Whispered Conversations

Episode 15

Fade In: Interior.  Briarcliff drawing-room.  Paris is entering the drawing room as Will is seated in his wheelchair and Amy stands at the ready.

Paris: What is it you want to see me about?

Will: Sit and I will tell you.

Announcer: Paris DuPres is about to learn something new and startling from her Grandfather today in a town called Briarwood.

Opening Montage

Fade In: Back into the same scene.

Paris: Not until you tell me what it is.

Amy: You will do as you are told.  The Judge told you to sit–

Will: Silence, you old wretch.  Be gone and leave me with my granddaughter.  On your way out close the doors and be useful instead of standing there listening at the key hole.

Amy: Yes, Judge.  (She exits and closes the double doors.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Foyer outside the drawing-room.  Amy closes the doors and listens at the key hole.  Patsy enters with her coat and bag.

Patsy: Aunt Amy, what are you–

Amy: Shhhh!  (Motions for Patsy to leave and she does.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Drawing Room again.

Will: Be a good girl and get me a shot of whiskey.

Paris: I thought you wanted me to sit.

Will: Don’t be impertinent.  I am your Grandfather after all.

Paris: (Crosses to the bar and pours the whiskey in a shot glass and hands it to him): You may be my Grandfather but it isn’t like I know you or anything.  So what does that mean?  Grandfather.  It’s just a word.

Will: (Coughing after taking the shot): Just a word, is it?  (Hands her back the glass which she takes back to the bar) Do you even begin to grasp in that simple head of yours that you are inheriting all of it?

Paris: I’m not simple. You can talk to everyone else like that but I don’t have to listen to it.  I can go anytime I please. I mean you’re the one stuck in the wheelchair.

Will is caught off guard and then bursts into laughter and Paris looks bewildered.

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Briarwood Cemetery.  Roxann stands as Adam stands nearby.

Roxann: How long have you been standing there?

Adam: Not long.  I was just walking through on my way to work, saw you and hoped everything is all right.

Roxann: You walk through a cemetery to get to work?

Adam:  The Police Station is right there and I find this place to be rather peaceful.  Is that your mother’s resting place?

Roxann: Resting place?  That’s an odd expression.  I don’t think ever rested a day in her life married to that bastard.

Adam: What would you call it then?

Roxann: I like to call things what they are.  Her grave.  Her cold, dark, scary grave. She didn’t deserve to die so young.

Adam: How did she die?

Roxann: She was murdered.  (She starts to walk down the path as does he is beside her that leads out of the cemetery and onto the sidewalk leading to the Police Station.)

Adam: Murdered?  What was your Mother’s name?

Roxann: Emma Brewster.

Adam: I’ve checked all the police files I never saw anything about an Emma Brewster being murdered.

Roxann: That’s because the news story in the papers had her jumping off a cliff.  Suicide.  Her dear sweet sister Amy said she tried to stop her but was helpless to do anything about it.

Adam: Wait a minute.  I’m confused.  You said she was murdered and then she jumped off a cliff and committed suicide.  Which is it?

Roxann: My Aunt Amy pushed my Mother off the cliff of course no one saw her do it so it was ruled a suicide.

Adam: So you weren’t there?

Roxann: No.  I was in the house in my bedroom when I saw my Mother run up to the cliff with her my aunt and my uncle running after her.

Adam: So maybe your Aunt was right.

Roxann: DON’T! You say you want to be my friend?

Adam: I do.  I am.

Roxann: Then never defend my Aunt because if you do not only will I never be your friend I will never speak to you ever again.  Got it?

Adam: Got it.

Roxann: (At the Police Station): Here we are at your work.  Have a nice day.

Adam: (As Roxann walks away): You too.

CUT-TO: Interior. Ted’s office.  Ted and Jim are standing.  Ted is behind his desk and Jim in front of it.

Jim: What about Paris DuPres?

Ted: I want you to stay away from her.

Jim: That should be easy enough since I barely know the girl.

Ted: Just stay away from her that’s all.

Jim: Look, Ted, I don’t know what you are getting at.  Did Joan say something to you about Paris visiting my office the other day?

Ted: No.  What does Joan have to do with this?  And why would Paris be visiting you?

Jim:  Joan came in while I was talking to Paris who came to see me to apologize for how Roxann acted towards me when I was at Briarcliff protecting Paris from your son.

Ted: What do you mean protecting Jeff from Paris?  I didn’t know he knew her.

Jim: I was at Briarcliff giving Robin a sedative to help her sleep after finding out about her mother’s murder and I came down the stairs from Paris’s bedroom and there Jeff was all over Paris.  She was trying to fight him off but she obviously needed my help.  So I pulled your horny son off of Paris and tossed him out the door. Then Roxann came in and demanded to know why I was there.  She was rude so I left.  Paris came to see me and you know the rest.

