The Dysfunctional Brewsters

Episode 18

Fade In: Paris is standing in the foyer of Briarcliff as Roxann and Amy are standing opposite her.  Roxann has a half full glass of booze in her hand.

Paris: So what did I do now?

Roxann: Nothing.

Amy: I was informing your Mother that you and the Judge were talking this morning.

Paris: So tell her what it was about.  I know you were listening.

Roxann: Paris, let’s talk upstairs in my room.  That way maybe we’ll be able to catch Aunt Amy listening at the key hole.

Judge: (Entering in his wheelchair): Ah, Paris, you’ve come home.  It’s good to see you, my dear.

Paris: It’s good to see you too, Grandfather.

(The glass in Roxann’s hand falls and shatters on the floor as she stands there stunned with the Judge and Paris smiling at each other and Amy smiling behind Roxann’s back.)

Announcer: Roxann DuPres feels as if she has lost this afternoon the only ally she has in a town called Briarwood.

Opening Montage

Fade In: Back on the scene as we left.

Roxann: Just what the hell is going on?

Will: Watch your tongue in front of the child.

Amy: She broke one of your imported glasses.

Will: Get a broom and sweep it up.  It’s a mere possession.  Means nothing to me now that I have my Granddaughter.  (Amy exits.)

Roxann: Jesus, you have had a stroke or maybe I’m stroking out right now.

Paris: Mom!  Grandfather and I had a talk this morning about Grandmother.  He thinks I look exactly like her.

Will: Surely you can see the resemblance, Roxann.  You were so devoted to your Mother.

Roxann: I still am devoted. Paris, go upstairs.  I want to talk to the Judge for a minute.

Paris: Okay.  I’ll see you later, Grandfather.  (He indicates his cheek which she lightly kisses and then she exits.)

Will: We’ll continue our talk later.  (He watches Paris go as Roxann enters the drawing-room and he follows. Roxann closes the doors.) Yes?

Roxann: What the hell are you up too?

Will: Merely getting to know my Granddaughter.  One would think you want me to get to know her since you’re the one who brought her here.

Roxann: I didn’t think we’d be staying this long.

Will: Hoping I’d be dead the minute your plane landed from France?

Roxann: Yes.

Will: That was a rhetorical question.

Roxann: I know but I wanted to confirm it for you anyway in case you had any doubts about us.

Will: There isn’t any us.  There never has been.  You’ve always been your Mother’s child. Her protector.

Roxann: Well someone had to be.  It certainly wasn’t you.  Sleeping around with every woman you could get your hands on.

Will: Is that what you she told you?

Roxann: She didn’t have to tell me.  I saw it for myself.  In her own home.  The maids.  The secretaries.  Revolting.

Will: You sit in judgement of me?  You were with child when you left Briarwood.  (Roxann gasps and he smiles.) Thought I didn’t know of your affair?

Roxann: I don’t know what the hell you are talking about.  When I left Briarwood I was not pregnant.

Will: I know otherwise.

Roxann: Who told you I was?  Aunt Amy?

Will: Your Aunt? No.  The infamous Doctor Norris told me.

Roxann: Ted?  What does he have to do with this?

Will: Are you that much of a tramp that you forget the man whose child you were carrying?

Roxann: Nothing happened between Ted and I.

Will: It all came out one night.  Here in this very room.  We were discussing hospital business and he began to drink heavily.  As I remember it, the stupid oaf started crying. Whining, sniveling, weeping and wailing over your departure.  It was a disgusting display of emotion from that imbecile and then he told me of your indiscretion but it did explain your sudden desire to leave Briarwood when you had never previously  expressed said desire.

Roxann: I talked about it all the time.  It’s not my fault you were too preoccupied with your mistresses to listen.

Will: So there must be another child.  Another heir to the Brewster fortune other than Paris.

Roxann: There is no other child.

Will: I always thought it odd that soon after you left a few months Peter Andrews and his wife adopted a baby girl.  Kayleigh I believe her name is.

Roxann: Kayleigh Andrews?

Will: Do you know the child?

Roxann: No.

Will: From the way you looked when I said her name I thought I had noticed a tear falling from your eye.

Roxann: Let’s get back to Paris.  You stay away from her do you understand?

Will: Are you under a delusion that I must take orders from you in my own home?  God good woman all that sauce must be affecting what’s left of that  your addled brain.

Roxann: I am warning you.  If you dare hurt Paris in any way I’m going to take you out in that wheelchair for a stroll right up to that cliff and throw you off it.

Patsy: (Off; Screaming): I said I don’t want any dinner!

Will: Good God what is that?

CUT-TO: The foyer where Patsy and Amy are in a struggle as Roxann opens the doors and Will follows.

Amy: You must eat something.  You are distraught.

Roxann: Leave her alone.  She’s a grown woman.  If she doesn’t want to eat then she doesn’t have too.

Patsy: Don’t you stand there defending me.  I’ll eat if I want too.

Amy: Then come eat.  Dinner is served.

Patsy: I don’t want to eat.

Will: Eat.  Don’t eat.  No one cares.

Patsy: That’s right.  No one does care about me, do they?

Will: You’re making a fool out of yourself as usual.  Amy, take my into the dining room.

Amy: Yes, Judge.

(Amy pushes Will’s chair into the dining room and they exit.)

Roxann: Pats, what’s going on?

Patsy: Like you care.

Roxann: I do care.  If I didn’t care would I have come by your office and taken you out to lunch today?

Patsy: Lunch!  You ruined my whole day.  My whole life.

Roxann: What?  We had fun.  We talked about Peter and your wedding–

Patsy: Yes I remember what we discussed.  My lack of s-e-x with Peter.

Roxann: Huh?

Patsy: (Quietly): Sex.  (Roxann nods.) So I took your advice and I asked, no begged Peter to make love to me right there in the office.

Roxann: And?

Patsy: He looked at me and called me a…  I can’t repeat what he called me and then he drove me home.  I’m so ashamed.

Roxann: There’s no reason to be ashamed.  You didn’t do anything wrong.

Patsy: Yes I did.  When I went out to lunch with you.

Roxann: What the–

Patsy: This is all you’re doing.  Why are you after Peter?

Roxann: I’m not after Peter.

Patsy: Then what are you after?  Why did you come to the office today?  We’ve never had lunch together before EVER and then you get me tipsy and start questioning me about my lack of sex with Peter.

Roxann: Oh, so I suppose I’m to blame for that too, huh?  That you and Peter have never done it.  Jesus Christ I guess I’m to blame for everything is Goddamn fucking town!  Go on go!  Run to your Goddamn boyfriend!  Run to wherever the hell you want!  All I wanted is to have lunch with my sister which by the way I fucking paid for!

Patsy: I told you I could pay for it myself!

Roxann: Fuck off, Patsy.  Just fuck off!

(Patsy, in tears, exits. Roxann, also in tears, crosses to the stairs then hesitates to go after Patsy but then hears her car pull away.)

Roxann: Oh, Patsy.

Fade to Black













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