The Dark of Night

Episode 13

Fade In: Exterior.  Briarcliff.  It is drizzling.  We slowly dissolve into Roxann’s room.  She is getting prepared for her evening date with Adam.  There is a soft knock on the door.

Roxann: Who is it?

Patsy: (Off): It’s me, Patsy.  May I come in?

Roxann: Sure.  Come on in.

Patsy: (Enters): Hi.

Roxann: Hi, Pats.  What’s up?

Patsy: I thought we could talk.

Roxann: Okay.  Sit down.  What do you want to talk about?

Patsy: You and Peter.

Announcer: Patsy and Roxann are going to talk about the one person that could destroy their sisterhood forever on a stormy night in a town called Briarwood.

Opening montage

Fade In: Same scene as before.  Roxann is putting on her make up as Patsy sits in a chair.

Roxann: Me and Peter huh?

Patsy: Yes.

Roxann: Well?

Patsy: I just want to say I forgive you.

Roxann: Forgive me for what, Pats? Did Peter say something to you about me?

Patsy: No.  I’m saying this all wrong.  I don’t mean I forgive you.  I mean I want you to forgive me.

Roxann: Okay.  I forgive you.

Patsy: Oh, thank you.

Roxann: But what am I forgiving you for?

Patsy: (Laughs): Roxann, that’s so like you to forgive me for something and you don’t even know what it’s for.

Roxann: We’re sisters, Pats.  We have to stick together especially against the Wicked Witch of the West.

Patsy: I remember we used to call Aunt Amy that when we were little but she really isn’t that bad.  She’s taken care of Uncle Raymond and Daddy and–

Roxann: And pushed our Mother off a cliff.

Patsy: We don’t know that.  Just because you keep saying it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Roxann: Oh my God you drank the Kool Aid.

Patsy: I didn’t come in here to disagree about Aunt Amy or anyone else.  I just wanted your forgiveness and you’ve given it to me so that’s enough.  It’s time for dinner.  Aren’t you eating with us?  Aunt Amy is a wonderful cook.

Roxann: Patsy, I’m getting dressed.  You don’t think I’d be putting make up on and a new dress to sit down and eat what that old battle-ax cooked, do you?  Besides, I make it a rule.  If I tell someone to go fuck themselves I don’t think sitting down to eat their food is a good idea.  Never know what she might put in it.

Patsy: Oh, Roxann, now you’re exaggerating.

Roxann: Okay whatever.  (Patsy starts to exit) Patsy, wait a minute.  You didn’t tell me what I had to forgive you for?

Patsy: For me saying that anything happened between you and Peter.  I know you could never betray me like that.  I love Peter and if he ever broke up with me because of you I would kill myself.  Really.  I would.  So thanks.

(Patsy opens the door and Amy is there poised to knock on the door.)

Amy: (To Patsy): Where have you been?  I’ve been calling you.  Go to the dining room.  Dinner is getting cold.  (Patsy exits.) Will you be joining us?  (Roxann laughs.) I don’t see what’s so funny.

Roxann: I’m sure you don’t.  You never did have a sense of humor.

Amy: Where are you going?

Roxann: None of your business.  That’s where I’m going. (Closing the door)  If you don’t mind I have to finish getting changed.

Amy: (Puts her hand on the door): Finish?  You’re dressed up like some kind of chorus girl.

Roxann: And you’re dressed up like you came here on a Conestoga Wagon.  So beat it.

Amy: There is one thing I want to mention.  Stay away from Raymond.  He doesn’t wish to see you anymore.

Roxann: You’re lying as usual.

Amy: Believe what you want but you upset him greatly.  You think I don’t care about my brother but I do otherwise I wouldn’t lock him in that attic room.  I would turn him over to the police.  That’s what he thought you were doing today when you introduced him to Chief Miller.

Roxann: I knew he thought that but you’re the reason he was so terrified.

Amy: Me?  I wasn’t even there.

Roxann: No but you’ve convinced him he killed his sister when we both know it was you so of course he’s terrified when he meets a Police Chief.

Amy: It’s not even so much the terror of him meeting the Police Chief.  He’s wounded that you would betray him.

Roxann: I would never betray Uncle.

Amy: But you betray everyone, don’t you, Roxann?  Maybe even your sister.

Roxann: How long have you been standing outside this door?

Amy: I don’t need to stand outside a door and eavesdrop on conversations.  I know you, Roxann.  I know who and what you are and all those characteristics you despise in me are in you. So for all the horrible things you accuse me of you are capable of the same and even more.  Enjoy your evening.

Close up of Amy

Close up of Roxann

CUT-TO: Interior.  Paris’s bedroom.  Her phone rings.  We see it’s Jim Andrews.  She sees it is too.  She answers it.

Paris: Hello?  Oh, hi.  (Knock on the door.) You want to what?  Excuse me for a minute.  (Opens the door.  It’s Amy.)

Amy: Dinner.

Paris: I’m on a diet.  (She closes the door.) Oh, no, not you.  Sure.  I’d love to go to dinner.  Out of the way?  What do you mean out-of-town?  Sure.  Anything that will take me out of Briarwood is ok with me.  All right.  I’ll meet you at your apartment.  What’s the address?

CUT-TO: Exterior.  It is raining heavily.  Police Station.  We dissolve to Adam Miller’s office.  Adam is seated behind his desk as Ted is in the doorway.

Adam: You want to see me, Ted?  What about?

Ted: I don’t want to trouble you, Adam.  You look as if you are on your way out.

Adam: Yes I am but Wendy told me you said it’s important.  So come in, sit down, and tell me what it is.

Ted: (Sitting): Well you’ve only been our Police Chief for six months now so you might not know anything about this.