Ted: Are you sure there’s nothing more you want to tell me?

Jim: Positive.  Now if I may be excused I have my rounds to make.

Ted: Yes.  Go ahead but remember, Jim, I am Chief of Staff at this hospital and, as such, I must be certain that all the doctors act with the utmost care and respect not only to their patients but to the community at large.  We must not soil the reputation of Briarwood Hospital in any way.

Jim: Bravo, Ted.  But if you so concerned about soiling the reputation of Briarwood Hospital you might want get your precious son under control.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Head shot of Maria up against a bedroom wall.

Maria: (Being pleasured): Yes, there.  Right there.  (She sighs deeply.)

She is then out of view as we see her fall on Jeff’s bed and then see Jeff on top of her.

Maria: Don’t, please, you mustn’t.  I have to go back to work.

Jeff: (Lovingly): What about me?  You have to please me.

Maria: (Gently pushing him off of her): I have at least three times this morning.  You are insatiable.

Jeff: A woman like you makes a man horny.

Maria: (Rising putting on her clothes): I don’t like that word horny.  It makes it sound like what we are doing is cheap and tawdry and it isn’t.

Jeff: Are you falling in love with me, Maria?

Maria: (She laughs): Of course not, Jeff, but we are seeking pleasure from each other and enjoying ourselves.  How can that be cheap and tawdry?

Jeff: I don’t care what you call it as long as we keep seeing each other.

Maria: What about your girlfriend–

Jeff: Robin?

Maria: Yes what about her?  Are you in love with her?

Jeff: No.  I mean she’s good to have around especially when I can’t see you but no.  She’s a kid.  I’m a man.  You’re a woman.

Maria: You’re a child yourself, Jeff.  You’re only twenty years old.

Jeff: I’m not a child, Maria.  How old are you?

Maria: You see I am right.  That is  a child’s question.  A man would never ask such a question.  Peter would never ask me that question.

Jeff: Peter?  Do you call me Pete or Petey or–

Maria: I never call Peter by his first name.  I call him Mister Andrews.  He is my employer and I am his maid and I look after his blind daughter.  Speaking of that, I’d better get home.  Her tutor will almost be finished with her.

Jeff: I’m not a little child, Maria.  Would a little child know how to please you the way I can?

Maria: Goodbye, Jeff.  (She kisses him lightly) Til next time.

(She exits his bedroom and he falls back on his bed.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  The nurses lounge.  Ida Hawkins, late 60s, black woman, a nurse is seated in the lounge sipping her coffee and reading The Briarwood Courier as Joan enters.

Joan: What a day!  One thing after another!  I’m busy busy busy.  Are you busy today, Ida?

Ida: (Dryly; Not looking up): No more than usual.

Joan: For me it’s just here there and everywhere.

Ida: Uh-huh.

Awkward pause

Joan: Ida? May I ask you a question?

Ida: (Looking at Joan for the first time): If you’re going to ask me again did I watched the Good Times marathon, I told before I don’t own a TV.

Joan: No it isn’t that.

Ida: What is it?

Joan: Remember when I called here this morning and asked if you had seen Doctor Norris and you said no?

Ida: Uh-huh.

Joan: Well my son Jeff–you remember Jeff, don’t you?

Ida: Go on.

Joan: Well he saw Doctor Norris leave our house around two this morning and when I asked Doctor Norris about it he told me that you had called him and told him to come to the hospital right away.  That there was an emergency.

Ida: He told you that?

Joan: Yes.  Is that true?

Ida: (Shrugs): If Doctor Norris says it’s true it must be.

Joan: But you said you hadn’t seen him.

Ida: Did I?  I must have forgotten.

Joan: Well I don’t understand.

Ida: (Rises; Sardonic): It’s easy to get confused when you’re as busy as you are.  I gotta get back to work.  I’ll see you later.

Joan sits there confused as Ida exits the lounge.

We move further down the hospital corridor with Ida chuckling to herself as Ted comes by.

Ida: Doctor Norris, may I talk to you for a minute?

Ted: Of course, Ida, what is it?

Ida: Your wife just told me that you told her that I called you around two this morning to come in here for an emergency.  Did you tell her that?

Ted: Oh, well, um–

Ida: (Nods): Okay.  I don’t care if you did and I don’t want to know where you went or what you did but we both know that isn’t true?

Ted: Yes.

Ida: (Starts to exit): Okay, then.

Ted: Ida?

Ida: Yes?

Ted: What did you tell my wife when she asked you that?

