Sweet Polly

Ordinary Days

South Shore Theater Works

Stetson Hall, Randolph

Hello, kids.  It’s been a while but Sweet Polly is back from her vacation.  Do not believe the rumors that she was drying out at Betty Ford although after seeing this it could send it back if she had gone there in the first place.  Sweet Polly says kudos to founder and director Richard Bento for offering so many plays and musicals this year.  She has never seen such output from a community theater.  Also she wants to recognize the four singers Sarah Palmer, Stephanie Wallace, Aaron Stolicker, and Kevin Fortin for lending their beautiful voices to this otherwise dreary musical.  But using the term musical might be misleading.  A man named Adam Gwom is an alleged composer but Sweet Polly wonders if one is truly a composer when all they do is take dialogue and wrap music around it.  For example he somehow manages to use the words synagogue and dog as a rhyme in one of his songs (?). As for the songs, there’s no melody, no charm, no purpose to the lyrics or what is pretending to be a story.  Although two stories are offered Sweet Polly won’t bore you with either one since one is extremely predictable and the other is pointless.  Then this alleged composer has the nerve to throw in a song that touches on 9/11.  Sweet Polly understands that this song is intended to explain someone’s actions but it comes out of nowhere and to use something as monumental as 9/11 in this show is manipulative and insulting. The one good thing that can be said about this production is though it seems very long it is actually quite brief.  Sweet Polly was there at 7:30 and out by 9:15 with a 15 minute intermission.  As for Mr. Bento offering so many productions in one season some are going to misfire and this one definitely did.  The only thing someone got right about this musical(?) is the title Ordinary Days.  Nothing could be more ordinary than this.

Until next time kids

Curtain up! 

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