Poor Patsy

Episode 20

Fade In: Exterior.  Dawn is starting to break over Briarwood as we see Roxann’s car driving down the street.  We dissolve into the interior of the car as Roxann is driving.

Roxann: (To herself): Oh, Pats, where you could you be?  What’s that?  Oh my God!

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Roxann parks her car and dashes out of it over to the sidewalk where Patsy is laying.  She goes to her and knows that she is dead and cradles her sister as she sobs.

Announcer: Roxann DuPres has once again found evil today in a town called Briarwood.

Opening Montage

Fade In: Exterior.  The Police Station.  Dissolve to Interior of Roxann seated in a chair in Adam’s office sipping coffee and a blanket around her.

Roxann: I just can’t understand it.  Who would want to hurt Patsy like that?

Adam: I can’t say right now.

Roxann: Well why can’t you?  You are the Police Chief and my sister–my dear sweet sister–has been murdered.  I still can’t believe I’m saying those words.

Adam: I know what I am and I know you’re angry about your sister but you’re going to have to give us time to figure this out.  You say you found her by the side of the road?

Roxann: Yes.

Adam: With a black ribbon around her neck tied into a bow.

Roxann: Yes.

Adam: And she was dead when you got her.

Roxann: Please, Adam, no more.  I’ve already told you everything I know.  She was–she is–my sister.  It’s all my fault.

Adam: What is?

Roxann: Her being murdered.

Adam: How’s that?

Roxann: If I hadn’t screwed around with her head and gotten her drunk at lunch then she never would had that argument with Peter back at the office.

Adam: You didn’t say anything about Peter before.

Roxann: I forgot about Peter.  It’s easy to forget about him except that he’s well never mind.  Did you call the Judge and Auntie with the news?

Adam: Yes I called your Aunt.  She said she would tell your Father.

Roxann: What did she say when you told her?

Adam: She thanked me for calling and hung up.

Roxann: She wasn’t upset?

Adam: No.

Roxann: What am I talking about?  Of course she wasn’t upset.  That would mean she would a heart.

CUT-TO: Interior.  The Judge’s bedroom.  He is in his wheelchair and drops his coffee cup and it spills all over the carpet.  Amy gasps.

Will: (O.L.): My God.  It can’t be.  Not Patsy.

Amy: (O.L.): Look what you’ve done to the carpet!

Will: (O.L.): Who would want to harm my Patsy and why?

Amy: (O.L.): I don’t think that stain will ever come out.

Will: Blast you, woman!  You come into my room and tell me my daughter has been strangled to death and you’re worried about a Goddamn carpet?  Your blood vessels must be made of ice.

Amy: And what are yours made of?

Will: How dare you speak to me like that in my own home?

Amy: I’m not certain you didn’t have a stroke.  You’ve changed.

Will: You’re mad.

Amy: No, Will, you have changed.  Maybe it’s because of Roxann or Paris but you’re becoming weak.  It doesn’t suit you.

Will: Don’t you tell me what does and doesn’t suit me in my own home EVER!  Now you get out of this room and send me Paris immediately and don’t you tell her about Patsy.  I will.

Amy: Yes, Judge.  (Deliberately) Whatever you say, Judge.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Paris’s bedroom.  A knock on the door.  The door opens and it is Amy.

Amy: Paris, the Judge wants to–(We see this as she says it)–it’s empty.  She hasn’t even slept in her bed.  I wonder whose she is sleeping in.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jim’s apartment.  Paris is asleep on the couch.  Jim is waking her.

Jim: Wake up!  Paris, wake up!

Paris: Oh, where am I?  Did I fall asleep?

Jim: Apparently.  Now run along home.

Paris: But where were you last night?

Jim: What do you mean where was I?  I was at the hospital.

Paris: But you said you were going to sneak out and we would meet here.

Jim: I know what I said but I had to handle an emergency.  Doctors have to do that some times.

Paris: Well since you’re here and I’m here–

Jim: As much as I would love to, Paris, I have something more pressing to handle.  Now be a good girl and go home.

Paris: Well okay then.  Maybe I’ll just go home for good and you’ll never see me again.

Jim: So be it.  Goodbye, Paris.

(He leads her to the door opens it and closes it in her stunned face.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  The hallway outside Raymond’s door.  Roxann enters and knocks.

Roxann: Uncle, may I come in?  Uncle?

Raymond: (Opening the door): Hello, Roxann.  Come on in.  (She enters.) What’s the matter?  Have you been crying?

Roxann: Yes, Uncle, I have.  I’m sorry about what happened between us a few days ago when I introduced you to Chief Miller.

Raymond: That’s all right, Roxann.  Let’s forget all about it and be friends again, okay?

Roxann: Yes, Uncle, I could use a friend right now.

Raymond: Come see what I’ve painted.

Roxann: (She sees it but we don’t): Oh, Uncle.

Raymond: Do you like it?  (She nods.) I’d thought I’d start painting portraits of the family and the first one I did is Patsy.  Don’t you like it?

Roxann: Yes, Uncle, I love it.

Raymond: I hope she does too.  Let’s take it to her.

Roxann: We can’t.

Raymond: Why not?  Isn’t she home?

Roxann: No, Uncle, she isn’t home.

Raymond: We can wait til she comes home and show her then.

Roxann: It’s a beautiful portrait.  You are so talented and we can hang it downstairs if you want for everyone to see.

Raymond: I’d like that but we have to ask Patsy and see what she says first.

Roxann: That’s just it.  We won’t be able to ask Patsy.

Raymond: Why not, Roxann?

Roxann: Sit down, Uncle. I have terrible news.

CUT-TO: Interior. Hallway outside Raymond’s door.  We hear Raymond scream as Amy enters with his tray for lunch.  She immediately opens the door and we follow inside his room.

Amy: What is going on in here?  Roxann, what have you done to Raymond?

Raymond: Amy, say it isn’t true about Patsy.

Amy: Yes, it’s true.  Here’s your lunch.  (To Roxann) You shouldn’t have told him.  There is no need for him to know.

Roxann: No need for him to know?  Patsy lives–lived–here.  Of course he needs to know.  He loves her and she loves–loved–him.

Amy: Still.  Raymond, control yourself and eat your lunch.  Come along, Roxann.

Raymond: Roxann, don’t go.

Roxann: I won’t, Uncle, but Aunt Amy can go.

Amy:  Roxann, I want a word with you.

Roxann: Later.  I want to stay here with Uncle.  He needs me and right now I need very much to be needed.

Amy: You should watch that trait.  Patsy needed to be needed and it got her killed.

Fade to Black









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