fade to Black






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