Episode 14

Fade In: Exterior.  Midnight.  Pouring rain and lightening flashing thru the sky.  Dissolve to interior of Amy’s bedroom.  She is standing by the window looking out at the night sky but not really seeing it.  She is looking at the cliff when lightening flashes upon it and remembering.

Announcer: Amy Carstairs is looking out on a raging storm that is certain to stir up old memories tonight in a town called Briarwood.

Opening montage

CUT-TO: Amy’s POV.  Beautiful, fragile, porcelain skinned Emma is sitting in her chair in the drawing-room crying.

Emma: I don’t know what I’m going to do, Amy.  I swear I don’t.

Amy’s voice: Don’t cry any more, Emma, dear.  You called me and I came.  I had to bring Raymond with me but he shouldn’t be any bother.  He does as he’s told.

Emma: Am I to do as I’m told, too?  I don’t mean that to sound harsh, Amy.  I’m sincere.  Just tell me what to do.  Help me, Amy.

Amy’s voice: There, there, Emma.  I am here to help in any way I can.

Emma: It’s Will.  I think he’s unhappy with me.  I don’t know why.  Honestly, I don’t.  I’ve been a good wife and mother–

Amy’s Inner Voice: Mother?  I’d forgotten about the children.

(From Amy’s POV we see Patsy, 10, and Roxann, 8.  Patsy immediately goes over to Emma and hugs her like a child.  Roxann stands fixated on Amy.)

Emma: Patsy, Roxann, say hello to your Aunt Amy and Uncle Raymond.

Patsy: Hello, Aunt Amy, Uncle Raymond.

Emma: Roxann?

Amy’s voice: Speak, child.

Raymond: Hi, I’m your Uncle Raymond.  Would you like a lollipop?

(Roxann goes to Uncle and takes the lollipop he offers as he is sucking on one too.  She sits next to him and smiles at him and he at her but not at Amy.  Will enters handsomely dressed and groomed.)

Will: Well to what do we owe the pleasure?

Amy’s voice: Hello, Will.

Will: Amy, Raymond.  (A little sharp) Emma, what is all this?

Emma:Well, I–

Amy’s voice: Emma has nothing to do with it.  I felt like taking Raymond to meet his nieces and we simply came on our own.  If you wish us to go–

Will: Oh, no.  Please stay as long as you like.  It will give Emma company and I, of course, am glad to see you both.  Can I get anyone a drink?

Amy’s voice: No, Raymond and I never drink.

Will: I wish Emma was the same.  Patsy, come away from your Mother.  Roxann, what are you sucking on?

Roxann: (Holding out the lollipop): This.  Uncle gave it to me.

Will: Uncle Raymond.  Say Uncle Raymond.

Raymond: I like it that she calls me just Uncle.  (He laughs as does Roxann.)

Amy’s voice: Raymond!  Don’t be impertinent.  (Takes away the lollipops from Raymond and Roxann.) Do as your Father says.

(Raymond is upset and Roxann sticks her tongue out at Amy.  Will smacks Roxann across the face.)

Emma: Will!  (Patsy runs from the room) Patsy!  (Emma runs after Patsy.)

(Roxann sits and stares down both Will and Amy while holding an upset Raymond’s hand.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Amy’s bedroom again as she stands at the window with the storm raging on.

Amy’s inner voice: Of course Will was meant for me.  The first time I met him was our house and Father had told me he had invited Willard Brewster over and that he was mine.

CUT-TO: Interior. Amy’s POV. Amy and Emma’s living room years ago.  Close up of a handsome, younger Will.

Amy’s inner voice: I had never seen anyone more beautiful than Willard Brewster.

Will: How do you do, Amy?  It’s nice to meet you.

Amy’s voice: It’s nice to meet you as well.

Amy’s inner voice: But once Emma came into the room (Emma comes into the room beautifully dressed and naive.)

Emma: Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to interrupt.

(Will looks transfixed by Emma’s beauty.)

Amy’s inner voice: He saw no one else.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Amy’s bedroom.  She is still at the window as the storm rages on.

Amy: (Quietly): I was always pushed aside by my father, my mother, and now by Will whenever Emma was in the room.  She took all my father and my mother’s love and then Will’s and left none for me.  I was pushed, pushed, pushed.  Until I finally pushed back.

(A clap of thunder and  a bolt of lightning hits the spot at the end of the cliff.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Patsy’s room.  She is in her four-poster bed holding her beautiful porcelain skinned doll, Abigail.

Patsy: (Reacting to the thunder): Oww!  Don’t be afraid, Abigail, everything will be all right.  Mommy’s here.  Let’s just think good thoughts like the day Peter and I marry.  It will be such a joyous occasion and you’ll come to live with us.  Mommy would never leave you alone to live here in Briarcliff.  Now let’s settle down and try to get some sleep.  Goodnight, Abigail, Mommy loves you.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Peter Andrews bedroom.  His phone rings.  He groggily answers it.

Peter: Hello?

CUT-TO: Split screen between Roxann and Peter.  She is in her bedroom as well.

Roxann: Hello, Peter.  It’s me.  Roxann.

Peter: Yes, I know.

Roxann: Did I wake you?  I don’t know how anyone can sleep during this storm.

Peter: Storms don’t frighten me, Roxann.  My father was a fisherman.  We lived on the sea in a houseboat.

Roxann: Oh, that’s right.  I’d forgotten that.

Peter: I’m glad you called.

Roxann: I am too.  I couldn’t stop thinking about you and Kayleigh.

Peter: You’re misunderstanding.  I’m glad you called because this has to end.

Roxann: Why?

Peter: Because I am engaged to marry your sister.  You showing up at my office at night and standing there completely naked.  Well I am a man after all.

Roxann: Are you, Peter?

Peter: What is that supposed to mean?

Roxann: Then be a man and tell Patsy that it’s over.  That you want us to be together.

Peter: So you can get your hands on Kayleigh.

Roxann: She is my daughter–

Peter: That’s just it.  She’s isn’t your daughter.  She is mine and she was Ellie’s but she was never yours.

Roxann: For God’s sake, Peter, I gave birth to her–

Peter: And you gave her to me.  You haven’t tried to get in touch with her for eighteen years and then you come back to Briarwood and seduce me–

Roxann: Seduced you?  Oh the poor virginal Peter Andrews!  Well if I remember it correctly you were the one who seduced me all those years ago while you were married to your sweet, precious Ellie!

Peter: See this is what I’m not going to get into with you.  Now I don’t want you showing up at the office anymore.  I don’t want to see you again and you stay away from Kayleigh and I.  Do you understand?

Roxann: I haven’t even seen Kayleigh.

Peter: And that’s the way it will remain.

Roxann: Peter, please–

Peter: Goodnight, Roxann and goodbye.  (He hangs up the phone.)

Roxann: I’m not only going to see her, Peter.  I’m taking her with me when I leave Briarwood forever.

Fade to Black



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