Those Andrews Boys

Episode 21

Fade In: Interior.  Joan’s bedroom.  It is perfectly decorated and she is seated at her vanity.  At first we see her back but slowly we move to the reflection on the mirror and see that Joan has a black eye.  She smiles to herself and then winces when she tries to put make up on it.

CUT-TO: Ted smacking Joan across the face.

CUT-TO: Joan sitting at her vanity.  There is a sharp knock on her door.

Joan: No don’t come–

(The door swings opens and Jeff enters)

Jeff: Mom, what happened to you?

Joan: Silly me.  I got up in the middle of the night, didn’t turn on a light, the bedroom door was open and I walked into it.

Jeff: Are you all right?

Joan: Yes, Jeff, I’ll be fine.

Jeff: Did Dad look at it?

Joan: No.  I don’t think your Father has been home all night.  Probably an emergency at the hospital.  Where were you last night?

Jeff: Out.

Joan: Out where?  I don’t mind having your girlfriend live with us but we were here and our men were out God knows where.

Jeff: Okay, Mom, I get it.

Joan: I’m beginning to wonder if you do.  I’m beginning to wonder if anyone does.

Announcer:  Joan looks again in the mirror to see the damage on her face but it is that very same damage that will destroy a man’s life today in town called Briarwood.

Opening Montage

Fade In: Interior.  Peter’s office.  He is standing at his desk as Adam is at the door.

Peter: Not Patsy?

Adam: I’m afraid so.

Peter: But how?  Why?

Adam: You’d better sit down before you faint.

Peter: (He sits): I just can’t believe that someone would want to kill Patsy.

Adam: And why’s that?

Peter: Patsy Brewster is a–was a–wonderful person.  So giving and kind and loving.  You probably don’t know this Chief Miller but Patsy and I were engaged to be married.

Adam: I know.

Peter: Oh, you do?

Adam: Yup.

Peter: It should be obvious then how much I loved her.  I asked her to be my bride.

Adam: You said that.  Not in exactly in those words but I get it.

Peter: Good.  I’ll have to call Judge Brewster–

Adam: Not so fast.  When was the last time you saw Patsy?

Peter: Here at the office.

Adam: She was your secretary?

Peter: Yes for me and for her Father.

Adam: She must have been a busy girl.  Working for both you and her Father.

Peter: Patsy was a very good worker.  Studious.  Great attention to detail.  Very bright.

Adam: And she was being all those things yesterday here at the office?

Peter: Yes.

Adam: All day?

Peter: Yes.

Adam: Did Patsy usually get a lunch break or was she too studious for that?

Peter: Of course she had lunch.

Adam: For how long? (Peter looks confused.) An hour, a half hour, fifteen minutes–

Peter: Her scheduled lunch break is–was–an hour.

Adam: Did she always take an hour or did she take more or less?

Peter: Look, Chief Miller, you’ve come to me with shocking news.  I don’t know what I’m saying and you want me to discuss Patsy’s lunch hour?

Adam: Yup.  Specifically yesterday’s lunch hour.

Peter: Oh, I see where you’re going with this.

Adam: Do you?

Peter: You’ve spoken to Roxann, haven’t you?

Adam: Why would I do that?  Would she know how long Patsy’s lunch was yesterday?

Peter: Look, Chief, I really have to call the Judge.  Could we talk about this another time?

Adam: Sure.  We can talk another time.  One thing though before I go–

Peter: Yes?

Adam: After her working here yesterday you didn’t see or hear from Patsy for the rest of the entire day and night?  Is that right?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Peter picking up the handkerchief with the initials PB on it and realizing it is Patsy’s and dashing out the door to find her.

CUT-TO: Same scene with Peter at his desk and Adam at the door.

Adam: Mr. Andrews?  Are you all right?

Peter: Yes.  It’s the shock of it settling in.  To answer your question, Chief, no I never saw Patsy again.

Adam: Good night, Mr. Andrews.  (He exits.)

Peter: Good night, Chief.

(Adam exits.)

Peter: (Gets on his phone and dials): Roxann, I have to speak with you.  It’s urgent.  You must call me back.  (He hangs up the phone.  Slams it down.  Pushes his chair back, grabs his coat, and exits the office.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Joan’s kitchen.  She is sipping tea from her perfect tea-cup on her perfect tea service.  She is smiling to herself.

Dissolve to: Interior.  Last night.  Ted and Joan’s living room.  Joan is upset from being slapped across the face from Ted but does not have a black eye.  She is pacing back and forth when there is a rapid knock on her door.  She goes to the door but does not open it.

Joan: Who is it?

Jim: (Off): It’s me, Joan.  Open the door.

Joan: (Opening the door): Oh, Jim, thank you so much for coming over.  I’m so distraught.

Jim: All right, Joan.  What is it?

Joan: Please, come in.

Jim: (Entering): I’m in. Now what is it?