Ida: I told her that I did call you and that’s why you came in.  I don’t know why I said it.  Lord knows that woman is confused enough as it is but for some strange reason if I can confuse her even more I just get a kick out of it.  See you, Doctor.  (She exits.)

As Ted stands there

CUT-TO: Interior.  Adam’s office.  He is seated at his desk with his door open as Wendy enters.

Adam: Did you find anything on it?

Wendy: Nothing, Chief.

Adam: What’s that big bandage on your arm?

Wendy: Just a little accident with my stove.  I was cooking dinner and my arm went to far into the stove.

Adam: You have to be more careful, Wendy.  Call up The Courier and see what they can get me on Emma Brewster’s death.

Wendy: Will do.  (She exits).

CUT-TO: Interior.  Peter’s office.  Patsy is seated in front of his desk as Peter is seated behind it.

Patsy: So the Perkins case?

Peter: Oh, yes, call–

Knock on the door.

Peter: Roxann!

Roxann: Hello, Peter.  Hi, Pats.

Patsy: Hi.  This is a surprise.

Roxann: I know but I’m downtown and I want to take you to lunch.

Patsy: You mean me?

Roxann: Yes.  You can take care of everything, can’t you, Peter?

Peter: Well I’d like to let Patsy go but–

Roxann: But ah what?  You’re not going to deny two sisters from having lunch together at Rocco’s, are you, Peter?

Patsy: Rocco’s? Oh, I never get to go to Rocco’s.  It’s so expensive.

Roxann: Don’t worry.  I’ll pay.  I’ve some money left.  Not enough to live on but some.  Come on.

Patsy: Well, I–is it all right, Peter?

Roxann: What are you asking him for?  You’re the boss’s daughter.  I mean let’s face it Peter would be nowhere without our Father.  Absolutely nowhere.  Isn’t that right, Peter?

Peter: (Sighs): Be back in an hour, Patsy.

Patsy: Maybe you want to come with us, Peter.

Roxann: No.  He’d be bored.  It’s just sisters talking and you know, Pats, since I’ve been back we haven’t really had a real chance to just talk.  Just you and me.

Patsy: Well okay.  Now you’re sure you don’t mind, Peter?

Roxann: He’s fine with it, aren’t you, Peter?  As for Patsy having to be back in an hour maybe she will and maybe she’ll be gone for the rest of the day.  Who can say what will take so long to talk about?

Patsy giggles as she exits with Roxann giving Peter a knowing look.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Briarcliff Drawing Room.  Will and Paris are looking over a scrapbook.

Paris: Wow.  I really do look like her.

Will: Yes.  You do.  As a matter of fact when you came down those stairs this morning I thought for a brief moment that you were Emma.  How old are you?

Paris: Seventeen.

Will: The age when I met her.

Paris: You sound like you really loved her.

Will: I did in my way.  You look surprised.  Don’t turn away.  What did your Mother say?

Paris: She didn’t say anything–

Will: She said I hated Emma and treated her badly?

Paris: Yes.

Will: I didn’t hate Emma.  Of course I would get irritated with her but it was impossible to hate her.  It would have been so much easier if I had.

Paris: Is this why you called me in here? To discuss her?

Will: Your Grandmother.  Say it.

Paris: My Grandmother.

Will: In a way.  I called you in here for you to understand who and what you are and what you are to inherit one day when I die.

Paris: That’s not going to be for years.

Will: It won’t be much longer.

Paris: Don’t say that, Grandfather.  I mean it’s weird.  I didn’t expect it but I kinda like you.

Will: And I you.

Paris’s phone rings.  She looks and sees who it is.  We see that it’s Jim Andrews.

Paris: Oh, I can get this later.

Will: Take your phone call.  Go.  I’m tired.  We’ll talk again soon.

Paris stands there and awkwardly looks at him and then moves slightly forward and kisses him gently on the forehead.  He smiles.  She turns and exits opening the doors.

Amy: (Enters with a tray): It’s time for your medicine.  (Pouring the medicine onto a spoon and feeding him.) What did you discuss?

Will: As if you didn’t know.  Your back must be sore from crouching down to listen at the key hole.  Blast, that is disgusting.

Amy: So you won’t tell me?

Will: Stop playing games with me, Amy.  I’m no mood for you today.  Be gone.

Amy: Yes, Judge.  (She gathers her things and starts to exit.)

Will: Tell me.  Have you ever been in love?  (She is startled by the question and hesitates.  He laughs bitterly.) Never mind.  It was a foolish question.  Imagine a creature like you ever being in love with anyone.

He laughs bitterly as we move to a close up of Amy

Amy: Yes.  Imagine.

Fade to Black








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