Adam: (Closes the door): Go on.

Ted: Did you ever hear about The Briarwood Strangler?  It was a case here about five years ago.  All these women were getting strangled and they never found the killer.

Adam: I read about it.  It’s in the files from the last police chief.  Why are you telling me about this?

Ted: I didn’t know if maybe Barbara Lane–

Adam: Was the seventh victim of the strangler? I suppose it’s a possibility but I really can’t say.  I do appreciate you bringing it to my attention, Ted.  Is there anything else?

Ted: No.  (Rises.) Thank you for taking the time.

Adam: No problem.  These women were all known prostitutes, if I recall.

Ted: (Disgusted): Yes.

Adam: And you knew them all very well?

Ted: How’s that?

Adam: In the files there was a story from The Courier where you said you were their doctor.

Ted: Oh, yes.  They were patients of mine.  Well, goodnight, Adam.

Adam: Goodnight, Ted.

Close up of Adam

CUT-TO: Interior.  Peter Andrews living room.  He is seated reading the paper and sipping a drink as Maria enters.  She gazes at him at first and then enters.

Peter: Is she asleep?

Maria: Yes.  She had such a busy day.  Her piano teacher came.

Peter: Yes Kayleigh told me.  She seems quite fond of Meg, is it?

Maria: Yes.

Peter: Was there anything else?

Maria: (Hesitates): Well I didn’t want to mention it.  I mean it’s not my place but Miss Brewster doesn’t seem to be coming by much for dinner anymore.

Peter: I’m sorry.  I should have told you–

Maria: Yes?

Peter: That she wasn’t coming for dinner tonight.

Maria: Oh.

Peter: Did you think I meant something else?

Maria: No.

Peter: (Rises and pours himself another drink): Did you want a drink?  That’s right.  You don’t drink, do you?  Pity.  I find it relaxes me.  My late wife Ellie used to like a glass of sherry.  Have you ever had sherry, Maria?

Maria: No.

Peter: (Pours the sherry in a glass and holds it up): Would you like to try one?

Maria: I shouldn’t drink with you, Mister Andrews, after all I am only the maid.

Peter: Peter, please.  Mister Andrews makes me think of my Father and I don’t enjoy thinking of him.  (Holds the glass up tantalizingly.)  And as for you being only the maid.  Maria, you are part of this family.  Kayleigh and I don’t know what we do without you.  (Holding the glass) Going once, going twice–(Maria takes the glass and swigs it all down and then coughs.  He laughs.) Slowly, Maria.  Sherry is to be sipped not swigged like a shot.  Try again?

Maria: No.  I think that was enough.  Goodnight, Mister–(Peter cocks his eyebrow) Peter.

(As Maria exits, Peter smiles slyly)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jim Andrews car.  He is in the driver’s seat as Paris is seated in the passenger one.  She is dressed very contemporary as is he.

Paris: I’ve never been in a Doctor’s car before.

Jim: How do you like it?

Paris: I like it very much.  I was surprised you called.

Jim: Were you really?

Paris: No.  I knew you would.

Jim: I wanted to continue our talk from this afternoon before we were interrupted by Nurse Norris.

Paris: I think she likes you.

Jim: Of course she likes me.  I like her.  As a friend.  You’ll find I’m a very friendly fellow.

Paris: Is your brother that lawyer that Aunt Patsy is engaged too?

Jim: Peter, yes.  He’s my older brother.  Much older.

Paris: Really?  How much?

Jim: Ten years.  We’re really only half brothers as we had different mothers but the same father.  His mother died and then his father married my mother and they had me.  So Peter and I are not particularly close.

Paris: I always wanted a brother or a sister that is until I came here and see what my Mom has to deal with.  Now I’m happy I’m an only child.  Where are you taking me too?  You promised it would be leaving Briarwood.

Jim: We are.  I’m taking you to an Italian restaurant named Romano’s in a town called Maple Falls.  It’s about an hour from here.  You’ll love it.  I promise.

(They smile at each other)

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Pouring rain. Rocco’s on Brewster Street.  Dissolve to the table Adam and Roxann are seated at.  They are both having drinks and eating dinner.

Roxann: …So that’s my pathetic story and how I ended up back here in Briarwood.  What about you?  What brings you here?

Adam: The opportunity to be a Police Chief.  I was on the Boston Police force and I became a Lieutenant and a Sargent and did all I could to be the Chief but I knew it would never happen.  Then this opportunity opened up six months ago and so I took it.

Roxann: It was that easy?

Adam: Yes.

Roxann: No wife or children to tell you no?

Adam: No.

Roxann: Never even proposed to anyone?

Adam: No.  I’ve had serious relationships.  Lived with a couple of different women but I never wanted to marry them and to be fair I don’t think they wanted to marry me.

Roxann: And no children that you know of?  (She laughs)

Adam: That’s a very poor joke, Roxann.  If I fathered any children I would know it. Being a Father is a very important thing to me.  You see I never knew my Father or my Mother.  I’m an orphan.

Roxann: Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t know.

Adam: That’s all right.

Roxann: No I am sorry, really.

Adam: Forget it.

Roxann: We don’t seem to be very good at not getting into an argument with each other.

Adam: I agree.

Roxann: It’s been a long day.  I’m tired and I should probably go home.

Adam: Yup.  Truthfully, you seem to have been distracted most of the evening.

Roxann: Well it goes back to family, Adam.  My dear Aunt Amy told me tonight that all I do is betray people but let me ask you a question what do you do when you have two people that you love but you have to betray one in order to save the other?

Adam: You have to choose.

Roxann: I know.  I already have.

Fade to Black








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