Joan: It’s Ted.  He hit me.  He actually slapped me across the face.  Hard.  Is there a bruise?

Jim: Let me look.  (He looks.) No there doesn’t seem to be but it does look like a cut lip.  You better put some ice on it so it doesn’t swell up.  Now if that’s all–

Joan: No, Jim, please don’t go.  I don’t want to be alone.

Jim: Where’s Jeff and Robin?  She is living here now, isn’t she?

Joan: Jeff’s out and Robin well–I don’t feel comfortable with her not like I do with you.

Jim: All right.  Get me a drink.  Tell what you said to make him smack across the face.

Joan: (Getting him a drink): I didn’t say anything.

Jim: Look, Joan, forget the drink.  I have to get back to the hospital.

Joan: I called him a liar.  (He looks confused.) Not in so many words.  You take ice with your bourbon.  (He nods.)  See I remember that.  (She hands him his drink and he takes it and sips it.) You like it?

Jim: Yeah, I like it.  So what was he lying about?

Joan: I don’t even know anymore.  He went out the other night around 2 AM he said he went to the hospital for an emergency he didn’t I don’t know where he was and frankly I don’t care.  I can’t do it anymore.

Jim: Can’t do what?

Joan: Go on living like this.  Ted’s the perfect husband and doctor and father.  I’m the perfect wife and nurse and mother.  We live in a perfect house.  We are the perfect couple.  Everyone looks up to us.  We are the creme de la creme of Briarwood society and I’m sick of it.  I want to get away from all this.  I want to go somewhere and be rid of it.

Jim: Then go.

Joan: What?

Jim: Go.  Pack your things and go.  Jeff’s a grown man physically at least.  Ted will survive. Nothing else is keeping you here in Briarwood so go.

Joan: How can you be so cruel?

Jim: What?

Joan: You knew what I meant when I said I want to get away from all this.

Jim: Let’s not do this, Joan.

Joan: I want you.

Jim: Here we go.  Yes, I know you want me but what we had Joan was twenty years ago.  It’s been over for a very long time.

Joan: You know that isn’t true.

Jim: All right.  We had a couple of meetings–

Joan: Rendezvous.

Jim: Yeah, okay but that stopped–

Joan: Not because I wanted it too.  I was hoping during one of our brief interludes you would tell me you love me and take me away from all this but you didn’t.

Jim: And I won’t.  Now I better go.  (He starts to exit) Unless–

Joan: Unless what?

Jim: No it’s too crazy.  You’d never be on board for it.

Joan: What is it? Tell me.

Jim: Well you say he slapped you hard across the face–

Joan: Yes.

Jim: What is that all?

Joan: What do you mean?

Jim: When he slapped you.  Did anything else happen?

Joan: He slapped me so hard he cut my lip and I fell to the floor.  I said I was bleeding and he said he hoped I bled to death.

Jim: Uh-huh.  Did he see you on his way out?

Joan: No.  He was getting out the door so fast he didn’t even look back.  That’s when I got up off the floor and called you.

Jim: I see.  This is going to sound crazy, Joanie, but he doesn’t really know what damage he caused when he slapped you and you fell to the floor, right?

Joan: I guess not.  I love it when you call me Joanie.

Jim: So if we gave you a black eye then we could no no forget it.

Joan: We could what?

Jim: Well we could blackmail Ted into resigning from his post as Chief of Staff by saying we’d tell everyone really happened between you two and then I would be appointed Chief of Staff.

Joan: But then where would I be?

Jim: Joanie, you’d divorce Ted and marry me.

Joan: Oh, Jim, do you mean it?

Jim: Yes, Joanie, we’d finally be together.  You’d be Mrs. James Andrews.

Joan: Kiss me.  (They kiss.) Ohhh, but how do we do it?  I suppose I could put make up on.

Jim: No that wouldn’t work.  It has to be real, Joan.

Joan: But how?  Who?

Jim: I’d hate to damage your pretty little face but if you’re in agreement?  (Joan happily nods and he raises his fist.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Joan’s kitchen again.  She is still at the table.  Her phone rings and she picks it up and answers it.

Joan: Hello, Jim.  You’ll be here shortly.  Oh, I’ll get ready and yes then we’ll talk to Ted.  I’m so nervous.  You promise?  Once we tell Ted and he resigns and you are made Chief of Staff you promise you’ll marry me?  I just wanted to be certain because if you didn’t I’d have to tell what really happened and then you’d be more ruined than Ted.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jim’s living room.  He is on the phone.

Jim: (Hangs up from Joan): Shit!

CUT-TO: Interior.  Briarcliff Drawing Room.  Roxann and Amy are there.  Roxann is having a drink.

Amy: I told you before.  You can’t upset Raymond like that.  It isn’t good for him.

Roxann: Well he had to know about Patsy.  He lives here.  If he didn’t see her around he’s get suspicious.

Amy: No.  He wouldn’t.  If you leave him in his room he doesn’t have to know anything.

Roxann: Sure.  That’s the answer.  Keep him shut off from everyone else.  He can’t see.  He can’t speak.  You control his every single move and thought.

Amy: When I controlled him, Roxann, he wasn’t crying in his room.  You caused that and it has to end.

Roxann: You think I don’t know why you want him locked up there?  So he won’t go to the police and tell them that you pushed my Mother off that cliff to her death!

Amy: Stop accusing me of something I didn’t do.  She jumped.

Roxann: After you pushed her!

Amy: There is not a single shred of evidence that I pushed your Mother–my dear sister–off of that cliff and I am ordering you to stop saying it or else.

Roxann: Or else what?  You going to kill me off too or lock my away in attic room so everyone in Briarwood either forgets about me or thinks I’m dead?  As for my Mother being your dear sister you were so jealous of her you could spit.

Amy: Just as Patsy was jealous of you.

Roxann: Don’t you dare speak that way about Patsy.  She was never jealous of me.

Amy: Yes she was.  You lived the life she always wanted.  Boys.  Men.  Travel. Career. Motherhood.  All things that Patsy wanted that she never had.

Roxann: Patsy had Peter.

Amy: Yes she did until you returned to Briarwood.

Roxann: Now you’re digging–

Amy: Am I?  I know what I know and I wouldn’t say unless I was certain that I know. The instant you returned Peter was yours again.

Roxann: Peter was never mine.

Amy: I know differently.

Roxann: You’re desperate.

Amy: Not as desperate as Patsy.

Roxann: Patsy was not desperate!

Amy: She was desperate for love and attention which she never got from her Father or Mother or from Peter all because of you.  (She starts to laugh.)

Roxann: What the hell are you laughing at?

Amy: I’m assumed because you are always looking for the truth.  I am telling you the truth about you and yet you don’t want to hear any of it.

Roxann: The truth about me?  You don’t shit about me.

Amy: I know you better than anyone else but you’ll find that out soon.

(Banging on the front door.)

Roxann: Who the hell is that?

CUT-TO: Interior.  Briarcliff foyer.  Amy goes and opens the door and Peter comes running in.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Briarcliff Drawing Room.  Roxann is standing there as Peter enters.

Roxann: Peter!  You heard about Patsy? I’m so sorry.

Peter:  Yes I did and it’s devastating but I’m not here about Patsy.  I’m here about you.

Close up of Roxann

CUT-TO: Exterior.  Main Street in front of The Coffee Klatch.  Paris enters from the store with a mega coffee cup as Jeff is entering.

Paris: Hey, watch where you’re–oh, Jeff.

Jeff: Hi, Paris.  Are you all right?  You look like you’ve been crying.

CUT-TO: Interior.  Ted’s office.  He is at his desk with his head buried in work as Joan knocks lightly on his door.

Joan: May I come in?

Ted: (Looks up): Oh, Joan, honey, of course and what are you doing wearing sunglasses?

Jim: (Enters and closes the door): Hello, Ted.

Ted: Hi.  What is all this?

Joan: You tell him, Jim.  I can’t.

Jim: Take your sunglasses off, Joan.

(Joan removes them slowly to show Ted the black eye and bruised lip.)

Ted: Joan, honey, what happened to you?

Joan: This is from when I fell last night after you hit me.

Ted: Oh my God, Joan, I’m very sorry about that.  I was angry.  It won’t happen again.

Jim: Not while you’re Chief of Staff anyway.

Ted: What?

Jim: Joan called me after you brutally attacked her and I told her she should go the Police but she didn’t want to press charges.  It would cause a scene and she didn’t want that especially since you are Chief of Staff.  It would soil your reputation.

Ted: Well I appreciate that.

Jim: As a physician I should report it but I won’t.

Ted: Thank you.

Jim: As long as you resign from Chief of Staff effective immediately.

Ted: You’re crazy.

Joan: If you don’t then I’ll report to Chief Miller.

Ted: Joan, you’re not agreeing with Jim?

Joan: Ted, it’s been over between us for years.  Once you resign and Jim becomes Chief of Staff then we’ll divorce and I’ll marry Jim.

Ted: You can’t be serious.

Joan: I’ve never been more serious.

Ted: But I love being Chief of Staff and running this hospital.  It’s my life, Joan.  If you take it away I don’t know what will happen.  What are you doing, Jim?

Jim: I’m on the phone to Chief Miller–

Ted: All right Goddamit!  Take it!  Take it all!  You want to be Chief of Staff.  You want to be Joan’s husband.  You want to be Jeff’s stepfather.  Then be it.  Be it all.  I will never forgive you for this, Joan.  If I could I’d take these hands and strangle you to death.

(Ted charges from the room.)

Joan: Oh, you don’t think he meant that?

Jim: Don’t worry, Joanie, I’ll protect you.

(Jim smiles as he envelopes Joan in his arms.)

Fade to Black












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